Space Marines vs Chaos Space Marines 1850pts Battle Report

July 27, 2019

[Applause] like to tip-top salt I'm Ross undimmed and see we're going to bring you eighteen hundred and fifty points and Basle reports are we using blunt Legion kiosks fish wings and I'll be using fire Lord's sub-sect of Imperial Festus it's willing to do dunes using Chancellor approved there's an eighteen we're doing beachhead mission and really simple what objective in either your deployment zones and one buying in the center from battle round two onwards you can start to score points the one in the center is worth two points the one and your own deployment zone is worth one and if you can somehow capture the one in your opponent's deployment zone it's worth three and you'll claim those at the start of your turn every back to arraigned on phone turn from battling to see the warlord first strike and langree occur is also available in this game just before we have a look at the forces one thing we're gonna win tune in this one you might see because the tank and this is absolute carnage and you see some units who will do exceptionally well so you know if you want to see an absolute carnage basically turn one it's it's an absolutely insane battle shop first if you're a washed-out and some crazy dice go for it because they said a stretcher oh my words yes we thought we'd give you a copy out of that lessons help with chemicals what that let's have a look at the forces hi guys this is david here from tabletop a so sorry were filming this on my phone it's just a really quick message before this bout report and we're have to say the poster spot report jutsu we posted a lot of details of us on patreon and through social media and we're going to keep this primarily to patreon the reason being is it was one of our sort of no holds barred spiral reports and can anything goes bring anything you want go nuts cool crazy whatever happens is whatever happens and but we have actually got quite a lot of messages and our patreon mailbox and also from our mailbox is asking to see the battle report and I don't know if that is for any particular reason and so we've decided to short due to the demand here on YouTube now what that does mean is this is one of renewables battle reports which we don't primarily do on YouTube and so balance is thrown out the window if you're not into that sort of thing this is not gonna be about report for you we would suggest checking at one of our other about reports on any of our other playlists and this is carnage we're not gonna lie this is absolute carnage but if you want to see a bunch of sand Julian's a bunch of predators ton of Flyers showing what space means and kills fish means having their firepower arsenal and seeing some absolute mega amounts of days being chucked about this is for you and if you're into that sort of thing excellent and if you love as many situations as you can possibly fit the board yeah this is for you and we also know that there's a lot of people that really enjoy watching our fire Lords play and purely because the paint scheme etc and they're not want as much as we would hope through it we've not really made any additions to the army other than the same the Centurions really and so we hope this is only apology as well to those who really want to see fire Lords a lot more and we've got them back on the big screen for you guys so is it for me and on to the intro guys enjoy the battle port again if you're not into these sort of bout reports this isn't for you please I would suggest you watch another one of our bond reports instead and if you like some absolute carnage and some Julian's stick into this one guys so here we have my eighteen fifty points of Space Marines coming as fire Lords a lot of my favorites or sub factions and we're gonna be bringing a patrol detachment an earwig attachment give me four command points to use in this game quick caveat I will be spending three command points off but to make my captain each chapter master speaking of each Q's and we do have oh and I should also mention that we are using the Imperial fists Legion trait as well today and know that I think cover is really going to play much more importance on this game anyway back on to the each Q's we have the chapter master and jump pack with parallax bolt pistol Frank Capra needs chapter a low could be armor and amitis and Waller trait storm of fire scout squad seven man squads or with boat guns pistols Frank tracking aids ignore the chain swords then into the actual heavy hitters and we're going to be probably combat scoring these guys as we climate by brought sex and shooting devastators with graph can agree vamps and centurion missile launchers and sex Centurion assault squads or with hurricane Boulter's flamers and siege drills moving into the flyer wing will be led by a storm raven gunship with twin assault cannon twin multi melter storm straight missile launchers and hurricane boaters and two identical storm talons over twin assault cannons that you do see sky our missile launchers there they are not scare hammer missile launchers they are in fact heavy boulders and there's two heavy boulders on each one but that let's take a look at the Black Legion here we have our eighteen hundred and fifty points of bola collegian chaos space marines i have for our mage queues are bad in the Despoiler and wala tree it's going to be Black Legion first among its traitors then Guardian Prince with wings with artifacts of chaos intoxicating elixir psychic abilities warped a man smite malefic talons a sea of them and war boats are for my least I have a Univ 10 corn berserkers all on the boat pistols change swords and flag and crack needs God no unicorns errors all armed report pistols chain stores and through I can crack grenades go you know 5 chaos space means all them on to the bolt gun bolt pestle and found crack needs