The ACTUAL Best Weapon in Breath of the Wild!?

July 26, 2019

ancient legends of Hyrule foretell of a weapon better than any other they say this weapon has three things one could ever need to win any battle one more range and strength than the Master Sword two more defensive capabilities than that of the Hylian Shield and finally three all the knowledge in the land of Hyrule and lots of paper this weapon is a bookshelf so recently on the breath of the wild subreddit I've noticed a trend of people taking a bookcase on the breath of the wild sub try this again this one I noticed he trained the people taking a bookshelf from the castle and bring it around Hyrule basically pretty much everywhere it's kind of turned into a little bit of a challenge I'm taking a bookshelf from this castle right here and just starting to try and bring it to anywhere in the map that they can think of so I thought you know maybe we could sacrifice it into Death Mountain right there into the volcano so um let's let's go try that is this it here I believe this is it this is the bookshelf right here take a look at it we got a all folks but that is yep that is definitely the shelf everyone's been messing around with I think they're actually two of them yeah there's one right there as well so it's a couple things I'm curious about this shelf here is can this thing actually break I do I have to be worried about it accidentally breaking from an enemy or if I drop it from too high will it break like where I'm trying to figure out were the challenges to bring in this places it will that alright I think this thing's indestructible honestly I guess we'll start our journey how do I get out of here again alright buddy just mean you now for a while my bookshelf buddy me and my bookshelf buddy we're gonna have to defend you from these lizalfos actually could probably use this as a weapon I just throw it right at the villas all foes face I may have actually found the truest the truest that a word the true strongest weapon in breath the wild guys is a bookshelf who needs the Master Sword we got the master bookshelf alright where did my bookshelf go the master bookshelf come back boy there's actually a third bookshelf right down there located but uh apparently we're taking this one there's three of them but it's the only one I care about all right see on the other side buddy my bookshelf buddy Minds me a bubble buddy from Sponge Bob I also want to I want to try on her way to oh my god you puts ready to be bookshelf buddy don't do that I can't believe he did that geez see I'm saving you from hyrule castle all right Ganon was after you and that's how you treat me oh my gosh you can't even stand up for yourself look at that people think Zelda is a useless princess who doesn't do anything look at you all right I want to fight a Lionel actually with this thing and I know there are some Lionel's here on the castle so I went ahead there well you know what this would actually be a really good shield as well oh you see this who needs the Hylian Shield when we have a book the bookshelf shield boom just like that but I could what am I gonna do about that guy now your your book shop buddy you're in my way now turn quick quick quick quick there we go block it he doesn't know I'm there oh no bookshelf buddy you're too fat how do I get you through here oh great is this can I get my bookshelf up there if I can oh I can't put can I please come on bookshelf buddy just get up there please kinda like throw you up oh I can't let's test this guy that didn't work no I'm gonna try different I'm gonna get a different bookshelf all right bookshelf buddy 2.0 I see you down there all right we need a new bookshelf is I kind of screwed up the last one so now we have a bookshelf buddy to point out here oh good work bookshelf buddy all right come on she's bookshelf buddy ever think about uh no maybe going on a diet here this before I went last time all right that works barely I'm like stuck on one link I jump one hope no no no no no no no Dow book shop gosh darnit bookshelf buddy here's what we're gonna do if we leave it there I think we could grab that yep sweet and of course I wanted to go and fight a Lionel before going to the volcano I should just gone straight to the volcano instead but it's always something about me and Lionel's we always have to have to fight all of them you know I feel like bookshelf buddy it's not really a personal name and plus the other one was bookshelf buddy we can't just be calling this one bookshelf buddy a version two maybe we just call him bookshelf buddy Bobby bookshelf Bobby let's go with bookshelf Bobby you know I'm a little more personal to this bookshelf here hello my name is book shell Bobby and I recently met mr. nice guy I don't really know anything about him but he agreed to help me go to the top of Death Mountain and his name is mr. nice guy so I guess that means he has to be a nice guy I mean there's no way somebody I just met with lied to me right oh what that what was that that song it's raining men it's raining guardians apparently oh speaking of which hello don't do that it's gonna block it no bookshelf buddy or Bobby whatever your name is if I just you don't see me all right you didn't see anything there's nobody here just a floating bookshelf all right yes don't pay attention to the floating bookshelf you just leaves it alone oh look at that a floating bookshelf there's nobody there obviously all right so I believe there should be a Lionel right over here this is also garden I mean Guardian trying to shoot me but you know I have a shield okay not a good shield apparently I thought you were better than