The Impossible Life of CHIPS DUBBO – The INVINCIBLE UNSC Marine

July 27, 2019

hey guys welcome back today we're going to cover the life of a Marine who by all the rules of natural law should not be alive a Marine who defied the odds of space and time surviving some of the most cataclysmic events in galactic history when doing so was quite literally impossible he survived countless encounters with the Covenant the Sentinels and the flirt and his name is chips double the origins of the mysterious chips are entirely unknown shrouded in more mystery than onlys most classified documents rumors can be heard in the outer colonies that suggests he isn't technically human rather an artificially created a biological super weapon tales are told of his exploits during the war but take everything from the outer colonies with a pinch of salt with the strange troops they take out there on asleep you can never be too sure about anything they say however those are just baseless rumors what we do know for sure is that the mythical Dubbo is of some sort of Australian descent maybe it's no coincidence that he's from the same country as only top headquarters anywho that's enough speculation for one video how exactly did chips achieve this mythological status that spawned all the rumors of his origin let's take a look the first recorded sighting of private first class chips du Bois was on board the pillar of autumn fleeing from reach could it be that he fought on reach and was one of his few survivors I mean some pilots who fought in the space battle at anchor 9 swear that they heard his voice over one of the sabre calmness so perhaps his rumored links to only are more than just rumors or was he merely just one of the autumns assigned Marines I imagined that we'll never know for sure but his presence on the autumn would be one of great importance he was the first marine to meet chief when the Covenant began boarding the ship escorting me then an armed Spartan to captain Keyes like that shad that is mr. Debose survived the boarding and destruction of the autumn most likely via life pods and crash-landed on alpha helices squat like the rest of the stranded Marines he and his team quickly fell under heavy covenant fire but chief eventually showed up to return the favor and saved them whisking them away to safety in echo for nine teams Pelican although the safety would only be temporary it wasn't long before our resident alpha male was back in action once again Mia hours later chips took part in the read on the Truth and Reconciliation to rescue captain Keyes although here we run into another oddity with his story he actually wasn't part of the same team as chief that landed quite far away from the ship instead he was part of the first strike team that landed much closer and were all killed however later on when the group was staging their escape in the spirit chips appeared to complement Keyes's flying ability so this raises yet another theory perhaps chips Du Bois is no mortal man rather a soul like entity that when its body is destroyed can simply possess another could chips Dabo have transcended time and space and learn to exist within the fourth dimension I don't know but I'll leave it open to you guys to discuss it in the comments after defying death and flying away into the sunset he embarked on yet another mission this time as one of Captain Keyes's personal envoys however this would be his most horrifying operation yet even for somebody of his caliber some time before this an elite was captured and interrogated at a UN SC's base of operations on the ring alpha base this elite after much grilling revealed the location of a covenant weapons cache that he delivered to a facility hidden deep within one of the halo swamps he saw intercepting this cache as a priority one mission and so set off at the facility with fighting chali led by Johnson and of course containing our main man mr. Deveaux and second squad for backup however when they got there the facility they thought would be teeming with covenant activity was empty and deathly quiet the only remnant of the covenant there were dead mutilated bodies and the deeper they went for more death they could smell eventually the dark secret of this facility was revealed and captain Keyes and fireteam Charlie were ambushed by the flood however chips somehow managed to survive ambush he got separated from Johnson who made his own escape from the facility and somehow managed to fight through hordes of infected by himself and make it back to the surface where he rendezvous with the survivors of second squad however double him to take somewhat of an interest in the flood and it was here where his alter ego chips turbo flood hunter would finally come to light okay guys I'm gonna try and sneak up behind the flood I'm coming in behind him now so justjust be quiet I've never seen anything like this before if I can just get a little bit closer maybe I can just prod wanna see what it does I've got to be really quiet now okay they look pretty bloody dangerous Oh crikey I've never seen things like this before he fought off the flood with chief in the swamp until echo 419 came to rescue the survivors and from Barren out his whereabouts on the ring are a total mystery given that we never saw him again in combat Evolved we could very easily just assume that he never made it off the ring alive but why would we underestimate mr deburr like that when we all know what the man is truly capable of somehow he managed to escape alpha halo before it was destroyed and make it back to earth safely how exactly and is entirely unknown again shrouded in more mystery than anything only could ever classify however chips didn't let these traumatic events and close shaves with death face him when the Covenant attacks earth