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July 26, 2019

I don't even have it I don't even have the right mics on right now you know all my missile muscle memory has had to change you know that yeah let's gets a lot of pop so I know but I'm just saying I really popped hard on blitz there yeah I don't feel I mean like I like belly left my muscle memory people don't realize that a lot of what I do a lot of radio hosts don't run their own board no and I'm I don't know if it's old-school or throwback its I kind of think it is I don't know of a lot of guys Howard kind of halfway runs his board but not I run a full board yeah you run the commercials everything I don't know not only do I run a board I want to start switching video – you're a complete dick is what you are today you know I ran the boards he is a complete dick because I don't want to switch the video but on times where he cannot switch yeah then I want to have the ability to and then he turns it around on me blitz you pop and then you heal up your son of a bitch I had to run the board at real radio for eight years you did yeah because we were in a completely different room because like but it was still old-school mentality yeah where they Russ is in his own little fishbowl and he throws it over there right yeah I didn't they play the sound effects and he does nothing yes there's a lot of hosts that do that not me man I gotta be in charge I got I got to keep it I got it I don't know I think it's a dying deal though maybe I need to let it go no I couldn't let it go I could not know you you bitch about whoever was running the board and they can run a perfect board and you would do I feel like that was ridiculous that mix so as as I was talking about muscle memory I'm so used to turning one two and three on and then fours usually down and then five is up which is blitz and the guys so but I don't have Mike two up nowadays so that I have to skip a pot so now I have the one three and the five pots open and I used to have the one two three and five but yeah and it sounds bad yeah it sounds bad big difference shut up blitz no but it just sounds where's that drop the up blitz and licked me well you went from having to turn all those mics on to now you just don't have to turn on mic 2 and with more huge yeah well when you're getting ready to take the 747 off the runway sometimes you forget about a little thing or here and there we got took off okay now didn't we hell yeah exactly we didn't hit any birds on hook off oh I can't even say it on the air blitz because you know what I'm gonna say right yeah me and blitz today we're having our meeting and you know I got these bullets I don't want to talk about them but there's a bunch of balloons in the studio okay mom somebody send them to me it's gotta be 16 all right so stop most of them say I love you and then they got to kissy smiley face emoji yeah and there was a letter on it too and bubble ripped it off so no one could see it yeah who just let us know if you got heat just tell us listen I got a heat so listen total you should've seen the whole understood Tuttle just have you wait blood to see that no he hasn't seen nothing I don't know about all that Oh blitz was the one that picked it up so oh yeah I would have loved I know for a fact has pictures of it I mean he's got so many pictures on me so anyway listen to me we were looking at these balloons this morning and blitz kingdom came up with the most ingenious game ever but what can we say it bled to say oh yeah no I mean we were obviously joking alright so obviously we're joking we're obviously joking but we were looking at all these balloons Tuttle and blitz came up with the great of the game that sweeping the nation what's accomplished we're gonna play the who can who can get a balloon in the airplane engine game challenge challenge no the jet engine challenge it's a challenge oh Jesus Christ oh hell the balloons right into the tarmac yeah I'm on the corner property of the brn I'm letting a balloon go off right now here they get sucked into a jet and oh my lord the Southwest flight just missed it but I got JetBlue that's only a little bit away he's coming down the nothing like going the federal prison oh yeah all of us even anybody that was just here on the property and thinking about it Tom Dean's going down Tom bean could be up in his office like on a condor you'll be out of state yeah they would arrest the entire building especially if it was catastrophic especially if indeed somebody did win the general and engine challenge didn't make you and make everybody forget about the Hogan tape yeah I'd be in prison not in your office yeah I'm not in my office and behind bars oh man so we're thinking so hi this is pump of the love sponge and we're not asking anybody to play the jet engine challenge with helium-filled balloons no of course not it's it's it's healing through humor it's jokes it's disclaimers it's a satire type overly relaxed you can't take anything they say seriously it's just jokes need the rest it's just jokes so as we were as we were starting the show off today Tuttle I looked at my iPhone and really we start to show at 5:58 that's when the show so yeah yeah yeah well that's a delay right well I I guess I don't know but what I'm thinking is I wonder if like back in the day when when we were like really really really popular on 98 rock a lot of people would be like I don't even know people have alarm clocks anymore like I don't know what most people I still wake up to an alarm clock but a lot of people you know Asia from wait no I don't use my phone because it did me dirty a couple times and I like overslept so no I use I revert back to an old school you know alarm clock that heck do you think it can have the radio on you gotta clean that you don't like playing that game or you're ready to go to sleep and you know your phone's only got 10% and you think you know what that's good enough 40 apps open no I'm so OCD I actually have to have mine plugged into the wall and I have to send an alarm right before I go to bed just to check to see if my alarm is going to work or not so like