the Hylian Shield we I just have to be like that there we go no they can't shoot me nothing to see here Guardian just a walking bookshelf all right we got full health now let's let's go in here ot you know I don't know if I can use this as a weapon against this Lionel it's a silver line I'll choose is this gonna be a tough oh wow it's dealing damage quite a bit of damage actually oh ma Oh keV what okay you're good bookshelf Bobbi excuse me not now buddy that's a whole different bookshelf alright I'm being racist towards bookshelves right now saying like you know saying like they all look alike but that's not true okay back up I have the secret weapon not could easily defeat you with my normal weapons and stuff but you are on you're just being a meanie right now stay back a little bit okay I'll give you a flurry rush and I'll break my storage fantastic you know see this guy he gets double uses get you can attack with him and you can defend with him you know your mobility is definitely taking a hit you could also jump off with him you know get some slow motion like that then you can mount him he's very versatile I'll give him that I'll give him that okay bookshelf buddy you were seriously making my movement a little slow and it's a little bit hard for me to get in some good attacks I know we could mount him right now but we're just in him with a bookshelf come on there we go we kill the lino with a bookshelf guys fantastic but should we take bookshelf Bobby let's take bookshelf Bobby to the through the volcano to sacrifice him to the finally in gods you know I was skeptical at first but now I'm really starting to like mr. nice guy sure he's made fun of how big I am but he's also gave me lots of compliments telling me how first title of a weapon I am finding that Lionel with him was also a lot of fun all right help me bookshelf Bobby please nothing to see here just again another random floating bookshelf you know I just noticed I'm gonna have to get this guy across this water somehow try using some stasis and launching him across the water this may be a terrible idea what cannot use stasis on the bookshelf that is a big oversight but I did not notice that would have been nice to know earlier looks like we have to take the long way around all right can we get this guy across there out the water isn't too deep there is it if what if he falls in the water and he's gonna like drown I don't want my bookshelf Bobby to drown I don't know if I trust you you don't know how to swim why did you skip the swimming lessons all those years ago wait we just met how did you know that alright we'll go over there really fast and turn around and grab him quick there we go a yeegar clan member all right you client member versus the bookshelf it's actually kind of hard where the heck he's behind me they are a nimble there we go now your net up to a wall and one shot him it did like 64 I think you had 64 health so that had to do like 64 damage impressive bookshelf Bobby oh we have a Guardian up here fantastic this should be fun wait how does it even know I'm here you can't you can't see me we're just a bookshelf okay now you can see me apparently get back there we go help me bookshelf ah bookshelf alright Oh Thank You tree I didn't know I had a tree buddy with me too alright just block it this time please there we go good job hey Tom hey Tom block there we go the ultimate defense okay never mind get back here he's running away now he's scared he's scared of the power of the bookshelf nothing to see here do that stealth oh my gosh bookshelf is the best weapon in the game okay tree get out of my way I can't see a thing we're about to push this guy into the water oh my god gosh we're actually like distorting this guy right now or he's at one with dad one more hit you just fall in the water hold on mr. Guardian are you okay are you all right in the water he's still aiming at me in the water um I don't know if there are water proof guys like are you okay there oh you just you just died from the water all right good job bookshelf ooh new electronics and water don't mix but apparently bookshelf's and Link are a pretty good match honestly I've got to say I really like this guy he was worried about me drowning when we had to cross that river so that shows he really cares about me also we absolutely destroyed that garden I think we make a great team well um I think like the rest of our journey might be a little a little bit more relaxing than they started off you know out of the castle oh right as I said that there's a guardian actually like right there hey Guardian you do yeah you missed what happened to your friend back there you don't want to mess with bookshelf all right I'm not in the mood to fight right now I've I fought your friend you don't want to end up like him he's at the bottom of the river now you want to end up like a friend down in the water huh okay he's smart he's running away from the water Oh what you can't cross the bridge you don't fit uh-huh is that it he fits wait no okay does he yeah he fits he lost track of me thankfully now we just have to deal with this you playing member you know I can just block your arrows all day there and now he's closer to me geez you got instantly killed the second he came there oh you know it's raining guys and you know we can use her bookshelf buddy for we're gonna use them for shelter we just kind of put them above me and then now we're not getting rained on I don't have to mess up Lynx hair and then the rain stops instantly right as I say that I would it appeared there are some NPCs that need my help bookshelf can handle it there we go look at that oh my gosh