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The Naval Special Operations Group of the Philippine Navy

November 9, 2019

Strength, agility, endurance, and mental toughness. These are the basic qualities a candidate must posses to join the Philippine Navy’s
elite force. On the average, fifty candidates will
take a shot, but only 50% or less will make it through. Becoming a member of the
Navy Special Operations Group, or NAVSOG, the highly specialized elite
force of the Philippine Navy requires mastery of
tactical operations including sabotage, psychological, and unconventional warfare. Actually, in the NAVSOG, we have… 472 personnel and these personnel are… they are highly trained
personnel. Becuase of their training… They are trained to survive
any kind of terrain any kind of weather. As we say here, it is about eight… eight months more or less, eight months of training that ensures… only the strong survive. There are 4 specializations
that they are trained in. One is… the SEAL team operator. They are the main force of
the NAVSOG. They are the ones who conduct
direct action. And then they are also those
who are trained in… explosive ordnance disposal. They are the ones who “renders safe” the unexploded ordnance or the improvised explosive
devices. There are also those that train
under the “special boat” for special boat operations. These special boats are mainly used to… insert or extract our SEAL teams, our main force. And then… our divers. They are trained for open-circuit closed circuit and deep-sea diving. So, basically, those are
the specialized skills of a NAVSOG and that how the naval forces
utilize us. And in order to become a
full fledged SEAL, or a combatant specialzed
in sea air and land operations, a candidate must subsist a series of extreme physical
and mental exhaustion. So, the number one training that
we provide. before you become a SEAL team… of the NAVSOG is the basic underwater
demolition SEAL course. Then after BUDS is the
SEAL qualification training. During BUDS, we focus on the physical and
the mental development so that when they start
their SQT they can focus on their skills
and leadership skills of each member of the class. Dreaming of being a SEAL is easy. Living it is hard. It’s 10 months of physical
refinement to the point of pushing yourself to the
brink of mental annahiliation. Everyday that start at 0400H or 4:00AM Then, before they start with their activities… like physical training, the students say their prayers to thank God for overcoming their challenges everyday. During motivation phase, they don’t sleep until 1200H
or 12:00AM in preparation for “Hell Week” where they don’t get to
sleep for one week. Training is rigourous and
highly selective. Designed to foster an expertise
in SEAL operations, special boat operations, marksmanship in the field, underwater operations, explosives ordnance disposal and airborne opertions Out of all the accomplishments
that I have led my unit in one major accomplishment was… in Basilan in… when we targeted… Can I mention names? OFF SCREEN: Yes, you can. During… When we operated Furiji Indama
and Isnilon Hapilon. But, our most notable was
during Zamboanga. I can say that it’s a major
accomplishemnt because… If… Number one: If the NAVSOU-6
wasn’t there… If they weren’t able to stop
them out in the sea, maybe… they would have captured the
whole of Zamboanga So… because NAVSOU-6 was there So… before they infiltrated the area,
they had to engage two of our boats where one of our teammates died and six more were wounded before they penetrated the area. When they penetrated
Zamboanga’s shoreline that’s when task force Zamboanga
was alarmed. Then, WESMINCOM was informed of the
situation which is… where we were under that time. With everything that a SEAL
does, there should always be a plan. You should have a plan A, plan B
if possible, plan C, plan D. The first thing we do is planning So, our plan is based off the
intel that we receive. If the intel that they
feed us with is good, our plan will also
be good. So, after we come up with a plan,
we’ll present it to our officers If they approve it, they’ll give us the mission. The next thing we’ll do is rehearse. We’ll rehearse what we’ll do in
the area during the operation. We’ll also prepare our
equipment, all of the equipment. We’ll test fire, arrange our rigs. Check everything, our comms, everything. So… For every team, each one
has a designation during preparation. One is assigned on comms, the other is preparing
the supplies… Everything! everything that you
need for the mission someone is designated to
prepare it for the team. As tough as it may seem, NAVSOG strives to complete
its mission of moulding elite soldiers with top of the line equipment
and support. So, this is our… technical diving equipment for deep sea. Here in NAVSOG, our equipment is capable of
mixing our own mixed gas that we need. Here, we can mix our own gasses to our
specifications, which depth, how long we need
to stay underwater, what gasses we need to mix we can make it here. So, this is our portable
recompression chamber. This is what we use during
technical and deep sea diving missions. We use this first
in case of emergency especially in dive sites that have no recompression
chamber facilities. So, this is what we use when
our divers get the bends, we place them inside here and then we transport them from
the dive site to this recompression chamber
where we do our treatment. This is the recompression
chamber twin lock out here you can see
the depth guage. This represents the depth our
diver is experiencing inside. And then, we have the communication
and control panel, you can see all the lights here. And then, this is the
communication. Through here, this is where the patients
enter… they go inside here… As soon as they’re ready inside, they’ll find the bibs
or oxygen bibs inside which they’ll use during treatment. Once they’re inside, we seal
the inner lock. This comes with two doors,
the inner and the outer lock. So, when we close the inner lock or… when we close it like this the recompression chamber
is now ready to… pressurize so it can
simulate the actual dive which is what we’re doing here. It could have been fate it could have been a calling but destiny favors the prepared one thing separates
the succesfulfrom the rest determination Several reasons push SEAL
recruits to take the challenge But what differs each
from the other is the drive to make it through Almost all of the phases in
training is memorable for me. As they say, “The only easy day
was yesterday.” Yesterday was easier than today because we already overcame yesterday’s
training So, the harder one is
still to come. Here, there is no time to relax. You have to be motivated… everyday. You always have to make yourself
stronger If you can do 100 pushups today tomorrow you need to able
to do 101 pushups. During hell week, it’s one week
without sleeping It’s really hard because
you’re not allowed to sleep you have to keep going
24/7 without sleep and at the same time, you have
to go through evolutions such as… distance paddling, rock portage, that’s where you… carry rubberboats. That’s where I had
a hard time In my head, I thought that
there’s no turning back I just went with the flow. Whatever activity they have for us
that day, I just endured it and I overcame it. Without noticing, I just realized that it’s all over. I just thought to myself that,
the reason this is difficult is because this the elite. And then… I thought to myself, I am already here, in the first place, I’ve already spent 6 months here so,
why would I quit now? All of my hardships would be
for nothing. There’s no golden ticket for civilians
wanting to join the military. Neither is there an easy way for soldiers
advancing themselves in all stages of their military career It’s either you have what it takes or you don’t… And in an extreme environment like the
Navy SEAL training school there’s no room for comfort. After all, It does no less than maintain a nation’s
strong and capable maritime force.


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