Space Marines v Slaanesh Daemons, 8th edition Warhammer 40k battle report

July 28, 2019

welcome to the channel and welcome to this mm point match play game between space marines and slash demons so today on the channel the brothers of 13th will be fighting in and amongst this ruined shrine on a shrine world and would be combating their demons of slander she's very excited to play this one because I've never gone up against in the entire chaos slash army they are quite rare should also mention that this isn't connected to the thirteenth narrative which is currently running on diploma so no TV the death of hope we're just playing a normal match play game two thousand points so the way this is gonna work we've rolled off in the book to see what type of game were playing and deployment and everything it turns out that we're playing cleanse and capture that's the one we get three cards a turn every turn it turns out it's going to be hammer and anvil deployment and the Space Marines will be deployed up at this edge there's two objectives in this diploma zone 24 inch up one right in there Cathedral in the middle and three down this end now for those that don't know about slash demons they're really really really quick there's lots of advancing and charging and speed they're a bit of a glass cannon as well they move very quickly but they're very squishy if you shoot them but if they get into close combat with you all the touching can be very inappropriate and that's what's Lana sh likes but it will really hurt me so I'm deployed on this edge 2,000 points much play slowness deployed on this edge and we welcome to the channel for the very first time no say hi now I know thanks for coming down good to be here it good to be here and people might recognize you a little bit because you were on busy cast yes and you've been on more haha yes guilty as charged and you've done all the and I didn't know this and I feel very guilty and very sorry about knowing this but you did all the visuals for the deployment zone yeah so you basically designed the t-shirts and designed all the thumbnails and all that sort of stuff so thank you for all that hard work because I know if taken putting many many hours to do all of that always have you all it and you've got slowness demon army yes does your mum know that you're playing with these yeah we've got a couple of the new slash models here not all of them a couple of the new so and I'm looking over my shoulder at this big purple all thinking I don't really know what it does I don't want to be touched by it okay two thousand points match play hammer and anvil three cards it turns out outs this battle map is brought to you like game map bu the scenery here all this ruined architecture all around this is pre-painted stuff is brought to you by game at door we like them they're very helpful people I don't know what else to say let's get up look at the armies so this is 2,000 points worth of space marines on the nose and i brought the wrong sort of list the reason why i brought the wrong sort of list is because it's brigade three fast three heavies three elites six troops three hate queues and you don't need a brigade if you're playing space marines because they've got nothing they can spend the command points on it's all from marine circle fullback and still shoot but some of the slavish demons have the abilities stopped me falling back so about the only thing I can spend my command points on it's probably wisdom of the Ancients the science of good even don't need a brigade with ogre means nothing to spend the stuff on and the other thing is slash demons they're buff is they always fight first so brought loads of terminators of sunk over 700 points into nineteen terminators probably not the best life choice either what you really want to do if you go up against lanús demons it's bring as many guns as possible now I have brought quite a chunk of guns I've got a venerable dreadnought with their twin lads and a missile launcher I've got a mortis contempt two dreadnought with two twin last cannons so both of these units hit on twos which is nice but that's my only really big long range Decker and then these two rapier batteries these are the three heavy slots here essentially all forward world stuff and the quad heavy boulders are 12 shots each heavy bolt is strength 5-1 AP so that's quite an amount but apart from that everything else in the army is 24 inches oh except for the missile launcher on the Terminator there so what about well brother chaplain snow is coming to the fight he's got the pry marks wrath relic which is a strength 5 to damage storm Boulder and when he is always the warlord he has iron resolve that's what he's got today so that gives him an extra wound and he ignores damage on a 6 up so six wounds ignoring damage on a six up I've got left tenant Kara Karras with him because he sheep with a power sword and a librarian with a force Dave and the librarians got Malzone and might of heroes because it's the only two decent powers in the state space mechanics in my opinion Malzone particularly good against demons tonight to cast but everything within six inches will ignore they're in wonderful saves but again slowest demons have got some nastiness in their pockets they've got plenty of things in their pockets but some nasty things in their pockets that can make it tougher for librarians then I've got four units of five Space Marines now you'll notice this this is all old-school here we're going old-school slash demons is always called this is old-school there's a flame of their combi flame a combi mailto combi motor this got nothing at all and then the two units of scouts with bolted guns and the sergeant's of shotguns because sergeant should always have shotguns two units of normal terminators could afford the points to give them a specialist weapon would love to have given them a heavy flamer and these guys have got these cycler missile launcher I would say originally thinking about deep striking these in and hitting the slavish demons from behind but bot would discipline as a thing so I might actually have them on the table because there's a lot of firepower here that's with both the discipline that's 40 Stormo shelves so there is quite a lot of Decker between these two squads however this squad of terminators no deco whatsoever this is assault terminators with there's nine here because the points sergeant's got claws everyone else has got thunder hammer stone shields over 400 points here probably not the best choice it's like a fight so I thought I would let them taste Imperial steel or hammer to the face so I'm bringing them a lot and I like the idea of deep striking these in along with Chaplin snow and just bringing the Emperor's retribution to the demon suffer the demon not to live so oh yeah and rounding out the brigade three fast attacks lots they've all got multi melters because it's cheap and they're quick and I'm not going to nip on to an objective and steal one so it's a weird list granted but it-it's longish demons I don't really know I'm doing so let's get a whole look at this – demon list right this is 1994 points of slash demons absolutely gorgeous army it's a battalion so that's a command points and the one with all the heavy so fast the heaviest the one with all the heaviest so that's nine command points for you to play with what I recognize in this list so far is three units of troops the demon ette and I know if there's more than 20 in a squad or something they get extra buffs yes so if it's you know 20 or more yeah they get an extra attack Oh experts are there well they're well the strength is 20 or more yeah I would have done the usual thing everyone likes to say yeah they're they're basically the second wave six points each row they got two attacks anyway yes this one – one yeah but they are toughness 3 with a 5 up safe yes but 6 points each yeah yeah nice and cheap nice and cheap I like it right so warlords and things and psychic powers what am I looking at sir okay so right in the back and got the big girl she will be my HQ that's just a standard keeper secrets okay and I'm giving the relic the Soul Eater blade right so basically with that for every model that she kills in close combat yes right and the Cooper Secret has got sixteen wounds now yeah 16 winners true to form and because it's a nice pieces with the Sinestro's hand right so at the end of each fight phase she would also get to regain team three wounds okay so she's basically go running around like Mario just with one ups all the time for everything she knows okay cool so choppy chop chop and every time you chop it chop shop you're gonna be recovering wounds yes nice if the event will save on on this thing of five up or four up aides to the five up still a 500 so rounding out the HQ slots for the battalion yes I've also got a Herald on steed that one okay so and she'll be going with the Seekers which I've got sweat aside okay so I'm gonna be rocking twenty seekers yeah so basically doing before up a nice little first-line wave seekers move fourteen or something they knew fourteen and with the instrument of chaos and that's one plus ones it should advance and charges right so get to re-roll their charges so the movement fifteen they're very quick with a real wrong charge yes I'm yet +12 chargeable and they can advance in charge if there's someone nearby yes so anything within any any sanity more than six inches of a character can advance and charge so these guys along the back essentially yes so they're moving fifteen and plus these that's a 20-yard that's a long way I'm saying that's a long line I'm seeing your brain contract I'm not doing numbers the math goes so high even if I took my socks off I still wouldn't get there yes okay so with the other huge queues battalion I've managed to finally it's taken me a week to literally blitz it out but I'm taking Celeste so new model syndrome is in play right gorgeous model that is yes so that's basically a demon Prince Harrell combo it's basically the same stat line as demon Prince okay but it doesn't have any extra wounds but what it does have is a bucket of attacks and very very crazy rules in combat where one basically hits and then it gets into a consolidation move and then the other one gets to hit yeah there's a demon sitting on tubes anyway re-rolling ones yes got that aura yes and the Herald's are plus one strength to everyone within six inches anyway yes so that's a nice little blob yeah so they'll be marching up with a mask yeah which is the mask and the infernal and rectoress are my two HT choices for my spearhead and this is the infernal repres yes so what a glorious model it is it's one of the it's actually sums up the mesh that guy is not having a nice time it's it's like come let's play beautiful music together it does not really what I meant what is this thing so the inferno mattress again its new model syndrome but it's it's kind of it's good buff for buffing um when you're going to do the thing that demons do when they spawn out from nowhere okay I can't remember the worst summon demon that's the one summon they're good for summoning but I'm not gonna be really summoning anything okay that's what she does provide is a nice anti psychopath so anything any psyche within 12 inches of her yeah will perils on any double really any dog within 12 inches within 12 inches okay okay so and also at the beginning of each turn any unit within six inches I get to roll a d6 and r6 I get to replace the unit nice um she is like hers well if he is not like her but she does have a she does have a crazy heart that she can shoot attacks okay so is worth mentioning that there are cycles along here will get to their psychic powers in the battle the master psyche is demon obviously in the keeper all so I kiss right okay okay and rounding out the battalion I've got two units of three fiends okay and they are Lizzie so these are things they are really quick toughness for three wounds four words for wounds because they got an extra wound now so and then these guys are toughness three but with two wins these guys toughness three but with one wound as you can see toughness three with a five up and vulnerable saved means they're really squishy but again as I said at the start you make up for it with speed and tax so I've got to try and shoot you before you hit my lines what do these chariot things here with all the whips and stuff so that's for the spear so so for the heavy slots basically it's three hem choices rocking to secret carats okay and just flow the points I'm also excited to take one myself around us right and you didn't give him any guns he comes with you he'd come to – yes where are the guns so he has gun also spits nasty words out his mouth does he yes okay put a flame cannon he was basically hocks a loogie in this case yeah hocks a loogie yeah brilliant okay so we got chariots we've got fighters we've got demons demons everywhere a fast crisp pretty purple army of doom and boobs let's want a deployment right here we are after deployment about the only lucky thing that happened to me is the hammer and anvil deployment that was quite lucky which meant that I was able to put a huge amount of distance between me and this purple steamroller of doom on the outside of the table and then no place now a place to unit I placed a unit he placed unit backwards and forwards no stuck everything down first which means he gets to choose whether to go first for me it was really quite simple you'll notice my dreadnaughts are literally touching the back edge of the table and there's the heavy Baltar's and then their screen in front lots of screen scouts right and left and these things here there carefully measured so with all the pluses to the advancing and the charging and I think I'm outside of the first turn charge because even if I'd have been a couple of inches further up we've got some seekers around here and then moving 14 and then you've got +1 to your advance and then you've got re-roll charging with a +1 so long as you're within range of a character and you will be basically they're gonna they could have charged about here crazy long way so you front lined the really really quick stuff yes such as the Seekers and we forgot to mention the wall or tricking the Keeper of Secrets which is celerity is Flemish which is which