he is so strong oh jeez all these compliments he keeps giving me are making me blush I see why they call mr. nice guy now hey guys that wasn't no need to thank me alright thank the bookshelf dude the bookshelf he can't eat food this is worthless to him loo this will Colin camp I wonder how easy this will be to take them out oh my gosh that kill okay that's gonna kill that blue ones in one hit but what other silver one and there we go dude bookshelf's are are the future okay guys is it worth it to try and sleep here will my bookshelf be gone in the morning somebody better not steal my bookshelf if I try and sleep oh and the fire went out thanks rain youth ain't gonna make that make it off this still going all the way around I think we'd make it up like this Hill here alright this is this Blood Moon better not make my bookshelf disappear I'm just worried about my bookshelf disappearing and alright good bookshelf is still there fantastic Oh another you Klan member prepare to die instantly alright this hasn't seen that steep so far not bad alright it's trying to get a little steep here a little nervous come on link no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no stop stop what the heck why is he dude he's having issues do you see how he just kind of like a stuttered a little bit i I've always had an issue issue when it comes to stuttering alright that that was bad wait no again okay it doesn't seem like that it's gonna be good what I'm he's stuttering again he's like going like 15 frames per second alright we might have to just go around is there anywhere I could just put him we're like so close to where we need to go oh thank you no no no catch it oh oh again what the heck link okay that's possible that's possible are you sure are you really gonna slide all the way down there okay I made it up really high last time ready to roll oh well thank you I definitely some drugs protection for what I'm doing right now please link please don't please don't oh my goodness oh my gosh bookshelf Bobby why would you do that where did I go Afghan bookshelf oh my goodness honestly I didn't mean to hurt mr. nice guy it was a mistake and I feel really bad about it hopefully you will forgive me oh I'm stupid that's why should have done we set this down somewhere and like climbed up and grabbed it from a high location right or we can just go right here oh wow yes we made it okay thankfully thank you there we go guys progress finally alright now there was like this lava river here but there's like a bridge that I want to go across so we have to make it there what's this hole looks like there's water there on the map small little spring nobody to tell Pete that there's a hot spring there all right bookshelf buddy don't die on me now we're so close please don't fall into the lava or anything like that bookshelf buddy are you are you lava resistant like if you fall in a lobby you're not just in a diary you've been in pretty instructable so far you've survived explosions from guardians alright seems like your uh your lava proof as well who made these bookshelves alright what did they make him out of things aren't instructable why didn't they make the weapons in breath the wild out of the same things they made the bookshelves out of the weapons are always breaking but the bookshelves don't well this is all this is a lot steeper than I thought it was oh great how am I supposed to get across this well we are very close to the top but I'm also very scared of that happening please don't just go please don't disappear in the lava please don't disappear in lava please don't disappear in the lava he disappeared into lava I can't believe he betrayed me I put so much trust in him and he could not even bring me to the place I want it to be I feel so hurt I've cried right now but the heat from the lava would enslave apparate my tears no-ho-ho bookshelf Bobby you been through so much together well guys I think there's a valuable lesson to be learned in today's video bookshelves are not actually the best item in breath of the wild friendship is friendships can be a very important part of one's life like bookshelf Bobby it may seem indestructible one day but nothing lasts forever I suggest cherishing every friendship you have because having at least one person that supports you can mean the world don't be like me and let that person down I suggest being kind and showing trust to all of your closest friends and telling them just how much they mean to you if an issue does appear in a friendship that is valuable to you it's a good idea to work things out and fix that issue rather than completely giving up on something that is so important being able to apologize and forgive are also both equally important parts of keeping a true friendship together so I'd like to say bookshelf Bobby I'm sorry for letting you down you are the best friend I could have ever asked for and you helped me so much you gave me all of your trust yet I broke that trust and betrayed you I wish I could go back in time and take everything back what I'm trying to say is you're a great person and you didn't deserve this don't worry I forgive you I understand that you never meant to hurt me we have done a lot together and I don't want it to end anytime soon thank you I'm glad we can still be friends speaking of friends it's time to give a shout to the wonderful people who support me on patreon so shout outs to serial D Annie and Ross also shout-out to Anna Sarah Victoria and I'm plan Scott for being a member on YouTube you guys are the best kind of friends there are the ones that give you money


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