The Resupply Podcast Ep 43 – Space Marines 5 Nationals – Day 1

July 23, 2019

welcome back to the resupply with me guy next door and me DK bringing you your Nets daily DoubleTap of all things space rings five welcome to Nationals we got the peanut gallery with us this evening but we also got some people around the table who are gonna enlighten us with their trials and tribulations from the day except for wolf man who has no trials or tribulations but will go around the table and just people will introduce yourself I'm wolf man Detroit a more enjoined sergeant occurred lovely beat and mr. doom from as well so we've got um well how did you put it we have representatives from four of the five lowest ranked teams in the tournament so get set for some expert commentary that's right yeah you want to do a speed wuns yeah today was was actually pretty fun yeah yeah it was yeah but before we even do that I have to give some belated shoutouts number one belated congratulations to one mr. Gerber and one mr. Dubrow man Esquire on their recent nuptials yeah congratulations not yeah I wasn't there I can't prove anything okay Congrats guys and also a belated shoutout to Abby aka princess who was very upset that I did not mention her by name when I was going over the teams because she was like I've been playing longer than assassin what did he gonna mention I did so sorry Abby you're getting a special shout out now I'm gonna give one to black Emma yeah gingerly held my phaser today when I needed him yeah thanks bro appreciate it well we'd like to tell that story off the top no it's not that interesting and so yeah today today was pretty fun DK you want to give us a rundown of standings and maybe results we go through the results as well sure so there's a little bit of noise in the data right now because some teams have played four matches other teams have played only three matches look at it myself here as well as Detroit B since we're gonna be playing first thing in the morning tomorrow yes we're also gonna be finishing up in the morning to end round one before we move into the Interpol play tomorrow but at mostly the end of round one and overall points score Detroit a is in the lead with 24 points for know in their matches Brisbane who was that Brisbane and the opposite pool is on 20 points three in one record in their matches Brisbane did lose a match today to the next team down in the seeding which is Saint George on 18 points three in one of their matches and they lost a match to the team just below them Loveland a on 16 points three dorm in their matches and then in closely linked in the middle we had the two aforementioned teams that are playing in the morning Detroit beyond 12 points Sacramento a on 10 points and then we have Syracuse a or just Syracuse I guess there on eight points one in three record of their matches and then we have Auckland the Loveland lady killers and not dead yet aka sack be all tied or I guess we say ten bank with zero points so far Oh nowhere to go but up folks yeah yeah it's all you know it's all ahead of us right for the week I'm sure we're gonna pull it back so thus far relative to our predictions and such that did my heart takes podcast I guess I wasn't too far not based necessarily but I think I might have even underestimated st. George based on where they work they're looking like they're probably maybe up in the tier one with Brisbane and Detroit a yeah there may be at least for the moment Detroit's a is in its own tier but we should also mention that Brisbane has not played any other games with Baden who was essentially a Detroit native and as I'm sure gonna enlighten the Brisbane players on a lot of the ins and outs of the Detroit field also he's a really good player so I'm sure that won't hurt them yeah yeah I'm actually I'm really interested to see how they go with him stepping in and kind of what happens to they line up going forward with him in the team because any team was beta on it just gets better like I play with the guy for played with and against him for many years and yet the dude is just like his brother pretty damn good a laser for us yeah must be some in the water yeah it's a Brisbane thing actually I think it might be a wedding yeah um yeah but only applied to those two Wellington players apparently I think Wellington where he disappear into obscurity um yeah so it was a like there were some pretty interesting results today and like a lot of the games I mean going to the tournament was sort of said that there's not a lot of not a lot of yeah that's what I'm looking for but they were quite a few today yeah just looking at it now we have with that 12 13 15 this is great radio right here I mean counting numbers nineteen eliminations out of any game place I can't do the rest of that so a quarter of them yeah like that that's definitely higher than I would have anticipated we've said many times on this podcast we don't fact-check shits including my basic maths although I mean I guess we shouldn't stipulate that a lot of those eliminations have still come pretty late in the game like maybe the last minute and a half sure but there have been some that have been quicker than that um so do you want to talk about anything like specifically about these games or shall we yeah Detroit a post our in did that the the first game didn't go terribly for us in that we staved off elimination with four lives