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Testing London police 🇬🇧

September 4, 2019

flooring guy who had to get the camera yeah we start YouTube we’re back day back in London Josh dropped us like a screenshot of some maps we’re gonna go checked out when the others turn up but right now we found ourself a tree guy we thing about trees is the landings and never the same I think it’s alright though because it’s slightly slanted so it’s not quite versatile like you’re slipping and the street is so busy as well yeah we’re just waiting for Josh Stacey and Toby Turner laughs the store a house for you today fingers of London and the street spots is that London’s never not busy we just gotta wait the right time across and underneath you yo easy when they sit well they’ll definitely see me I’ve got filming permit they got bigger fish to fry I wanted to go from that tree to that post box not post box telephone box just testing that doesn’t seem like safe the top is like really it’s like plastic almost Hey such a sick gimbal such an achievable one as well those junks are like a nice size destroyed the tops are a bit slippery okay rolling say when you’re going [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you’ll need the long distance to do that there are guys like he is the boy that’s such a good line only just rolled up to see them during that line that’s pretty sick I didn’t realize he’s coming through the lamppost that’s really cool no there’s a mouse yeah oh that looks like a nice one [Music] [Applause] yeah [Music] [Music] my serious Road defeating the police yet [Applause] [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] sMI’s ice tonight that’s all that means ice tonight and no more train so right it should be back to normal by tomorrow take a day hit that was nice from France right yeah that cyclic gap in France well on the way to recovery but it’s hard not to train a bit hard when you’re just having fun and wanted there charlie we literacy period the feel that bad just like the thing that would have hurt even if it was in the other time yeah I mean you booted the round and with the pool that’s good he’s gonna go crazy when I swear to ya sure sounds no I kill I kill [Applause] so now we’re going to the next spot to save a legs we’re on some Boris bikes mine’s not really nice Shimano multi-level [Music] let’s go o go running oh my god sure sorry this is Boris bike gimble attempt 1 okay and go [Music] yeah it’s like different variation you’ve got those wolves Australia’s and Jarmusch got climes Dino tacky stuff school chalk far this caught your font talk [Music] oh you make that me it is half the distance I can make it that’s not a joke and I’m like Max is six foot ten these rules are so far apart [Applause] nope nope nope nope not today today’s mission the classic construction site perimeter wall we’re just trying to find a way in at the moment it looks pretty dead in there there might be some builders though yeah so in quite catch up I jumped over heard a noise obviously builder like construction dude obviously their work in that today has a Sunday so we assumed it would be kind of empty it’s a classic situation of like once you’re on the verge eneral II pretty clear of people that are going to kick you off it’s just getting there again past the builders and security that’s the issue a very common issue there’s gotta be more around the bridge we know that the bridge is good just around the corner we found this section flat roofs blocks on top to get on top of it we have to do like a really obvious their case climb see how it goes [Music] untitled oh my god Safari we made it this jungle staircase watch out for the forms and shit the moment of truth can we get onto the roof that’s all I can grab it but no song bigger each yeah yeah you really sketch it on early oh my god yeah yeah I thought we’re getting out you’re great definitely something nice how you do it sure yeah 100% that’s often what we should go down Toby it’s a piece when the floors walk did you get legit really yeah all right just getting ready to film a few lines went back to get the cameras and the blues and Tuesday we roll it this would have been the ideal all the way up usually can’t get in this is running around you think he thinks we’ve run off they probably think we’re running off I want to see the amount of lines we’ve had cut off by police it’s depressing browse our live for free sorry yeah we are hey it’s video yeah I made my phone so just right on the corner now that was I was pretty chilled to be honest they didn’t know who some one of them was fast running round the corridor expected to go into something James Bourne chasing I’m we’re just like it’s all good I always come of all guns blazing and they just realize but not like criminals all that bad guys and Max got guard you got to get your GoPro yeah so he’s got to go back up there something like oh my fault it’ll work out getting back up without ideally having to do that stair climb again so bait literally their main road of course we were seen just realized we could get you run [Music] so yeah me and Toby went back to get the GoPro and we’re like might as well get the run that we had originally planned for yeah us on the ground at the moment on the lookout just in case police car rolls up I’ll give these guys a whistle and they’ll come down to the ground all good and we’re out there it’s a bit cheeky but we had to go back up there to get my GoPro so Mars will make the most [Music] clear and we kind of realized I mean when you open the door it sets up a sign of alarm I can hear sirens and they’re still up on the roof not a good sign who shed eyes police so yeah I saw the police pull up and then I got out of there let me give another call see where they’re at not a good sign store army wish us luck sorry to waste your time man sorry sorry guys how’d you get the camera sick well they got caught didn’t get in any trouble I love London what next we’re gonna watch well chase cronuts playing it now this should be quite good there’s loads of really good people that do really big jumps Oh [Music] Oh Paco Paco is Robert it’s just fucking crazy to watch it spread cool old goose chase was that was definitely decent congrats to Marrero for winning it third time in a row piece [Music]


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    If you liked this one check out "Artist V PC Smith 2226AS" 😉

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