Submarine Force Pacific Fleet Celebrates Navy Birthday with Bell Tolling Ceremony

July 25, 2019

I want any seats Aloha and good morning ladies and gentlemen my name is here Chief Brian priests from the Pacific submarine force and I would like to welcome you all to Pearl Harbor colors as we gather each month at this ceremony it is our goal to use this venue not only to recognize our flag and all she represents freedom democracy and opportunity we also want to recognize our nation's armed forces standing ready to meet every challenge to those principles we hold dear when the colors are sounded each morning and evening it's the sound of freedom we can all rest assured that our nation's security is in good hands each month we also feature a theme to enhance recognition and presidents of our nation's military heritage as we honor the sacrifice of our armed forces both those serving today and the veterans living and past who have answered the call to serve today October 13th we celebrate the 240th birthday of the United States Navy that's 240 years of our service of our great nation to the cause of freedom the US Navy has been defending and protecting America on the world's oceans since 1775 for 240 years we have been there when it mattered where it mattered around the world around the clock right now I would like to invite everyone to enjoy this morning's concert by the US Pacific Fleet band and listen to some key points of our Navy and submarine force heritage to all our visitors who are here from any parts around the country and even the world we invite you to please join us when we observe morning colors at zero eight-hundred we ask that you please respect the moment by standing quietly while military members salute the flag during the national anthem also thank you for silence your phones at this time ladies and gentlemen please welcome you a specific fleet van Aloha I am Petty Officer Henry wendelin on may eight 1942 communications intelligence confirmed that three Japanese carrier divisions would combine an assemble with an army navy landing force and would leave in late May they did not know where it would strike af was a designator used by the Japanese to represent a specific location and had not yet been identified Admiral Nimitz was hesitant and assuming the location was midway island in mid-may commander Rock erfurt lieutenant commander Laden approached Admiral Nimitz with the plan to prove that AF was indeed Midway a cable was sent to the CEO of naval base mid way to send a plain language message to comment on fourteenth naval district stating that the distillation plant had suffered a casualty and fresh water was urgently needed to which they would reply water barges will be sent Navy radio intelligence section observed that the Japanese did intercept these messages and in an intelligence report stated AF is short of water this action allowed Admiral Nimitz the plan for the strike against Midway and on june fourth 1942 was able to turn the tide of World War two in the Pacific thank you you Aloha i am chief said your green with submarine force Pacific Fleet the Battle of Atlantic sparing from nineteen thirty nine to nineteen forty five and was the longest battle fought during World War two the German during the battle German u-boats attack allied convoys using the Wolfpack tactics when one new boat spotted a a target a radio message would be sent and other u-boats will converge on the location of the target do you the United States entered about the war in December of 1941 after the attack on Pearl Harbor within the first month the German synced over one hundred vessels mostly along the eastern coast of the United States by December 1942 thousands of allah the thousands of vessels have been sunk along the united states along the coast of the united states the first United States Troy escort vessels entered the war in December of 1943 by may of nineteen forty-three also known as blackmail the German u-boat fleet will take their biggest loss of the war 41 u-boats will be destroyed by the United States and allied forces cutting the German u-boat fleet in half after blackmail the Germans weren't able to regain the momentum of the previous years and destroyer escort vessels led the way to victory in the Atlantic thank you you Aloha I am cheap Angela fiorucci for with specific submarine force the USS barb AG 80 class submarine compiled one of the most outstanding submarine records of World War two during the seven war patrols she conducted in the Pacific between March 1944 in August 1945 the USS barb was officially credited with sinking 17 enemy vessels totally ninety six thousand tons including the Japanese aircraft carrier uno in recognition of one outstanding control commander Eugene plucky was awarded the medal of honor and the USS barb received the Presidential Unit Citation on the submarines twelfth and final war patrol the USS barb landed a party of carefully selected crew members who blew up a railroad train this is notable as the only ground combat operation that took place on the Imperial Japanese home islands you sars historic struggle Oh please join me in thanking us to civic league band under fleet bandmaster lieutenant Patrick see for their wonderful selection music in commemoration of our natives birthday the bell of the USS Arizona will be rung 8 x to mark the end of the wash the end of the current birthday year following in reading of our heritage message a single Bell will be wrong to mark the start of a new watch and a new beginning of a meteor USS Arizona fell was hatched in 1916 in jersey city new jersey the bell was located on a main mast of the Arizona during the period Japanese attack it was salvaged in august of 1942 when the main mast was removed after 20 years on the mainland the bell was returned to Hawaii in 1965 and placed on display as his visitor center in 1993 the bell will be wrong buy cheap center green from the Pacific submarine force as we celebrate our Navy's 240 birthday our history and heritage forum strange entity telling us