corner Univ chaos space means all arms broken bolt pistol and fuckin cracker needs I know leaders have got power swords there but they're just gonna be Balkans and both pesto's and frakkin crack blades Oh Scott you know chaos koltes all armed it's Auto guns go chaos – you know of to chaos spawns with hideous mutations and from a heavy spore I've got three units of chaos predators all armed with one twin last cannon two last cannons and ahem havoc launcher on each of them four fires of the hilldrup with bill flamer held it close and dedicated transpose I've got a chaos Rhino with composure and an audio file with a combi bolter as my 1850 points of chaos basements so here's the battle map were playing on today for using our good old-fashioned Sethi ruined terrain and for a beachhead we're going to be doing hammer and anvil deployment so big deployments one here is one in the middle diplomas linear blended to length and there's three objectives pair the beachhead rule so the center objective is right here now you think that's the center on this map is actually just a bit there there's my objective which will be here and I'll be in this deployment zone or the Ross is objective is over there bomb and this is his deployment zone so we're going to go ahead and deploy a spare the chapter to prove deployment rule so one army will be entirely set up and then the other I would entirely set up and we'll catch up you guys in just a second so finished up deployment for the fire Lords we have my flyer way over here so my storm Raven gunship my two strong towns we then have in here in the building and just exciting cover on the objective is Moscow squad and then we've got my shooting devastators with my drop Lord Centurion a assault a or assaults and chileans don't eat as well and that is my deployment and with that let's take a look chaos just you know guys as well I should have mentioned there they are all combat squad it so as you'll notice here there's the sergeant for each one squad hit fronts point by squat here the front sway back and here is the Black Legion deployment so I've got he'll drink and spawns on one flank corn brassiere is right in the middle and the rhinos are then commish of doom prince and three predators run back there and then in this tower you can really see them there is like so many chaos space marines and cultists there's two units of five chaos which means and one unit 10 cultists basically all around the subjective you know I've got at least one model so oven/range that's ideal and Abaddon is waiting the teleport adium just to come down when appropriate so with that I need to rule to see if I get initiative now that I've got a days to roll for initiative let's go for it so need a sex and I really need this no no that's – so with that let's go into fire Lord's turn more so fire Lords have taken turn one and we really do need that because I deployed my Centurions pretty much in the open and ready for last cannons ever Oz with disease so they can I move forward and sure however though they are actually can hamper by rage they don't have really much things longer than 24 inches so what it means is Ross's frontline is problem is gonna take the brunt of the assault here and yeah with that let's say let's crack on I should also mention I'm spending three command points off the bat and start bearing one to make my captain a chapter master which just gives me one command point left to play with finished up the movement Scouse of chemo to scream the rear in case the hell Drake survives a century has moved on up along with chapter master and the flower wing has moved on up as well to get some targets everyone should be getting riedel's for chapter master so we know further it is time instruction started off the front line essentially and devastators their centurion missile launchers are going into your credit sir in the back not than what are the furthest just there that one there left on and all the graph can engrave amps are gonna pool and – you know what that rain'll here yeah take out my left stop yeah sounds good to me so let's see vessels how many shots we get three four five six not bad no we're heading on threes we ignore the penalty for moving and shooting mm-hmm and we're redoing all heads juice chapter master nice so please read all everything so they all hat Oh strand eight so it's these two wins sure us no any wind rollover sex is an additional AP due to the Warlord's boiler it sounds good to me okay so to field no these will be AP minus 34 sex up saves and these will be five op saves from anus to sex of service s and the predator yes succeeds simple walk it is these are five ops oops yes I've up seeds so uh so that's too sick to go through not know best art d3 damage yep but that's a star the sex damage and in the graph Canon grams and to the left Rhino come from so a so show us again ignoring heavy so we're threes to help you rollable okay we're rolling very well sure and okay and this could be shell five so five to wind and so here we go and any sex isn't additionally P so those two hundred and that will be minus three that I've been minus four so no save at all on that just the world or tree is a factor yes – three once it so it goes through so BD 3 damage because you're a plus three armor mm-hmm for a five damage seconds and children's quoted back the exact same targets so all the methyls end to the winter predator and all the graph can engrave ups into the windowed regular sounds good start with a predator store how many shots for the missiles the DD three shots three six seven eight yep mmm-hmm a shots hitting on threes review doable I'm gonna search after master food so they've all here uh-huh winning on threes and sixes and additionally P so goods so they'll be -3 AP and these are all -2 so sex up save five up saves six up saves fields five up seeds past two that's two so where