you mean you'll set it for a minute yes so it goes off yeah and I'll just check to make sure that okay it's working one before before telling it's in his car and drives he likes to get out and make sure all the lights work yeah I know he does that every time walks around make sure the lights oh so anyway I wonder if people still set their alarm clock to us like when they wake up at when their alarm goes off at 5:58 or not at 6:00 if it's set on us and people you know listen to us I don't think so I don't know if people do that anymore don't people wake up to their favorite show anymore I'm sure there's some people in Charleston and Ontario that do that and you think well you think so yeah how do you how do you wake up blitz like what type of other oh I play that I play the let's see if we got enough battery to last until the morning game is it like a almost like a sexual type of fetish for you it is is that how you get aroused and be like I listen let me tell you something that 9% I should just make it by about 3 minutes yep I had a close call a couple weeks ago I I forgot to plug my phone in and I was using my flashlight on my phone or my pillow front am I the only guy that uses an alarm clock now I use my phone but I was using my flashlight and I forgot to turn it off so my phone died during the middle of the night and I will cut 15 minutes before my alarm was just supposed to golf I'm gonna say why the hell is my phone cuz I tur I was checking to see what time it was like my goddamn phone call what's in your little head you know what I've been doing since I've been drinking I've been getting really high and I've been I know everybody watches this guy but like I get really high and and watch these PewDiePie videos it's worse it's worse but I start overthinking I'm like why is this guy so popular and it just boggles my mind and and week that we which are sorry which is which are far more funnier you know four guys and four dudes aren't as more popular than we really are but I it's right it's one of life's mysteries because I've been trying to figure this out and I smoke as much weed as I can and I just can't figure it out like what is it like why is this guy so popular yes I don't know because people are stupid and honest he doesn't play Minecraft which is one of the worst games in the world yeah but you're right getting popular again but I know it's getting popular again but it's getting popular because I am but I looked at it every single yeah it just goes to show you how stupid America is well the world that's the world every video he gets gets ten million views well why did baby shark get seventy billion views I mean like it's cuz people people like Donnie one of people want to open their mouths and slobber and just look and just look so just a YouTube guy he doesn't do anything else he's not like a famous he's not Billy right how much you think he's worth just being on YouTube another 1 million what do you think Bubba just on YouTube 35 million they estimated that's 30 million it really wants me to kill myself and II sell him the merch and like he actually he'll do like a 20 minute video and he has five commercial breaks and a 20 minute video and people sit to them and I just because people are stupid but we're dumb too we're dumb in a smart ass not-so-friendly way see you can be dumb but you have to be dumb nice and we're dumb mean and dumb mean morning Shannon will be in tomorrow and Wednesday Bubba whoop ass Wilson on Friday and then starting Monday I'm starting my audition process for a girl really and that goes to what I need help with them and I think as the show goes through different you know periods and eras if you will I think that we need kind of a hot I don't know if you can say that or not hot attractive social media savvy younger girl between like 23 and 35 and I reached out to I went on Instagram last night Tuttle and I went and looked at girls I hope this doesn't come across as creepy but I'm sure it did and I reached out to girls in the Tampa area women women women in the Tampa area that are on Instagram that don't look like they're you know strippers or whatever they look like just regular people and said hi this is Bubba Klem and we're all currently auditioning girl women for a Nanako and on-air co-hosts Instagram you back and I've got a few people few of them coming I mean that event that an Instagram to be back I'm talking emailing a couple of them and I'm thinking about trying to find a girl to sit in here with us that's the one dynamic outside of my sister the one time that we've never had yeah but she's got to be able to land it's gonna be yes she's gonna have to be able to hang with the boys and chances are Pat it's going to be very rare to find one I don't know that we'll find one but I mean it will be fun trying to find one I think the audition process will be good I mean we need kind of you know a girl that's I mean listen we want you to be attractive we want you to be you know up on your social networking so you can promote the show but you got to be one of the boys and you know blitz and I were just talking in the kitchen our our environment gonna be sexually harassed nobody's gonna be grabbing on her but on the air in the dynamic that we have in this building is very much a smartass feel yeah and on the air is even more smartass of a feel and so that's my idea I'm going to start the interview process on Monday we might have a girl now total do we have them get here right at 6:00 or do we have them get here for two hours only like I'm like how do we do that you think I say two hours for the audition yeah yeah I think in two hours we can I don't know though it takes somebody some kind of sometimes a little bit to kind of to learn how to double dutch in yeah but what happens if we have somebody really really bad and we have to like deal with them for four hours or you're gonna be the person tell them to leave or you could hit a gong yeah all reeking like that would scare a girl also you're saying have them have them come in early with the with the with the note with the you know with a pretence or with the knowledge