SUPERS IS ALL YOU NEED TO WIN! Jump Force Online Ranked

June 16, 2019

que lo que me hand – welcome back to another video I haven't actually uploaded in like two days and there's a reason for that mainly is that I had a video ready to go but I forgot to schedule it so and just stay private the whole time and I forgot about it it was supposed to go up yesterday but you know things happen and now I'm recording this video so I could get you guys to videos for Friday which is today okay today is Friday by the way look at that look at the time right now it is 8:51 a.m. okay so I'm recording this early man so I hope I can stream today because the boy sleep schedule got fixed but now I got a grant father you know bedtime by 8 or 9 I'm already tired man you know I already want to go to beddy-bye you know what I'm saying okay yeah hmm oh okay I'm glad he dropped it oh wow you get a so present even notice no no no no no no no no no back up oh boy Reagan Reagan whoa that was kind of cool haha signed you what you're doing silly book you silly goose go motherfucker huh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa thank God thank God the Lord is with me today or Never month okay okay he's still with me he's still with me he's still with me you still with me you're still with me let's go yes he is mmm hold on the horn the horn horn I'm sorry I got it I got to do a low because it's still very early you know I don't want to wake anybody up especially not my neighbor's dog oh okay all right now stop all right I'm sorry you made your point okay all right yes hi oh good stuff good stuff uh-huh uh-huh all right you got you got it King you got it Kane I'm gonna make you waste that ah there you go your stamina ah boy oh Jessica you tried it of course oh my goodness okay dawn dawn dawn okay boom boom ah fuck it's oka helping mouse help me out Thank You Hisoka thank you sweetheart mmm where you going with that super my man who gave you that permission oh wow okay man I'm glad I didn't work out I was not getting mad as fuck of that word I would have been mad as fuck is that work bro I'm not gonna bullshit you let's go bitch hit him on were you going my man dude he ran from me man he really ran from me I actually wanted to make this video a memeing trying to meme on people with Kenshiro part three but when I saw the Yost I couldn't help myself well you see I thought I couldn't man so let's go to the next match no that's just an a5 rank has a CAC and has total support bro Jesus it's it's not even 9:00 a.m. my guy like what you're doing what you do when this early bro bullshitting with that team boy all right all right it's fine it's fine bro I guess I'm gonna have to deal with it but y'all motherfuckers really Wow there now here would see a seize this early bro like damn like I'm not gonna judge you for playing John for this early cuz I'm playing John for this early and look at you with your little soul patch taking you q Thank You Man or all right now the problem that I have a lot is that when I fight CAC is to have to a little support I only focus on 1202 support bro that's like that's like my only mission it's like the total support oh wow I forgot that I had Jota to support Wow the vanishes all right all these supers and you can like combo off afterwards crazy man there you go okay all right lost more than half my health there huh b-boying on the people now okay okay walking yes sir how you doing there come on oh boy I thought it went like attempt something there oh wow let you let that head Wow eager cutter oh man oh man no again okay I don't know why I don't just take it you know what I mean cause like it's not you can break my guard after total touches my guard it's not like he could break it at least I don't think so right if I if I were to use like logical there you go if I were to use like a logical kind of output holy fuck bro oh okay I was about to say damn like he doesn't use his escape for nothing man oh I did too I did two back steps by accident that was my bad did two backs us by acid in damn he switched out of that toe little real quick mmm okay no stopping a battle for you brother no stamina battle for you brother how you doing you try to switch to your CAC no stamina battle for you brother stop it dude he mm he is stubborn about using shit yeah yeah no are you lucky bitch oh fuck me oh good good good good good oh no I was trying to I was trying to you all use my awakening breath I sucked ass bro that's not sad it's fine it's fine I'm chilling Ren I I woke up like 2 or 3 hours ago I woke up early today I'm chilling I'm energized I'm chilling bro it's fine it's fine let people do the bullshit it's cool mmm-hmm let's go can I hit him oh fuck man I thought I could hit that now you're good bitch now he can't break guard alright so I was right on that end oh fuck me that's fine it's fine let's go bitch can't kill him here you go baby oh my god I reacted fast enough man I am the fastest man alive bitch mm-hmm it's not like he could break guard when he does that's a white dude does he do it oh fuck he oh why he hit it okay good good thank you like he stopped running in front of me with that line in palm bruh that was lucky on his end but what is he trying to do with that though I'm confused like he knows it can't break my shit so what does he attempt it oh nice nice okay all right all right it's wrong with you man oh he actually broke my shit there oh wow I didn't notice that they don't notice it in time baby didn't notice any time it's fine baby it's fine it's not awakened no more that's what matters he's not awakened no more come on yeah you better back up still bitch oh wow he could actually oh wow I thought he was born or laughter that right there yeah yeah I gotta buy time nope he doesn't listen bro like you know I watched a little slow whoa whoa okay all right mm-hmm why that sucks assholes man you total cult over to support that's funny that's fucking hilarious oh boy oh boy oh boy and I win it baby and I win it give me that w bro give me that w I confronted you with your CAC I confronted you with your tow would have support and I still came out on top Honeybuns let's get it baby that's what I'm talking about I usually sucka for most of that match for obvious reasons the counter is God all right what was this guy man priest met what a 97 1 B 2 rank got Lew FINA CAC huh you know I can already smell something funky going on in there smells like cheese but we'll see man cuz the thing is some of you guys my ass what why is it cheesy to use Luffy and one nah but it's just there's a few things I've seen that I haven't talked about because I don't want people replicating it like when I first started playing this game I would I would like give out