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The Most POWERFUL Weapons In History

September 15, 2019

Let us start by saying that weapons are perhaps
the worst invention ever. Even though they helped us get to the top
of the food chain, they are a very destructive force. And yet, they represent some amazing advances
in science and engineering. Let’s take a look at some of the most terrifying
weapons in history. 20. The Spear. Yes, they may be redundant now, but there
is no doubt that in the days when early man was slowly finding his feet, the spear was
the reason for his dominance. Be it bringing down huge mammoths or fending
off against the sabre tooth, the spear was essentially the only thing that stood between
man and death! 19. M1 Garand. When a weapon takes almost 20 years of research
and development and is considered one of the greatest battle implements ever designed by
General Patton, it would definitely be effective right? The M1 Garand was a semi-automatic rifle which
was very accurate. It fired 30-06 rounds and was extremely handy
in combat. It was used extensively during the Second
World War and had everything that an infantryman would desire from a rifle! 18. AK 47. Perhaps the most famous gun today, the AK
47 is a much sought after weapon. Be it Africa or Asia, the AK 47 is easily
one of the most common guns and the reason is that it is pretty easy to use. The 7.62 rounds of the rifle ensure that it
packs a great punch and has an indestructible design. Of course, it is not very accurate, but when
you are spraying those bullets by the dozens that the gun is capable of, accuracy is not
really required that much right? 17. Carl Great. Nazi Germany had a penchant for designing
fearful weapons during WW II. And one of the most amazing ones was the Mortal
Carl or Carl Gerat. It had the capability of firing shells up
to 2170 kgs at distances of over 10 kms. Six of these were built and another one for
testing, and they were responsible for much of the Blitzkrieg. But the gun was so heavy, weighing in at 124
tons, that it was fitted with a gasoline or diesel engine and it had to use rail to travel
long distances, but it could cover short distances by itself. Today, only one of them remains, which was
the one made for testing! 16. Maxim machine gun. Hiram maxim was obsessed with science. His many creations included mousetraps, steam
pumps and even an amusement park ride. But it wasn’t until 1882 that he became
a renowned name when he unveiled the Maxim machine gun. The gun was one of the reasons behind the
success of the British empire and it even earned him a knighthood. Using a recoil operated fitting system, the
gun could quickly push out a used cartridge and insert another one. It could fire 600 rounds per minute and required
a water cooling mechanism to operate efficiently! Its destructive force was such that modified
versions were used heavily in the First World War which has also been called the war of
the machine guns! 15. The Trident D5. The Trident II or the Trident D5 is a submarine
launched ballistic missile which was first deployed in March 1990. It is fuelled by a 3 stage rocket which propels
it to go from under the water and reach its designated target. As of now, it is carried by 14 US Ohio submarines
and 4 British Vanguard submarines. 14. Schwerer Gustav and Dora. Hitler wanted to conquer the world and he
was always looking for more destructive weapons to help him do it. The Great Gustav, and its successor, the Dora
were one such weapon. It was a gun which was about 12 metres high,
47 metres long and fired shells through a 30 metre long pipe! It is estimated that over 22 people could
sit on the barrel of the gun. The Gustav was used in the siege of Sevastopol
but it had major drawbacks. It needed rail to be built in advance for
travelling and it was easily spotted by enemy aircrafts who could bomb it! 13. Flamethrower. We have all heard of it, and we have all been
amazed by its raw power. The flamethrower is an incendiary device that
projects a flame in a stream that is controllable. It was initially used by the Greeks in the
1st AD and most of the flame throwers use flammable liquid that is ignited and shot
out in a stream. These are very effective in attacking bunkers
and fortifications and the Germans used it to devastating effect during the world wars. 12. ICBM. The intercontinental ballistic missile can
be guided to strike at targets up to 3,400 miles away and was built with nuclear weapons
in mind. The most destructive thing about ICBMs is
that they can be launched from anywhere, land, sky, water or even under water! These missiles guarantee a strike on the enemy
and later enhancements ensured that they could carry multiple payloads at one time! 11. RPG. Lovers of video games would already know about
the destructive power of an RPG. It is a very simple weapon which can be used
with the most basic of training. The RPG was used to fire rockets from a shoulder
held device on to tanks. Both the USA in Vietnam, and the Soviets in
Afghanistan faced massive losses because of the RPG. No wonder it is considered a menace against
