The Militia Roleplay -"Court Marshal" Episode 2

July 26, 2019

a lot of my service during the war in Iraq the brass thought it'd be appropriate to give me a unit of my own in a special mission they call operation presided in by their order where to go city to city squashing any attempt of insurrection before it begins that's just bullshit I couldn't care less about these Apes they call civilians any attempt to force the nation believe them to believe a whole new system of government will end in harsh failure I doubt any of these people could form any sort have an idea of how to change anything within this nation without ending up in a whole new Civil War but as long as I keep my cushy job I'm completely content with this constant we were orders being sent to various cities various towns all within this state all of you are to assume a breach formation against the guards guess you never eliminate all hostiles the fuck do you think you're doing corporal we can take out the bulk of that troops now oh yeah we have several rooted troops here if you even to think about trying to go into that building well we leave our position defenses you will also risk in the lives of all these troops out here stay here that is an order Sahel would die if this counter-attack is successful we'll be crown heroes man forward [Applause] being sent back to HQ what was that corporal I seem to hear some insubordination in you I lead a successful counter-attack against the r-mo and this is how you repay me by sending me back to HQ yes well I can admit you did push them back you left your fellow soldiers to die behind those Humvees if it wouldn't have been for the selected man who bade My Orders and stayed in a defensive formation our entire formation would have been disrupted and those wounded and bleeding out would have died if it were up to me you would have begin giving the death penalty but of course it's not up to me so I'm shipping you back to HQ I'm a better soldier than you'll ever be how dare you corporal you draw a weapon on a superior officer I'm sure you've read the handbook so you must up drawing a weapon on superior off is entirely to a corporal with the highest possible punishment being dead drop the gun get his ass out here put him in prison I'll deal with him later god damn you you'll pay for this I doubt I will we'll see you back at HQ sir might I ask why you just sent him to his death walk with me Xan you see Zayn and the grand scheme before everything is just a chess game but as you know within chess you have to give up pawns the Corporal was just a pawn if we let him continually try to lead his men into the fray and leave another one that isn't useful to him we're gonna have bad records and we're not gonna get anywhere I don't give a shit what happens in this war as long as I have a cushy job at the end and you just let the other one go so what if he's bleeding out we have medical technology here that can patch up a fucking wound okay he didn't get fucking stabbed in the heart he got shot in the leg you fucking idiot you know nothing about this entire insurrection and you just let them go this is the only one you could have done and you let the other one go you know nothing about them I suppose we'll have to make do with this one


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