steps on how to do it like ice identity I would say it just to just to kind of give people an idea of what I was talking about but I'm not doing that no more whatever I encountered something that's not very common but that some people do I'm not gonna say how to do it just because I know for a fact he's gonna make people want to do it what you go in there brother okay so you guys were telling me when I was funny that spamming Luffy to just sidestep his unblockable bullshit and that's what I'm planning on doing brother that's what I plan on doing okay why okay alright cuz that made sense he really is not trying to do anything huh come on come on let's get it yes sir all right oh here we go let's get it let's get it oh right on time bro right on time bitch you're good you're good for their day baby mmm-hmm okay good good good whoa bro my shit okay that's fine that's fine that's all he's gonna do when ain't it that's all he's gonna do oh my goodness Jesus Christ hold on let's do this then man I was hoping for him to do a super we backed up oh he backed up baby let's get it oh he backed up baby it's time it's time the thing is if he's gonna use his ultimate I've gotta use mine as a trump card – baby you know I'm saying I gotta use it so this is this is it this is gonna be the extent of the gameplay it's gonna be him doing that over and over again huh what does I have so much range dude Jesus Christ bad move dawg you thought it was over all right oh my god oh my god yeah I really can't get in there like that huh okay all right come on oh wow I went for a grab bag but what's good now bitch nah bitch ah what you going huh I really wanted to get him with their physical debuff and then he had I done that ultimate was uh bgg oh I didn't thought to mean I'm sorry guys I'm sorry I'm just a little bit I too concentrated on this shit right here man oh boy it's a never-ending battle with this guy ah I will run it through my thing all started to my stamina bullshit he does boy let's get it let's get it oh fuck ah now you could have done the ultimate there and fuck me up hold on hold on opportunity opportunity fuck Naaman think I can hit him man oh damn dude I really like had I been close I think I would have been able to do it but I was too fucking far let's go dude that's so difficult to avoid though thank you for switching at least Jesus Christ bro what yeah I know he grabs up to the Luffy thing get it let's get it let's go oh let's get it let's get it not this time bitch get it oh come on aah I tried to tell my ultimate there I tried so hard to time my ultimate bro bro I tried so hard to time it they're like I soon as I'm pull out the gun I went for my ultimate it didn't come out bro damn dude ah bro but this got represents why people don't like arm this guy represents why people don't even like REO in the first place come on dude do a gomu gomu no I know he's gonna do a gomu gomu no I couldn't have enough time to like do it man cuz what I wanted him to do truthfully was do the gomu gomu no I was gonna block it and then I was not have this cuz he's I knew for a fact he was gonna switch to CC to try to grab me and I was not do the ultimate there and I was like win but that's fine man you know it is what it is I'm trying to just keep a cool head for this type of shit cuz I know that it's part of the meta now or whatever dawg keep it alright so we got our CAC with Pinkel of support now wonderful day wonderful day god bless the Lord and everybody that inherited the earth oh man but yeah man after not playing this game for what was like two two days and a half I'm chillin man I'm refreshed you know obviously at some point I'm gonna have to take two more days for over break but it's not gonna be right now at least all right baby ah and don't get me wrong all of this bullshit is annoying and and I'm just taking it by stride bro cuz that's the best thing I can do right now just you know chill out it's early in the morning ain't nobody wanna have their morning ruined oh wow okay I didn't know that was again I'm very very unaware of you know concealers combos so hmm is there gonna be landing palm there I feel like there's gonna be lying in palm there what's good with you okay that's fine that's fine woah okay you got a yellow death beam oh I'll grab again okay all right Oh what okay you got a king yes sir come on you called out piccolo by accident I bet now brother I know I saw that Biscay I saw that Biscay don't get me you know fuck hit it baby hit it hit it I keep forgetting to me and people spawned oh it's fine here's what I'm gonna do I switch to ahsoka do do do another one I dare you a quadruple dog there you bitch excuse me come on Oh [Laughter] Oh whoa nice brat bitch nice grab oh and I still won that beautiful beautiful I know for sure he had more help than me there but I guess not ooh no more time enough for you brother that's a thing of the past that's a thing of the past brother no oh nice nice okay all right hey piccolo how are you friend oh wow okay okay let's go the feathered I hate you bro that bothers me bro come on you should have seen that coming baby you should have seen that coming baby now you're good you're good piccolo support what's wrong with you what you hitting oh come on they did a punch they did a budget was right next to it oh you awakened wait wait wait wait wait wait yeah all right that's good enough oh whoa whoa let me do that let me do that real quick on on what you doing over there huh with your cute eyes hold on let's go take him upstairs Kent you know what you're doing over there mmm baby and that will big the mean to you boy yes sir yes sir he still has this ultimate can't be forgetting out here hey my name's Berto how are you you know stop enough with you now I've run oh you don't have the ultimate no mom got nothing to be scared about right I'm assuming I don't yep come on motherfucker eat that up eat that up thing is man with your CA CS you never know when they're gonna grab into ultimate which is why I specifically did the stamina locked in we can shoot on them backed away because I know there's gonna be a smartass out there being like Oh Bertil yeah you you're a hypocrite you're a hypocrite it's like no no I'm not a hypocrite it's just that obviously certain measures gonna be taken against see a sees the boy out here don't be using cc's instead I opted in to fight them okay I hope you guys enjoyed the video don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed it if you didn't enjoy it though dislike it alright that's fine that's completely fine I'm okay with that I'm gonna cry a little bit at night but I'm okay with that you know Oh move on all right take care guys


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