these are all D few damage a piece I think he's gone unless you're all all ones who's a single three will actually finish them Hey Oh boss to overkill yeah because he explored three four five six seven eight nine doesn't export I really don't want to you're everything no maybe that will be first rate for the Fire Lord and then we have the graph cannon grab arms into the already wounded rhino let's see if you can pick him off as well no shots the least to help you inaudible okay and and then we rollable okay very good start so one more hit than last night yeah fi student mm-hmm the sex is an additional ap so those two go straight through cuz your AP – for now and that one is that's all the other wins and that's their sex up safe no nope so it's 3 D 3 damage yep we gotten three four five six damage does he explored nope well let's get the passengers ready deployed the core mazurkas and the old coot fit out however let's see if they actually die so anyone's it's gonna be a dead bazooka and that will be three Hawaa no that's three berserkers gone down but you know Centurions is no gonna hurricane bolter into your no vulnerable berserkers there with the bolt or discipline rule they will get advantage of moving in firing full range mm-hm six shots oh they'll be heading on threes riedle everything yep Judith chapter master we'll be right back so after readers who got thirty three hits so wounding on fours in any wind reverse X is minus 1 AP due to the warlord tree we'll be right back finished up david's win saw all these wounds with these sixes being an extra minus 1 AP so start with him okay so they're gonna be four up sees good start good start yeah no bad it's only one and then these are the three up not a good yeah not good so you've lost four guys so far sorry from the explosion one from there another five you don't adjust your sergeant good brain so next up we're going to go with the storms ace or the storm raven gunship and he's going to shoot everything literally everything he's armed with at the hell Drake because we cannot Ford for that thing to survive nope so we're gonna be shooting a multi melter which is not in Melton range we're gonna be shooting two storm straight missiles we're going to be shooting a 200 Baltar's and a twin assault cannon fire so multi melter first so we're looking for and at least the heck is we ignore heavy to perish in spirit oh wait a minute it's two shots it's a twin multi melter okay and you are within range of your chops of master yep so three is to hit riedle everything don't you do three rolls these two wind mm-hmm and success or additional a fee but your demon safety be safe okay so I'm probably gonna use my last command point to read all that okay for three plus we get it so to meltus through five up demon save it's a big demon save you saved one yeah and I think I'll let the other one go through your boy here come amount of firepower going through so go for it do six damage six damage below below below okay the two storm strike missile launchers hitting on three is renewable so we read all that one yeah strength eights or threes two wins for the UN's it's minus 3 AP so filed even I've upped even though I know that's probably not again I mean I can kill the held right now the twin assault cannons kill shots Riedl all hits so all but one swing at 11 Hertz now be winning on 5 strength sexy and stuff discern mm-hmm from Magnus one EPB any renewal of a sex is made us too so we've got 2 minus 2 and we have 2 minus 1 so that's 2 minus ones for up safe filled one little both both sounds no good start and then these will fire up past one filled LR so that'll be three winds off down to six then the hurricane Boulter's now we have checked our hulls are actually in rapid fire range yep so as 24 shots hitting one three three rollable you know what fairly decent shooting there we rule okay so 22 hits again it's gonna be five to win any sexist or minus one AP mmm okay so good one two three there and so one at the up and 3 at four up let's throw for UPS fill two and then the three Oh past that there are two wins nine to four and in the front Centurion unit is gonna hurricane bolter well the hell Drake yeah 36 shots testing heading on threes reviewable ignoring heavy we'll be right back so we've got 31 hits after we roll five stew wins sexes re P minus 1 due to the warlord tray okay so we've got one six they've got three sexes I'm just can you remove all the fives of which that's it so fight the ups and idiot for ups still steal killed one field one for UPS coffee all these nice we're done doin's my name is dance to stomp town here is gonna shoot all your show us at the Herald Rick it may sound like overkill but I'm winning on five so I need to try and kill him so twin assault cannon start with we're heading on threes and Rita Lopez no penalties here for grandpa and sorry buffs for grand targets cuz you're flying mm-hmm good start okay yep so we get 10 hips winning on five sexist or anything – – thank you oh okay – EEP – – no – tasters and 2-1 naturally yep so these are going to be – ones for it saves possible huh is gonna be 5 up sales he's checking around with one words okay then the – heavy Baltar's yeah and guys no skyhammer muscles on these units just heavy boulders yep I used to help me roll about and their b-52 wind for 8p -2 and ones over sex and you need loads of these oh yeah – one – two do these nice one for seeds we gon is gonna throw more yeah and then this one would be – – don't spend a c'mon point no no like I had to yeah yeah now he's toast does he explodes and I room I really did want him to explode into spawns but would be too bothered Oh get it ready so Ross double-checked spawns are gonna be here obviously and it's gonna be the kiosk coat this as well I think his teeth you damaged sd-3 is it okay easy sex I'd be upset no T three more to win so go over the counter