remaining between the the two people there but yeah Game two it all went screwy real bad and it culminated in mid game where Eden was ready to launch his new he went to go do it I got directly into the center of the resupply for Detroit a that was that had three players in addition to resupply who were there so I was looking forward to mad reset-fest Russ who was down as last life or two was just about to get his second Jen and then the new got cancelled and it was sad times I guess in that vein like because obviously that's not really a high point there's quite a low point right yeah high point I would say was our opening match against Syracuse we had kind of a tough game to start with where it felt like we were very in control of the game pretty much the whole time and then at least three people on the team or shocked when you get that notification into the game it's like and your team came second like what we lost by a couple of thousand but essentially we figured out that we fed them too many points in some key areas fixed a couple things for the second game ended up coming out on top winning that match so that at least got the tournament rolling out on a good start right and then any remaining frustrations we unfortunately took out on the poor Sacramento B team what a bully um whooping you're gonna get a high and a low I mean so I mean high obviously is my team winning all of our games it's good to see you know your team play even if I didn't play every game up but didn't play against a K hmm you know they had to pull me out we missed you Ben I know I know this girl missed me good job everyone yeah you sure you guys are fielding seven we are feeling seven yes our team is very much prone to injuries no how come Detroit aid ran all their line that's because the other teams and then all of a sudden hey it's siphoned micro or three hits against sac a let's just beat the out of them you know because when you don't need to do it you don't need to do it man I guess I'll take it as a sign of respect so happy you're welcome and then low point I'm not when you're on top of a podcast yeah no it's pretty bad like I said yeah no no honestly it's you know it's too early to say but I feel like I could be playing a lot better and the games are not playing in it but I mean obviously I mean we're still winning so it's not putting s at too much of a deficit but being the I guess less seasoned person on the team in terms of like how long our group has been playing together you know there's a lot of pressure but I'm you know doing the best that I can for my teammates and that's all that I asked for and I can give so they roll roll the punters some pretty weak sauce slope line really isn't it yeah alright alright here's my wall point DK kind of sucked buckle in buddy building a way don't win a game by tomorrow he's gonna be pissed off particularly stop and instead of thinking Ashley you want to protect my Risa why dropping jokes Hey look at it this way man if you never drop the nukes they can't get cancelled your brownie had one cancel as well today but that was it was getting close to the game I just wind that's probably the shift of silver lining I've ever heard that's like a ten lining that's over high points I think our second game against Brisbane we surprisingly well we only lost by about 4,000 in the end I think we controlled quite well I think we only lost the medic is the only person we lost in that entire game that's not a thumb I mean it was pretty bad we played three really difficult games that we played brisbane we played st. george and we that's a rough schedule yeah probably maybe a little bit higher on the team Andy came out of give them credit for it played pretty well so far and a pretty good yeah yeah it was a rough opening game hopefully we should get some you know we can only go yeah yeah well it's gonna get extra crazy tomorrow too with cross pool play really see what's happening cuz we had this set of idea yesterday where Oh most of the teams who have played the field before um one pool and the ones that are less experienced in the field or in the other pool so when they come together who knows what's gonna happen yeah while wearing a pool of Alexis period place appearances so um yeah I mean there's other highlights in terms of like other games watched but I don't know if that's gonna be a thing for later in this podcast so now we'll get there yeah I'm gonna look down yeah I would say a little point is we were definitely not where I was hoping we would be when we came out of this tournament like I recognized that I was gonna be teaching a lot of newer people so I didn't expect us to come out of the gates you know winning games left and right and they expected us to struggle and falter but it felt like we were a little further behind then I thought we would be and I kind of got worried for a little bit but it wound up just being that everyone was a little tired everyone needed to get the feel of the arena and as soon as we did we started to figure it out and I feel we've we've begun to kind of put some nails in some of the problems that we were having and so we're starting to slowly but surely make sure that sip isn't the ship is no longer sinking so well if it does we're gonna see someone will get points I will say a definite High Point has been all of my players have been very very positive and very aware of the fact that