the NEW DLC WEAPON live now.. 😱 (amazing)

July 25, 2019

if you want new DLC weapons all you have to do is drop a like hahahahahahaha yo just going on youtube my name is Ricky right away welcome back to the channel I hope you guys are all doing well so guys today we got a brand new update for call of duty black ops 4 we got a few new things within the item shop and I want to kind of make a video obviously to showcase what's new in the item shop we actually ended up getting a brand new DLC weapon within the item shops so of course I'm gonna be using that later on in the video but quickly guys if y'all can drop in early like man if you guys want the new things within the item shop I usually do a ton of giveaways man whenever there's new things within the item shop so definitely smash that like button if you guys want the new items that came out today for call of duty black ops 4 and also while you're at it definitely click that subscribe button man it's free we're on the road to 800,000 subscribers the support has been absolutely nuts man we beginning a ton of new subscribers every single day so shout out to all the new subscribers all the old subscribers everyone is beautiful but with all that being said man let's jump right into it also guys I got a brand a new microphone I'm still working out the kinks I'm still working out you know making the quality sound as best as possible but just let me know in the comments section if the mic quality sounds ok like I said I just got it I'm messing around with the settings a little bit so it might not sound perfect but I'm getting there alright so just let me know in the comment section but either way guys if you head into the black market for call of duty black ops 4 right now you will see we have a ton of brand new items man so the first one here for the featured items is the backhander melee weapon now I've talked about the backhander melee weapon a few times here on the channel and this is a brand new melee weapon here in black ops 4 and it's basically a zombie arm if you guys remember the left II the mannequin arm in black ops 3 this is basically it but this time it's a zombie arm so that's the back hand right there you also get the chef's zombie a gesture which we could take a look at it right now and he pulls out a brain he pulls out a little brain and he puts salt on it don't tell me he eats it ok ok put some pepper as well is he gonna eat it now he puts on some other stuff and he literally eats the brain ok so that's that's pretty interesting right there I'm not ok that is pretty weird don't forget 5 reserve crates but yeah man here is the backhander melee weapon and we check out the video right here okay this is the video this is the preview and Wow oh my guts so it's literally the lefty man it's literally the lefty oh my god what the hell what the next thing here guys in the item shop is the jock which is a brand new outfit I believe for who is it for it's for a ruin that's really really weird okay comes with two supply drops you also get the jock epic outfit right here and we can go fullscreen but this is a weird outfit for ruin I'm not gonna live but it's obviously a football player he's a zombie it's Apocalypse Z it's that you know the zombie apocalypse operation so I make sense I know we have a brand new special order here which is the liquidator right boy so you know what I'm gonna do I'm going to obviously purchase this brand-new backhander bundle because I really want to use the backhander the left II was honestly my favorite melee weapon in black ops 3 so it's like I'm just super hype for this I love the lefty I love this whole melee weapon so I'm just super excited to use this within today's video all right guys so obviously we're going to be making a class setup right here with the backhander melee weapon it says lethal melee weapon the deceased and yet oddly resilient arm of some unfortunate soul all right that's pretty interesting I'm not gonna lie so the camo is on the back end or basically just changed like the sleeve of the zombie arm which is actually really really sick I'm Adam oh here's the gold mannequin arm basically it's just a gold sleeve you have the diamond sleeve and then there's Dark Matter sleeve as well oh my gosh now I don't think we're in a rocket camp should we rocket cap not snot rocket camo let's just rock the og backhander oh boy so we're gonna hop into a game right now I'm gonna be using the backhander right here and I'm super excited man so let's jump right into it alrighty boys here we go man we got some free-for-all on Newtown I do believe it in the comment section what y'all think I'll be back hander that goes to win this free-for-all alright that's my goal hopefully we can do it are you kidding got him let's go all right we're down by two kills we're down by two kills guys we could definitely win this game though 100% this guy's really just sitting up here like an idiot come on man stop camping brother I see you I see you got him let's go yeah let me know in the comment section if y'all cops this melee weapon I have to say men it's probably one of my favorite melee weapons in the game I mean I freaking love the lefty obviously I know there's a guy back here yep going all around yep he came right back in let's go maybe I could just slap people all day bad cause the best dude this is literally the best let's go got him I can literally just slap people all day like oh this is the best man I'm so happy they add to this Bailey weapon back you have no idea man you have no idea there's definitely a guy around me got him let's go I see this man I see this man why are you running why are you running white I'm gonna get you as well okay let's get it let's get it first let's go let's get you are we're