July 25, 2019

what is going on everybody welcome to the roblox livestream new jail break update hype is here ladies and gentlemen we have the brand new military element chapter whopper buffer that has dropped on the one-year anniversary of jailbreak now let me know if I have my green screen a little bit different than I normally do as you can probably already tell you know it's kind of like up there and stuff like that actually it's it's down here so it's I haven't just set up a little bit different than I normally do hopefully this isn't bugging you guys too much but welcome everybody the livestream who is excited if you're excited make sure you subscribe at that Bell for notification and charge me up by leaving a like down below in this video because we're about to spin I believe it's a million dollars in game cash on the new helicopter speaking of the new helicopter I might need some help on finding it tiger XX were the first super channel I've seen that even the four box man says I love you well tiger you know what I love you too bro you are a bro amongst Bros but what we got to do now is we gotta find out where the new helicopter spawned out because I actually haven't even spent the time to look at it yet I didn't really want to do it before I started screaming oh oh punch this box box you're being obnoxious megabox appreciate it there doesn't seem to be like a lot of prisoners on this server either I kind of like this I mean sorry cops not a lot of cops right now I get over here gate we're going out we're about to bust out already hello Don saint-laurent think of it a super chat my guy alright we're gonna get out of here maybe this guy give me a ride in his Bugatti probably not oh wind – oh thank you so much just love your Vince Preston can't wait for the next vid please can I have a shout-out yes you can buddy now we have to find this military helicopter actually probably the best way to find this military helicopter is to get it back over here and go into the police station if I can find somebody who's gonna let me rob them so I get their key card because I think if we just hijack the helicopter up there it'll be even easier so maybe I can find a cop there's gonna let me rob them real fast so I can find this oh wait actually I'm kind of stuck here I think wait I press this oh oh no guys I didn't get a key card before I came into here I'm to reset my character or something are there any cops out here I mean I could just go to my UFO for now and then I can use my UFO and so the helicopter to find where the new military helicopter has come but like I said if you guys just join the livestream which by the way we have already two thousand live viewers we are gonna be buying it and using the new military helicopter in the one year jail break roblox update it's gonna be hype but we need to get to our first vehicle and in order to do that I think I can actually quickly grab this guy Orion bastok thank you so much the super chat just love your new roblox channel thank you so much you are a very nice and handsome man and I appreciate that super check that was very kind and very sweet of you and the message was very kind of very sweet oh the games down might be incredibly loud let me turn it down a little bit just in case sorry guys forgot about that let me know if it sounds a little bit better now oh no oh no oh no oh no I've already gotten stuck okay good I was like please don't tell me you've already gotten stuck oh thank you lord hi Ellen let me get back get back jailbreak sometimes you can be a cruel mistress and sometimes you just don't want to let me work the way I want to this vehicle does not do very good another terrains you know it just doesn't do very good hey don't saint-laurent thank you for the super chat again says I want you to play flee the facility in a video I don't know what flee the facility is but I would definitely consider playing it if there's certain roblox games you guys wanted to play and let me know oh Rudy found the military helicopter oh it's even got like the big one em next to it and everything well that was very easy I thought for a second there that it was gonna be like hidden somewhere no it's like right here in front of our faces so this is the new helicopter out in the update right now but in order to buy this of course we need to spin the 1 million robux and in order to do that I need to go to my cache and I need to see I don't know right now in terms of money I only have $18,000 oh I only have $18,000 so we are going to need to redeem some roebucks you need 4000 yeah I mean more roebucks guys uh let just give me a second here guys I need to redeem my roebucks I think I have enough on here that I should be totally fine oh I have a card in my filing cabinet don't go anywhere let me grab ok ok so I believe I've got the cards that I need to I forgot throwed in my robux beforehand so please don't judge me I know I'm a pleb I was born that way don't judge guys don't judge okay so really quick I you can't see it on your side of the screen but I'm redeeming some cash right now for my new robux and once I do that things would be going greevey I know I apologize guys taking a little bit longer than you expected I know I know I did you know what man it happens when youtubers are big noobs they're just big noobs it never really changes oh I gotta manually type in all my stuff are you kidding me come on roblox don't do this to me this is a dirty attempt I've got a why do I have to sign in just in order to okay give me a hot second ladies and gentlemen I got a noun