is 3 inches on the movement so there's a nice an extra 3 inches every box vanish likes an extra faintest I've always found that 3 inches is enough when it comes to movement sometimes so this thing is moving 15 inches and it's in range of itself as a character so it's moving 15 inches and it can advance and then it can charge yes so it's got a minimum 18 inches of turn sorry 16 inches of turn and then charging so it's crazy good absolutely Chris get this character 16 weeks it can be targeted unlike the demon Prince thing down here yeah yeah now most of the shitty stuff in your army is all whips and harsh language except for the harvester cannon of flem bombardment on days or so grinder thank you but it hits and falls and as soon as it moves it's hitting on fives yeah so whether you choose to sit him on that objective all dangerous shouting out and spitting phlegm or not do you never know that objective might come up as a defend or attack so the deployment thing is helpful to me the fact that you've got three objectives up this side of the battle grid it's gonna give you some interesting choices it will do do you feel like hanging back or do you feel like screaming forward I feel generally like screaming for with the Hogs yes thing to do they want the hugs we don't want hugs from these things they're big and nasty and got claws and things so yeah interesting stuff you automatically go first unless I choose to steal the initiative now about deployed myself so there's no point in me trying to steal so I'm going to let you go first because even if I manage to steal somehow then I'd have to redeploy everything to actually get in range and once I've moved everything to get in range and shot a couple of things out then you'd be able to jump on me in turn one so we're going to go onto slashed have you got something like you can move again have you got that warp time thing like you know yeah because moving and then moving again with walk time would be very very nasty okay so we're gonna go into slash demons turn one brace yourself the pain train is coming okay here's what's longish want to do them turn one they want to be touched by the warp they like touching things score of Ag point if you manifest or deny psychic power so that's easy psychological warfare make the 13th break not so easy particular in term one defend objective three that's the one a soul grinder sat on so if no just leaves it there until the end of my turn he'll get two points okay here we are after the demons movement and psychic phase they move quick they're over halfway already the Keeper of Secrets advancing that round here now no one could have burned a few further inches forward but like leaving him back a couple of inches he is out of line of sight from my big laser cannons of doom and then over here everything advancing up the table pretty much they keep brno the mask put the lightful Agony's on this squad in the psychic phase which means they have a 6 up ignore wounds that's the only psychic power that was passed because everything else is offensive very offensive of these demons to my imperial imperial mind yeah and we have fiends we have seekers we have it it's probably worth mentioning all my terminators are in reserve so in turn two I could either deep strike here and try and count punch some of the demons as they come charging up or I can deep strike in in the back passage up here slash move forward and lead left gaps for terminators too deep strike in turned to in the demons back passage but slash doesn't mind things deep striking in their passage also English church forwarding and all the terminators here unless I get some of these objectives so grand a staying still on this objective here so that would be two points for defending that at the end of my turn they've passed a psychic powerless that there's a point already by touched by the warp and you're out your Ange so apart from shooting the soul grinder can shoot it's something we need to measure line of sight and radius and see if you can actually see something right there anything in range that can see and shoot basically one of the only things in your army that has got guns can reach out and touch these guys with the harvester cannon which does what now is a heavy 3ok heavy three three shots hitting on fours and you got once it's straight to eight I believe yes okay waiting on the two does winged AP minus AP minus is one two three down just one I fail to safety three damage one of the dudes is dead and with one of the tax kourin's dying that is the end of Spanish demons turn one they're just moving forward ready for the pounce next turn next term there'll be a lot right up in my grill well that is a point four touched by the warp there will be two points for defending that objective yeah now I'm gonna need to reposition get down have a look find out what the orders are from chaplains no let's go to Space Marines term one here are the orders not a great draw defend objective five so that's the one right in the middle of neck in the chapel not going to get to that one of the chapters score a victory point if an enemy character was wounded as a result of an attack by a character that's going to be really tough to and witch hunter kill one of psychos I could potentially maybe make my way through one of them if I kill all the screen in front so these three suck so what I can do because I've got mini mini command points to spend to stratagems and ditch me defend objective five and draw another one and I've got hold the line which you can't score in term one so I've moved but not very far developing my screen that there's the objectives that I ditched all of the chapters almost impossible but witch hunter there is a psycho which is this guy there so yes if I clear away this entire screen potentially I could potentially shoot him with some of my long-range guns this bike stayed still because I was in range but the other bikes are not so they moved around and as you can see we're just pushing the screen forward this unit for move forward that unit stayed still for bought with discipline this one came out of the terrain that one came around there basically making sure that there's more than three inches between my lines for any piling and consolidation shenanigans and hopefully keep the castle safe for another turn now I need to do some damage but before that we roll into the psychic phase the first and most important thing to do is try and get a null zone on my librarian because it's a wall charger value of eight and that fails so that doesn't happen and then we're going to smite I am in range of these guys here so let's smite them that passes you can deny you're gonna need an eight to beat that and you do that so no psychic phase is a bust let's go on to the shooting face right now start on the left make our way to the right with this bike here that moved it's gonna piss multi melter into that thing and what's the toughness of these chariots multi-month are into it and then the twin ball guns into these guys here what besides on these guys who force about delightful agony yeah so there now were a four up and run apple save you want to keep them safe they are the closest thing in your army right okay let's do the melter because I moved it hits on a four and a Miss and let's do the ball guns hitting on threes and your toughness three right yeah so I am winning on threes I win three times but you have a four up save and nice new lovely green ox TV merchandise page finals day yeah no no and then three sixes to ignore no no they've got two wounds each their right so you kill one and tickle another probably likes the tickling they do then this bike here that stay still did the same thing I killed one of the seekers now we're doing the melter into the chariot hits on a three hits and wounds do you have a five up invulnerable safe on your chariot that is not a fuckup no you're not I'm not range d6 damage when it wins as decent seven six six that's a five oh right then we went across the bike number three firing and the Seekers did no damage melter coming in at this injured chariot means a fall that's a hit needs a three that's a wound five up in multiple saving you lose your chariot lose a charity use the chariot do they explode no they don't explain it kissed it dead chariot and at least I get a point I've got a point the first blood that's probably the only point I'm getting this turn right now these guys here will wrap it by the crap out of the Seekers in front of them threes and threes three four up saves and you make one – sorry and a sixer does it yeah okay so one is tickled right let's carry on tickling these guys this chord here stood still so I'm going to spend a command point on signs of gulaman which means they get to re-roll all their hits and they are in 6-inch range of the left tenant who's there so I am hitting on threes and re rolling everything and so that's nine hits and I'm wheeling on threes and re-roll ones because there's a left hand shouting at them and in the end that's not bad I get eight wounds through seven moons seven wins through seven for up diamond saves you haven't been lucky so far that's not too bad but that's okay three get three to six is only one gets through I killed one more then we carried on with the shooting things firing all of the small out into the same squad and the scouts around here fired at the keeper of the secrets around here didn't do any damage to him the only thing left to fire now are the two quad rapier launchers and the dreadnaughts now this is what's left that seeker squad I've only killed four do I continue to fire a squad with a four up invulnerable save to try and clear them away so I can put last cannons into this thing and get which hunter or do I follow the quad boulders down into this squad and just start stripping wounds away from the slash demons because they've got a 5 – van these guys have got a 4 up environment and if I fire them I might hurt them all but I won't be getting witch hunter if I continue to pound it's basically got 24 heavy ball shots now that I could put into this squad it's a good chunk I might be able to clear them away but then I might not be able to put them away I don't know anything right spinning command point on wisdom of the Ancients on this dreadnought here so everything here gets a reroll hit rolls of 1 and everything here is reeling win runs of 1 this is 12 August 12 what was 24 heavy box shots if I fired out that squad and everything got through that's a potential of 24 wins and there is 2 4 6 8 10 11 wounds in there so a potentially you're probably gonna there's going to be a dude left alive I think mathematically you should be able to save the 11 wounds if 24 got three because you've got sixes ignore wounds anyway which means I'm not going to be able to get through to the seeker the this dude so I don't think there's any point in firing at these anymore what's their leadership low there might be a point to try and hurt but the leadership is 7 and he lost 4 but they've also got reality blinks yeah I know which is nasty so I think I'm gonna fire at this squad because they haven't got done lightful Agony's and they haven't got they've only got five medals day so the first quad bolts are going into this squad hitting on three re-rolling ones because of wisdom of the Ancients there's a one at least nice okay for two's wielding on threes and the ones okay one two three four five six six wings six five up in multiple size on the other squad did you feel them on yeah that's that's three dead that worked yeah okay let's do it again with the other one that's that's nice grab these dice do again already feeling better about my life choices me rolling the walls so four more twos moving on threes and three more twos 5 wins five wounds get through five five up demons Danes die demon die you made one that time yes so two more died so I killed five in that squat that's nice right then you won't see I could still fire last cannons cuz Morales gonna sting against them and mmm I'm gonna put the ventricle into this one because there wasn't around to hurt a bit more so do I really orchid farthest I'm into target rich environment null you are I am in a target-rich environment there's a top tip saying shoot what you can kill somewhere so maybe if I just focused on one of these units of seekers and really hurt them yes let's do that let's put the venerable dreadnought into that one hitting on twos and re rolling ones because of wisdom of the Ancients and wounding on twos okay two more wounds let's do the missile launcher as well which hits sorry spiky spiky bits three wounds three five up in run we'll save sir make one and each does d6 damage so the first one kills one the second one kills one I killed two more in that squad that's seven dead that's your leadership so you're gonna lose d6 more unless you spend morale hmm so let's put the other four last cannons from the mortis contempt add retinol into this squad or I could hit the chariot but how many attacks the chariots have loss no yeah it's it's unlike five attacks plus then there's Leakey time attacks on steeds and white then there's the play axel but there's like a hammer of wrath I think ideas acting as well I think that's about nine attacks really and they do mortal wounds when they connect in close combat as well so I think I'm going to put two quadrants cannons two of the twin last cannons into that from the mortars contempt or two of the other twin allows Kennedy's into that splitting far always works let's do the two lasers into their teams to hit and choose to wound I win twice to foramen ovale saves you make one d6 damage for one two-man point four five five delightful Agony's on one dude no I kill one more okay kill one mind you I didn't need to do that because there was one on one wing blur yes I think so that was stupid and then to last into that both hit both wound two wounds on the lucky cherry of doom to follow up in venerable saves making both yeah blessed by the power of chaos I think that's everything I've fired all my decker I have no more deco left to do not sure if I did very well I killed a bunch of seekers and a chariot hmm we have morale now yes you've got some command points to play with if you want to pace some to keep some alive decisions decisions okay thinking later you're spending 2 command