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Storage Wars $1000 HOME RUN Police Called Involved Texas Swap meet Flea market Hunting Trip Flipping

November 17, 2019

you just saw updated development what
happened our new development it dropped it trapped it’s like you wouldn’t
believe if you can record us so but what happened so it’s okay guys we just got
done with a meet and greet Jeremy had some super fans show up
justin was working hard setting stuff up oh they’re all your fans stop it it was
Justin’s autograph that was one person actually showed up for me so that was
really really flattering you sweat it back to soul 440 bucks and he’s gonna
hand-deliver it I’m just kidding about a lot of people here actually was crazy
and you know you know me one day here and when I hear storage war stories I’ll
talk I can do an eight-hour session but right now we’re gonna take a break
because we have to go do a porn shop to do something but we’re gonna take you to
Texas largest pawn shop if I get enough footage just will be another video that
I will upload tomorrow if not I’ll just be given right now but let’s see what
else we do I don’t know yet I’m gonna plan it as we go but let’s go some pawn
shop hunting what’s up guys Renee back from Morgan hunter thrift hanging with
my buddy Jeremy hails from what the hell we’re supposedly Justin’s going in right
now check to size at his building that’s all supposedly one store and it’s
supposed to be the largest pawn shop in the state of Texas actually from the
outset if that’s all pawn shop that’s really really big I’ve never seen it
that big so we’re gonna go on the inside and check out to see we’re not sure if
they’re gonna let us film but either way we’re gonna check it out I’ll give you
guys the report it’s supposed to be largest you guys
know what they say everything is big in Texas let’s go take a look hey guys this is officer McClure
hopefully I pronounced it right but this little faux-tina you in the thumbnail
was just a joke big shout out to the garland Police Department those people
are super awesome that is film I don’t ever want to put this in but went away
to another place which is like an indoor swap meet but guess what I saw yard sale
in Texas and I feel it’s my official duty as an embargo hunter to stop at the
art self she’s showing me a silver dollar so because you know what people
in Texas are nice and I just ask what would take a look and while you were
inside the house yeah but you’re like 20 years too late on those I know what I
used to sell these I love little mermaid I used to sell these actually put 350 at
one point and awaiting this but now 20 years ago if it was them what’s the main
what’s the main song can you sing with me I know what I cover as expensive don’t be shy you gotta give a try you
guys all the time you can make little money here and there as long as you have
to knowledge actually if I wasn’t San Diego I would have bought a whole bunch
more stuff there with money that you could resell um let me show you what I
bought and I only bought dust just cuz I’m hopping on a plane how would about
way more so the first thing I bought right here just pin and it’s signed by
Jay Jay wait I’m gonna have crimes fines help me out here so it’s a cruise ship
with some ornaments you know what he’s called cruise ships no do these
ornaments searches my approach is the thing they put in a charm bracelet so
charms on him so this is by JJ which is a well-known custom design jewelry
company I paid two dollars for I looked one up that was newer with color and
only one charm and it was right now it had bits at $20 so I think this will
bring in the $30 I’m unlucky 40 50 bucks I’ll just send it to auction but it’s a
$2.00 investment doesn’t sound like but that case almost half of a third of
my hotel room for tonight and then I bought this brooch right here so it’s
not marked but you can tell it’s super old also this case is all right here
this could be just a jewelry store in Dallas or it could be actually designed
I would actually have to go home and pay more do a little bit more research but I
mean I’ve been buying jewelry my whole life and you can just tell this is old I
paid five bucks even if it’s new I can put this in my store at 15 20 bucks I’ll
sell right away but hopefully it’s old and brings you know 50 200 bucks online
either way just paste one night of hotel room you find tender little finds like
that it’s making money the money is out there you just got to go out and get it
and you know by the way this isn’t we’re not at 7 o’clock in the morning at a
yard so looking for stuff hunting it is like 2 o’clock in the afternoon with
surprises a yard sale open and I probably just made at worst-case
scenario 50 bucks the money is out there you got to go out and get it and the
most important thing you don’t do don’t listen to the haters don’t listen to the
naysayers if you want it to money’s there go get it so we couldn’t film at
that pawn at the pawn store they had some kind of special regulations what we
have to do editorial wasn’t worth it so Justin took us to be con el Bazaar I’m