this is not going to be an easy tournament this is not going to be what we're used to it Loveland and that it's going to come down to the small victories that we get the first game we played against st. George we got eliminated the second game we played against them we didn't four of our six players survived when we played Loveland a well I think I as the medic was the only one to die I know when we played them again actually wound up being I think we did we did a random draw between our two teams right and it still wound up being fairly close and then Brisbane just kind of annihilated that good like that yeah yeah but to be fair it also showed us a lot of like our communication issues that we're having that we figured out immediately like it it helped us in a way of we we realized very quickly what we were not doing to the way that we thought we were because once we started kind of getting like kicked apart we realized what we needed to get better at and so in a way it was kind of frustrating but at the same time was helpful yeah yeah I can kind of relate you guys look like you were having a good time and all that all the games though so yeah just from now is that observer it looks like spirits are pretty high yeah I'm enjoying that there they're keeping the spirits high they're not getting frustrated by the fact that we're losing their understanding that we're growing we're getting better or we're learning the arena they know that these victories if they come won't come right away and sometimes we just have to accept we're gonna make the games close it seemed it seems to me like there's the feel of this tournament is pretty positive so I mean it's only want it's only day one so we've got the heats that they live yeah it seems it like it's it's pretty positive and I think I think that does come down to teams with them themselves being you know having a good time and being yeah yeah and and that kind of goes a long way like when stuff gets angry like our sins in the car ride over like people feed off the negative energy so yeah yeah the chairs alone have sex they have the chairs all of them said that we're here to have fun and grow as players yeah right like they're here to be competitive but they're mostly good because they want to meet everybody they want to have fun and they want to get competitive you get there so Nets experience like yeah that's great because I'm not like now I'm not stressed we have to win to win now I can focus on growth and enjoyment yeah right and so it's it's a it's it's a nice change of pace for me yeah that's all about women yeah that reminds me of last year pretty much for us yeah some of us last year was our first tournament that's exactly the same yeah it's just those those little victories know how many rookies do we have this year it's not know me most I have three I can't think of many more sac PD definitely has one Mineta has not played at Nationals right he's bled like a random draw tournament or something like that she'd have had some play to Nationals yeah and it's another I actually think snuffles on st. George has not played yeah Matt's only he might just get a little bit of an advantage from being on a team that's likely to receive accolades yeah yeah and he is a good player I'd say oh he's been carried by his like five six days easy yeah technically so what there wasn't an answer 22 clean now what are you talking about so they're all contenders I mean I wasn't there it couldn't have been a Nationals yeah Brisbane just full stop yeah yeah after last year getting our kicked them within what five minutes or whatever it was wrong yeah yeah that was I think it was the fastest Elin was typing taking us it was a type here but first game out of the blocks having the golden oldies like oh yeah yeah you know for rookies and yeah I've been I've been in their boat though like when teams start having competitions about an hour drive we got myself for that I'm not gonna be able to do it just get settled yeah yeah but I guess that's coming with learning the maze so I guess the consensus on the field would be difficult yeah yeah I would say I would say this maze is probably harder to play than brisbin's that comes with so much experience and time and also yeah so when you move through the maze you know okay we're out to this problem looking right there sweet up moved on I need to look over there yeah solid piece of advice from just the games that I have observed everyone is standing up way too high if you think you are low enough you're definitely not low enough and you need to get the biggest the biggest thing that's certain people is getting shot in the back when you think that you're low enough behind the wall or just standing straight up or you don't have to ma'am I'm talking on your life I can't control the managers though yeah Wow not quite but they go well above horses yeah but for real like the height disadvantage like people not getting low enough like not watching your like your window shots yeah like it's all just messing people well there's so many windows I I would say the myth the maze is difficult yeah I mean there's no denying that but I feel that a lot of people are way too scared of the basement right and get super flustered when they're down there but your basement the basement is the biggest is the biggest tool that you have if you had a good sense of where you are because like we're