points on these guys so they auto pass and that drops you down about 5 command points left which is good but you're gonna roll for that squad there yeah leadership 776 and see what we get yeah ok so reality blinks and you get d3 back yep two seekers come back are they on full wings yes nasty so in a flash of unreality two more seekers appear on the battle grid and that is the end of the 13th turn one I'm gonna ditch hold the line because you to score it in my next turn and there can't be any enemy units in your deployment zone and my deployment zone will be cruel with enemy units you did psychological warfare at the end of your last term but I do get a point for first blood however you get two points for defending that objective up there so it's three points to one in favor of the slain of demons as we go into chaos turn to here are salacious orders in turn one turn to basically charge mission-critical objective one there's the one the left hand and care assisted on right in my deployment zone and cycle of life is killing an infantry unit glory of corn is killer character there'll be a point for killing in the tree that would be a point for killing a character there's extra rules here if you killed demons but they don't have demons I only pray to the majesty of the god Emperor of mankind not killing demons and that's if a demon of a certain fact right gets it then it's extra okay I don't have those gods because they're the lesser God's less like it so there was any Spanish get to keep one kill infantry kill a character here we are after the demons movement phase they need to score objective one which is there and kill a character now that's going to be very tough this term because most of my characters are tucked back except for the Libby who's in there the other thing they need to do is just kill an infantry squad for a point and we had lots and lots of advancing and in the combat phase that there's going to be lots of inappropriate touching going on and you should definitely be able to score a point there this thing advanced because it's in range of itself so it can advance a charge to keep her a secret source of six inch there all of these guys here advancing up the gut they're always in six-inch range of the herald yes Hillary or Herald The Herald it's either Hillary or Herald wouldn't say okay I don't want to assume the agenda of anyone in the salon age thing because yes this is true because it's completely Henry the Herald Henry Howard and the this thing here didn't advance though the chariot six inches away from the bike fair so yeah there's about to be a wave of purple and pain crash into the 13th lines and then you advanced everything in the back as well so we've got 60 demoness and demon Prince and the sole bride are advancing as well you left a big gap in the back field here but ultimately you want your army right up in my grille and you are doing that you've got the right flank you've got the left leg still got those terminators in reserve so after you completely cross to me the counterpunch from the terminators and Chaplin stone needs to be considerable otherwise there's going to be a very short king let's go on to the psychic phase right Hillary the herald casting delightful agony is on this squad of seekers here and you pass yes now that's a 10 you are in deny the hood range psychic hood right I'm not gonna deny that because I'm gonna need gives me plus one so I need 10 to the 9 you can have that there delightfully agony DUP you can this do another cycle power no anyone okay next next we are going to cast simply a pain right and that will be from the keeper onto these Scouts he'll sounds delightful it does so we are now minus 1 to all your heroes Oh My yes okay cool yeah you can have that what else is he doing this got two pounds and this will also smite smite okay so make me stop trying to make me and spite me that's a three that doesn't work no any more psychic shenanigans they're up here aren't they they're up here in they're out of range and they're all offensive spells really so okay yeah so that's it so they're delightfully AG need up there – one two hit let's go on to the shooting place or under advance so it's not shooting no account because both heavies on both these guys got any guns they don't like guns let's measure up so there might be a with the attack coming through with the attacks yeah but I think that's more than six inches is it yeah six inch charge but six inches so how's whip range Oh whip range so that's it for the psychic and the shooting face now we're going to do some charges all the way across the line where do you want to start because I'm here here here right cherry on attack bike or do you want the fiends to eat the overwatch cuz one of them could tag it and then the chariot gets in yeah I'm going to chance chariot first okay cuz the fiends have the abilities look anything without the flow your keyword in combat so there did I just do so once they're in close combat I can't fall back correct with the fiends right let's do the multi mounted on because this could hurt I need a six I don't get a six and then the ball comes one hit doesn't wound you need a sixer dice you've got dice the chariot makes it six and a half inches away so the chariot makes it into the attack bike followed up by the fiends and then this unit seekers charge that squad they're the herald charged this attack bike and this unit of seekers the charge the attack bike and that unit tactical Marines when all those charges happened I killed one in this squad and put bond down to one wound but charges all the way across the line there and then my librarian who wasn't declared as a subject overcharged has heroically intervened and stepped up ready to lay down some pain and then over here keep her secrets declare to charge on the scouts it's down to fifteen wounds you just need a six to make this charge good luck thank you yes that was like a nine or something it's worth mentioning you also spend a command point in the movement phase because you rolled a one for advance on this thing yes to reroll it and you got another one yeah you down for command points left the Keeper of Secrets comes flying in there and now now let's fight so I'm going to keep her a secret six attacks six attacks hitting on tutus and re-rolling I'm sure not for the hit really yeah okay many hits strength strength is huge seven seven so your Soul Stealer blade right the normal day okay with your strength oh okay so three two winged interesting everything got through and it's – huge it's ap minus three three damage apiece right every single one of those Scouts gets wiped out and go screaming and oh yeah I get to one up and yeah cuz you killed something you get your wound back is it for everybody remodel whoa so if it had taken five wounds it would've just got five wounds back again that's a beautiful thing then the key precipitates consolidates into that tactical squad now I am spending to command points to interrupt because there's only four fiends here because I killed one in overwatch and the librarian can strike do I strike with a librarian just skeptical since it was quite a six attacks but he has three attacks and he hits on trees and wounds on twos with a stave whereas these guys have you hitting on threes I'm winning on threes with six attacks hmm no I'll hit with the tactical squad and I've spent another command point on signs of gulaman so I'm gonna get to re-roll all my hits and I'm within range of Karass for my role in the hit roles of wound rows of one so it's gonna be three used to hit against these seekers and I read all hits because I signed to kill him and that's nice or six hits the sergeant's got an extra tack there that's why it's six and three still wound and re-rolling won't ok that many wounds so 5/5 up invulnerable say so could you didn't put water on no I didn't know you passed two of them anyway but you have got the local Agony's on that squad so 6 is even on wounds you one of the wounds one of them was a bit injured so there's three left in that squad link right now back to the fiend squad that just got smacked the sky is it hitting the attack bike and these two a hit in the squad that they charged so two attacks it into the attack bike these guys hit them freeze yeah and their strength you need 5 to wound that is a wound and it's ap minus 1 yep oh that was a 6-4 okay I don't get a safe how much damage does a day 1 1 damage tech bytes color for wounds it's down to three left and then we have the other attacks going that way there's a site name I need to do the Oh the tongue the tongue bath the tongue bath yes so on that one nope okay and yeah there's a sergeant equivalent here so there's five attacks going into the squad right yeah three used to hit that's bad did they get to re-roll heroes of anything because there's a keep your secret stood next to them shouting at them no no okay but they are strength for because of the Herald Hillary the Herald and you wound I need a four-eyed fail and marine dies and then the tongue bath happens that's for more because it's two attacks each with the liquid lip tongues freeze three hits and that's AP – is it and that's AP dashes work yeah okay so three up saves one Marines died so far two Marines die in total and it looks like this now on to Hillary the Harold hitting the attack bike on three wins left the Harold has four tax for tax yep so King on twos twos nice three hits and strength for still right strength I know it's a c-plus one to strength includes herself okay so force to wing like its toughness find and these are -1 no both -1 fours I felt both of them it's on one moon left and the tongue it licks out and hits once and doesn't do it doesn't move your bike it's gonna survive this off the Hillary this squad of seekers attacking these for tactical Marines and the Seekers kill three in that squad leaving one tactical marine bravely standing by and then we're going on to the themes you've just activated them empowered in Parden weirdly one coming around this way the other two putting their attacks on the attack bike so what they hitting with okay so I'm using two of their four attacks right home to do the dishes are tales it has roll them separately okay and so yeah folks it strength strength is full okay we go first no no wings and then the other attacks it on threes and these are strengths same it sprint the same yeah okay there's a strength five yeah okay so winning forced okay and AP – many AP minus one on those – yeah – so that's the straight wound for up saves the bike is on two wounds left after that fight we are now consolidating and you have to consolidate towards the closest enemy model and why because it's consolidated into the tactical Marine sir by using the power of my brain I realized that if I just consolidated kind of this way yeah then you have the potential to fall back out of that combat yet allows all of these blue things sufficient my purple things yes and I don't like that right so by moving this way and being a bit caning yep I can lock that in combat and that in combat yep making my stuff a bit safe yeah I like it because I could just fall back and then shoot it leaves but you can't fall back from fiends correct so all I need to do now is fail a morale test yeah okay so now we've got the cherry attacking that tack bike on a six when chariots go charging in well basically roll for every single model that it charges and on a six it doesn't multiple wound as it rounds into the very good for clearing not so good against blown attack bike this hat technically happened at the end of the charge phase but it doesn't do a mortal wind now it's got a million attacks that it's very interesting never seen these things before I don't think anyone has this is a very unique army you know thank you have you ever seen anyone play with an army as perfectly and as gorgeous as this I haven't in all the batter reports I've seen anyway many attacks what's it hitting with it's hitting with claws and whips claws and whips so this is five attacks okay okay claws and whips are strength for a feistel wound two wounds AP AP is minus 1 minus 1 for up saves tech box still lives but you've got other attacks yes there's for Leakey ton attacks for licky tongue attacks 3 is to hit everything it's five still wound and that's the doorbell I wonder if that one camera picked up nothing so they tagged by clips on two wins left interesting no I expected more I did too I thought there'd be more dead blue things wanting more their blue things but this seems that everything that is left yes just doesn't want to drop no so now I'm gonna pearl in and fight back all right the marine strike back the attack bike hit the fiends as did this lone hero there into this unit of fiends because their toughness for but two wounds on one their four wings each now we're coming round to this ball here this unit piled in and there's the attack bike so what I'm gonna do is activate this squad he's not gonna fight but there's one two three four models they're attacking the injured fiends and one is a sergeant he's got an extra attack and a chain sword and another extra attack so I've actually got four five six six attacks six attacks from this board into the fiends I hit on threes only hit three times I'm winning on fries and I wound three times on this fiend squad saves you make all this oh no you fell one would like falar killings on that squad I remember I know so that guy there who's injured you is now mushed and then this guy has to pile in three inches to the closest any model which will be your Herald do I really want to hurt the herald because what I could do is piling closer so I'm in base but also now get now many an inch hmm to that squad yes let's hit that squat no we'll do that in a minute we'll do that in a minute that was cheating he goes back we'll do the libby because he might wipe them out maybe could be you think could be a thing he's got three attacks he hit some threes you only hit once he's not gonna watch now strength six with a stave Tuesday wound that's a wound – a lot and you make you don't make the save X I didn't use the green noise yeah for stave does d3 damage for two damage – delightful Agony's on that squad sir no no I kill one more interestingly you lost four in this turn yeah so morale could be a thing for you so I'm going to