The AIRWORKS© from TM Productions (1979)

July 25, 2019

set your left speaker level by this tone set your right speaker level by this tone sorry that won't do either turn this mama up and feel it or put on some Mantovani open your mind this is the air works pneumonic device please nice the air were air were a master works for rock radio from TM productions you'd think it's just another ID series this one's of first now Lucy ID service from company X that's the same all mules it can call that it's nothing new now look at the air works music call letters and production value or in other words excitement the air works had a change that excuse me if I could just say one sorry I'm narrating a 10-man but if I could just say sorry you hear the way the air work sets up music better yet it sets you a class apart tickets t-shirts and trips to Cancun Mexico that's we've got for you listen for details the air works works you got your slogan cuts you got your quick out of stops and cuts the PD runs from package to package I want to be different researches until one day he plays the [Applause] different means being remembered and tuned dance excuse me I suggest we just cut the height I'm not done something bug off now just tell her to call it cutting the transition cuts get on ready it's the super sound of great radials true school there's one advantage to building these damn demos Lackey 70 the air works has cuts that frame tempo changes like a work of art preaching a fast record to a slow one or a slow to a fast one like this so you'll want to give your audience the best sound on the dial well don't just give them call letters the individual give them the works call TM productions and get it working for you area two one four six three four eight five one one asparagi sales the air works is copyrighted it's also neat stuff now all the cuts in the clear cut one [Applause] cut to to wait to be cut three three a cut for for a five five a cut six okay cut seven cut seven a cut eight a day cut 9 9 8 10 10 a cut 11 cut 12 transition ID fast too slow [Applause] w he cut 13 transition ID slow too fast cup 13a he cut 14 cut 1515 a I cut 16 cut 16 a can cut 17 cut 17 a 1979 cut 18 got 19 cut 19 a cut 20 cut 21 cut 21 a gut 22 cut 23 24 production bad [Applause] CJ you also get a version of this cut without a center logo cut 25 news intro provided free the air works from TM productions Dallas

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