still hanging with Jeremy for what the hell’s Justin we gonna go in here so
just an action that is slipped and he picks to stuff sometimes so we might
actually score in here I already scored in the yard so so I’m a moneymaker I
made I came to the state of Texas I kicked butt I made money now we gonna do
bazaar let’s go guys and Jeremy is excited because there’s another man
coming there’s gotta be one there’ll be a band cover right guys do me a favor
okay from bargain hunter thrift we’re gonna send an invitation to the Hales
little gift you guys know that half the address in
all the videos so it’s easy to find if you guys have a little mermaid Disney
movie please send it to Jeremy what the hell I want this guy to do her video
with like 10,000 Disney movies at his house
he’ll regret ever saying oh that’s good oh he’s trying to talk to you guys out
of it he’s said that actually actually we do it you have a band cover send it
because she’s making hundreds and thousands of dollars
Wow I like gumball machines but all these shops are closing yeah but it’s
new stuff I need to find some coins or something quality instruments you know
this place does not seem to be happening but that’s good sometimes it looks like
they’re actually attempting to do something different because these books
have been here for years just like this hmm but the good thing is sometimes so
when you guys go to use places that are not happening people are desperate to
sell you stuff and I’m like 50% of anything we picked a rock cheer army alright guys we’re gonna find this did
you say there’s a big comic book Center that one over there with circle around
make sure down here okay smells good tell somebody’s fucking here
yeah this open oh hey how are you oh no problem
we don’t judge are you doing today Gooden yep
how’s business yeah sorry no you were stretching us back oh that’s cool yeah
cool stuff you got any really rare comics I’m looking for like oldest stuff
like Silla age of golden age he what Kim’s yeah that sports game chat yes
words games no matter where you go in the country – yeah I was fine sports
games can I put you in video we do a YouTube channel we have we actually have
storage unit via YouTube channels okay so look if you ever want to learn more
about storage what the hills that’s all he does buy storage units and
then and I’m bargain hunter thrift on YouTube it’s a great way you make a lot
of money so we’re doing good trainer already with
to do it okay I want to record that otherwise hear your story that’s
interesting so Jeremy just asked him how do you
learn how to do every corner well we can okay Jeremy go ahead Barbara Walters
this is 2020 so you’ve been doing storage units for a year huh
well it’s a true story so 100 is actually conservative nothing so you
know you should have two or three major finds that a year that alone will those
are the bread and butter those are the bread and butter units like I said on an
average two to three times a year you’ll find a unit where you invest a couple
thousand get back 30 grand or Linux to you and it just keeps on building friend
took this here oh this is your swap meet yeah okay so we got a questions it’s
okay no no no no okay so we do a YouTube channel we buy
storage units we buy deals this booth is down there data for lease it’s the stuff
inside for so can we buy the whole booth everything in sight okay so what’s just
for that that’s a couple booth over there that’s a police but the booth is
filled with merchandise can we just buy the whole booth with the merchandise okay so I’ll sum Justin to come over
here take a look here’s the booth I like but it looks like it’s closed no oh it’s
open oh okay okay cool hey Justin so here’s the property magic booth that you
said what you wanted to buy everything he says the guy has two booth he’s
looking to sell everything and he’s a storage unit fool maybe you want to talk
to him okay so that’s Justin so he owns a local auction house and he’s
constantly buying he’s right here there you go by the way I’m in for 15% so guys you know no matter where I go in
the country this is my type of booth collectibles which if I bring anything
home case you will kill me but you know what if it’s cool enough I’ll take the
risk is it cool about video guys that you
guys is both so really haven’t we have a youtube channel 40,000 follow us and oh
sorry I startled you yeah so we’ll tell where to step by I won’t put you on
there oh trading cards for wax boxes this is like
this is like a kid’s heaven aw shucks diese and I like to stuff I can’t spend
hours in a booth like this uh-oh check I never seen this before
these are 12 packs of treasure hunts leave notice existed how much of this
treasure hunt 12 packs worth a wreck roughly like I’ve netting roadies
existence okay okay oh wow I didn’t even know these existed
how many lemon did they make a limited number these okay oh yeah one of 3,500
and I’m assuming each pack has a carnem that you couldn’t buy a regular treasure
hunt right something special that you couldn’t buy oh the distance to all cars