noticing a lot of people are scared so they're not going down there and so if you can just stand your ground in recover and still have the other teams upstairs trying to figure out where everybody is then it's only to your advantage I mean most of the time well people will say that if you're in the basement then you basically like the games already over but I don't think that's necessarily true if you are able to kind of act whatever is happening like with the swiftness okay and how do you do that on a micro and Josh on your team they put you in the backpacks cool story bro okay no but for real I see a lot of teams when they get pushed from the ramps go up going up going down is easier because you have all that distance and as long as there isn't enemy people down there already you have more time to recover because they have to come down to get you they can't score points from upstairs if you're not giving them a vantage to do but to do so there's one pool where no one's really played in this arena and one where there has because I when we played Brisbane today we went downstairs and rusty and a scalpel already gauntlet and they were waiting for us to go down right and see George was the same way where is you guys are going to show us down there and play and then come down to us right so it's almost like it's that same way where different teams play different ways so yeah you normally we normally see a lot of new players to the site you know push yeah I think like because the the general consensus coming into the Nets for people who hadn't played there before was don't go downstairs you'll get destroyed so yeah I think you're right like there's a fear of okay well if we if we give up upstairs then we've lost anyway so right but I feel you know when you're in the matchups like the Auckland Brisbane or the Auckland st. George or any combination of teams that haven't necessarily spent a lot of I'm in the arena like you're equally as confused about downstairs show so you gravitate towards trying to stay upstairs but if you're both downstairs like you're on an equal playing field right so it's just getting your feet down there and yeah you know playing around with stuff and figuring out what works because you can utilize the to your advantage it's just I mean one of so one of my high points today was my team my team was basically all dead and I was downstairs more or less by myself for one game I think lon souls with me Miami and I'm I was able to have a reset fist down there with people trying to come and get me and it kind of changed the style of gameplay to what how we kind of operate back home because the walls were all told everything's in front of you there's nothing coming out of tiny gaps or above you and you had an absolutely majestic last stand yes game yeah 1,700 points after you lost you live or something yeah like and I'd almost did the same thing again to wait who did you say I think was against angel yeah sure Loveland day yeah you redneck yeah so you're right like if you can I guess if you could go down there and re-establish yourself like it gets a thing that perhaps we don't need to fear yeah and that that's interesting to note because actually the game where we didn't get eliminated by Detroit a strangely enough I think some of our best defensive moments came downstairs when micro is continually trying to break in and our two Scouts were just double pinging him a lot and he got mad bro you just have so many like ways to come up on them downstairs if they're in a particular spot yeah that's also really I would say it's easy to defend but it's not unless you like truly understand the downstairs but I mean it's next captains though the the tournament will be extended to a length of six years so we can properly learn the field and rusty told me earlier he's like he's like dude I haven't learned any of the calls downstairs she's like I'm just gonna like hope for the bus and that was I mean they make up their own ones right oh yeah everyone I've heard some unique call out from I think every team that doesn't play here that I've never heard before do you think they're horribly wrong or just so random then do tell it was this is the zipa something that come from you guys or Brisbane I'm pretty sure that's like this which is what you guys call the switchbacks know that well the zipper is where there's all the half walls they go decks bottom of like say a gorge I think had the best explanation for that because they called the area just below that in the blue hallway I think they call it Brooke back mountain after you go down the zipper I've heard tower corner for like yellow back corner yeah and I'm like what is that now we're in your head yeah you're my head but I'm learning it okay so I know what you called the stuff but you wait till we change it up yeah if only they were over here and the balls in the shaft we changed random draw we changed the Syracuse call out the food bag because we drove by a store that was called your stores on the East Coast or so extra man okay hooray this is so good I was the first person to miss all rusty in the swallowing I looked at one point was like Rusty's only had one myself I miss Alden he's had three now so I don't have that distinction I would also like to point out that I don't know if this has changed because I haven't really been keeping up with the stats but I was the first one to