your boy was on the frontlines immediately he deployed to new Mombasa with chief Johnson and the other Marines stationed on board the in amber cloud but on the way down to the city his Pelican was shot down by a scarab as it expect this was absolutely nothing major two old ships he fought alongside chief and Johnson through the streets of old Mombasa before eventually joining the fight in the industrial zone of new Mombasa when a gret ship was preparing to jump through the portal he made it back on board the amber cloud just in time surviving the portal closing and making his way to yet another halo ring Delta healing however it's at this point where I need to introduce another theory the Dubbo clone very while he was thousands of light-years away fighting on Delta hello he was also encountered by buck still fighting the Covenant in new Mombasa now did only create multiple DuBose did the simulation glitch out and duplicate the man again I'll leave that up to you the viewer to try and answer in the comments over on Delta helo he wouldn't again fought alongside chief through the ancient ruins of the ring and helped him push off the rock and through the bush until they reach the prophet of regret but he let chief have that one half however it was around this time where Dubeau let his guard down and was captured by the Covenant and imprisoned on board high charity at the worst time possible at the dawn of the Great Schism chief used the ensuing anarchy on board the High Charity to his advantage freeing DeVoe and his fellow Marines from their cells and the Spartan once again joined forces with the invincible Marine to slay all alien scum in their path as the flood begun in fashioning the city chief boarded the key ship back to earth leaving doober behind but as we know ships has a knack and escaping impossible situations somehow he managed to fight through the ensuing Great Schism and also now the hordes of flood on board high charity and escape making it back to earth to rejoin the fight yet another one of the many impossible acts this Australian legend managed to somehow accomplish back on earth he took a more relaxed non-combat role for a while acting as crews nest communication operator he sent kilo to three to rescue chief Johnson an arbiter from the jungle near voi which begs yet another line bending question DeVoe somehow managed to make it back to earth from High Charity before chief how the hell did he published that questions so many questions when the Covenant began invading crews gnashed de bois rearmed himself and once again took on a combat role clearing the hangar of invaders before making his escape he then once again rendezvous with chief in the city of voi helping destroy the AAA defenses but covenant established before having yet another dice with the flood when the infected ship came crashing down and boy he helped the cleansing procedure on the ground but was eventually evacuated to the dawn with all the other survivors before Arthas gillaspie area being the battle hungry marine that he is he thought obliged to go through the portal to fight the Covenant one last time on the ark his journey down to the surface didn't go quite as expected though his Pelican was shot down on his descent and he and the few of the surviving Marines were forced to stay in the shadows and hide from a brute scavenging parties however when they rendezvous with chief once again all bets were off and they slaughtered the scavengers were these he and chief once again joined forces to clear an LZ for the dawn and to push towards the cartographer he demonstrated his impeccable driving skills in a gorse hog while chief was on the gun and the two iconic heroes fought through waves of reefs and took down a scarab this man is capable of just about anything once they'd found truce location des moines chief took up arms together one last time as the dynamic duo cleared out one of the shield towers together before making their final effort towards the Citadel in the heaviest armor they could muster as chief an arbiter went to stop truth chips was forced to evacuate the now flood infested area where the rest of the Marines and the élysée fleeing to safety on board the shadow of intent when chief an arbiter stayed behind to defeat the flood once and for all chips decided that it was finally time to take a breather from his eternal battle against aliens robots and space zombies and headed home through the portal when chief never made it back home chips decided that it was time to honor his battle partner one last time so he joined up with the other War veterans and took part in the free volley salute at the void making sure to remember not only the Master Chief but all those who served alongside him and witnessed what this Aussie badass was truly capable of chips turbo was more than merely a private he was a war hero of the greatest extent he served humanity like few others ever could and earned himself one long sunny vacation and that ladies and gentlemen is the mostly canon story of chips turbo the invincible Australian marina given that his canonical history is mostly just the events of the games I felt like their little cannon inaccuracies with his history that in reality were just poetic license could be made a bit more interesting with some slightly extreme speculation I mean given the sort of Mima status of this character in universe I figured that it was only fitting that a video that covers his entire history in detail had to have some sort of a me material speculation so I hope you guys enjoyed it I want to give a big thank you to all of my amazing patrons for their continued support over on patreon comm slash hidden experior and thank you all so much for watching I really appreciate it and I'll catch you in the next one you