okay huh Wow that’s pretty cool what do you think
Jeremy if we often how’d it look the piece take all five everything to do and probably that he says no but I don’t
think they have to 95 so these are laid out they asking like 200 and 300 I don’t
know I don’t know Texas everybody has guns like if you offered to low you know
how this goes even though this seems super friendly see I like doesn’t like old wax packs
but you can never find old boxes interesting tops sorry guys I’m looking
Casey always yells at me I look and I forgot to turn the camera oh I got
somebody actually I think he might be no higher you know what I should contact me
he has fifty five hundred of these he wants to sell me these are cool I’ll see
I left East look at these in the back tiny little matchbox I love this I got a
bunch of real ones in the older housing units and bounce yeah that’s a reissue
but still good I still like it I like data like dinky I’ll just oh yeah
my dad used to collect you so kind of reminds me of my childhood
we used to collect the male yesterday I was really big for us you know I’ve never seen one like that
but I know it’s a huge collectible so it what I mean it looks newer with the way
the wheels are stuff but what got to be at least 75 bucks right that’s what I
never got into it but I know people like Annie Basu it thinks yeah so you know
what I’m gonna look or will you pictures up behind me please Thanks
hey you’re a bit I got you like a whole warehouse okay you’ll be okay with a
comic book something in the beginning it looked like it was just full of antique
and AD lighters and stuff like that yeah up the front yeah I think so yeah you
just said like I should see if I come by the whole thing I like this type of
stuff but when I go like Iran to country so I was looking for super high-end
stuff like you guys have any graded comics or anything like that okay like
I’m looking for stuff that’s like $500 and up oh no that’s a pool yeah I got to
ship it all back so okay oh if you have a card all right Jeremy gotta try one of each
yeah look at all these hard rules I have so many hot ones customers in California
would be in heaven yeah I don’t think I should make that lowball offer because
they seem to be really into Hot Wheels just high-end yeah I know high-end tire
the problem like I you know I have friends I have collectible so they just
don’t sell enough because so many people go online yeah yeah and you know if if
you buy this stuff new like a lot of times it’s hard to get wholesale cow
stuff but there’s very little profit in the markup so you can make it now it
might be different out here in Texas a high to rent might be less but like in
California you cannot sell enough to make up the rent so that’s I mean now if
you find like these in the storage it’s definitely have a different cost in
there you know but um yeah I mean it’s cool it’s fun
did I think this would be like a great retirement business yeah just have fun
you make some money but you don’t have to worry about bills and stuff like that
because it just doesn’t move enough is cool so I know this is a can I make you a
lowball offer you can’t get mad though that’s right okay so okay it’s hard okay
that’s a so I have a lowball offer because it’s because the center in video
so I feel like I have to follow through like I have to see how nice you booth it
I know you probably won’t accept it but if we bought those treasure hunt boxes
would you do 100 bucks apiece if we take them all cash okay yeah yeah so how many
you got five sets up there right okay yeah so I would for me would be like a
take all of you because I really know nothing about him I’ve never seen him
before they’re kind of cool and I buy them for resale but I just think I throw
it out there you know so yeah no different you know what so I get a lot
of hot tools and we buy a lot of collections and I’ve never seen him in a
set like this and I have a lot of treasures
okay cool thank you okay cool I’ll see if he has anything hydrated well think
about it we got to be walking around you for half an hour if they want to do it
or whatever I would I would take all five for five – so but I appreciate your
not killing me for low awful I’m appreciate your not killing me for
laughing but you never know you know I have a store – sometimes I got stuff
marked and then like I just want to move it and somebody makes enough I’m like
you know what I need to space and well thank you is it okay if I show this card
so people can come if the in Texas they want to see you this so guys just tell
them to ask for what booster we showed the outside of the building so if you
guys come to Texas and you’d like Hot Wheels cool visits Jenn tell Rene Sencha
Thank You Jan I appreciate it no but she didn’t stab me so that’s good is a really cool booth yeah you guys
definitely want to come visit here oh I left us you see the Ghostbusters one
Batman yeah yeah and then I like these two bad noise yeah I like that stuff yeah I was like oh yeah Tom and Jerry’s
yeah I always liked hard walls the only