Missal spooky and all of you are slacking hey I am play dumb yet man I love you Kevin if you're listening to this but you're all all of you are missing free missiles on this meal what is wrong when I was actually about to bring that up one of my favorite moments was I was watching Detroit a and Detroit feed play uh Kevin runs down red Ram and goes he's running up red Ram they have a moment where they look at one another he basically waves it Kevin goes around the corner telling him to watch down the red grant Kevin turns watches down the red Ram go see sitting around the corner comes up although on the reverse so it is on the reverse side when they came out of that micro immediately started getting magnin said how y'all gonna let spooky score 7k on you yeah you shouldn't you should retire right now and then we had to look up that spooky out hit my girl like 18 to 13 in that game's spooky also the job meter that game as well so I think I got you bro and even realized a ghost II was the only person who shot spooky more than spooky shot anyone else that was that was kind of funny for everybody because everyone was just like how did spooky just do this so y'all spooky haters we love your cookies come back spooky yeah we love your cookies I didn't get a chocolate eclair today were they good good you have one you're like yeah yeah but we were just to go on and playoff doesn't matter cream would be a terrible choice I mean I want to turn gone out the RAM and puke like right at the halfway point yeah that means I won't follow you up yeah but like what I recept come up behind me and so that deer flee would have like fallen over if normal attacks don't work try area-of-effect right so uh was the anything else we want to touch on on this one well we can talk about the MVP rankings right now I don't think it'll be too much of a surprise anybody that a lot of members of Detroit a it represented sure yeah so just going off the top ten right now averaging twenty three point eight per game is micro site that 20.6 inferno from Saint George is on nineteen point three nine rusty is in fourth at nineteen point three six ghosties right behind him nineteen point two one Super Mario Brothers in their 18.6 tandoor 18.5 DK 17.8 thunder seventeen point seven nine so really neck-and-neck with me and then our very own Wolfman sixteen point nine minutes because the fact that rusty was the only one able to pad his stats been slow to beat well cuz those swish yeah they'll swap rusty was the only one who stayed on command rusty was very upset when Peter wanted him to randomize for that game like absolutely not because you will not take away yeah I also I also kind of assumed it was just more so he could get the feel of attacking you know I don't know it's just that me few points man having this points but I also understand it's probably cuz he wanted to learn the arena to perfection at this point the 1d phases Detroit a um so how many more games that we've got left for this current round we only have two matches left in this round it's the the Loveland be against Auckland and the sack against Detroit B so those are two really closely aligned teams in terms of point count obviously and we're we're only two points behind Debbie in the pool because they managed to 6-0 Syracuse where we only got we only beat them for two so that's where the the gap is so we'll see what happens we failed we played okay against Detroit a but obviously they'd still some something around so we're hoping things will go better against Detroit B but I watch them play today and I think they're gonna be pretty tough to mmm it seems that we're making pretty good time as well um oh yeah considering you know initially we thought today that would be at science or teen so that tells me that some good is coming out of the zero point penalty system I really think so yes there's been a couple but like not major I mean we have had a couple penalties that have stood but they really haven't caused any consternation because they were really obvious I was like oh yeah duh you can't do that yeah yeah I mean um I mean so that kind of ties into like my low point of the day or low points is so I've been out of the six games that we played three of those games I have been killed out two of them were played in penalties and one of them was a continuous block but that one that has pissed me off a little bit because you know and obviously in previous tournaments that would have at least been called would have had some ramifications but this year all it means is I still just died out of the game and nothing happened so I'm not all the way sold on the on the system I think it needs some tweaks perhaps the stakes are too high for a national rather than a local league but yeah and the from the aspect of it making the games quicker I ought to turn around against quicker that's been really really good making the games quicker and I think just the level of angst overall has been considerably lower we yes far have not really had any major blow ups in determine which is always my least favorite thing yeah the tournaments is seeing people get mad and shout or get really depressed and have to go outside for 15 minutes until somebody talks them down and all that it gets I mean it's ultimately it's – it's just a game the whole point I totally understand what you're saying about that that's a really shitty way to go out yeah