sit back he'll thirsts for two more to win it and spawns as I you know spawns as he you know spawns okay flat so one more to window on this bones and last two shooters my stone town over here the back he's actually gonna no shift everything he has at your closest reddit are the one next to demon Prince aim is just to bring efficiency don't yep so know you're a grown target technically so I'll be hitting on twos no mm-hmm so salt cannon Twitter soul Conan two's bill we have with everything I was gonna say read all but yeah okay and and spice to wind but any sex is any few minutes – yeah due to the walnut tree of which we've get to and we get to minus ones and today's twos so – twos is going to be five exceeds past one and these are going to be four up seeds pass what what past one so it's going to be two burns down to nine don't inane summa hey the bullet or that day we're gonna do it bar yeah here we go save adulterers head on twos read all ones probably what everything really but so they'll hurt mm-hmm XM again five to wind any sexist anything major so minus two minus one is one floor up sieve yep nailed it and five up save nearly that so only Dunsinane woods Murphy's not that my berserk can pass he's super gone cultists I think I feel unlike their leadership sex and you lost – yeah no I'm okay that brings an end to turn one for fire large and that was nothing but destruction and we managed to kill a predator to stop a kill shot which is vital we also managed to kill the Heldrich which again is vital because that can give Ross a bit more board control we killed a rain or and a bunch of berserkers and a few extra things here and there but the key point as we know have Center fueled and our backline objective wise coming into battle own – it could be looking very bad for chaos with that let's pass it on to turn one Black Legion what Legion turn 1 and Wow David that that hurt I'm gonna have to prove something out the bag here because Jesus always dredger Centurions if you don't deal with them quickly get you and that combination just time your whole force being able to read all everything certainly having chapter master ability is fantastic and highly rated and just to recap command points David's go none I've got all which is he in my case then suspend any but geez all I see what I can do and here's my movement chaos spawns advanced because it wasn't really in charge range and boy did they no one to rule the one and I was like fair enough the corn brazier occurs death nearly wanted it ruling a sex further advanced and just we declare in case I forget they're gonna pop smoke machine fees is gonna happen I need to think of every trick to survive my tower of keeping this objective is staying stoves I've got two units of chaos space means a you know cultists hunkering down and they my predator states though with the Dean Prince jumping back basically to allow me to get real ones because I'm gonna need those rules before I can't get impressive as Rios David but I can certainly try let's get some shouldn't done Google was my front pres so here now I'm gonna put the last cannons into big birds because basically these guys can hunt down about him when he drops and if I manage to connect with these dangerous guys here like just even in combat shuts them down by can't shove these down they need to die yeah goodbye the habit launchers little into the Scouts because have a launchers don't have an AP so really I want to try and deal with Jeff they look good for it let us start with Wisconsin's big bird Henan force re ruling once you're – want a as good star only one less I could star there you will know yes the lease to window mm-hm gonna spare do I want to now I'm gonna sleep it for damage those are all a one but yeah yeah so go for it sex up saves dual double sex I'll be upset oh darn close buddy sex damage five I'm not disappointed with that I wouldn't be have a lunchroom next into the scouts d six shots for four don't heading on threes movie wrong once you roll that one girl wounding you on threesome for two moons no ap so a photo op save cuz the whole squads not in cover and one scope will die and the predator is gonna repeat its actions so we're just going to go after pink birds and the scouts you have a launcher yeah let's go with the last counts first four shots head on for three runways that's tragic oh no winning on Three's yep got it six up save sex up save no it's gonna be t6 damage you just lose efficiency read all that come on point down seven so he's a eight wind remaining honey Stoffel efficient decent shots from the have along trend to the scouts here's a five and wounding on air so I head on threes we were once their heads where was that nice that's the wrong one winning on Three's oh no goodness okay I'm dad is therefore chaos space marines and maybe more ways than one that was pretty much a disaster I really just wants the lower efficiency of the strong talent if I went first in some reason strong reading we check that even if I went first intuiting so but if only kills a wife and with the second volley you would even have killed another yeah so my goodness that way that way I mean not have from what I was looking oh that's pretty cool and then it wasn't cool oh sorry there is a leadership check to make for this case do you want to make yeah there you don't feel and much there I get to be rule fail on a sex and you get every rule us I mean you can't get any better than that literally uh I mean my rooms there were even worse surrey role in the damage I needed of two things to bring you down efficiency it wasn't much no thank you was a think it was nine that said to me when I played I'm watching you on YouTube rule losses one thing watching and person that are all of us David doesn't you know or test that to David's heart be back isn't go into our Lord's turn to so starting a battle round two we