problem I have with Hot Wheels they make like 10 million yeah I like that so I so
check these out right here so we bite the Mattel store in California to
factory store and sometimes they just blow out crazy deals with coupons and
stuff and they give military just cause my friend is a Marine so one time we
bought his Captain America and Avengers cars we went parkas on we must have
bought a thousand of my 33 cents apiece we sold him through our stores for 399 I like all those but if I were to collect
him I probably collect those special ones and then certain cars did it just
like dear to my heart which I always like Mustangs when I was younger but
they did dream car I always wanted to have and that I can afford it on you buy
it I have Mercedes it’s not but I was
wanted like a 540 BMW and for summer you mean I can afford them now but for some
reason I don’t buy them like I like to come for the Mercedes you just change my
dad I would says you buy BMW when you’re young and then let’s say this when
you’re older because it is comfortable it’s hard to have anything matches even
though my new Dodge trucks are pretty cool I’m gonna break it up we’re gonna look
at some other stuff never hurts to ask we actually asked a property manager we
actually asked a property manager he called the guy and just is gonna look at
the stuff really quick he might just buy the whole booth he put me in what any
profits I get 15% for talking just an important part remember 50% for Rene 15%
cuz Renee with his big mouth put this deal together basically but the guys
coming right now and okay because when I was younger I don’t want to business if
I would have saw this the nostalgia you know you just bought you got to make
lots out of it you know you get like a hundred blocks on hey the labor and
stuff to go in I would buy this four thousand bucks in a heartbeat
are you serious yeah many items that’s like at least 1015 hours of slow retail
items I just I think it’s not moving too fast
look at all the jewelry and I like all that looks to be silver right there
and outside but you know what look how dusty does this nobody has clean this
I’m like yeah I bet you just been sitting for a long time okay let me turn it running alone sorry
guys I didn’t realize that was turning around but the most valuable I’m I like
all that joy that looks to be so up there even the post cards are good down
there and then you know what oh you know what what’s not showcase yeah oh yeah
lift it up be careful don’t let let’s go choke yeah
watches and jewelry we’re doing an unboxing video cellphones rings jewelry you don’t buy
this for thousand bucks you crazy it makes sense for him I get why he said
yes I for regional story and I don’t book or Specter I’m not interesting guys
we found an editorial that meant and all the goodies they know what they have
yeah obviously but it’s still fun to look at it you never see if you see
something that’s exciting that’s cool I just like geeking out on the Harley
Quinn Halloween that’s cool I got old Star Wars masks like that from the 70s Hey oh yeah yes sirs well thanks for
watching are you cool with us filming it do you want to advertise your business
for sure we’re eager hey ha ha toys and
collectibles man Kahala and where can we find you just at Viacom village two nine
one eight style super row Garland Texas awesome coke so if you guys in Garland
Texas you want to see more toys he told you where to find him cool thank you
so yeah that’s definitely some cool stuff here that’s what people ask me
much to all their times like I don’t know right here right here it’s Justin
you’ve been wanting a fist for your livestreams there you go I got my whole
fist though I don’t have a red hold it’s got a drink holder that is so cool
bless it’s a different color I know Justin we all know just now we’re
putting you on the spot you gotta buy cuz that’s funny cuz you gets
uncomfortable it’s funny to watch all right general what did you just buy this
for you for your live stream this will be the new staple of our super Chester
cool every time you guys do a super check and this was bought locally in
Garland Texas let’s practice right now super chat BAM
you know call me wrong but when I grew up Heymann here’s Prince Adam yeah I’ve
never seen it before okay valiant and we turned it into
Prince Adam that’s our that’s it cuz Prince Adam is human right I’m not sir
okay because I’m getting old I’m getting Alzheimer’s days amen I’m there with ya
I forget half of the stuff that’s cool there’s so much cool stuff in here for
tonight’s trouble builders said yeah that’s said yeah you guys definitely
want to stop by as a cool booth I’m gonna turn it off now because we have to
go find more stuff all right guys so I just walked in the shop and I was asked
to be respectful especially with coins and currency this is a really really
cool coin shop and you’d have some really cool stuff in here so if you want
to buy if you want to buy anything that’s coins or you know that that’s
currency here collect was even some jewelry here you definitely want to come