armoured vehicles of any kind! 10. Pumhart von Steyr. A medieval supergun from Austria, the Pumhart
von Steyr was the largest wrought iron bombard. It could fire an 80 cm stone ball weighing
up to 690 kg to a distance of more than 600 metres! The Pumhart weighed an amazing 8 tons and
was more than 2.5 meters long. They were known for spreading terror amongst
advancing armies and even today, they present a very terrifying sight sitting in the artillery
halls of the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum. 9. Tsar Cannon. When a cannon shares its name with one of
the most powerful positions in the world, it has to be important, right? The Tsar Cannon was cast in 1586 and weighed
39 tons. It was intended solely for the defence of
the Kremlin and is one of the largest and oldest cannons in the world. Today, it sits on a gun carriage in Ivanovskaya
square surrounded by thousand kilo cannon balls, but they are just decorative. Thankfully, the enormous gun has never seen
military action. 8. B 41. The most powerful thermonuclear weapon ever
developed by the US, the B 41 was the only 3 stage thermonuclear weapon deployed by the
US. The bomb weighed at over 4800 kgs, and only
the B-52 bombers were able to carry it. Over 500 of these dangerous weapons were manufactured
and they were phased out of service beginning in 1963 in favour of the B 53 nuclear bombs. 7. P-800 Onyx. Achieving speeds as high as mach 5.7, the
P 800 Onyx is so powerful that it can take out an entire US carrier by itself! That is the kind of raw power that this missile
brings and it is safe to assume that no one would be willing to be on the receiving end
of this missile. It has been designed primarily as an anti-ship
missile and its unbelievable speed guaranteed that no counter measures will be effective
against it! 6. Boeing Yal 1. Lasers are pretty much still a part of the
science fiction club, but they are fast becoming a reality. The Boeing Yal 1 is one such system which
makes the use of laser technology to shoot down enemy missiles. The Yal 1 involves an Airborne laser testbed
mounted inside a modified Boeing 747. It proved successful in intercepting test
missiles but funding was cut in 2010 because of which it found its way to the boneyard! 5. Fat Man, Little Boy. The fat man, thin man and little boy were
the codenames for the three atomic bombs developed through the Manhattan Project. The Fat man and the little boy were the ones
deployed on Nagasaki and Hiroshima respectively. The untold destruction caused by these weapons
brought a swift end to the world war and made the world realize how powerful and ugly nuclear
weapons were. The effects of the bombings are still seen
today because of the nuclear fallout and hopefully every time anyone even thinks of launching
a nuclear attack, they will remember the anguish felt by the two cities. 4. Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers. While not a weapon in itself, this massive
aircraft carrier does have provisions for holding 130 F/A 18 hornets, which can pretty
much turn the tide of any war. What’s more remarkable is that it is powered
by twin nuclear reactors which do not need to be refuelled for 23 years! It is a mind blowing 1000 feet long and is
the largest warship ever built! There are 10 such carriers in the service
of the US army and such is the awe of these carriers that they can single handedly dictate
global politics. 3. P-270 Moskit. These Russian supersonic ramjet power missiles
are shrouded in secrecy. All that is known about them are from pictures
and some pretty basic information like the fact that it is amazingly fast. In fact, it can reach speeds up to mach 3
which makes it pretty much impossible for anyone to counter it! The only good news is that it has a range
of just 155 kms! The missile was developed by Russia in the
1970s but today, China and Egypt employ them as well. 2. Tank Mark I. The first vehicle to be officially called
a tank, this giant vehicle could carry up to 8 soldiers with 5 machine guns. During the First World War, the army having
these vehicles definitely had the upper hand which is probably why there was a mad race
to build the best ones. The tank received many upgrades but the Mark
I was the first who showed the world how destructive this weapon could be. 1. Tsar Bomba. Hiroshima was probably the worst bombing incident
in history. Imagine a bomb that was 3000 more powerful
than that! The Tsar Bomba or the King of Bombs was the
most powerful nuclear weapon ever created. It had a yield of 50 megatons of TNT and thankfully,
only one was ever built. It was only detonated once to demonstrate
its power and it is said that the mushroom cloud which formed could be seen up to a distance
of 161 km! The cloud was over 56 km high. The remaining bomb cases of the Tsar bomba
are now on display in the museum of nuclear weapons at Snezhinsk. Have you ever seen one of these great weapons
in action? Do let us know in the comments below and remember
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