type all this sin yeah right give me a few seconds raw he and Elliot said somebody just right over us right now how dare you how dare you right over us why did I make my password so long can somebody anybody tell me why I did that yeah because I am a pleb all right and there we go I'm signing in to roblox what please upgrade to a supported browser to get a recapture challenge are you are you kidding me I'm trying to purchase let me just purchase my robots why you gotta be so difficult why you gotta be so dude you guys it's telling me I have an out-of-date web browser bro my web browser is not out of date roblox oh it's telling me to use Internet Explorer nobody uses Internet it would use Internet Explorer anymore oh my god I might have to get my apt to hop in here to redeem some real bucks hold on let me go get my laptop goodness gracious all right sorry about oh I got arrested are you kidding me oh my god okay look sorry about that guys I have a somebody in the offices redeeming the roebucks for me so we will have them momentarily once we have our robux we will be getting that military helicopter I probably should have done that beforehand you know but I didn't really think about that no no I didn't think about that beforehand that was kind of my bad ah a little bit of a silly goof on my end here mister mister cop can I listen mr. cop may i pickpocket v will you please let me pickpocket you I understand you just I just need a couple of seconds if you are we're not mine um he looks pretty cool oh thank you mister Hey oh look at this guy is a nice cop he's a good cop Thank You cop you're such a swell guy now I'm gonna go hijack the helicopter and get out of here oh wait a couple of super chats tiger I really want to join your server but we have to be friends well in some future live streams and videos maybe I ought to do playing with some fans and playing with some viewers that'd be super hype Oh Maya thank you for the $15 super chat says you are the best that is totally not true Maya you are the best but they can for the super chat that's very sweet and very kind of you get out of here buddy this is my helicopter I am hijacking it nobody else your hijacked his helicopter bugged me oh and then we have another person from Jay thank you for the super chat you're the best keep making your way up I'm trying you know we're getting there slowly but surely we are getting there now let me go back here and fly back to the the old helicopter which is just like right over here I mean look we do have the police helicopter right now but the police helicopter let's be honest the police helicopter is not hype out of Skype this right here military helicopter this thing is high pettis Kuip and I can't wait to see it okay I think I might have enough robots by the way guys let me see I think somebody had them deemed on my account let me see yes I ate 10,000 roebucks oh my gosh guys we might actually have into buying more robots okay there we go so we have $250,000 cash I'm gonna buy some more $500,000 cash oh no guys we we need more it's more than that oh my gosh this helicopter so expensive it's 1 million in-game cash I might have underestimated how much robux I really need I need 200 more for the 2 to 5 oh my god that's actually insane I didn't realize we were gonna need that much well you know what guys don't worry I've got it taken care of somebody's on it right now here at the office they're helping me right now so in the meantime I guess we just have to go to a UFO you know what I'm kind of curious about is why why is the helicopter 1 million roebucks when I mean not 1 million roebucks that would be ridiculously expensive but why is it 1 million robux when the alien space thingamajigger Bopper ad was only 500 thousand can somebody please tell me that that doesn't make any sense Sid Williams you're happy I'm glad you're happy said Williams I'm glad for you to be here Oh hold the phone John Browne though roblox isn't the greatest game watching you played is more enjoyable than anyone else thanks for the great constant hey John I really appreciate that and hey look roblox may not be the perfect game but it's still a really really fun game and I personally enjoy it so give us a couple of seconds guys we are currently buying more robots as we speak I just have to wait for the purchases to go through my friend is here at the office he's making the purchases on my account once we have that we can buy the other $500,000 in-game cash that we need and then we would be able to buy the new military helicopter but until then we have to be blebs and we have to sit around right now but I will equip my character with his beautiful donut UFO I wish it came safe like that you know what I mean like I can't believe it's got to be like this but it should just be like that you know I'm saying I don't know it's kind of silly it is kind of silly I hold on I got to type in this thing for my friend real quick so we can get us some robux all right okay we're almost there though guys we're almost there I mean we're getting there time to get in there anyways I can't believe this where do you guys think about the one-year update I thought that they were gonna do something a little bit more epic than just releasing a helicopter I mean is there anything else in the game other than the helicopter that they included in the update if you guys know let me know because I kind of do need to know but yeah anyways right now we're just waiting oh I'm pushing it off hey hey leave aching for the new super jet breasts in your memory from the last