start to claim points so score wise is one to nothing for the fire Lords because a first strike but however I don't control the sensor at the moment because they are Flyers nope so no one has that however we both have our own objectives and deployment zone store from my turn I don't know go to score two to nothing mmm-hmm movement phase is probably really simple count the center with all the Centurions and I'm probably going to hover the Flyers so I can continue my read all everything and windrows the six which seems you're working incredibly well finished up the movements caves have gone back in a cover to stay on the objective and the Centurions have just no take the center that's really yet all the Flyers are now and hover so they're all within me because everyone's in range of the warlord so we're just gonna repeat the shooting phase again this is maybe gonna be bad storm Ravens going to start off there shooting everything except for the hurricane Baltar's is going to show the already injured predator to try and guarantee the kill yep I know the hurricane boulders are they gonna shoot at this point okay so twin multi melter is that mouse range yes so we're heading on threes Rita Lopez and ignore heavy well well well sure yeah these two insects is at 80 meters five wins easy – for though so straight through you've got nameand remaining yeah to do six choose the highest one yep okay so 30 so you only kill you in a sex here uh-huh oh well three there's no sex now I've got a pre ideal ruler six is that with the odds no okay well no okay that's not that prayed it doesn't mean the rest of his shots by the Huracan vaulter I've got all the Huracan Baltar's into the spawns four shots well don't get dropped I used to help me roll sure the barrel actually but luckily you've got shout to master kicking a bite okay so 21 hits it'll be five two wins your toughest five aren't you I am indeed fives to win bit sexes of eight P minus one due to the warlord trick oh boy oh boy oh that warlord tree is and then one natural with I'm going to check to see if this opponent thinks either six or five I'm praying five yeah so they've got five up save naturally so these are six six squads dead three I've got four I'm down to one would know not a kiss he wins off ahem he's dead oh yeah let's see if he's toast are five know now that I'm sorry that closest intuiting squad here is gonna do the missiles all the way down at your honor predator because your rain always stopping me and your cultures from shitting at the difference yeah graph can agree vamps at the regular basements well no okay so a graph can remember that first yeah so heading on Three's but minus one bringing it to four up so read all everything borrow the threes yep show me threes shown you one two – sorry that's sure stargate role still a phenomenal oh my word and for UPS their 5-2 wins and any 60s are gonna be a few main us forward route to the world or trip so boiler trip 1 and 2 and minus 3 so 6 of saves for those two you wish you saved one yep see it's one nice success all round so two and through so it's just gonna be d3 damage yep four four wins or dead sex and unsexy then this intuitive missile launchers are the predator d3 shots piece okay that was a – by the way yep so that'll be three four five six shots hitting on the three years read all everything they all helped win ding on Girardi's Express you know here sex is an AP – the mm-hmm oh no agree though so one is AP minus three these are AP minus two so that'll be a five up safe yeah no that was a sex up see if it's filled five up for these it's minus 2 or 2 minus 2 these are five opposite yep okay three go through so that's 3 D 3 damage that's name damaged in the storm tail and a hero's gonna shoot everything at your Prancer do you saw a strafing run when you're in horror mode good question gonna check that an apologies guys for these stunt towns we forgot the weapons were heavy so last time we're shooting into the he'll do it would have been maintenance one mm-hmm I think we would have got it yeah I was pretty sure you're gonna get it so but anyway so these guys are no shitting it's gonna be for Easter hip yeah well get plus one and do two strafing run but Magnus countries are heavy so rebound stuff yep all the shots into the predator shorts the sole Canyon please read all everything that chats are master what love it raw 11 hits 5 to wind any sexist in if you manage to read anyone new sex is this time like what only one wind OH whops if you don't why David I got you filled up okay any Baltar's through them these little ones mm-hmm five six is a VP minus two if he managed to only one again or five ops Eve good spinach Java spend my command point you know know what down six survive no oh I see that for the rain oh yeah well has he explored they were a force you have to shoot another everything I know Centurion squirted back muscles and to let the oregano and they've actually got no other targets they can legally choose so everything into the Reina I guess great so missiles and DC shots V DC shots with three four five six yep heading on fours because I minus one and redraw everything bar threes two threes smokers water okay for heads for now and with these two insects is an AP minus three hello only one wins only one wins – – yeah yes no use Marino Humbert III – sits down for four let's get the grab ready oh all right David grab me two shots hello fours read one with the bar threes for one thing great no bestie c'mon points are spent in the life uh-huh there are a few more messes okay hey five – insects is an HP minus 4 so sexes are no save actually yeah which pictures to give all three so lottery I got no save us you need to row three ones or twos yeah a few damage single three will and no yep does he explore it does he explodes would mind if it adds explodes no caught so we're gonna say that was a one