Star Wars Explains How Darth Nihilus Could DESTROY Planets With the Force – Star Wars Explained

July 24, 2019

we've explored the stories and history of countless extremely powerful force wielder but it is another level entirely when one of these force builders actually holds the capacity to injure and wound the force itself something that only a few wielders of the force have ever accomplished in the Star Wars mythos characters on the power level of Darth Sidious for today's video we will explore how darth nihilus literally grew powerful enough to hurt the force itself but first I would like to thank the sponsor of today's video we jump right into the video I want to thank today's sponsor and our first sponsor ever the marvel collect app the people over at ops were kind enough to send me an Infinity Gauntlet and also one Infinity Gauntlet to give away to one of my fans on my Twitter all the information on how to enter to get a gauntlet of your own will be over on my Twitter at stupendous wave in my most recent and pinned tweet if you enter you'll also be entered into a larger giveaway and draw 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want so again guys be sure to download the marble trading card app free in the description down below and begin trading and collecting some of your favorite Marvel characters with people from around the world again you can get the app completely free in the description down below in the App Store or the Google Play Store thanks so much to the Marvel collect that for sponsoring this video and now let's go ahead and get into the topic at hand darth nihilus was an extremely unique sith lord in the sense that he grew powerful enough that he could almost see the force itself surrounding him and grew powerful enough that he almost became a literal part of the force itself while he was still living what I mean by this is darth nihilus consumed so much force energy and so much power that his living body actually began to fade away and in order for darth nihilus to still tie himself to the living world he actually had to seal his body to his robes and his SIF mask through a ritual the point I'm trying to make is once he underwent his transformation to become darth nihilus he was more ethereal than an actual physical living being as we've covered before this was all due to his exposure to the mass shadow generator which instead of killing him transformed him into a weapon of huge power in the dark side perhaps more sheer power that is rivaled by only the greatest sit of all time like vitiate and Sidious towards the beginning of his existence as darth nihilus though he only fed on the souls and force energies of one person at a time not being powerful enough to actually affect the force itself in consumed life on massive levels however it was ultimately darth TRAI that promised to show darth nihilus how to consume entire planets if he so desired with darth nihilus hoping that if he were ever able to consume an entire world it would finally appease his hunger what Darth TRAI ultimately promised Nilus was true as he did eventually learn how to consume entire world and even begin consuming worlds with life on it without the permission of his master it was clear after some time that darth nihilus had grown beyond the power of darth TRAI despite darth TRAI being far more knowledgeable in the force unlike darth nihilus though she was not a force of nature and a force of the darkside itself as we explained earlier darth nihilus literally became integrated into the force itself and the darkside he didn't simply use it like other sin this is why he was able to display the power to consume entire planets the reason he was able to do this is because the force itself granted him extreme power with one force ability as in truth darth nihilus was above average in other aspects of the force but this one ability granted him extreme nearly unparalleled power that force ability was force trained but instead of just being able to drain the life force of one individual at a time darth nihilus honed his craft and again the mass shadow generator allowed him to consume people and planets on a massive scale never before seen before or after darth nihilus as time darth nihilus had the ability to use force drain to drain an entire world of all life quote the extent of his power cannot be put into words and his perception have grown as well to him you are dust motes in a storm a grain upon the beach and as insignificant as a body that orbits the graveyard of Malick or something else that made darth nihilus especially terrifying towards the end of his life is the boundaries in which he could use the force was increased meaning at the end darth nihilus could reach across an entire star system to drain a planet or an individual of their life darth nihilus could even sense beings and planets extremely strong in the force from across the galaxy which would draw him to that planet again using his massive force drain to take all life or all beings touched by the force away all serving his own power darkness grew to be so powerful again he became a literal threat to the force itself as the four moves through life and exists through life and Nilus threatened to destroy all life in the galaxy even those that dark my lists were not directly attacking suffered at his power as even being around darth nihilus for a prolonged period of time was detrimental to those that served him as instinctively he would draw upon their force energy even subconsciously not wanting to kill them but it's simply being a result of being around his massive power with his very words and his voice people would serve him or die as hearing darth nihilus his voice was considered extremely dangerous and something few survived but that is how darth nihilus elevated his power to become a literal threat to the force itself as well as how he elevated his power to destroy the entire world simply by using one force ability but what are your thoughts on the extreme unparalleled power of darth nihilus the lord of hunger and have you heard of his ability to destroy worlds before this video and did you know how he actually managed to do it before watching again thank you again to our sponsor the marvel collect app check it out in the link in the description down below thank you guys so much for your understanding and sponsorships may the force be with you and have a great day you


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    Thanks for understanding about the sponsorships guys! The App is actually really cool. Let me know what you think abut Nihilus and his ability to destroy entire planets! Thanks again and MTFBWY!

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    Totally understand the sponsorship. Just hope it's condensed going forward. I've never been able to understand Nihilus, and maybe it's because I kicked his ass so easily in KOTOR 2, but how is a being with such a power defeatable? If he could drain whole planets he could drain whole fleets, and no one would be able to get close enoght to him to kill him.

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    But there was one other who might have Used Force Drain in a similar way, Sith Emperor Vititate, he became immortal by using the most complex Force Ritual in history to absorb all life on his Planet at the Cellular Level

    He became unaging, but can't feel and became insane enough to eventually betray the Sith and try repeat ritual to absorb all life in the Galaxy and become a God

    The Sith Emperor only absorbed one world abd became immortal while Darth Nihlus absorbed multiple planets and became a near ethereal Force Entity, still makes one wonder why Vititate was apparently stronger when he absorbed only one world and part of another at his return

  • Reply Savage_Wisdom July 24, 2019 at 1:47 pm

    The most interesting thing about Nihilus was that he wasn't in complete control of his famed ability. Eventually, he got so powerful that his Force Drain was ALWAYS active, to a relatively minor degree. It's funny really, arguably to single most powerful character in Star Wars, was nothing more than a victim of his own power, there's a lesson in there.

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