just in the off chance yeah pulled him sergeant Krugman way because the urban banner can chuck the t3 back yeah we talked about but why come to certainty that because it needs to be the icon oh it needs to be this guy in case you rola want icon has the rule for reality or I don't know I'm in a minute No we'll check the rules the tech bike will hit your Harold anyway Hillary the Harold's not long for this world I hit twice is it anything truth toughness on this thing because I mentioned four is three I do a wound on Hillary father up safe Hillary takes it she it is a boss right that's the end of the fight face you did kill an infantry unit the keeper secrets came through like a wrecking ball and absolutely Miley Cyrus that unit scout so there's a points it's four points to one we need to do some morale leadership seven because that guy isn't my sergeant and I want to fail this so I'm not locked up with this squad of dudes here I lost three this turn three plus three and I can choose to roll that with um they shall know no fear so I'm gonna try and roll this basically he's been ordered to fall back warned no I hoped which means he's list down there fighting these guys and I can't shoot them hmm four guys lost if you roll the one you're good yeah I think a two or three month anyway release wrong for that unit seekers yes take it easy I control it is the icon okay so you're one no thick because the opposite of a one that's the opposite everyone that reality does not believe that time and that unit of seekers disappears and interestingly I thought you'd do more damage I thought both of the bikes would have been wiped out there particularly with this charity come charging through however I can't attack the Seekers because they're locked in combat I can't attack the fiends because they're locked in combat I can't pull back this bike here because they're locked up in combat and there is a massive demon about to descend straight into my lines and it's four points to one in favor of the slash demons the thirteenth have been pushed back and pushed back hard however in turn two chaplain snow and the first company will arrive let's go to the 13th turn to right here are my orders in turn to one of the chapter a character needs to take a wound off a character there's a point and which hunter-killer cycle there's a point now Hillary Hillary the herald has exposed itself which slash is rather fond of doing so I potentially could get all of the chaps from witch hunter secure objective 3 however deep within this lanisha's lines and I'm not gonna get that one right here we are after my movement phase Chaplin snow in the terminators have arrived with a bang there's objective 3 over there so not getting that one however kill a character and killer will hurt a character with the character there's my librarian just a smite will do it potentially or shoot him or hit him in the assault phase there will be a point and that's also witch hunter as well so that took a long time terribly sorry it's fine and lots of very careful measuring no advancing whatsoever as mentioned the attack bike and him can't fall out of combat so the fiends and the chariot and the Seekers are all immune to shooting this turn because they're within an inch of an enemy model so what happened was I think he's dead and he's dead in my assault phase which means then you pile in and then potentially I've screened off I'm screening off so that the guys that I can't shoot can't get through here next turn and even if they could get through here there was a unit of Scouts which is strong all the way along another screen and the unit of three of they're forming another screen against the keeper of secrets and there's a screen there so I've got multiple overlapping screams I think that's how you play 40k I think that is tactically nuts it makes a lot of sense to me i tactically that makes sense and potentially it keeps the little castle and Karras alive for one more turn after we do the assaults and after you smack some stuff down and after you come piling in so potentially I can unload some daca onto keeper and maybe kill him if I don't care to me it's gonna numb his way through some stuff recover all of those wounds so kill him kill Hillary and then the terminators with Balter discipline rapid-fire – becomes rapid fire for at 24 inch range they always get it so that's 20 shots or 40 shots into these unit things and so clear away some stuff here hopefully hurt some of your BP characters and then it leaves this chunk and that's a problem for tomorrow's winters winters deal with that later it also gives me some board presence because there's three objectives up here terminators move very slowly but there are three objectives up here and lying breaker is a thing oh there's yeah I need these options I couldn't just drop them back there and build a castle and shoot and shoot and shoot because then you're only going in one direction this at least gives you some options so choices yeah you go forward or backwards or left or right which way yeah okay so let's do some psychic stuff do my brain yeah and we don't like using our brains and I oh I'm not gonna use my brain no so we're gonna do Mel zone I need an 8 for him and it will yes and even eight it will shut down in one will saves in this general area that's an eight would you like to try to know that or are you gonna hold on to the smite you need 9 to the 9s though you're using a brain again I am I don't like it was he's there that's the thing that's not doing the thing yes so a nine nurse a six null zone happens which means it do you think within six inches of him doesn't have an invertible safe that's quite useful now I'm going to try and smite Hillary and I fail I need a command pointless I pass on an 8 so Hilary needs a 9 to deny this okay come on Hilary and you get an 11 what a boss okay so I haven't wounded her with a character yet so what I'm gonna do is on pin the grenade and throw it yeah and I'm gonna be hitting on a three and a hit and it's strength six your toughness for three of the three okay so we're gonna – and I wouldn't she doesn't have an embeddable save it's ap minus one what's her normal same for normal say there's six of us the story of women wait D three damage with a crack or a three damage on Hillary and a character's wounded a character Oh be a point so my librarian has honored the chapter was all of the thirteenth what a boss now we're going on to the terminators and these guys over here are gonna check everything they can into this unit fiends you've got four command points left and you aware that there's going to be many shots coming in to the things and many shots are keeper at secrets and you can spend to command points on warp surge and you're thinking again do you want to protect the things or do you want to protect keeper being a mind keeper because right now I'm targeting the fiends but I think the keeper is more precious yes no okay you're not warps urging the fiends or certain things I'm going to spend a command point on sounds of killing them if it's a tactical squad they get to re-roll all hits but because they're terminators I'm going to be worried rolling hit rolls of one into the fiends but I got four twins each yeah and the cyclone missile launcher it's gonna hit no it's still happy it's still happy okay both to discipline into these guys here hitting on three and re-rolling the ones with the re-roll that was 17 hits with the storm boaters but they spent four and these guys are toughness for so winning on force Omaha eight wins eight five up saves good luck how many wins have eight four four so I say three yes as one that's a dead fiend that fiend and that's one on three okay then the cyclone missile launcher will fire out as well it's heavy so I'm hitting on fours but Amory Roland won an affair right this is what it looks like and now the second squad of terminators are firing in hitting on three slow rerolls this time fourteen hits winning on fours folks oh okay that's one two three four saved so by the power of maths yes another dead fiend on one or two wounds called a heavy Boulder is the only thing they can see it I've spent a command point on wisdom of the Ancients again I've put it on that one because if I put it on that one then these guys don't get the reroll hit roles of one but if I pull on that one then yeah we're all hit rows of one coming up hitting on threes re-rolling the one two is this and once it hits wheeling on threes and re-rolling ones because there's a leftenant stood next to them so I get six wins three six five up saves oh really the wood yeah see the thing is alive on one wound left I'm gonna have to see the other rapier but you can't see him really hmm one net I found a gun Chapman snow has the Primax wrath which can turn around let's see if snow can finish them off freeze to hit he hits three times its strength five the Primax rock so it's three stab wound he wins twice two more five up saves keep that fiend alive oh he's dead fortunately because there wasn't anything else really that could reach out and touch him right now we're firing this squad and the sergeant is gonna fire at Hillary the herald actually everyone here has to fire at Hill no these guys can't fire these two can fire at Hillary no he's close yes they're closer to Hillary they can fire at Hillary the other ones can't because that's a character and I had to use them to screen so just these two he'll actually Chuck a grenade let's do that three used to hit and twos to wound that's a wound minus one you don't get a safe because a null zone yeah maybe he should have father mount well that way no they were both going this way because if I missed a missed yeah D three for three Hillary's dead D 3 for 3 D 3 for – sorry that's two wounds it was on two wounds left as Providence that's witch hunter honored the chapter has two points I've got some points so they're fired right now we're going on to the attack bucket fell out of combat so minus one and it's got a melter so minus 2 on the melt are firing up at the Keeper of Secrets if I need a 5 I fail and force with the bolt guns two hits and fights to wound no wounds okay let's continue unloading on the Keeper of Secrets and Noel is warp surgeon obviously dad's to command points left which gives the keeper a 4 up and what I was saying this called a 3 in front there's a flame are there and the bolter and they didn't fall out of combat adding in a check donate so your inane is a hit and it's 26 I think it took us seven right yeah it doesn't wind the bolt-gun version which will be false because i'm also firing the flamer and the other bot gun on the other dude which will be threes this Court is not really and this is five two wound and then the flamer because it's all the same size nothing's hits with a flamer I will burn their demon five still wound burn demon burn yeah that's much burning big Wow that many saves on you Keeper of Secrets within four up Walt surged and there's goodness let's even get with a six begin no no three wins so now he's on fire which means because you're on fire all my shots are hit you now right because it's burning not because I can see you very clearly enough emeralds things 13 ways to get through right so this squad in front are re rolling once because of wisdom of the ancient and to hit andrey rolling wants to win because there's left handed Karras and there is a pom be melter here are a lonely father Mel two part and then all the other shots into the Keeper of Secrets 3s to hit and a 3-2 wound I wound for of the mandible saying would you make that's very fortunate family because it would have none of it yeah Chuck the grenade hit doesn't own every roll one because it'll F tenant wins and III damage one more wound and then we'll do the remaining three Baltar's which are in rapid fire range we were on ones because of wisdom so four hits and five to eight re-roll the one look at that three more wounds target acquired my friend to target you're on fire say it means you're easy to hit so three more for up and vulnerable saves you feel one more wound if it bleeds you can kill it how many wounds has it got left it's now on to 11 on to 11 wounds right let's do the rapier battery plate blank range fill it with 12 shots of a heavy bolt of mass reactor death threes rear all the ones eight hits with reroll and face the wound and re-roll the ones that was one wound so far okay one moon with max reactive death one for up safe and you make the save okay leftenant bolt pistol re wrong because if wisdom hits wounds f10 Charat scores a wound which you don't save of course he does get you in the eye socket 10 wings left then we have this square of scouts some of them will not bear to fire cuz a line of sight yeah and they completely whiffed even though he's burning on fire they completely whipped right for twin or two twin li class cannons let's destroy this demon hitting on Tues because i'm a mortise contempt to dreadnought strength 9 so I'm wounding on threes and I'm rerunning ones because there's a left hand there for wounds a demon yes is excessively cut lucky I mean when it's obsessive for multiple safes you make – oh we didn't know we come on come on ponder Iran so 50-50 chance for up is Sephora there you go I'll make it okay so just d6 damage for five damage it's on five left yeah right the last thing left to fire a venerable dreadnought Mathias himself in fact he's achieved venerable status because they're just a good luck taken twin link glass twos and threes two more wings two more for up and vulnerable saves good luck is our guest was with you yes because you're gonna retweet wounds if you get into the fight phase right yeah there is a missile launcher don't wanna alarm you but there is a missile launcher which hit some – and Marie Rose because of wisdom of the Ancients that's a hit it wings on a3 and rerolls ones because of the left Henin it wounds one more for up and one Apple save five wins left only demon you make the save the Keeper of Secrets will live one minute I found a gun this attack bike here 24 inch range on the multi-bear can hit Yugi through he secrets he moved though let's warm up with some twin Baltar's with both discipline for shots and wound on five I do a wound a for up and vulnerable save on the Keeper of Secrets no no that's a one for left and the multi missile will