The Marine's New Sniper Rifle Can Reach from Over 1,000 Yards Away

July 25, 2019

[Applause] [Applause] the Marine Corps plans on adopting the MK 13 mod 7 sniper rifle for Marine scout snipers officials confirmed to marine corps x on april 2nd a much needed and long overdue replacement for the m-40 system that Marines have wielded since the Vietnam War since the start of the Global War on Terror in 2001 the in forties 1,000 yard range has proved limiting for u.s. combat troops engaging militants and sprawling Fighting's in the mountains in desert of Afghanistan and Iraq but according to Marine Corps times the MK 13 pushes beyond 1000 yards offered with the point three zero zero Winchester Magnum round that range is nowhere near that of the Army's 1300 yard m2010 enhanced sniper rifle and US Special Operations commands 1,600 yard precision sniper rifle but it's a major boost to both range and lethality over the m-40 improvements that infantry weapons planners have sought for years the announcement comes home in two major makeover for the Corps precision weapon capabilities in January the Corps was testing the m 38 variant of the beloved m27 infantry automatic rifle for potential fielding in a squad designated marksman role and his task and purpose reported in February the branch is forty point eight billion dollars proposed fiscal 2019 budget includes just under 1 million dollars for the service to procure 116 7.62 millimeters m110 a1 compact semi-automatic sniper systems CSA SS to replace the m110 to improve the snipers ability to rapidly engage multiple moving targets at the time the Corps emphasized that the CSA ss favored by the army for a squad designated marksman role would not dislodge the m-40 as the services program of record and with good reason with a maximum effective range of just 875 yards the rifle doesn't offer the extended range Marines have been bitching about for years should leadership decide to conduct a one-for-one replacement or just buy them to replace 110s for sniper billets Marine Corps Systems Command told task and purpose at the time the quantity would be greater than 116 indeed the MK 13 appears to be the color final choice for that one-on-one replacement while there's no new explicit funding for the MK 13 in the services fiscal 2019 budget request the service asked for nearly four point three million dollars in 2018 to purchase the new system a quantity Marine Corps time suggests his suitable to outfit the branches sniper teams with the new rifle indeed the Corps noted that 5.3 million dollars of its forty million dollars request for weapons and combat vehicles under five million dollars supports the MK 13 rifle with associated optic as well as continuing product improvement in modernization of sniper and special-purpose weapons how and when the service plans on fielding its new suite of precision weapons like every other new piece of gear in the US Armed Forces remains to be seen but no matter when it reaches Marine scout snipers the new rifle represents a major long-awaited breakthrough for the Corps in certain doom for their adversaries downrange that was like rifles right shoulder the last one was like left hip that one went off is like right elbow all right who's gonna come down to Mill

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