Spyderco Paramilitary 2 DLT M390 Red G10 And Bento Box Shop Blue G10 M390 PM2 Knife Video

July 21, 2019

videos on the two paramilitary twos that were released a couple days apart the DLT m390 red exclusive and then I don't have it here what I'm doing is I'm showing the colors I'm not gonna get it but from bento-box shop this is the m390 blue version same as color as the paramilitary – that's still available this is the best 110 V block ball I guess they call it with the m4 from the blade HQ Jade you know that's been put I swapped these out I just wanted to show the color differences in the two scales this is a production and this is the exclusive for the m390 so the bento box shop is still available its 189 and you have to remember you're gonna have to add tax pretty sure they had tax to the rest of the country about not 100% on that but taxes 17 bucks around and then the shipping is $15 so you got to be coming around 2:20 for that knife and there's they're also packaging it and gripping it with the Domino which is a CTS 204 P a regular s110v Mannix they have a plain per minute or two black and then a plain edge g10 Yojimbo these are all the different packages that they're offering on there but the knife fry itself is 189 the DLT exclusive sold out pretty quick it was a little bit debacle on that the server crashed instantly as they are there are really quality people at DLT a I'm making this video also just to vouch for them I hope people didn't get too upset I'm but I wasn't even gonna buy the knife I checked about 25 minutes in 159 and they're actually on taxes time so I was 170 240 that was native the tax I checked about 15-20 minutes in and the servers were down I just said error and I was like whoa that's different I've never really had the last drop on the DLT the tan DLC there was a little bit of weird stuff going on when we tried to when I tried to get that knife it kind of froze I have put refresh a couple times through PayPal I still got it but you could tell there was something going on obviously the man was much larger for this and I guess the night it crashed it was crashed for over an hour so I I came back after about an hour and 15 minutes just for the hell of it and it said Add to Cart and believe it or not it worked I mean I ended up getting a knife I'm glad I did I wasn't gonna get it and I'm really glad I ended up with it but III don't think DLT will make the same mistake again I they're they're a reputable company and their reputation is important to them so I hope anybody that didn't get them you know that sees this video gives them a second chance so this is a paperwork on the DLT exclusive jb Outman distribution there's soup it talks about the red g10 and I did CD see something on the form somewhere I think it was on blade forms where Jordan talked about they were Jason that they were not going to run this again I'm not quite sure if they would run a dlc version you know do a native whatever I mean I'm sure they're gonna sell pretty quick whatever they do so once again I just wanted to show this knife is still available in the paramilitary 2 version for 50 bucks more but dish I just wanted to show the difference in the scale colors because there is quite a bit of difference I didn't think it was going to be that dramatic you could see compared to the standard political color it's a lot lighter so the paramilitary to m390 DLT exclusive that's sold out if you still want to try to get an m3 90 blade you can find him at bento box shop for $1.99 plus tax in $15 shipping which is around 2:20 and this is the blurple scaled s110v with a m4 dlc blade


  • Reply paddys potato peelers July 21, 2019 at 11:46 am

    The red is good looking but oh boy is the bento box blue a stunner. Really enjoying watching your collection grow. Atb paddy 👍😀☘️

  • Reply OcOmega Shadow July 21, 2019 at 11:46 am

    Wow really amazing Spyderco knife reviews!!! 😀

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