The Lion Guard – New Full Episodes 2019 – Part 17

July 28, 2019

community for tonight to be a part of the kupatana celebration Wow considering kupatana only happens once a year all the animals in the pride lands gather side by side to celebrate the circle of life in peace I spoke too soon the Outlands I wish the lion guard defend the circle of life out there too but we don't live life even those in the Outlands of course you're right dad lion guard let's go you jackals the lion God's doing us a favor today I just celebrates kupatana – I seriously doubt it thanks you guys awesome you were like well dude you guys must be Pillai Agard you were the coolest you're just wolf dude I mean is in there right away yeah we have that effect on know I'd be safe there don't you need to get back to your family dojo hmm I'm all by myself just kupatana okay Joe go you can come rescue Togo just like I knew they would we're getting into the pride lands just in time for kupatana dokgo convince the lion guard to invite him into the pride lands and when you invite one jackal you invite us all they'll never know what hit em you sure about this kion it seemed like janja Coto day to get chased by hyenas Dogo I did oh yeah tonight all these bail bad trees will blurt out kupatana but I've never seen it I can't wait whoa you can't invite him to cover had a guest from the Outlands on kupatana before wait dokas just one little jackal and look at the view okay well bestie head to the watery hall sounds good oh no fully you're with me hello son mom that's right I really fought the lion guard didn't I sure did Go Go great job but why are you sitting out here jackals are like do they where's this kupatana thing start I'm hungry back for a while honey happy kupatana bestie happy kupatana and booney see you at the celebration tonight yep but this is belonga the aardvarks tin he can't stay here go go got lost yeah whoa here go these are aardvark stands it's going on one of the jackal filling in our den easy everybody easy that was bunk on besties oh no what do you see lead the way what are you doing in there out of jackals where's toga you looking for my boy is go go go goes dad no I said I was all by myself which he was at the time my son a huge place without his mom and dad all right boy boy okay yeah I can see that he's trapped in a mud pit all the way over I like my doping we'll need to get moving okay rare a misunderstanding lion guard follow me come on you were right right right the bride lands is filled with great things to take just wait for that big old help ourselves to more of the pride Landers generosity but mom won't come and the lion guard get mad and kick us out yeah because it's bigger than other creatures you might know pretend to be sweet say it that's all chance to take working hard and just wait for kupatana all these animals gathered in peace pretend to be sweet oh dear has there been another misunderstands maybe next time you could get stuck in mud that isn't so stick or maybe not nothing is seen here move along these other animals Oh them a misunderstanding so different out there how could we possibly know what's acceptable in the pride lands gimme a break Cayenne you don't know don't you pride Landers have a word for that we do its kupatana it sounds lovely do you think we jackals can be a part of your Cooper told you that oh yes I think we understand now right go I go I go I guard we need to clean up for the kupatana celebration but I hope we'll see you there thank you all for joining us we are here not just to witness the blooming of the bass in the circle of life it is time a bunch of flowers no but all the options all these delicious little animals a celebration no no go I knew it sorry dad this is my fault but I know what to do everyone don't be afraid got a round of these chocolates and send them back to the Outlands where they belong oh no affirmative no that's what you think I think you're cute anymore I'll be over quick did we make another mistake of his pride land rules sake you're going back to the Outlands Oh Simba I think there's been a misunderstanding sorry dude don't forget kion I encouraged you to save that jackal pup this morning if strangers a chance to fit in then tonight we saw kupatana in action all the animals of the pride lands we just get to look at these things this is the best ever blossoms are delicious good I don't know keep him feel for janja and his clan peeled ice you I save cheesy and chungu behind that bush oh look for Georgia gotcha now lion cub kion the pride lands kion incoming come on fellas let's go but john-john what about the plan yeah dusty that's right goin goin keep goin janja you got it kion yeah keep goin Oh burnt down down mmm yes I see you cannot see haha that in the eye okay it's okay just a moment and a little space no no I like it Green is your color yeah yeah it totally brings out your eyes I mean uh oh forget it well I think it's poem and if I ever get dirt in my eyes just wear this eye patch for three days and no craziness three days no craziness I can see just fine no but those paintings are today I must add all of you to the story of the lion guard how isin to you to me not so much but they do say that art is in the eye of the beholder it does not quite have the spirit of your lion guard what do you think Oh No hmm is easy I heard my eye not my wings just watch you'll see hmm are you okay I'm good maybe you shouldn't be flying around he could break but doesn't the guard need me I'm the keenest of sight now let's get you back to the lair okay better the Parliament finds more deliberation is necessary bazinga in parliamentary procedures already in progress in reason for being late indeed it seems that owner with a lion guard is no longer able to so I suggest we form a subcommittee to study the situation Capital idea – I hear a second daddy the severity of the owners loss of eyesight will go to the planning committee for a vote during the next know what's going on in the pride lands and it sounds like although can't see oh no cares the gods eyes in the sky any time I got a brilliant plan all those spots it the God ruin six food how do you know we were thinking about food tell us the plan easy fellas easy give me a sec to think things through we need a guide will trick them hiding way up high we'll make a move we'll be so sly and then we can kiss the guard good we'll eat all day with the line make a trap that they can't see one they can't escape so easily our brains once the line goes out of the way the pride lands will be up of Fame will eat all night out of a way that we can think stop [Applause] you need to look more like a liar hmm now put your chin out like you mean it Bunga tickles oh is that action enough for you Rafiki hmm yes wait a minute I know sorry Rafi G no no no peace here so what's the news Betty oh it's real earlier today when she was over in the canyon near to cougar plains po uh I'm glad I was there to hear about it cousin overheard the Buffalo sisters say she saw from the canyon oh right I almost forgot the most important he wouldn't come back unless he was planning something mm oh did I mention there's a hurt why it is still not right it looks finally of us yet it should be simple their leader and those yes yes you all belong together we do belong together thing if I'm gonna catch up with them we can't eat rocks Oh for brains to trap the lion God we're gonna eat the lion guard No you think everyone okay yep I'm good what are the chances of two rockslides making two walls in one day with us looks like we're dining on zebra today and you can't do nothing to stop lion cub you're all the way down there aw poor little lion God protect us boys out of the way I can't Bunga deceivers are right on the other side and then uh then it'll be too late I think I can move this rock maybe it'll make an O okay I don't know if I can help but I'm here you flew all the way here you must be feeling better well use the roar to blast those rocks fly over to the sea Bros and get them to move away from the canyon easy enough now hurry this way don't push I can see but what you can't see is that the hyenas are coming hyenas I still tried but I accidentally dive-bombed my friends and they they all had to run all I see a rocks oh don't worry I'm sure I can do it kion kion you haven't seen the last of me good job Oh No yes yes yes now it is right the leader of the lion guard and his friend that means a great deal to me coming from the keenest of sight this lion guard is best together


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    This is not really the full esp

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    It keeps skipping

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    I wish I could be a jaguar or a cheetah

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    I want the loin guard to be defeated for once!!

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  • Reply BaconBoy10 July 28, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    This is so fucking bad it is cutting every 6 seconds

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    My sister loves the lion guards she always say lion gaurds

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    I love the lion guard

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    I think the whole "puppy dog eyes" thing the jackals did was a dirty trick

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    Why does it keep skipping?! I thought it said “full episode!!!”

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