livestream you are my favorite youtuber Haley of course I remember you you have a very interesting name it's Haley and Friends roblox it's very easy to remember except for the fact that I really want to use this thing right now but I can't I gotta wait look at this cop this cop is waiting for me to buy the helicopter cop you're not gonna get me you're not gonna get me you could try you could try but you're not going to succeed mr. cop what did mr. cop go hey mister cop stay away from me mister cop stay back guys we're 3,000 viewers thank you everybody for watching and tune in to the stream don't forget if you are here right now to just go ahead and leave a like down below subscribe to the channel if you are new I am just about to be able to afford this new military helicopter and when I do it's gonna be lit yeah there we go come on oh we gotta wait okay we have 768 K uh-huh almost there one more purchase and then we have enough I can't believe this man I totally forgot that I didn't have enough robots to buy enough in-game cash I should have thought about that beforehand but that's okay hey brain tear thank you so much for the $10 super chat I really appreciate it oh we have somebody in here dab King plays roblox I'm listening to your live stream hey thank you mister dab King mister dab can I meant to say dab King but you know what that's okay by the way every time you guys hear that sound that's a new donation this there is a new escape of the prison oh there is well they give her the super chat Gabby and the information I didn't know that there's a new escape of the prison somebody's gonna have to teach me about that somebody teach me this new escape of the prison if you know what this person is talking about you need to let me know because I need to find this out I need to find this out I want to know what this new little prison thing is apparently this hasn't been added and then you can exit the prison the helicopters available but apparently there's a new escape whoa whoa what happened what just happened Oh No I've never seen this before what has happened did somebody do what was that was that from a cop I think that was from a cop guys look I'm just trying to get my robux come on dang it you need 4,400 more robots uh-huh come on man this is ridiculous I'm so close yet so far from the robots I'm almost there can you stop it this cop down here is being rude to me okay in the meantime while I'm waiting for my other robots to deposit because my friends almost there like we almost have enough to get the helicopter I'm just gonna go ahead and fly over to the police station grab some what pounds and take out these plip cops because these cops kind of for being too rude to me for some reason they don't want me to get the military helicopter and I really want to get the military helicopter dadgum it so I'm gonna take my key card and go inside here on ninjalock okay I want the assault rifle I'll take that one I'll take one of these okay like okay there we go boom boom now we're loaded up I got to be careful though oldest cop there's a cop we gotta get out of here no not on my watch mister cop not on my watch get out of here wait maybe we can take this cop out I'm going in well that's a key card oh no oh gosh we have to be careful wait to be careful don't let her get too close oh yeah you like that mr. Cohn oh no no no no who's this who's this is that a cop oh that's a cop we're gonna get out of here boys oh that was close that was close that could have been really bad right there you dirty dirty cops you think you're gonna get me you're not gonna win this fight you're not gonna win this fight I'm gonna win this fight soon as I get my robots man as soon as I get my roebucks ah we're almost through come on I need 4949 more robots to purchase the rest of the cash so like we're like almost they're almost almost not quite but close Ryan bastok duty super chanted again thank you so much man he says give my friends my best friend Bauer a shout-out he laughs he loves your videos and your merch Thank You mr. Ryan and to his friend Bauer much love okay let me see um hold on one second guys yo keys are on the desk wallets in the car all right that was my friend coming in apparently I have to get more robux I have to wait even longer but we're gonna get those guys it's been a struggle bus to get these extra robots but we're gonna get them it's gonna happen ooh wait maybe in the meantime is there something going on is there a bank robbery going on right now there's some kind of robbery going on something's going on Oh Trey thank you so much for the super chances you were the best youtuber I've ever watched that is not true but I appreciate it Brooke I'm using my mom's accounts I've subscribed you since 2018 you are my favorite youtuber gonna have a shout-out yes you are and you you're a pretty new comer to the channel 2018 not too long considering it's not even May yet so I've been for months but I appreciate that new or old subscribers you're still awesome and I love you can we rob the bank right now where's that just not a possibility is it too early to rob the bank the bank is closed we cannot rob the bank there will be no bank robbing I feel like right now that the prisoners are losing to the cops it seems like the cops are doing a lot of damage to us right now you know I'm saying it's not looking too hot right now if you're a prisoner which unfortunately we are currently prisoners right now but that's fine that's fine I'm not worrying about this too much hey appreciate the superjet awesome gaming