  • Reply HiddenXperia July 27, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    CHIPS DUBBO – THE LEGEND FROM DOWN UNDER! Hope y'all enjoy! Next video is gonna be a pretty epic showcase of a new Halo spv3 mission that showcases one of the COOLEST parts of the Human-Covenant War we've never seen before (yes, it's canon)! Should be a good one but for now, enjoy some Chips! 😀

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    hes an Aussie what did you expect

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    Im pretty sure it’s not a 3 volley salute it’s called a 21 gun salute? 7×3 is 21

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    I had to check to see if this was an April fool's video.

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    Finally someone talks about how this guys still alive

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    Nah Chip has to be from where I come from Western Australia, Us West Aussies all know where made from tougher material than East Australia. Dawin is probably closest to our West Badassness.

    Chip for Spartan 4.

  • Reply Eternal Light July 27, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    Buck and chief were possibly in different times. So chief first then ended up in New mombasa finding buck

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    If Chips isn't in Infinite, we riot.

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    Chips Dubbo. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI. Now chips is a good example of what we Australians can be

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    You know he can have the same ability as the master chief like respawning maybe that is why

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    Ausssies never die, they just relax for a day.

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    Sounds like the Carmines in the Gears of War games

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    Someone give this man a medal!

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    He should be the mc

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    Na he’s no clone

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    An he’s just an god

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    Typical australian man

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    Chip becomes a Spartan 4

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    He's probably from the same Space Australia as Jeice from DBZ.

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    Hes an Austrailian He has Emu and Kangaroo DNA inside of him

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    Chips can just teleport. That’s how he was on Earth and Delta Halo at the same time. He’s teleporting back and forth so fast it looks like there’s 2 of him. Edit: That’s also how he got back to Earth before Chief did between Halo 2 & 3.

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    Who would win Chips Darbo or Sly Marbo.

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    "Truly, if he was any better, he'd be a Spartan"

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    He was born with too much australium in his blood.

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    In halo one Johnson could die. Just like Johnson, they really didn't want to keep him alive intill halo 2. Then you could keep him alive. I play halo a lot. Just play one on legendary and watch Johnson diie

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    Just imagine chip as a Spartan

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    Wait are we talking about the marine in all the missions with marines in them

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    When the Area 51 guards see one man "Few"

    When its Chips Dubbo "Goodbye friends"

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    5:05–5:07 this is either a glitch or unconfirmed teleportation

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    could chips dubbo be a spartan now if he is still alive , kinda like spartan buck???

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    The Australian fighting man is the finest in the world

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    ILL KILL ALL OF YOU -Chips Dubbo 2018

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    probably has multiple clones of himself.
    edit: commented to early don't complain plz

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    He likes to tactical tbag

  • Reply Chris the halo finatic July 27, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    He likes to tactical tbag

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    The Marine version of Yip Yap The Destroyer

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    Most people: Halo 4 and 5 felt vastly different then the bungie era due to a change in developers
    Me, an intellectual: halo 4 and 5 felt different because Chips Dubbos was not there

  • Reply Thomas Schrank July 27, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    Could it be like a nickname like noble six was, where that member of the company is likely to die and then another marine is named chips, and they all just sound the same out of coincidence, like they always name the Aussie chips dubbo

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    Worst story yet and doesn't sound like halo at all.

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    chips dubbo should be the main character! he’s more manly than chief

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