down by one kill we're down by one kill probably someone's spawning right to my left got him let's go was definite guy behind me 100% I don't know where he is though I see you I see you stop place in mesh mines what is wrong with you all right guys we're in the leader right now we're so close to a UAV we definitely need the UAV 100% we definitely need this UAV this guy went all the way around oh my god he has the blisters my kiss blister knife this is not good this is not good come on got him let's go get the UAV okay all right boys we're gonna pop this UAV a lot a lot of stuff going on right here got him let's go oh my god we're down by one kill no I think you don't destroy my UAV no it's still up it's still up we're Gucci of course this guy's ghost on oh my god I know how I survived that let's go oh my gosh let's go oh my god I got Holstrom so I got a mantis are you serious oh my god this is not good this is not good people someone she's got a mantis I'm one kill away from the sniper's nest I'm one kill away from the sniper's nest oh my god we got the snipers that's that guy at the ballistic knife let's go let's go snipers that someone has the Mantis though mantis can go in it's right there oh it's not good people this is still not good I see his men let's go I got him oh god no oh the Mantis just explode him no no no no this is not good people this is really not good my snipers s needs to go in right now let's go I got him vision poles fishing poles anyone back here let's go sniper's nest I see I see you let's go oh my gosh guys this is the most intense free-for-all right now with the backhander this freaking taunt is insane look at this what is Batman I see you oh my gosh dude the Mantis is literally in my house like can you move can you go somewhere else please for the love of God I see its man I see his men oh my god oh my god what a freaking noob what it blends oh my god dude this is insane this is insane this guy's coming through right now where'd he go where to go he's behind me I see you let's go we won oh my god that was insane dude that was nuts this guy he literally got a mantis it was chilling in my house the whole time guys we literally just won that was such an insane free-for-all with the left II probably my favorite melee weapon again because it was my favorite in black ops 3 I love the lefty now we have the backhand or zombie arm in black ops 4 I'm really really happy its back men so just let me know in the comment section if you coughed and let me know in the comments section if you guys liked this melee weapon like I said probably my favorite so drop a like anyway ladies gentleman thank you all so much for watching today's video the backhander melee weapon is now in call of duty black ops for basically the left II mannequin arm from black ops 3 but this time it's literally a zombie arm I have to admit though I had so much fun using this melee weapon because I just absolutely love this it's so freaking hilarious to actually just take this melee weapon and just literally backhand people yeah let me know in the comment section if I should go for gold diamond at dark matter for this DLC weapon I can maybe you know turn into a video or something like that but yeah if you guys are watching this video right now I'll probably be live-streaming very very soon over on my twitch channel I've been away for like a mini-vacation so I have been live streaming on my twitch but I finally am back now which is really really sick so definitely go follow me on my twitch page slash right away here's just some of the other camos you guys can rock on the backhander I don't even remember getting the smoke blast cam I don't even know that one rocket Bob we have all these like weird random sort of camos from at the black-market here's like the zombie camo the zombie at my Thai camera which actually probably looks really really good with this weapon because it's all zombie themed we have the bacon camo I kind of like how the camos just you know make it so like this sleeve of the armed like the outfit or whatever the jacket is like changed I kind of like that it's really really creative in my opinion I wish you can you know put on reactive cameras for the mainly weapons unfortunately you can't but hey man I kinda wanna get this thing gold I'm in the dark matter so drop a like if you guys think I should also guys the Call of Duty Instagram they put on like their story of what's to be coming very very soon in the black market and they actually put up a picture of a brand new triple play that's dropping I believe tomorrow yeah tomorrow it's gonna be a brand new triple play and in that triple play and they get includes like the outfit for a Reaper it also includes 10 reserve cases but on top of that it includes another ultra weapon bribe so if you guys are trying to get those DLC weapons man tomorrow we're getting a brand new triple play bundle with an ultra weapon bribe included so I'll probably have a video on that tomorrow just to kind of let you guys know what's going on but that's pretty cool I guess anyway guys thank you all so much for watching today's video like I said definitely smash that like button subscribe to the channel if you guys are brand new also I got a brand new microphone so if the mic sounds you know pretty good let me know like if it sounds okay I'm still messing around the settings still trying to find that perfect sound I just got a brand new microphone so I'm kind of like testing it out it's sort of like a podcast sort of microphone that's like the sound I'm kind of looking for so just let me on the comments section of what you all think but hope you guys have a great your day and I will see you guys next time


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