much love says you're the best once again this is not true these are not true statements but I appreciate it open your safes what are my safes Oh oh hey whoa whoa whoa hey stop it what is this I've never seen this before what is that I got a spike what is it oh I found a vault spike rim what are these huh interesting wait do I have all of these can I open these for free oh they cost money all of these costs money wait do I have free ones oh they have a lot of different safes oh I appreciate that little tip right there I didn't actually know anything about that I have a zero dollar bounty on my head I really want to get like a super super high bounty I mean still waiting for my robots to go through I can't believe I have to wait that long seriously takes so long for the robots to go whoa I think he's got the military yeah that's the military helicopter right there guys look at him whoa what is that dangling from the bottom of it it's like a ball and chain what is that this is so cool look at that never did you fake in a roblox game you'd see a UFO and then a helicopter right next to each other this is sick what is that though it's like yeah is a ball and chain do you wait you can rope you can hold it whoa hold on I'm going in guys I want to grab the rope let me grab the Rope I'm grabbing the rope I got it go go go go go Oh God Oh No what's gonna happen to me I'm holding the Rope of the new military helicopter oh this is great this is actually great wait can they sling me around and kill me I'm a little worried right now actually if I'm gonna be honest with you guys I don't think you've ever done this this in my life and something just dangerous uh what is going to happen to me guys I am scared so I have a bad feeling about this please don't hit me on the mouth yet guys be gentle be gentle with my body please it is a sensitive body guys I tried to purchase micro bugs we have a million we can buy the military helicopter stop swinging me around oh my gosh I'm literally getting thrown around guys can you bring me to the military helicopter I have 1 million to buy it let's see if these guys will bring me back around guys stop it what are y'all doing you're running into the walls guys bring me there yes yes why is my parachute deployed oh no oh no oh no oh no help me out I'm lost somebody pick me up Hey Oh No we've lost him guys I'm lost oh no I'm lost oh there we go okay I'm grabbing the rope I'm grabbing it I go go go go I'm on let's go hurry we gotta go fast wait where am I wait oh I'm inside of it now how did it get back inside of it what the heck okay okay all right all right all right I like this now finally we have enough robots man that was taking a long freakin time to get the money that we needed but this is fun totally fine all right let's go let's go come on right now awesome gaming I'm not adding any extra friends on roblox just yet but I do appreciate your super chance Preston those safes are gifts from fans oh really so can I open these are all these like can I open that without use 35 oh I don't want to do that cuz that what if that uses my robots oh let's go hey all right let's bodies thing yeah oh it's called the Blackhawk Oh boys boys we got the Blackhawk Oh okay this is kind of legit I like this where's our ball and chain how did you deploy your ball and chain yeah he's like yeah you got the heli bro this heli is lint but we got to do some decorating on it I think a little bit oh that's the ball and chain Oh so we can literally like grab people right somebody grab on grab on grab on I think it's getting on it it's a cop a cop is getting it grab it did you did you grab it think let's go let's go yes look at him you just type da da da de chat let's just bring him into the sand you know drag the cop through this and there he goes look at him he's using it's like this is super funny oh ok we gotta be careful let's not oh my gosh he's spinning around this is amazing this ball and chain is this looks so funny from our perspective he's just getting dragged around like this look at him go look at we're bouncing him off the mountains oh oh ok I'd almost died right there I almost died right there well I don't know if I almost died but I don't know if good things would happen right there so wait I think we can drop the cop as well guys so what happens if we fly really high and then we drop him let's fly really high and drop him oh it pulls them in oh oh guys Preston please I give you money ok I like free money I'm down for the free money boys let's see maybe this guy if I drop this guy out are we gonna get free money awesome gaming I still think you're the best don't let the haters put you down I appreciate that man much love tiger xxxx I've been watching since your third Castle Crashers video bro that's like forever ago there was a super jag guys okay let's see he says ok come awesome gaming with another $20 uber chat much love dude he says wait I have to I gave you wait I go give you money ok boy oh no no who's this guy who stick but stick in but ok he says come I'm coming I'm on my way we are making a trade with a cop right now he is a dirty cop he's giving me money I'll take the money put it down on the ground and looking what's he doing is he giving me the money I'm so confused guys oh he just gave me the money Oh appreciate it that's awesome now do we kill him we could kill him right now guys he gave us the money he doesn't have it anymore we could give the cup we could totally kill him he says I love your videos well I love you too he says friend me I don't know guys I could kill him