here and garland so a lot of cool stuff the price is actually really good so
everything I see it’s like either reasonable on the lowest side I haven’t
seen nothing everywhere my god is kind of crazy you see the gold you would see
the gold first thing that’s nice they’re gold right here right here I was
like oh what’s that one ten seven ounces I actually found that exact coin in a
dresser in a dresser drawer and one of the storage units I bought this past
year that same coin that’s pretty what is that coin go for I know it’s a high
graded but I don’t know that oh it’s PCGS five like I like buying stuff just
for yeah and I don’t do the coin I know that’s a collector’s coin that’s so I
like buying stuff just for the boolean so yeah at 200 so what’s spotted right
now 49 so sixty years about it will respond because it has it being the
grace you okay I’m Manny okay I had to get closer to that well how much is it
an equation here you know yeah male thumb is like 145 and I could sell it
for 155 can I see that so guys you know I tell you that’s all
the time to buy silver and stack and put stuff away
so then go yeah Oh dick guru granth who never goes bad does it never goes bad
it’s the only currency on this planet it’s been around for thousands of years
you know I hate to tell you and you know you know I love America but throughout
history empires fall and go so you want to have some of your investment
diversified and so one tense is pretty cool you want to have some of your stuff
diversified and just in case it the best thing is that you make this investment
it’s gonna be one of your worst investments before ever have to use this
for survival that’s not good for us so I mean but just the case you know when I
heard she bits what do you think Jeremy 155 but this is so nice why why would I
talk him down for five bucks can well put you in video so you guys you never
believe a German just Jeremy just one uh negotiation and he said cuz I’m so nice
I can have it for 150 so you know what we’re gonna buy this and it’s gonna go
in a safety deposit box in San Diego and it’s just another little thing for my
little girl when he when she goes to college hundred fifty bucks I think we
got a great deal if you guys want to buy coins you can see it’s full come to
Garland Texas we named a shop outside oh yeah there we go Big D coin collectible
coins gold silver bullion and a gentleman who runs this place is super
nice is very fair and I’m about to give him a hundred fifty bucks here Jeremy
help me out we’ll do our YouTube transaction can you kinda 159 all right
and give me the rest back there’s no Commission
unless he’s give you a commission for sales by ship but you dock down his
price so it’s that I don’t think it is our digital Commissioner there okay yeah
that’s a hundred see behind the tongue should be a tender somewhere now we’ll find it one way or another
five six seven eight nine and 150 bucks 150 thank you sir we bought something
cool in Texas and you know what’s really great I can take this on the plane back
very easily cool thank you thank you appreciate you excited I got this for
150 in one tenth of an ounce and the reason you know I mean I have found
scones and stuff like this but I like buying Cora’s half ounce this one tensed
and you know I’m I almost paid spots so you know I think gold is over 1400 so I
paint a little bit and it’s a Krugerrand which is obviously very respectable so
it’s kind of cool and I like bringing little things back
from trips I like you know I’ll mark this Texas this will be the dude perfect
gold coin cuz I bought an injured perfect deal you know I tell everybody
at once a month every now and then put a little bit of side I never buy clothes
but I walked by and I saw this and almost looked like German Cullis you
know so which is really cool because the two countries are left is America and
Germany my heritage and I never buy clothes for myself but it’s about to get
cold in San Diego again we play these poker games which is a lot of cigar
smoke and stuff like that yeah we’ll get your picture one second home so dude I’m
just doing a quick youtube video so oh so well do we get a lot of cigar smoke
and stuff like this so just watches like a little bit bigger than fits me it’s
super comfortable I look smooth yeah it’s Rocawear it’s probably over a
hundred bucks news so it’s like it feels like brand-new and it was marked with
fifteen bucks I’m like hey I’ll take it she’s like I’m only gonna charge you ten
because I love you so we just took some pictures with 10 bucks I got a nice
comfortable sweater so I’m super happy about that score BAM okay okay guys
we’re back into booth justin is digging in did so two
gentlemen Candice shows I wanted to see what these were leather case 24 Barroso
did you tell your price dressing huh how much it’s gonna hurt just say you
know no this is what just does he done did it already yeah I mean to be honest
you probably still could do little profit but you would have to sell over a
long time there’s just no profit I mean this is like if you back stall this up
it’s not that much it’s just one small storage unit yeah because it deals like
