Spyderco Paramilitary 2 M390 2019

July 23, 2019

hello paramilitary people this is my new life and my new video and my first video but this is special occasion like I said this is paramilitary but not but not any paramilitary paramilitary it's something special this is like you read it already paramilitary m390 this is special edition or how can I say this sprint run from Realty trading I ordered this on July 17 17th and now is July 22 I'm very pleased this comes so fast from PSA to sizzle and okay as this this is from three TLT Spyderco paramilitary to read g10 m390 and there is a show you I hope you can see this see that paramilitary – right made in USA yeah in your cities okay nice first I want to see how this is centered this is this is perfect perfect centered very very nice and I hope you see this the police it's very it's perfect scent that other thing is how this work it's pretty steeply but this is not the problem I must put some oil there and that will be okay this g10 is very grippy I have all the Spyderco him as 110v and this is not so gripping what I want next to see is how works this this lock and compared to my old Spyderco the city's red is brand-new and blue is old one you can see this difference in lock this is about 40% and there is about 50 I would say but very nice it surprised me that this stiff but like I said there should not be a problem the next thing think I want to check is is there play no play liked right now playing up and down no playing I like this ok the next step is just one moment please I want to see how sharp is this out after the box I must find paper okay let's go and 390 very nice nice let's see these ovals knit so short I gotta always problem to sharpened s hundred ten b-but it's okay I like them too okay this is very fair offer from DLT only about 160 dollars with shipping to switzerland cost me about $190 and I must say FedEx Express is very very good so let me show you this paramilitary in close distance I expected another right another right color I mean this is dark red and I like this okay para mentally people I hope you enjoyed my video and bye

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