we could kill him maybe we don't kill him Oh who's his friend hope his friend doesn't arrest me don't arrest me mister friend oh he's like I'm gonna give yo are we getting just tons of cash on here oh my gosh we have just cops going down here giving us free monies ok I got it wait no I didn't get it I'm trying to get it dad give it it's like not working ok yeah oh my gosh that's so nice of you guys if I could actually get this money hold on okay I can't get the thousand dollars hey thank thank you guys I just got a ton of cash from these guys I just got like how much was that it was like $16,000 from all them that's so nice I remember when I was the first person to give you a super chat of this channel tiger that's true you were the first person ever to give it to me he said testing wait what did he say to me he says you are the best oh I appreciate that you can test the new updates before they come out oh that's kind of cool I like that here get some new skins plays oh just got another thousand dollars guys we got the whole surfer hanging out with us what's going on boss we have the entire jailbreak surfer here what is going on oh my gosh it's literally everyone on the server in one spot cops and prisoners are getting along with each other I don't know what to say to this is this pretty amazing look at this like literally we're all here I don't think has ever happens in roblox not normally anyways this is ridiculous what is happening to us right now um I don't know what to do right now do we you know maybe I maybe we go back and like but like this is this is very different this is very different I don't think I've ever seen this before some guys taught me to come over here I'm gonna follow this guy I'm following this guy what's his name his name is creeper macaca hello mr. creeper Mikasa Kyle what are you going to give me today I think he's gonna give me some cash oh my gosh I'm just getting all this cash oh no no no no no don't take my cash oh no he took the cash he took it from me oh man that was like $10,000 right there that just got jacked I just had my swag jack guys money of mine was just jacked guys I don't know if this is a very safe place to jump hey hey who's punching me who's punching me what punching me some ice punching me I think it was this guy I think this guy was punching me every day I don't punch me man alright this guy's telling me to get in I'm getting in boys we're getting out of here it's too many dangerous men nearby this is low I got a little too dangerous in there guys I was getting kind of claustrophobic there was like 10,000 people over there I didn't really know what was going on by the way guys if you guys are new to the stream make sure you guys leave a like down below subscribe to the channel appreciate you guys watching Perry there's a secret star in the waterfall do I jump to get there how do I get to the secret star okay uh-oh I got a jump okay let me see oh oh I'm in I don't see it there's apparently a secret stop oh oh that's awesome what else is new into one the one one year update can you show me this is awesome I didn't know there was a star hidden back there King Gavin dude this guy's hooking me up he's showing me all kinds of stuff right now the safes are free to open you can open them for free fans already bought them oh wow I didn't know that Oh what is that there's a horse-faced thing oh my gosh what is that that's Creek raft I actually met him before a little secret inside of the jailbreak I didn't know that oh and there's a person down there it's a youtuber secret okay that's kind of cool well guys and who says you don't learn new things by playing video games that's a lot you always learn new things by playing video games in fact lame video games is one of the best ways to learn things that's really cool yeah what is the purple thing he's telling me right now what the purple thing is I've never seen this before in my entire life is his is his gah ga ja is his what Oh his girlfriend named Carly oh very interesting I'm learning secrets about jailbreak as we speak by the way we just got a bunch of super chats thank you guys so much game is awesome thank you for the super chat sorry Lukovic he says I love your vids gonna have four shout out yes you could have a shout-out I didn't know how to pronounce your name but you're awesome thank you so much appreciate that much love and much Blash my good sir let's see oh we got a TV and our fire woof plays up here in the chat I like that name fire wolf you were you respect the grind I dig it wait an alien oh it's an alien face oh that's so cool I've never seen this before this guy's like showing me the secrets within jailbreak how did he find all of these have you guys seen these before I've never seen these before I didn't even know this existed which by the way if you guys didn't see we did already buy the new military helicopter and we had some fun with it if you want to go check it out it was about 15 or 20 minutes into the into the livestream which was like really cool but yeah that was weird ah no I haven't apparently there's a new escape in the update as well that he's about to show me by the way if you buy the apartment that has your car in it I don't even know that you could buy an apartment in jailbreak apparently that's also something that's new you can put your helicopter in it what you can buy add apartment and jailbreak I had no idea that you could do that sorry guys I did type something but that was crazy so apparently you can buy an apartment put your helicopter in it wait where's okay