hit on a four so for the Emperor it misses I cook the main point that I got for command points left a young man point now I miss so this is about four wounds left and every model it kills it gets a wound then it gets d3 back at the end of the flight face as long as it kills it's basically it's gonna be fine but you can't walk surgery anymore no but you did keeping that spinning that camera important to keep it alive was the thing because it would have had four wheels left and then it would have had to eat another last cannon right we're gonna go into the fight face I'm out of charge Rangers my terminators because I managed to kill that unit seekers there so they are not charging all we've got left is the fiends and the chariots and the Seekers attacking one tactical marine and one biker and the fiends killed the bike and the Seekers killed the one lone tactical marine and consolidate forward it means the charity doesn't get to move but they are here locking up this unit of five and what I'm gonna do is these two he's with an ax no he's not because these two are going to hit the fiends because that's what I can hit and I hit once and one's already injured today and I wound five of the men of will save on the Seekers No so this one goes down to one wound and then the three remaining guys will hit the Seekers so there's three there and that guy's got two extra text of this chain sword for used to hit and two more wounds two words on these guys to Phillips and you lose one more now interestingly enough morale is still a thing if you roll a one reality is going to blink on that squad but a six you're fine anyway for no because a six plus one is seven you would've passed but if you'd have rolled a one three more fiends seekers these guys would have come back again anyway that's the end of the fight phase and at the end of my turn I'm not securing objective 3 which is there in fact I'm gonna ditch that one I haven't charged the keeper of secrets because that would be suicide I could put in two tactical Marines and hit him on threes and try and wound him on fives but he's got four up and vulnerable save with four wings left and then he just eats a chunk of them in my turn and then my screens gone and then you charge for and kill dreadnoughts in your turn so it doesn't make tactical sense charging in mister but yeah do get two points for island in the chapter and killing a witch which makes it three points to four three points to four and that's the mission critical objective there if you take that you get a point but if you take it and I previously controlled it that'll be D three points so three points to four is one point is in it just one point as we go into slash demons turn three here are the orders for the salon ash demons get objective one master the walk now one psychic power and that's a point get three and that's T 3 points and secure objective 6 well the Keeper of Secrets is stood right on it I don't think he wants to stay there though I think it wants to go and beat up some Space Marines right here we are after the demon's movement phase there's the mission critical objects if there's the other objective there I don't have the Keeper of Secrets we'll be controlling it at the end of this turn something might be though such as the demoness that advanced up so those are the two objectives you want to get Plus hopefully three psychic powers for master the warp now the plan is there's unit three tactical means there if you smite a couple and then that demon prince has made sure he's closest and line-of-sight to them there's three guys they could smite them at the way which means the keeper secrets could charge into the second wave which puts them perilously close to my gun line meanwhile everything around here advancing because they're in range of all their characters including the soul grinder which means they can charge and they're staying certificate II Turbo mater's that I've appeared on the other side of the battle grid looking a little bit exposed looking a little bit out of position now but as I said there are many objectives up there so hopefully I can pull a couple of objective cards and score some points but the Solanas demons only know one way and the way is this way take out the castle the chariot moving in for the attack bike all of these guys if you remember they've already consolidated and are already in close combat with this screen here and there's pretty much some guarantee charges this attack box on one room left those demon etske going basically after some smiting in some charging you'll be much much closer to my lines deep up in my deployment zone and the terminators will be left out on the flank wondering where everyone has got to so let's move on to the sake face starting off with imprints select the herald n ad imprint smiting this scored it down here next to the keeper secret you need a five and that passes d3 mortal wings and that's three you just rinsed that squad which leaves the charge open and ready for the Keeper of Secrets now the keeper secrets disgusting casting Symphony of pain first of all this right in front of him yes symphony of bang that's the – want to hit right if you get this off yeah yeah so armor six okay that's the three that's the three that fails that's not good do you want to spend your last command point to try and get D 3 points for master the warp are you happy with the one point for mastering of the war pitch because you've only got one more psychic power to do he can do two right yeah you can spend at the last command point okay no and that fails no symphony of pain but you will get one point from us from the walk what else does he want to do he is then gonna be angry because you can get the DP boys and they're gonna smile okay smiting smiting away that's the super strike I will try and deny that I get +1 to deny because of my librarian basically anything cuz it's like I mean 11 I don't know it it'll do d6 mortal wings that unit in front of him for five that's what is entirely one town and my screen collapses that makes things very interesting very interesting where are we going for the shooting face not but you have much shooting the saga under advance right so I'm gonna do the whips on that secret area okay okay that's assault d6 okay five little piece come out this hit with trees is wrong before these hit on sweets okay so that's – yep step 4 waiting on fives they're both linked through up slaves because it's AP – and the bike manages to take a nice whipping mmm so the last thing we can really far as the harp it's got two firing modes in a range of 18 and 24 and there are targets but you're not going to follow hi no it's gonna show you / it's weird it's gonna show some restraint okay so you're not going to make a magic melody because you don't want to make any charges longer yes I don't make any challenges longer and any thing that the enraptured skills then denies of wounds being recouped by the keeper right so that's it for the shooting face yes so we're gonna do some charges yes nice chariot charging the bike can I hit with a multi melter no and then the altars one hit doesn't wound and it's in after the chariot crashed in we went across to the demoness charging the librarian and the bike I did I killed one on overwatch basically don't want snake eyes and you're fine so fine but a five means no everyone is going to get to fight and the demon ette mind the gap come charging through they've got plus one inch to their charge because of the icon the instrument something is really instrument plus one to their charge they move six any more charges sir yes yes yes where's the big boy going okay so no boy / girl / thing thing we'll be doing a multi chart because basically everything's locked in and we'll be going for the attack by librarian and the squad okay I can't watch you everything's engaged let's see how if I get in the charge again try to load rock snake eyes yeah five that's enough on the bike I think so the keep it ends up here with some piling moves and it's gonna do it sword attack on the squad and the claw tax into the bike hitting on twos where are we starting first okay so start the squad yes yes that wasn't yet nice and these clothes are strength the sword is strength seven ok priests weren't real Illinoisans AP – this is AP minus three three damage all of it AP minus three years I need a bunch of sixes and as five models there and they get wiped out of a man and the tactical squad was all the way along there they're completely wiped out which puts you immediately back up to nine wounds yeah love it and now it's got for snapping cloris axe because it's back up to nine wounds on the bikes sitting on tubes and everything hits threads six versus top of five threes to wait two wins ap 80 is minus three and three damage minus three three damage each I need boxcars to keep the biker alive dead biker and that's another room back up to you or keep your secrets back up to ten wings and it looks like this and now the demon it's get to pile in and the demon let's pile in like this now if there was 20 or more models you'd have three attacks each per model but I killed one on overwatch there's only 19 there so it's two attacks each however only nine managed to make it into combat because you're trailing back these guys are strength three because you throw back your strength for and you hit him on threes rerunning one because of that nice tail with 18 attacks that's one for the sergeant equivalent yes 19 it's a hex threes and then ones we rollin so winning on force yep and this is all ap minus 1 and 6 is our ap minus 4 4 so that's 1 2 3 4 5 6 vanishes number Spanish is number lots of target acquired and the librarian gets dragged down by a horde of demon ATS and the demon ants consolidate towards the closest enemy models which is my castle over this side and onto objective 6 well-played sir absolutely brutal a tactical squad wiped out my librarian wiped out that attack bike wiped out that's more like it and now we are onto this chariot it in this lone attack bike on this flank fortunately he is uninjured but we have the attacks coming in oh yeah deep on a 6 you doing what a little mini charge yes minded yes yes okay so that's war moving down three more to get through okay so hang on please yep only two hits and this is 24 you say yeah so fives to win no wounds and then the licking tongues fillmore attacks with the licking tongues it's hit twice for still twice the wound two more wounds – EP – I make the save so that bike only takes one wound and he hits back on threes and here will wound on a five doesn't wind that is the end of Slednecks demon's turn three at six points to three because you've got mass of the wop and you're securing objective six over here so six points two three and more importantly my castle is completely collapsed I've got just a unit of scouts and sergeant Karras here along with two rapier batteries and my two dreadnoughts a couple of rolls for what and so to check on reality blinks yep one of one you get it back nope okay minute stays there oh yes the d3 more wounds back on the hands so one more wound it's back up to eleven wounds out of sixty I've got it down to five now back up to eleven yes that's a great little of Billy it's got a laser light tasty yeah yeah but no warp surging will be happening and there's large cannons here that staring point-blank at it if I if I take it out now everything else is going to come crashing into me anyway which is very interesting six points two three I've got my terminators up there I need a good draw let's go on to space rains 10 3 6 points to 3 I ditched that one advance out of my diploma zone isn't going to happen no mercy no respite basically if a killer unit or one fails in morale there's a point there and big game hunter kill something with a wounds characteristics or ten or more basically the Keeper of Secrets if I kill the Keeper of Secrets I'll get two points and it's your warlord I'll get three points it will make it six points each I think the orders from chaplain snow are quite clear shoot the bigan right here we are after my movement face the terminators the assault terminators bouncing to try and get closer to the fight the normal terminators just walk along with that 24 inch range of storm boxes we are in range to throw some firepower down on the slashes lines and I'm not screening anymore back here because there is no point plus I can't screen with a unit of Scouts just one unit Scouts you can sweep around the edges around the right and round the left so you are gonna hit the castle next turn if you decide to come flying in there what I did do is make sure I'm not within 3 inches of the center of that objective there because you've currently got critical mission objective 1 so you're going to get a point for that and if I was on it then you get D 3 points if you take an objective that was previously held and this is a troop squad so all they have to do is move a long way and get on there and that would be D 3 points so I pulled back from it and that's it the scouts are moving around here now the orders are quite clear bring down this big bad boy here so one more time wisdom of the Ancients on this venerable dreadnought firing straight through at the Keeper of Secrets two last cannons hitting on twos coming in a hot and re rolling ones because the wisdom of the Ancients so a hit twice I am hitting on threes winning on threes and REE rolling once because the left henan so only one gets through 1:5 up and vulnerable save on your keeper which you make and then the missile venture misses and hits with the re-roll runes on a three and that's some of the two I was trying to keep the command points in my pocket for the damage thing but I've got four more last cannons coming out so I think I need to use it yeah three is to wound command point zero plus we tied to one command point left and a wound one five up in burnable safe please fail it you fail it these extension the missile launcher but do it's down to eight left right this mortise contempt needs to do it eight wounds left getting on twos everything hits and wounding on threes of been like command point I want to hit the floor so I'm going to reroll the – okay three get through three five up and vulnerable saves on this thing so many points killing it oh they're all three 3d six damages