who we are and what we stand for our core values or honor courage and commitment have been passed down from our founders who charged the Navy with the solemn duty to act as a shield of our Republic we have the honor to serve in the greatest maritime fighting force the world has ever seen what we do so with humility continuing to build upon a framework those fighting sailors forged before us history teaches us that with great power comes great responsibility from a great captains and crews who fought singleship actions in 1812 to the converse Raiders of the Civil War from the convoys of world war one to the major fleet actions of the Second World War two the Cold War Korea Vietnam and on today our Navy as boldly and proudly put our shoulder to the wheel we have champion peace and continue to shield the Republic here's to 240 years of proud naval heritage and many more and now the knife though additionally used to signal the start of a new wash will represent a start of a new year are 240 first the colour ceremony is a long-standing tradition in our armed forces every morning and every evening we stand on the symbol of our great nation the American flag represents the ideals of our founders and the bonds a United's all as citizens but for most it represents the sacrifices veterans both past and present who have served our country with distinction on ships of the u.s. Navy first call is sounded at zero 7 50 55 minutes of heaven wearing colors or raising the nationalism and five minutes to four evening colors or lowering the national anthem bandmaster some first call to colors good morning and aloha coinciding with our 240 is navy birthday this is also the centennial of the position of the Navy's leader the Chief of Naval Operations we are pleased and proud to welcome back to Hawaii and to have as our CNO here today Admiral John Richardson ladies and gentlemen our 31st Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson well thank you I'm erog and aloha to everybody it is fantastic to be back I had a privilege of commanding USS Honolulu here out of Pearl Harbor and my family and I lived here for six years during that tour and it is wonderful and it is especially wonderful to be here to participate in this color ceremony on this our 240th birthday for the United States Navy as I think about that I really can't imagine a better place to celebrate our birthday than here in Pearl Harbor as I think about these two hundred forty years the thing that strikes me is that this marks 240 years of dedicated professionals who out of all of the choices they had in their lives chose to raise their right hand and make a commitment to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and to bear true faith and allegiance to that Constitution and the country whose corset directs you know that oath is such a powerful thing and it is exquisitely symbolized by the two features in Pearl Harbor behind me you know one can never predict what sacrifices and costs that that that oath may may impose on us and certainly none of the sailors that woke up on December seventh nineteen forty one anticipated that that oath and their dedication to that commitment would result in than paying the ultimate sacrifice that morning and you can see that beautifully symbolized in the Arizona Memorial here and out in the water behind you similarly the power of that commitment is symbolized here in pearl harbor as well and so the power of the idea of what the United States represents the freedoms that it brings the example that it serves opportunity for everybody the creativity of our people and all of that in in service to our nation I think is also symbolized here behind me in the USS Missouri where the peace treaty was signed at the end of World War two in Tokyo Harbor and so you've got these two beautiful bookends of symbolism to this commitment that we make to our Constitution and have made for 240 years at the start you have the USS Arizona a symbol of the cost that this commitment may may ask of all of us and on the other end you've got the USS Missouri which symbolizes the ultimate victorious power of the ideas behind the United States and the commitment to our people and so it's an absolute privilege to be here in Pearl Harbor welcome everybody who joined us today I welcome all of our all of the guests who are able to join us in fact what a beautiful way to start your morning isn't it to just come out here in a beautiful day like today and have a band concert I think I'm gonna start all my mornings that way just gets at my own band and come on out start the day that way what better what better way to do it anyway without any further ado just want to say happy birthday everybody one more time thank everybody who has had that opportunity to raise their right hand and commit their lives to support and defend our great nation thank you very much thank you emmerson now ladies and gentlemen please stand for the presentation of the colors as we honor our veterans or military families and our country with the playing of the national anthem performed by the Pacific Fleet ceremonial band fan master sound attention to colors color guard parade the colors you ladies and gentlemen this concludes our ceremony Mahalo to all our veterans and attendance today again thank you for your service a big thank you to the National Park Service for their continued support of this monthly ceremony the US Pacific Fleet band and also Joint Base pearl harbor-hickam honors a ceremony card to all our visitors and guests introduce yourself tell us where you're from and feel free to take pictures with our service members and all our veterans in attendance today this is a great way to thank them for their service present and past if you use twitter or facebook don't forget to hashtag Pearl Harbor colors now as we say for well pleasing choice in a rousing rendition of happy birthday and anchors away by the US Pacific Fleet band and enjoy the rest of your day here at Pearl Harbor Aloha you

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