yeah in fairness and in that kind of example it's like if you're down your last life it's probably coming off one way or another anyway true it's just you know but yeah I hate having that spot prematurely fair enough I can give you another example of the the penalty that I got a rather called on myself today when we were playing Detroit a in I don't remember it was the I think it was the first game and we're not supposed to reflect shot on the the ramps and I was around the corner on one of the ramps and Josh was pressing in hard and I'm just sitting there waiting for him to come around make sure he's not gonna do with hand-check that he always yeah so I'm like no I'm not gonna look I'm gonna wait until I see his lights come around the corner and I see red flashing lights and I get the tone and I just Bink right off the wall and then I look up and the ref is kind of looking at me and I'm like oh yeah I can't do that and it's how about my fans are coming to penalize me because the whole point was I should not be allowed to take advantage let me you're not supposed to do so by him putting me down I might not lose points but that did mean that since I went down after Joe I had to surrender that position to here I had to leave so I was not able to take advantage of the the unintentionally dirty play that I made because I panicked and shot something what it is but I've been playing in this arena for a really long time and I don't know what it is with this tournament but I have been as soon as we said that okay we can't reflect shot off the walls I'm like fine we'd never do it anyway I'm finding myself getting tones on wall even seen before and I've been shooting people accidentally because of it I'm like what is this like going shooting up green ramp like one of the I think it was I think it was Shayla and she was literally below the wall there was no way I could see any of her sensors so she went up went down and then I took the shot and it hit with nothing there and I'm like what the hell I'm like I'm trying not to be a dirty and yet I can't like for the life of me missile anyone in this maze cuz as soon as they like you know close their eyes the tongue breaks but again it's cuz you've moved backwards from gen 8 you spoil a solution that's why it only works half the time yeah yeah when you start targeting you're probably getting that missile off they can run around the mall of all three meters and you're still gonna get their missile yeah that'd be in the parking lot in your stairs the whole the whole Loveland bull should have running out to you and shoving their shoulder in your face just breaks the lock every song yeah so we actually had what we had gen sevens microdot to us and our 18 players watched him do that anyway that's cool I wonder if we can do that and we have a day where we just played a game that is its Highlander and their goal was to be the last one dead five missile dodging wait I mean the gaming Highlander partnered up and so you can always see one another and if you broke the lock you got to go on the other person and so you kept trading all right it's like a bracket system where we paired up and if you lost you went to the theory you lost you were out you won you went to the next person you could always see one another right Sam feel like we're missing that detail before yeah there's weird we we played the Wade like that the game works I had this idea for sm5 or the medical last 20 lakhs oh okay talk about from from viewing from the so a few games that have been really really interesting to watch like to pick up top three although joint sick and that probably be Brisbane the st. George both leagues yeah we're really excellent there was the first match where L missed two bases on finished on now something like a hundred or so points and in the second leg that match where she went got basis at the very beginning yeah I think I'm not sure they lost the match because they did was it that close lost the first game on that and they won the second is possible which was really good but that was both leagues that were really insane to watch but I think most people who were in the lobby will agree that the match of the day was Loveland a beating st. George by the absolute skin of their teeth the Scout sitting on one life at a time will never talk you longer cheering everyone who avoided the Elam that would have given the match win to the other team but simply stay alive Lunn when I pulled out a match victory and I think everyone high-fived and we accept the st. George fly busy getting yelled at it was really fun because it felt very quickly like it felt like it was going downhill for love one day when we were watching the scoreboard and it felt very quickly at least from the outside like they realized what they were doing wrong began to fix mistakes in the middle of the game like I I know I remember seeing dr. feelgood gives endless is medic it was on one life three different shields and then go down instantly and Zenoss didn't go down because yeah that shield ran away and survived I'm keeping your medical eye for you know two and a half more minutes on one life is cute because like it's so many more lives on it finisher q missed both US bases in that game as well yeah I think funny because truly every single person that Lobby was glued to the screen cheering yelling and that's really the best part I mean obviously you