don't worry I could probably roll really low now and I spent my point for the re role in the shooting face I just need to get eight I get more than eight it's dead that's big game hunter that King Slayer and that's kill something with guns and that's the big scary nasty demon gone uh not lied to you I'm breathing a sigh of relief there you needed to do that so what do we think of the new Keeper of Secrets for 16 wins and the new rules I like yes I mean the stats she was she was cheap yeah beforehand 165 points with him but now with the extra wounds and the extra buffs that she does she's she hits like a yeah I also like the relic war trade combos that you can still have because they have not change from the Codex so a lot of people they like to have the normal sword on there which if it does of wins then basically it's in extra – one – it's an extra bullet rates and things for extra attacks or mortal wounds so most people make her more punchy yeah I like to make us be so I always tend to do the celerity of slavish to watery for the extra three-inch movie yes because yeah extra three inches yep but yeah with the extra with the Soul Stealer blade that one estrus hounds means you absolutely have to kill that because otherwise she's just literally just recoups so many wounds back as you perfectly demonstrated yeah yeah if you didn't get rid of her or that he lives on but she was on one wound she could have gone straight in yeah and then chances are would have been straight back after I know that's the forward world model air which is absolutely glorious but the new games workshop model as well ah probably the best Scott they'd ever I think it is it's a lovely lovely model yeah are you gonna get it I mean then you won't be able to field your other one not nice yeah but if I forget the other one I'll probably take character to wanna probably take this forward well one is a normal one yeah have celexa yeah that would be doubly scary yes brother slow Naish right okay so more shots this unit of terminators here the only thing that it can shoot at is this unit fiends here spray for each range for mortars and there's one guy that can't is not in range but the missile launcher can slam in so I have 16 shots coming in and I'm gonna be hit mom freeze and he's prepping up nice threes to hit these themes and that's pretty good shooting Tex forced away that's not good one two three four five five five wins on the themes slice America safe you passed two which means that one's dead and one of them is on two wings and then the missile launcher hits on fours and misses still six wins to chew through so we're going to this Scout squad here now there's force Baltar's in rapid-fire range and the shotgun which is in half range we'll do that in a minute these are the bolt is hitting on threes only three hits and a wound on fours two more wins and then the shotgun hits on fries is assault two and a half range it comes with five so a win on a three so I'll do three wounds in total from the scouts three more five up saves that and you pass them all script shotgun to the face Norway I have got these unit terminators that can shoot them and the fiends and now what I really want to do is clear them away and the seeker sorry and start hurting the D minutes as well and all I've got left back here is the to rape years at hand to that attack bike which fell out of combat and that rapier moved as well so it's hitting on fours hmm so I think I defy the attack bike at these guys here hitting on fours with the bolt guns because I fell out of combat and forced to wound one more wound on this squad and you felt that saves on one we left now the multi melter is hitting on a four because I fell out on five because it's heavy and it hits and it wins one five up invulnerable safe which you fail and it would be d6 damage but once on one we left so it's shredded grant for some routers here so the rapier that didn't fall out of combat or fire into the demoness I'm hitting on threes and three rolling ones because the wisdom of the Ancients and then I'm gonna be wounding on threes because I'm stretched five and their toughness 3 and we rollin ones because of left hand carrots and that is that many wound which is eight wounds which is quite nice 5 up demon saves how would you pass one two three three five dead okay let's follow the other one into it as well I think this particular rapier battery is gonna be hitting on force because it moved but I still reroll ones because of wisdom see this time I didn't get any twos but I got chunk as freeze the dice cards no three still weed and re-roll ones seven several moons this time on the demon X and you passed five yeah 5 of them so you only lost seven in total which is their leadership school yes now they're second squad a terminator is left to fire and I know I'm spraying fire all over the place where I'm just trying there's too many targets here and I'm just trying to force as much morale as I can so the 20 shots with Balter discipline are going to go into this unit of seekers the fiend is subject to morale the demon ette subject to morale hitting on trees but no rerolls okay that was still 16 hits oh I'm bad freeze – window okay 14 wings on the Seekers rio5 up saves oh mama actually hurt you because each has got two wings right there's one dead two dead three dead four dead one left on one wound is that cleared the squad right that's the end of my face I'm not going to charge anything that would be suicide I've got my castle back here pushed back into a corner of what the Terminator is pushing up the table there and that was pretty successful I have cleared the Keeper of Secrets I've hurt the fiends of cleared away that squad there I've significantly hurt their morale is a thing on a six you're going to lose this guy because their leadership seven and two of them died so if you roll six I would appreciate it no okay so he stays firm you lost seven demon hat so you gonna leaves D six more please don't roll a one you're gonna lose four more because otherwise de reality would have blinked and d6 would have come back in and I'm gonna laugh yeah there would be much laughing and much chuckling so you've got these demon Oetzi r that can come through you've got the fiend you've got the chariot you've still got some forward pressure however we're about to go into turn forward I just got three points one for big-game hunter one for no mercy no rest by and I just read the card which is a good that I did score a victory point if at least one enemy unit was destroyed and all for morale if if three or more units were destroyed and all thier morale score d3 instead I killed two units a shot that thing and shot the big keeper and they failed them around so that we D 3 so I get the three points instead if three or more units were destroyed and all failed morale tests yeah so two were destroyed one film around yeah so yes d3 for this for one okay so one foot begin hunter one for that on one for King Slayer which means it's six points to six your footprint now is a chariot these guys these guys and of course the swarm around this edge of the table at six points to six and we're going into turn four it might be time for the slash demons to get tactical or they could continue their relentless push forward let's find out what Knoll does in turn four here are the orders from she who thirsts get that mission-critical objective one assassinate kill a character in King's lair kills no here we are off the slash demons movement face they're already on objective one and they need to assassinate a character and there's chaos there they could jump in on him the demoness advanced the FINA danced all the way from round there and they are within six inches of your demon prince who also advanced so because they're within range of a character they can charge even though they advanced get that objective kill Karras there's a couple of points now you thought about sweeping around and trying to go for King Slayer and trying to go for chaplain snow up there but there's a whole wall of storm shields in your way that you have to dig through it would take a turn or two if you committed most of your forces that way and then all the daca you'd be left in the open all I have to do is fall back a little bit and just shooter them and just start peeling them open you'd be a bit you'd be caught between somehow Nader's and a handle and a hammer basically an hour and handle the shooting and the punching the hard place on the rock that's the one warrior the OREA we have Oreos we have Oreos I ran out of chocolate chip hole knobs which are absolutely glorious by the way have you tried the chocolate chip Hobnobs they are a gift from the Emperor himself all this lot of advanced came charging this way as well so essentially the plan is stop the thing shooting at you leave the terminators somewhat exposed let's find out what the remaining orders are is we go to turn fortified and maybe your win the objective game I like it so let's go into the psychic face and Carson powers so the Dean ranks as custom smite can do one power you need a 5 and that's d3 mortal wounds on the rapier battery for three they have four wings it's got horn left so I'm not sure how a rapier battery can be smitten I guess the electricity from the psychic batteries some of the gubbins formally left then the whip from those chariots lashed out at that bike and did no wounds and now finally harp is going to play a tune these six shots with its what now it's a flat six shots classic shots with this half string liar using the cacophonous melody profile okay so you advance so you're hitting on threes instead of twos going to the Scout you say yes okay okay okay four hits that strength for two wins a p- 1 cook-off in the smaller so does the song make the scouts is bleed yes yes it does two of them die screaming they don't like that tune screeching melody rips out across the battle grid and destroys two of these Scouts they really don't like Justin Bieber is that too hard the Justin Bieber thing is that too hard no it's not that's the right amount like the idea that one of my minis is playing Justin Bieber but but no one likes Justin it's enough to kill people I think I think so yeah okay it makes my ears bleed yes that's the end of the shooting face we're gonna do a chunk of charges right in the charge phase you basically don't wanna lose your demon X to lots of heavy Bowl too far in overwatch so you're picking the cherry at first which is gonna go against the attack by can this rapier here right tap I can this squat they're gonna try and do yeah that's part of the rapier oh okay okay yes okay so let's do the rapier six is to hit I only hit once and I do wound at ap minus one but a five up demon save and you're fine then the attack bike has the four shots with a twin bolt to then hit close to wound none of them wound and now the multi miss her misses okay and then you are in okay so the chariot goes crunching in there engaging the rapier and the attack bike and then the demoness came charging through he decided not to charge this one because you didn't want to suffer the wrath of that over watch they've come in and engage Karis the rapier and the attack bike right now we're onto this fiend what's it doing okay I think the fiend will attack the rapier and the treadmill or do you not want to face for last cannons to the space I think I'll avoid the last cans for now okay great pitch let's see Phillip as it comes in no just one hit and it doesn't even wound okay you're in so the Fein gets here now we're on to the demon Prince and because you going through a crater it's a 10 inch charge going in on the rapier good luck thank y'all that's not that's not okay the slanted demons finally engage the castle engage Karis and the dreadnoughts in the backfield now let's gone to the fight phase start off with cherry on a six mortal wound to the attack by q16 moon to the rapier attack bike note and the rapier crew no okay so five piercing klore attacks are hitting the attack bike on threes and only two hits your wounding on three hits you're winning on fives any P minus one thank this – fool if you – fall dead attack bike it's wiped out and then the four licky tongues on D you could put it on the rapier crew rather than the rapier battery because it's daily die then the rapier gets removed yes that's the way to do it so let's do that freeze on him one two three yep and force to wound that's one moon – just one moon – I have a threat save with a pass now the demon nets are powered in three are attacking the rapier battery including the sudden equivalent and then the rest the other four are going into Karis so this is the ones on the rapier yeah yep please do it and it is for rerun the ones because you kept the tailbacks the demon yes but I think your strength three now because within six inches yes destroys don't fall okay so five still rules Arabia because it is toughness five no wounds no idea okay but we've got eight attacks on Keros which is threes to hit three wrong ones and there's twos obviously there's a whole field of two so needs more hits forced to wound and those are AP minus four yes so it takes two wounds this is AP minus one he takes three wounds he's on one wound left so Karis lives just now on to the fiend it's moved forward to tag the Dreadnought that cannot assault the Dreadnought wasn't cleared as a subject of the charge putting all of his attacks in at the rapier battery that a hits on threes and it hits twice what's his strength strength is four okay so it's winning on five toughness five that doesn't wound that a rapier carrying your lips and now I'm gonna pile in and punch back right funnily enough the rape years can hit they her engines their tractors trying to run over two of these fiends here never attack hitch in the hit on sixes no okay so we've got the crew this crew is going to hit the demons on threes they're still Space Marines and threes I hit I hope one day minute that says I don't hurt one D Manette okay the mortis contempt a dreadnought is going to stand on the fiend in front of me into Cup four attacks and they hits on twos and it strikes seven so it winds and freeze I win twice no EP though it's just its feet as it kicks out at the fiend and okay the fiends on three wounds left and then the last thing I know this rapier crew on that miss left