The Lion Guard – New Full Episodes 2019 – Part 23

July 28, 2019

and out of the darkness ready it is a story that will make your first stand up straight we are they heard a bone-chilling noise they call Bassett only comes into the pride lands on the night of the full moon hey tonight's a full moon Mike here busy please call oh hey everybody be bellowing for the fellow fellows fellow fellows that sounds nice but uh I'm kind of nervous to bellow in front of them mm-hmm yes yes I suppose this is and are you sure you are not too frightened so beware you're in for a prize [Applause] story right Rafiki who is to say the zimwi can't be real oh I hope so that's too bad I kind of like to meet the zimwi are you sure if you guys are that worried maybe you should all stay together tonight you don't feel safety we can do that too hey yeah we can all spend the night at Hakuna Matata Falls I'm sure my uncle's won't mind oh sorry right lads I just saw it the zimwi that's impossible no it's really true hurry you must have seen some other animal you really saw it in the woodlands it was a stall for the last time there's no such thing as a Zimny now that I have your attention let an expert tell you all about the zimwi that's silly so it's not just a story you've both seen the zimwi Oh Timon has write to me see my mom's cousins friend knows an ox who told him he ran into the zimwi and it how did he tell anyone else the story good question Timon you'd have to ask the I nothin you can do kid maybe there's nothing he can do but we're the lion guard beaky silly story I hope you're right about that you told us two giraffes with big spikes and teeth sharper than a crocodile yeah things I've never seen I see a lot more than you guys do and I still haven't seen everything so who knows come on kion a sim we so you think it's something worse excuse get home before the zimwi getcha zimwi what's a zimwi you've never heard – trash Bunga if nothing s t bigger than a crocodile's two things stalking through the pride lands tonight we really have to get back good idea lion guards on duty if you do see the same we try to keep it where it is do we get there okay then leave the rest to us see you really got him on the run but they hadn't even heard of this – try not to mention the zimwi no zimwi you got it hopefully Kyon's right and it's just a story after all he probably is just listen calm down in truck what's got you all upset why would I be everyone knows it's just a story right right silly okay but if you're not running from the zimwi what are you running there were three of them running wild so small and furry with long tail come on everybody right before it eats some unsuspecting animal Bunga see just besties no zimwi anyone else feel really scared not me no ear in the bushes whoo How Many Eyes does the zimwi have Plus please we're we're just hiding this is what we've been chasing so what are you hiding bushes it had giant teeth we've heard those teeth or sharpest across yeah whatever it is it's on the move I hope that's it so it's got nowhere to run and that's a good thing we get them out in the open that way they can't hurt themselves bestie flatten those bushes let's round them up this way careful watch the branches and you don't wash your horn thanks you were themselves out in a little bit gazelles right well we were running away sorry kion nothing to be sorry about I ran away too they thought it wasn't real but as soon as I thought it was I ran away ions right affirmative twin deck ok wait what been scary and think it was the zimwi of course so you huddled to go don't feel bad bestie I think everyone was so spooked by Rafiki story hmm tonight's excuse me we ran up there with Miss Emily I mean you guys we're chasing us all this time [Applause] but I'm not sure I can do it I'm still kind of scared scared of this bestie I think you can bellow in front of a couple of hippos you're right kion Thanks really really god that's scary oh no Mozingo in the vultures they're circling and that usually is a sign of trouble taking me exactly don't worry we're almost there you know I have to be back soon of course that's what this is all about and you are gonna help me get ready why you need to look your best for your princessy duties what's wrong with the way I look now okay I guess I have a little time you're the only one fast enough a little moistures is good for your complexion a little moisture this rainstorm could last all day after all that rain the flowers smell even sweet huh I don't remember an island being there before there you're safe again little guy likes you too bad Fuli doesn't like baboons i like baboons just fine as long as they're not anywhere I want to get me off this island Kiara oh yes that's what I was going to say you wouldn't believe rain washed away all the land around us how much here will get you off that Island and looking great for the Buffaloes ah kion what are we gonna do with this guy we need to get him whole long to get him home me don't you need me to help you take your off the island team me oh all right often Ione Grove it is be right back back home and ayane grove now I can get back to helping the lion guard what are you doing here I just wanted to make sure this baby got home safe neighbours fine which tree do they live in at the top way up at the top near the cliff baboons Oh we'll give them a message from us always throwing fruit tea Fuu Suri we have to find a way off this island what are you doing it has to dry think she said I said work slap your / feel softer already now how about some more mine s the roar destroys the island that wouldn't be good but there might be another way to get them off the island that's a big one tree bridge ready to go relaxing I'm sure it is but we're getting out of here now but what about the lion guard are they going to rescue us all we need is a few big stones oh I see a stone this will be easy to chain ear I can see my face in it really let me see there's my nose look big to you a little help but I might rip a claw three I mean go us no we didn't but we got the rock to the river won't be long you're almost home don't get down and no noise good now follow me we keep looking and I second it bawling favored by boy the eyes had it let us investigate was it I've got an idea come out wherever you are it's you greetings Uli all allowed into that delicious I mean adorable baby baboon trying to if you don't mind I'm on a hunt indeed amazing agenda they're going again yes unfortunately it collapsed part of the island into the water just like our tree did they were both good Bunga gusty he'll remove that big boulder you get it ready when you are on my way thank you get them all this way and he just runs off okay guess my work here is done I like your plan kion but we better be quick this island isn't gonna last much longer but we can't be yet I'll be back for you we follow cami I'm sorry we weren't able to help you Chiara but you did how Fortin things than how you look now if you'll excuse me I have a royal duty to perform I must say you look ready for the Wallow usually the Royal and what the Buffalo wallow it's all about I thank you Muruga varuga though serines now let the Buffalo begin sorry it took so long the baby baboons HomeSafe just wasn't as simple


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