you kind of want to switch off in between your own game sometimes but like in each one I mean you want to watch as much as possible and those games just kind of capture the imagination of what this tournament is really about today yeah dude Morgan was putting it into some asses on three life – yeah 50 shots but I think 24 is for the end of that yeah and so and like Caleb pulling that nuke at the last moment like there were there was a lot on both sides that made it just so much fun to watch even from the lobby well made they nearly won the first game – until there was an unfortunate twist of fate for Loveland a that Caleb's ammo was killed out when he was down to two shots with about a minute and a half left that prevented Caleb from scoring in more points and basically just allowed st. George to pull ahead on the scoreboard to build up a little bit of a cushion but they overcame it in the second game won the man so that's why the leaderboard so tight right now and it's funny that all three the best example of st. George they lost a lot and a gain a lot of neutrals probably were picks young Central's favor but then they came back and beat Brisbane which people thought they would have picked that gun the other way as well so yeah it's um there's no been like sure ups is but there's been sown some interesting results and it's apart from Detroit a smashing everyone it's been a bit a bit more interesting than last year's and that's where it was kind of like at Brisbane now you want everything Brisbane but you want everything is it Brisbane and I think even the golden freeway Eagles want everything except against Brooklyn a and B so sickened to fourth the fifth except think we took ends from them I think I'm gonna take one or two maybe don't quote me on that it's for you but you run the deck yeah we don't think you but basically between to four to five although it is I mean they want there's a lot more contentious and a lot more interesting yeah yeah was very much and run-of-the-mill position for quite a ball in the last one minutes and a lot of people was even they came back to Brisbane to be champions but after day one Detroit I are looking painful to play yeah I would say almost going into I think what you mentioned in one of your previous ones it feels like there's almost no way to tell where the middle-of-the-pack teams are gonna end up this is happening right there you know Loveland takes a game off st. George st. George then goes and takes a game off Brisbane and Loveland loss to Brisbane so suddenly you're what happened between Loveland and Brisbane that didn't happen between st. George and Brisbane now what happened between Loveland and st. George that didn't happen between st. George love when I come pray I mean the game that they played against Brisbane lemonade good yeah caleb was keeping pace with rusty like Josiah was keeping his medical live really well it felt like it was an even fight and it was a brawl the whole way through and so it's in my opinion this has been my favorite tournament simply because it doesn't feel like there is aside from Detroit Ain a very clearly defined what the bracket will end looking like right this could go almost any way right and I are super cool very rock-paper-scissors yeah like anything could potentially happen in a team at tried we have some half-assed internet research coming in I am sorry to report any points against the USA it was it was a very scary player yeah I don't know who sits in that occasion I don't even know I don't even know what our team lineup is gonna be going into that yes but I mean I imagine micro and psych will be three seven people I'm saying I'm not sure what the just just field seven people come on do this more for us if I sit me and Kodama are just gonna fight in the lobby yeah we're gonna throw hands it'll be like kiss boxing like there'll be a laser tag match and then they'll be like yeah it's just additional points all the time I'm looking forward to both of those things although I do have I do have to revel in the game so I'll have to miss your fist fight well record it will have kodamas mom is there so I'm not gonna join in she might kick your butt oh you're right no she will kick in – they want me 1,000% but that's not cooling it illegal she's not a part of this team all right look that's probably good for today Batman yes like you got a big yeah sorry if we get stump in the first match you know the frustrations are gonna get taken out of you I'm very sorry so um tomorrow for anyone that's a part of the lazer force tournament Facebook page today we played around with kind of doing some live commentary on Facebook so we'll set that up from the start of the day and I have that cranking all day hopefully so yeah if you want to see various ugly mugs on your computer screen yeah just me yelling at Taipan yeah that's tempted to make a Joe Buck joke but I don't think most people's room know who that is the one that everybody hates yeah yes sir yeah join us on there otherwise we'll be backing in tomorrow with more of the resupply but maybe a new co-host you know what happens welcome back to the heavy circle-jerk with guy next door that sounds appealing right all right well for today we'll leave it at that but I've been guy next door I've been fireball DK always remember to backtrack kids we'll catch up tomorrow

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