this we do buy storage units did you check this any good baseball
cards or anything I mean 30,000 cards in there you got
anything really high-end great with the gentleman is really nice but you know
what I’m about to turn this video off but there’s not enough $5,000 in here
where you can make you money by the time you add all the labor and the time and
take so you have to triple your money otherwise it’s just not worth it you
know I did way I see so let’s say so if you spend five thousand dollars a stir
to go $5,000 for the deal then probably $5,000 over by the time you sell it and
then $5 for you if you can do that if you can triple it’s not there’s no point
of doing it jeromy’s – the DEF case is some nice jewelry stuff but we used to say I want 5,000 enfermo okay
well it’s not happening so Justin just offered 1,500 which I think that’s fair
I think you can make money on that like if there’s a lot of silver post cards so
the guy goes like well if you can do it right now but obviously because we’re
doing this dude perfect deal the warehouse was full the staff is full but
Justin just tom was like look I can’t come next Saturday because he add Justin
actually told me I can’t come Monday but the gentleman works during the weeks he
said I’ll come next Saturday I’ll give you 59 in cash we clean it out so that’s
the lesson learned for you guys we tell you all the time people say that’s not
possible and they say us it’s out there just put it out there worst case people
say no but sometimes you say yes there is an opportunity everywhere even in
Texas I just got a nice win in Texas for 10 bucks what happened a new development
it dropped a trap it’s like you wouldn’t believe if you can record us so but what
happened so did you hear so the guy was gonna take 1500 Justin couldn’t pay him
but he’ll next week you know he couldn’t pay me couldn’t do the deal until next
week but the guy said if he gave him a thousand by tomorrow he could have it
for a thousand thousand bucks by tomorrow and the reason the guy doesn’t
want to deal with it or maybe he needs some money who knows says I was a
million backstories but Justin is super busy and he didn’t want to do it Orange
Sunday’s Church day Sunday is a day off but then the guy said like a thousand
bucks if you get a tomorrow so they made the deal they talked to the management
right now to make sure it’s okay to transfer ownership and Justin’s gonna
come here first thing Monday morning when tomorrow morning gifted gentleman
thousand dollars and he bought at four thousand dollars so now if you want to
find what kind of stuff was in yes they go through and load and stuff like this
make sure they’ll go over to crimes you should show some of the
silver okay now hold on let me switch the camera all right yeah all this I
mean this is a great deal for a thousand dollars you know four thousand dollars
it’d almost be worth it for me to buy it and take what I want and just ship that
yeah that’s a lot of hair all well since Woodbine it I guess we can step on it
well let me get this straight I’m not buying it just not buying it but it’s
the most unusual piece I have ever seen look at the back oh it’s a belt buckle
all unsuccess do they take food stamp coupons and turn it into a belt buckle
that is funny huh so yeah so you bought this there’s a bunch of jewelry I think
all this looks like it’s silver that’s over yeah this is good this stuff sounds
great in my store I get like 5 10 bucks a set for these he’s got so that’s more
cases down there too from the backside all kinds of kid trace right here it’s a
whole bag that bag looks like it’s silver and thousand bucks it’s a
no-brainer so the only thing I do different like
when I make these deals like I would pay 2,000 right now and I would put my walk
on right now because I’m always afraid that a something hidden with something
in the meanwhile why you gone for and I’m not saying is about this gentleman
at all about such a thing in general business practice I’m afraid that if I
say okay come back tomorrow so there’s like 20 good items missing so if I were
to make the deal right now I will just pay $2,000 right now and I would put my
lock on there $4,000 right now and then just that’s it and I’ll come back and
get it but other people say to well if you come back tomorrow it might all be
gone so I know it’s a 50/50 thing a bit so I would all right you know what I
would do I would tell me okay lock it up we have a deal I’m gonna put my lock on
it right now tomorrow I’ll come pick it up up a thousand bucks so that’s the way
to do it but yeah that’s a great deal four thousand bucks so I’m not gonna
show any more this stuff because I want you guys to go over to crimes fines and
he’ll show a video not a video down there Jeremy huh beautiful you never
know where we fight these videos like people always tell us fake like our
lives are crazy you never know what you buy when you buy sometimes you just get
a sweater and sometimes you buy an entire vending booth


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