henyk Karras I think he's got one any to check left Ellis of three attacks he hits on twos with his power sword he will unfreeze and we were all one so there's two T's one wound one v up save and you fail it 1d met dies that's the end of the flight phase morale is a thing if you're all a one you get some demon X back three you don't get any back you only lost one so you wouldn't have lost any anyway and then the sergeant is still alive in my space moon Scouts here so I don't have to take morale and that is the end of your turn for you control objective for for a point but you haven't assassinated or slayed my warlord but you have locked up this castle it's gonna be very this one only the dreadmill is not engaged in close combat right now that's it just brother Mathias and let's face it most of the rest of your army is Atlantis idle range it's gonna be very interesting to see if I can move anything around to engage the slash demons so with one point for claiming that mission critical objective it's seven points to the demons and six points to the space marines as we go into space rains turn form here on my orders are ditched advanced at the end of last turn I got secured objective warm which is currently swarming with demoness that's gonna be really tough to do overwhelming firepower just kill one unit with guns I might be able to do that and bring this game back to a draw psychological warfare make the demons break maybe I can pull that off as well right slash dmoz are winning by a point I need to kill something in the shoot phase and make them break make them lose a morale test and I can't get out of here because you can't fall back when you're in combat with a fiend on three wounds left so I'm stuck which means these things can't fall back which means the demon ants are still engaged they're engaged these are all I can't shoot them got you any of them and I can't fit the rapier through there so I can't break out a combat with the chariot so I can't get away from that the only good thing about this is Madrid no it's not engaged in combat and he can still fire but I can't shoot with the demon there I don't have to shoot through at the soul grinder and try and kill it with just a venerable dreadnought with one round of shooting so that isn't going to happen what it did do is move up the hamon eaters have an advanced them just moving up and I kept one unit of terminators back here because there's objectives here and I haven't pulled them it's only turn four and this one could come up or that one could come up and that could be the difference between winning or losing the game cuz it's so close and that's taxes that is tactics so overwhelming firepower as a thing kills something in the shooting phase that I can shoot that with snow and then I threaded the needle with these terminators here there is a window in the church and I can see some demoness and maybe if I put enough firepower into them I can make you fail a morale test there's a lot of maybes going on here so well I'll see what I can do in the shooting face oh and the other thing secure objective one is not gonna happen so need to kill something in the shooting face let's fight start off with snow firing at this demon with the harp he hits on threes with the Promax wrath and he hits three times it strength five what's the toughness of harpy lady I'm gonna stop this three so I win twice he's not safe how many wounds is she got she has four wings so if you fail both of these is a two damage weapon so to five up to five ups one five up and you pass one fail one it's got two wounds left two wounds left toughness three I've got this unit of terminators and three of them can see her and she's closest all of them can see the demoness but I need overwhelming firepower and I need psychological warfare so this is the thing how many storm bought was go into her how many is enough to get overwhelming firepower Plus how many is enough into D Manette's to make them fairly morale test so I'm thinking to stone Baltar's eight shots into her and the remainder into the demon n sound like the right love choice and spending one command from my last command point on signs of kill him and sorry rolling hip rolls of one so let's put eight storm body shots from to spawn Baltar's into harpy lady hitting on freeze and re-rolling ones and the dice cross what are you doing to me only four hits but she's toughness 3 right yeah so this is the three is to wound bit two wounds if you could fail both in your five ups and vulnerable saves I would very much appreciate it thank you very much listen she passes one not enough done should have put one more stone bar into her so the terminators have been ordered to split their attacks and fire round after round after round into this character here and failed to bring it down but seven storm bolt has wounded the demon it's in the backfield you have 75 up demons they just make their and you won one so I killed six Oh potentially I could get psychological warfare of course unless you roll that magic one and also what one would pass it because one plus six is seven till you pass them around and morale morality reality would blink morality is kind of yeah maybe I should have moved the cycloid missile will launch around this way so put a shot at her as well because it's got a very six inch range nevermind and I'd love to put the terminator that's not in close combat into her but she's a character and I can't shoot her so the shots from the tipper I got these guys which I didn't move I should have moved them never mind yeah the Redman was gonna fire at your soul grinder hitting on twos and wounding on a three that's a wound on so grounded with a last cannon five up no D six damage for one and the missile launcher hits and wins five up on the soul grinder no another D 6 for another one snake eyes snake eyes gaming excellent YouTube channel only taking two wins off the saga rounder there that is the end of my shooting phase we've got some fighting to do over here so slash demons always fight first all of this will happen first let's see if you can kill carrots because there's four of them going against my left tenant they're hitting on threes so everything hits and you're wheeling on force because you're still in range of your dude so close to win any sixes he's dead he's dead and that is an assassinate you get the point in my turn and this is what it looks like at the end of the fight phase lieutenant Karis is gone this fiend polished off the gun and the crew actually attack the crew once the crew dies the gun gets removed that's the end of the combat all the mortis contempt er gave this thing a right kickin back again and it's down to one wound left but I'm still locked up here still locked up everywhere and no gots a point for assassinate so it's eight points to six and if you roll a one you don't give a point up for psychological warfare so let's roll them around for the demon it's good luck no that's a three you're gonna lose two more models making it eight points two seven eight points to seven so close so close as we go into Solano steam it's turn fine right here are the orders for the Solano steamers no prisoners just kill something for a point if you kill three things that's d3 supremacy jump on three objectives and that's another D three points secure objective four is going to be tough though because it's right in the opposite end of the battle grid surrounded by terminators so the demons that are in the lead by one point they're not going to get objective 4 but if they get on three objectives that's d 3 points for supremacy and we had advancing from the demon Ed's and from this thing the mattress in R actress straight through the ruin and onto that objective there these demon x from this objective there and these demon at SAR on their subjective there so that's D 3 points for supremacy it does leave the aratus and these demon it's very close to a terminator sandwich but it is D 3 points this all grain that got grinder finally stay still so if you get shots in a venerable dreadnought brother Matthews and then you just need to kill something for one point for no prisoners or overwhelm if I about the demon Prince advancing round they're ready to charge in at my contempt and mortis dreadnought so looking for no prisoners just trying to kill something the demon trying to smite the content er you can smite into combat you need a five and that's a six that works d3 multiple wounds on the contempt ER for two they start with 10 it's on 8 left now we're doing the shooting phase we've got the soul grinder firing through this dreadnought here okay the harvester cannon coming in hot on the direct redemptor not on the redemptor on the Dreadnought hitting on fours and you've got two hits and this is strength this is res oh okay waiting on force one wound AP minus AP – is one one four up save I fail the save how much damage to D 3 D 3 so 3 damage Marcus is on 5 left and then we have the what now that's the is the phlegm Olaf let me smoke okay hooking a big loopy right this is D 6 shots ok painful diggy diggy okay or strategies allergic to space wings yes force to hit we get three hits and this is kind 803 stand wait everyone wind AP – 80 – is – I fail the save and that's a flat to be damaged what three damage you don't kill it but dreadnought is on three wounds left and then the whip or lashed out it can do it in combat and hit the rapier and put a wound on the rapier that's it for the shooting phase one neck we found another weapon SILS whip the demon whip is six inches and it can just hit the Dreadnought assault d6 so he has he whips twice hits on tuesdays a demon Prince one hit when we rollin hit rows of Wonka's diamond yes to it and it is strength this is strength user which is normally for bird up see with the plus one that turns to strength five okay really 105 it does wound AP AP is – – I make it five so I save that that is the end of shooting phase you still got no prisoners to score so sylla's going to go charging in you no longer in a crater so you're automatically in that's engaged that's engaged that's engaged these are all the charges here think I might see if I can look I'm gonna charge civil try to mask in shows the mask in okay good luck eight urea nein nein nein so the mask gets in here then we remembered another gun slightly out of sequence will remember the harpy lady Carol shoot so what is she doing okay she'll use her other format and press that that's the sonic blast okay so this is a salt one shot so this will be hitting on threes because of C she advanced so I say hit that strength eight okay Tuesday wound nice ap minus AP minus is three AP minus three a flat three damage threw up and viable say for the storm shield now you get one of the terminators I'm going to take from here Justin Bieber hits a bass note and destroys one of the terminators now are you going to charge in with these guys into this unit of tomatoes are you happy justice jump on that objective there now how much are you gonna charge okay they'll see how far they go okay that's a safe one must once that's seven and this is where we end up after they charge in and parlin now this is a score of 20 so they have three attacks each and there's a sizable equivalent in there so this is 61 attacks hitting on Three's so crazy number of hits came through with what all these dice roll into wound you strength free now see winning on fives yeah okay and it's all ap minus 1/6 is there AP – a lot but -1 is a 3 up save and – a lot as a threat than burnable save anyway in the end I have 11 3 up saves to make and to terminators die then we moved from the fight in the center of the battle grid back to the beleaguered castle of 13th right on the edge of the battle grid right the chariot killed the rapiers the demon and not within an inch of the dreadnought and they didn't charge so you can't activate them you left the dread Knight expose so you could try and shoot it and get a 1 fire power if I'm not still on three wounds left and then we come to this lot attacking the contempt – dread now you're activating the mask it picked the contempt to dread as a target so everything within range gets +1 to hit or +1 attack +1 2 here plus 1 to hit and I we start with a mask yes so the mask is hitting on twos yes nice okay so hitting on twos we rollin the ones okay cuz they're dealing prints yeah yeah that's 5 hit and strength is strength is not fine okay I'm toughness 7 ok so on fives yes that is one ap – for AP – for mortars contempt Reds have automatic shielding a five up and runner will save which I fail it's down to nine wounds left did I lose a couple of wins last time yeah I got smited it got smited you're right I think it's down to seven wins it lost two wounds than that yes yes seven wounds left right next up this one yeah the demon Prince Harold combo and this is the first time I faced it okay so new model syndrome done well so far yeah in that he's avoid as to how so till a demon Prince yeah and the whole combine so this is a we rule but basically what I do is I choose one profile either the whip or the axe okay and it makes a consolidation move and then he attacks all the other stuff right okay so I have to roll them separately okay so let's do the axe then it looks big and intimidating yes so this is eight attacks what eight relax this is a demon Prince knowing these attacks no it gets it gets filled with you from here okay because seal also gets eight attacks really and each attack is d3 attack rolls right okay so much those are potential 26 more attacks coming in from seal right after the ape so what are we hit starting off with first eight attacks with what eight attacks with the accident minion okay the axe of Dominion hitting on tubes I miss you ain't yes did you add one to your attacks because of that mask it's not one it's basically it's re-rolling ones but it's plus one two hit notes on Tuesday anyway yeah so okay choose to hit with the axe of Dominion and everything else yeah is there any deaf to the force Emperor going on here no no no that's that's Marines that's Marines okay strength strength this eight okay winning on fries and AP – what AP is -3 minus 3 and our flat 3 damage okay fine open buns that's 9 damage yeah that's the dead mortis contempt a dread not before you swing anything else and it doesn't go boom this new model