that we could get rid of them like during the interview process if you like listen we're gonna have an on-air audition you get here at six but at any time it isn't going so good or whatever we can just kind of give you the double horn gimmick and you got I'd be like okay honey well it's just not working out see you later go tuck yourselves what the thousand bits blitz what's your opinion on that do I like the abortion angle you do yeah well if they don't work out we can abort them oh we have Joey Logano dressed as a doctor and coming in with my gloves and pulling out of the studio because I think I'd be funny mr. Tong it comes with a shop-vac yeah oh my lord oh my lord so I'm asking the bub army you know and you know tunnel everybody knows somebody like you know everybody like my sister knows you know some some 32 year old girls that sheet like you know everybody knows somebody whether it's a girl at the gym yeah total knows not sure 480 yeah so everybody is pretty socially networked you savvy with regards to your Facebook your Instagram you know what have your Twitter and if you have a here's here's the here's the prerequisites of a girl that could possibly audition that would certainly maybe get an interview and me and blitz are the ones that are interviewing them and so Tuttle here's the here's the the qualification okay mm-hmm you got to be between 20 21 and 35 you have to have an Instagram Facebook or Twitter preferably all three and you have to be available 6:00 to 10:00 in the morning you don't have to get here much earlier than that you can get here literally at you know 5:45 and leave at 10:05 and you know you're part of the show and you got a you know what will pay them it'll be a paid gig not a lot we're gonna pay him with possibilities Frank I think Fran might have been a good candidate a chance that she not flaked out but I think that we can even get somebody better than Fran and I don't mean that like in looks or whatever but just you know Fran that will seem to be in the Fran business I need a girl a woman you think a social-media influencer isn't gonna be in their own business no I want them to be in their own business but I you know I think Fran wanted to be like you know I think she thinks that her starting level should be weekends on Fox you know I'm saying I think she thinks she's weekdays on Fox yeah exactly I think she thinks that she's Fran Wayne and they gotta get rid of Kelly ring tomorrow mm-hmm so everybody knows that somebody knows to somebody get a hold of us in some way shape or form Capeman be checking on our Instagram you can see what I had a little forum thing that I sent to you know that every every girl I hope it didn't come across creepy it you're saying it coming how did you sell okay Ben how you saying that it came across creepy well you were not just messaging girls from Tampa so it kind of looks a little odd when a Tampa Bay show is region 2 girls in like Georgia well they might want to move yeah guess what cavemen if you have faced me bitch I'd say you faced me because I'm all about being honest but I said what's the opening line of what I said are you local are you local / from Tampa because at one time or another they had to something that referred to Tampa on their Instagram I think I just got you buddy because one girl said no I'm from Atlanta I said you know what I'm sorry to bug you we're looking for Tampa based girls thank you ah I would just drop the mic on they got the mic like I dropped the mic on you chill I am would you not agree cuz i did i made sure that i drug dressed that you did not as well you did address it's so kind of creepy says you well then you do it buddy how about you doing it Oh buddy do you do it this and she then since I'm such a creep you do it you're not a creep no I don't know I'm so anyway if if you know a girl how can they well okay but our our our email isn't working right now is it no yeah that's great wait why is your email now working I don't know some server meltdown yippee oh do job painter breach Bitcoin hack and Jack McAfee so anyway get a hold of us what can they I guess total they could Facebook us right yeah or tweet us yeah or or currently accepting message in the bottle if you could homing pigeon us yeah well that's jet engine challenge material yeah that's true smoke signals something they can Facebook us or if you're on twitch or if you're on Twitch or Twitter right title like they can just tunnel it like you know the our Twitter is at the bubble army so if you know of a girl and include her information so that we can go look and we'll call her you know we'll see if she wants to audition for the show I do have a girl that I think's going to blitz and I are meeting her the by the end of this week that I have hopefully it will audition Monday you want me to show you to her privately yeah I wanted yeah please I wanna see now blitz don't put this up okay all right promise yeah all right hold on let me show you this tunnel this he this is this is her the is a girl that I am uh auditioning her oh yeah yeah yeah and she likes guns and she's 27 and she's from originally from Georgia and she lives in Tampa now and let me show you another picture ever she oh and she's all tatted up I mean that's good I mean and I like that I like I'd never used to like tats but now tats a kind of a bad girl deal ya know she I mean she's hot definitely high just what type of personality that's exactly right she's got to look now whether she's got the personality or not like this tunnel right here I know now you know her being on the show sitting there on mic for and chiming in and being funny and being a smartass had a bikini pic right there oh yeah would you say blitz will get rolled real quick yeah what do you think about that tunnel yeah I like the glasses I do too listen blitz when we interview oh man if we would offer a girl a job we would understand the odds are really against you because we're some real pricks like I'm just saying we got people that are invented radio fronting how long they got ran out of here and we don't find women particularly funny maybe Travis Mouse I mean