wait oh is you show me the new escape oh now I see what he means by the new escape let me see oh you can explode the wall oh I like it okay well are you gonna block me mr. crazy great guys don't push don't push don't push I'm trying to explode the wall oh that's sick that's so cool that's very cool I like it okay I didn't know that I am getting back in dude King Gavin has got the hookups man he's showing me all this kinds of stuff Jinta thank you for the super chat awesome gaming says how do i sponsor I don't know if this channel can get sponsors and then oh my boys through Lee you pronounced it likes Rudy oh Rudy well thank you for the super chat I didn't quite know how to pronounce that I'm sorry I'm not trying to be a noob but yeah here's the apartment you missed out on the RPO event oh there's an RPO of it okay I didn't even know there was an RPO event oh all written this apartment for ten thousand dollars a day what whoa okay that's so cool that's epic okay okay well now we know guys we you're literally finding out like all kinds of stuff right now this is interesting Elias says get yourself a coffee they give her the ten bucks I appreciate it tiger thank you for the super chat again appreciate that wait Gavin saying something else by the way you spikes you got are harder to shoot your tires I got spikes oh yeah I did get spikes from the vault yo Gavin dude you have been way too helpful Gavin I think I got a saucy with a friend a friend request cuz like seriously this guy is helping me out so much I would have no idea what I'm doing right now missed and gavin a friend request this guy's awesome so it's better to equip them on your car oh that makes a lot of sense King Gavin accepted my friend request he says they humor the friend request you are welcome thank you so much Oh Dark Knight God thank you so much for the super chat there's your shout out mate much love much love I think we I think we got everything you know like I don't even know Preston go to the bank for money no I'm guys I'm taking orders from King Gavin right now is that everything is that everything mister I'm miss diving thing mr. Gavin thank you for showing me them that was awesome seriously had no idea that like these things like even existed within jailbreak does this dope this guy's nice okay King Gavin you're awesome oh gosh let's go down over here hello mr. Gavin he said something wait do I get back inside he says he learned them from ASIMO oh he learned them from the developer the server oh we have a cops here before whoa this guy's wearing the fire shirt he's got fire merch on what back oh the military hell he spawns every two minutes oh so he can get a new one every two minutes wait on one King Gavin I gotta grab the ball I gotta grab the ball I'm grabbing the ball who are back on the middle of their helicopter who's flying this oh I'm worried I'm very worried who was flying this mill oh I don't know this is healthy I'm very scared okay Gavin's giving me a tip on the rope what is this guy doing I'm now getting lowered he lowered me and raised me what is happening am I getting thrown around he's not moving he's got the military helicopter he's like not even moving what is happening why are there so many helicopters I've never seen this many helicopters in my entire life oh you can shoot the rope oh you could shoot on the rope oh that's sick oh that's hype oh my gosh you can literally wasn't getting you could shoot on the rope oh my gosh this is epic this new military helicopter is actually a lock Laura I thought it was because I thought it was just gonna be like a regular um like a regular thing but no this thing is actually hype at a Skype man check this out like I'm like killing it right now with this by the way get people on the rope okay well I've got people well I'm not saying I'm technically on the rope right now I'm shooting but I don't think I'm hitting anything this guy's just swinging me around around I'm gonna get motion sickness by the time I'm doing this I'm just getting swung around and around so early they get so much of the super chat again man much love and galaxy roblox I gave her the super chat okay I'm jumping off of this okay a smart face but I was trying to parachute it did not go too well my parachute skills sometimes they lack a lot they do lack a lot well Gavin dude thank you so much to show me all the new secrets I just wanted to stream the update and show to you guys what the military helicopter was all about and we got to see like a waterfall secret a secret place where a youtubers involved even the new escape and jailbreak we kind of got the full package today I didn't expect any of this this was awesome but guys I am going to end the livestream here I've got to go to the gym I got to stay buff man I got my wedding coming up here in just a couple of weeks so I gotta stay fit as a fiddle thank you guys and gals so much for watching this live stream this guy has my fire merch on I have not released official fire merch yet in roblox but I will be soon this guy's got a Dom in this bro we got people with fire merge they got Dominus as this is insane goodness gracious I can't even handle this you know what I'm gonna do my outro on the rope ending the stream thank you guys so much for watching the stream and all the the new super chats and everything like that you guys are awesome much love appreciated have a wonderful fun safe day take care everybody and I'll see you all in my next live stream or my next roblox video goodbye everybody

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