is a bit of the boss yeah he can consolidate three if he wants so I can shoot him no but that thought that for he's now no longer with an image of an enemy model so interestingly enough after you've killed loads of stuff my dreadnaughts not in combat that's really curious I will be able to shoot something you've killed two models one to the rapier and the thing yeah you haven't killed three things yet for no prisoners so you're gonna get D 3 points for supremacy and one point for no prisoners and now my terminators I get to punch some demon ants out of kill – I was hitting on force because there are wheel D and a kill – so morale one reality blink to get d6 back but not above starting quota so the two that I killed you can back into piles now I have a morale test to take but I'm in range of snow so I use his leadership so I pass you get a point for no prisoners and D 3 points for supremacy so was one point in the lead plus another three points you're four points in the lead as we go to Space Marines ten-four I said turn four I meant turn five I got rid of that last turn my mission critical objectives is secure objective 5 which is swarming by nets team annette's overwhelming firepower just shoot something the guns and secure objective for the terminators are close – I can get that one I move the scouts the scouts went through now they can shoot the fiend let's do that let's shotgun him hit one swing below three that's a wound and then the bolt guns hit twice wound what so two wounds two wounds and the fiend on bumbles left and you fail it so that is one unit dead now I only need to kill two more for overwhelming firepower so let's put everything from the Dreadnought into the chariot because it's got six wounds it needs to die so Lars cans hit twice and wound once and the missile launcher we might as well do all together this is oh dear okay five up and butter will save would you fail it's six wheels right yeah I need to do D six damage and score oh six has are three the chariot lives the chariot lifts so it's down to the Terminator to try and get me D 3 points for everyone's firepower gonna fire this squad the missile launcher and all the stone boulders into the demon X it all what happens at the same time the missile launch will do the frag one instead of the crack one other crack the one that does d six shots of time for seven shots and it'll hit me force because I've moved it that's okay that's five hit and it wound on I think it's threes if it even if it is threes that's five wounds I'm just going to add the spawn waters to this pile then we hit and wound with the stone but was hitting on three is winning on threes and it's 17 wounds in total including them ourselves seventeen five that saves and that is really bad saving yeah that's don't doing like that kids and the first company killed 13 of them there's only seven left as the other bunch of storm waters rain in on the D Mets hitting on threes and winning on fries eight wounds eight five up saves and you passed to which means that one Dima net is left standing leaving the icon bar standing which means I will not be able to kill three things for overwhelming firepower but I will shoot this character with Chaplin snow who hits or no I won't because I need to charge she's closest so snow will charge shoot the icon bearer on the threes that's three hits and wound on threes three wounds three far up even saves on the icon dye diamond dye it dies it dies screaming now I just need to make a charge we do the overwatch in a second it's minus 2 for the crater let's try and go in with the terminators 8 inches which becomes a 6-inch charge and they make it in suffering no damage from overwatch and now snow is going to try and follow in as well it's 5 because I need to get within an inch but there's a crater so I needed a 7 to make it because a minus 2 for the crater snow does not get in and that's it for the charging units and the first company tear it apart and that is the end of my term 5 and I've got my mission critical objective I've got objective 4 and I get one point for overwhelming firepower which means slash demons are one point in the lead you're winning by 1 point your line breaking I am I'm line breaking that's the end of term 5 and the person who went first roll the dice you roll a dice and I want to you in sir no I going to turn 6 demons at one point in the lead and their orders are perfect advance out of their deployment zone which they've done there's a point secure objective one which they're on there's a point defend objective one which they're on and that we two points at the end of my turn here we are after the demons movement phase they've advanced outside of the deployment zone there's a point there's objective one there's another point and they're defending it there's another point three Scouts are about to get it as is Mathias and here we are at the very end of the slavish demons turn the scouts didn't stand a chance in hell and neither did Mathias as this demon came through and utterly smashed him and then the soul grinder fired through the gap through the hole into these terminators and I made my saves that's the end of the most turn six nice quick and simple it was 11 points to 10 one point for advancing 12 points to 10 one point for the attacking securing the object it there 13 points to 10 three points in the lead at the end of my turn you get two more points for defending it yeah so you're gonna be five points in the lead at the end of my turn it's crazy is there any way back Jess for the terminators over here let's find out what their orders are in turn six now strangely enough I got a good draw behind enemy lines I'm already there defend objective two I could potentially run two with my terminators and supremacy get on any three objectives for D three points right I'm behind enemy lines I need to defend objective two which is that or one and get supremacy which means I need to screen this unit out after they advance across these two and jump on that one for supremacy so it's all about this advanced role basically I need a five or six and I get a six Wow or I'm defending – I need it got to turn seven to score that one as well and I am on supremacy and a move the terminators up and I just realized I am in 24 inch range of this unit which are defending that objective so I could blow them away with storm water first you get into points I don't know how I'm doing this but many many shots come in here hopefully a reality doesn't blink and they died this is all about duck bolted discipline you know this new bolted discipline rule firing twice at full range I thought bringing terminators to this fight was the wrong thing maybe this will prove me wrong hitting on threes against those demon ends and winning on fries I did nine wounds nine wounds and you make three saves three saves he's really so you lose six and then let's roll a dice for the morale now to see if reality blinks or not and if you lose how many more so reality blinks get d6 back for more back basically you only lost two yeah that would have put me in the lead but I was too many dominoes yeah I was trying it yes I was praying to the Emperor doesn't pay off sometimes sometimes he's not listening sometimes he's very busy thinking about other things so you do defend that objective they're making it 15 points to 10 I am behind 11 enemy lines making it 15 points to 11 and I do get D 3 points for supremacy for 2 more making it 15 points to 13 and at the end of turn 7 if it goes on to turn 7 it will be 15 points to 15 because I'm defending that one there so 15 points to 13 but the game ends on a one-two-three so let's pray to the Emperor one more time and see if he's listening he is listening we go into slow Nash Dimas turns seven fifteen points to 13 if the slash demons have three units behind enemy lines and they do that's D three points the great game you roll the dice and if you control that number of objective markers you control that number of points and they are on two objectives secure objective fibers in the Cathedral in the middle term seven this is it for the slash demons footprint they are entirely within my deployment zone the soul grind of move round here and fired and because he moved hitting on fives and Terminator Sabres you didn't kill any but you are on one two objectives making it 17 points to 13 and then he didn't leave anything down here I yeah it was kind of like a I really wanted to charge him but then I seven what can you do and I can just basically just sit there and get a point yeah it's kind of lazy thing potentially well I like to think that they come racing across the battle grid they've killed everything in front of them and they wanted this Cathedral this ruin down here and they found that price yeah Forrest Gump they're just so 17 points to 13 for the great game + D 3 points for behind enemy lines sir if three units in my diploma zone good luck and that's one that makes it 18 points to 13 but I'm defending that objective there yeah so it's 18 points to 15 let's see what the card gots there's color gods are a thing not just the dice gods 18 points to 15 as we've got to space rings turn seven all right let's do it light that's my defend objective – I need three good objectives these three hopefully we shall see Kingslayer I've killed your king that's worth d3 build on master the wall I can't do no psych is left and assassinate kill a character and your characters are buried behind here yes so you've got lime mmm I've got line breaker there's nothing really I can do it doesn't matter what I do shooting at all it matters is Kingslayer yeah can't get that one can't get that one you're three points in the lead and basically if I roll a five six on the very last dice roll at the very last turn of the game it will be a draw how did it come to this so five six to draw this game anything else it will be a victory for the chaos demons okay this is not one leaving no point shooting yeah all comes down to one dice roll everything else is just noise for the Emperor oh so it's a victory for the slowness demons and this is the way the world ends oh my word how did it come to this you just eaten the Oreo the victory Oreos doom one point in it these guys kept rocking and rocking and rocking on smashing everything in front of them I think I did the tactical play with the terminators if I'd have just dumped them up here I may have stopped you I may have put enough bang in front of you to break apart the assault but then I wouldn't have got these points that I got later which dragged me back in the game what do you think of the tactic yeah I was a bit worried because when you drop them all in I was thinking yeah yeah you managed to whittle enough and with the way that the cards went yeah meant that I couldn't just going for the castle you know you have to make me think yep I don't like thinking but ya know it's um it turned out to be an amazing task for play yeah just with snow and all the houses coming in faces yeah so I ended up walking wave quite a lot of the first company and my chaplain snow so that makes me happy that he didn't get removed as a casualty this turn the other thing that I'm quite it was brain melting trying to do the screen and making sure I am screening effectively as possible making sure that each line is more than three inches further from the next line because after you crush it then you can consolidate into the next line and I didn't want that I wanted a turn of shooting before you yeah it was like you managed to yeah and as you bit your way through them I made you cry because those fiends are really good being able to lock up stuff so it can't fall out of combat I like them I can see why you have you got six or nine I'm I got six four wounds each yeah have you games with just the three but they are further for any signage demon army I think they're just yeah need them to you gave them to daisy-chain combats and yeah because otherwise you just fall back and you're just gonna shoot yeah so by doing that it's managed to yeah it locked up dreadnaughts it locked up other stuff over here and prevented me from thrown and a crazy amount of Decker in I was very lucky in the deployment type we did roll it yeah and we did get hammer and anvil very lucky in it because I think if it was dawn of war another type of deploy I wouldn't have been able to basically cowardly stick my units on the back end but you had a plan which was to hunt me down and you follow through with that plan apart from peeling off a few units to getting some objectives there love that keep her secrets thank you we spoke about him the new rules her it lovely model lovely painting your army is gorgeous this guy eight attacks you know twos and re-rolling ones are strengthened he's crazy good and that's before you even get to the whip which is obviously eight d3 attacks he's up he's a character less than ten wounds right yeah so you can't target him yeah and the model is stunning it is beautiful where is the rules for this one because its new when it comes with a box but I imagine that's true they did the chaos space marines codex point two didn't think so maybe there's a chaos demons codex point two you coming out okay need to draw to a close there because my brain is beginning to melt it was in the end a very tactical very impressive game and I'm very pleased it came down to the very last I saw it's one of those glorious things that happen sometimes this bow map bought you by game at door you the scenery bought you by game at door II you know brought to you by the miracle of childbirth thank you so much for coming down and thank you for doing all the DeeZee drawings technical thumbnails imagery your legend you are a legend thank you so much for that thank you for everyone else who chooses to join us in the deployment zone and the people who have subbed and also helped me out when it comes to some of the technical stuff as well because I am there's technically-minded as a spoon if you'd like some more winters SEO videos and battle reports and narrative campaigns and tutorials and all sorts of stuff and if you or if you just want to support us and helped us make more videos then I encourage you to subscribe to the plug his own TV for everyone else I hope you were doing that video happy wargaming


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