it totally didn't crack a smile yeah Wow so anyway Pat I know that you're a big movie buff but one things about movie yes avatar just got beat did you see that yeah vengers endgame past it Avengers in game just suits the all-time highest grossing yippee yo what they don't take in consideration inflation of the time yes and so they've came up with a new list where they've included the inflation and they've come up with the but the top movies of all time based on inflation Gone with the Wind number one never seeing it from 1939 do you know the plantation with the plantation it was called on Gone with the Wind I deny my sister's name Terra Terra Gone with the Wind it was called Terra Star Wars the original in 1977 would be number two I can see that number three would be the sound of music from 1965 number four et Oh classic oh I actually watched I actually got Cheetos fingers at et with a girl at et it was 1982 of the sophomore went to the went to the center Center center cinema Warsaw Indiana with this particular girl that I can't say her name could you imagine getting cheeto fingers if you had et fingers I've ever seen like they weren't like long ago chick eat he couldn't do Cheetos famous never in the movie really yep 8vt says et phone home but never phone home it says et it says I'm sorry it says et home phone okay that's the actual quote it's like the number one misquoted line of all movies Titanic in 97 with Leonardo DiCaprio I can see that five you can't like literally I just don't know yeah well you could drop out like Leonardo DiCaprio is like they're calling him the last real American actor and he is a pretty good actor though job down for it oh he sent a big cheer in total didn't get why that's why Iggy's got he your job you job him out you job out I've never had McGillicuddy and I didn't see it I was in the middle of the show Higgy McGillicuddy with 5001 bed and a pigeon you very much eating McGillicuddy he said this for your sobriety listen thank you Ned was so good that during the show he would break in so you cannot do the show and be the bit bitch yeah but I'm also like participating if we get a girl that will be Tuttle you can give her that job and you know how much more the guys like ice when Lena okay yeah I love ya sorry about a starts deep plunging for egg oh my god Kim do you think we can make her do kegels oh yeah bring it then kegels for you certainly something the boys might want us to put all now you went to kegels don't you you what the kegels now that we got possibly some hot chick that I don't even really have and I haven't even interviewed one person yet weekend for the 10 commandments number six of all time jaws number seven of all time did you like Charles um Doctor Zhivago who the hell is dr. Zhivago dr. Zhivago and never heard of that movie before him I liked jaws it was alright The Exorcist number nine your mom sucks something's in hell and snow white number ten in the Seven Dwarfs there are your top ten movies of all time Wow help our people so close-minded I've been saying that for years that they're going to associate me trying to be funny a smartass and get the most interesting collection of people in every day to do a show as like are you that John iam Oracle from mothers gonna have a bunch of homos in there he's gonna have a bunch of girls and they try to have penises bunch of homos bubbles I hate bubble you should be cooling had strippers and they're peeing in coffee cans and what have you my my wife won a set of boobs from back in the day but I draw a line when he's got a feller in there that's like a girl's got a penis like is there a certain amount of anything Oh our show is full of a lot of homophobic people that like legitimately will hate us because we're being pro homosexual non-binary by now you know like because we're like open for anybody to be whatever you want to be that makes us like we now you throw our entire career out and now all of a sudden we've lost our talent everything that we do is now officially bad because we want people to be him and express themselves and more importantly maybe give them an opportunity to be on the radio that makes us bad if he's on the Facebook fan pages for us they were they were there was so much heat over the Lummi and me kissing like yeah like real heat like 200% yeah if they couldn't see it clearly I know you could still see it so they were just mad that I broadcasted you and him doing a theatrical kiss deal yeah like what's wrong to broadcast that did they hate Brokeback Mountain yeah we did they just say that you're good you're changing you're getting soft and you're not doing what got you to the dance and you're you're just being I don't know that I can have girl I don't know if I could have the squirt drag-racing tomorrow no you can't okay things change people change the pieces of the puzzle change and maybe that end piece of the puzzle that Tuttle spoke about earlier is a non-binary trans Jen woman oh my god if that makes you not want to play with our puzzle anymore then see you later Johnny Am Oracle I think it's funny and if you don't think it's funny you don't think it's you know out-of-the-box and non-conventional then go listen to Hannity or rush or Dan Lee batard or whoever these spoke these speaking Talking Heads are and Dan Lee batard better pack it down a few notches don't you think he did a TV show yesterday but he did not do the radio show this guy's a virtual unknown just came on the scene about 10 years ago he's not a longtime radio guy with any type of talent he got he got lucky the first time I saw him was into you it's horrible by the way Billy is in the green room he is yeah I bet you're Billy probably likes that guy yeah of Miami guys well he just needs to know he just needs to know his lane limit are just needs to know your lane you're making a zillion bucks in the lane that you are don't try to go all the way that'd be like you know Billy Corbin trying to do you know kids rated G animation I don't know that Billy probably could nail that – it's a stupid analogy yeah spun myself out


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