you know just for people what Dow SAR should have been a rear OS still win so no no girl group its let's find out some corn berserkers die so on average when they explode two tenants would soon lose 1.5 and I lost to you last time so shouldn't lose any this thing I lost to what the heck storm Thailand the last ones gonna sure everything now into the into the berserkers bring up so and Magnus wasn't used a heavy but +1 just reference for threes read all everything mm-hm it's been a so cannon sure alright that don't like to miss at the moment sure mmm-hmm Elevens these two win success at if you – – so when it – – and these are domain just one – two five up save he's toast or oxys so that's gonna be one two three four five six so I'm not going to do their flavors just yet but we'll do the back squat here only these Harlequin filters and range so all the harken vaulted into berserkers 36 short suitability discipline mm-hmm heading on three zero everything will be right back so we've got a 30 PS force to win six is a VP minus one due to the world or tree oh boy so the only few secs is this thing but we'll come back in a minute with the rest of you know well they're dead so end of battle round or turn to for fire Lords and I actually can't shoot the rest of my units because I had no legal targets that I like to shoot at nope and however Ross is only left there with Abadan there's nothing on the field yet at demon friends some cultists and chaos space marines and the score is technically two to nothing whoever you will screw and point making it two to one yes you've got sex command points have been 0 of course you know nothing left it now we're done just show me out this guy with a caveat guys that's could be a destructive game at start the video we didn't lie so guys thanks for watching that as a promise was carnage and very sure game but oh boy we didn't really want a North showcase that turned one because fire Lords got to the point where they actually exhausted that available target that's a yeah that that hurt it sure super on sin shootings more than anything else Annabella fires as well there's a vein to Scott you know when you look at solve aggressors versus in tunings you know a lot of people now move into war Centurions because their points dropped I believe in chapter 3 instruction where the only for the Devastator ones but they dropped massive drop massively Annie pearl are a good amount and a versatile amount of short yeah I've got small arms fire you've got missiles and generally they're actually take last can you tell Alaskans if you're so inclined I'd almost it missiles they need a random amount of shorts but my goods or damaged udev peaceful d3d feet a perfect damage but still DC's the number of short she can spread across yeah and so it's always good to see them because mine do they hurt the only way I can see really dealing with some tunes is there you have to charge them to charger merrily otherwise they are gonna be devastating and they've got to up c2 up safe toughest five three wins three wins apiece no no in volt but in most cases they're gonna get there are five up save in which is a guess you could say Denbo sits into attains as always just to play with the front and hope you get first started if you get first turn you're always gonna be in an incredibly strong possession because I'm sure these will move slightly do it fashion damage yeah if you don't get someone cool that's what your stakes are good yep my money and I don't see well your Flyers were all key again YouTube video anti-personnel their loss of the but you killed the personnel without really too much yeah no so much you're like target he'll do those Flyers if your opponent mr. Brown late for example loss and that's for loss of Orcs then yeah those Flyers are really gonna do damage but he always it's a lot too short so they can chew very very quickly so I like that I usually go scare her muscles I like to have ultra yeah okay and as well as the storm even know I was gonna talk about your captain who was oh yeah I start I mean all of the sold three command points to be rule Oh like all messes which I think we've seen paid is worth is warlord trade let's talk about that as well yes the space being war air wallet rates the journal and stratagems I don't really read yeah yeah I don't think if they are the best and I proper see if they are gonna do spaceman cortex again I would stop the ground up I think there is much more of an understanding on the game designer side to making stratums yeah it's amazing I bet para they make more lore traits a bit there and they make generally you know relics that better as well all these I think needs consideration space moon codex seeing that though that we are adding an AP and I always think if you can get yourself to AP minus 1 it's fantastic anything else the bonus but you are so trading either way there's a pretty good as unmodified it's why I need so we'll check that but I believe it should be we know but regardless the table Lister took has a lot of dates so if you're an army with blink maybe not as much shots it's probably not the best boiler trait and I thought you know gonna get at many sexes but the minute day so it's Chuck in there you're going to get sexes so immediately that war literally stands out as I put it absolutely so what's that thanks again for watching please comment share like and subscribe know what you thought that one do you get his recent UDON's is the captain spending you know three command points chat master worth it every single game let us know checks out on social media where you can see your upcoming projects I am working on a bunch of stuff at the moment and an old boy lace-covered paying my first unit at the moment I hope it's doing okay so you can see all that progress as well so what's that thanks again and we'll see you in an hour tip top salt bath report


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    A reminder this battle report was posted due to demand this is one of our Anything Goes Battel Reports so if you're here for balance this isn't for you guys, this was to go nuts and showcase some serious power units.

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    I think the chaos space marines guy is a fake. A hologram prograned for rolling 1 and make lists whithouts possibilities (😘)

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    These types of battle reports I like to look at the armies and make a prediction on who smacks who's cheeks. I was not disappointed lol 😂

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    Great video as always, gents! This was really fun to watch and educational for me since I seldom see Centurions used. In fact, I may need to get some for my Ultras! 😅
    Keep up the great work, guys!
    ~ Wolfbrother Methos

  • Reply Duppy man July 27, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Awesome I see space marine vs chaos ad think I hope its Black legion ……… it is and its the FIRE LORDS,!#$ so glad you posted this because all my money tied up with my Black legion at the mo, will be member ing up as soon as im all done!

  • Reply Jesse Belt July 27, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Ewwwwww….that was gross. Thanks for sharing this ludicrous BatRep

  • Reply Col. Dracus July 27, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Great fun to see silly lists like this every once in a while.

  • Reply earlster1 July 27, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Totally impractical army….. Love it, sometimes you have to just have maximum fun.

  • Reply Ville Moilanen July 27, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Hehe 🙂

  • Reply 40k Heresy July 27, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Those FIre Lords look incredible

  • Reply LetsPlayTime July 27, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    FInally FIRE LORDS return so happy to see the Centurians march back onto the TABLETOP

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