THE WAIT! – Steel Division 2 – Multiplayer Gameplay [1V1]

July 29, 2019

well I just woke up and we're gonna be diving into a 1v1 ranks see how this goes we're playing with a group hard neck against the what is that 53rd Canadian infantry on I would say yeah on a good map this is this is where it could do armored and infantry' pushes we'll see how the hell this goes we're probably gonna die pretty horribly we don't really have the best infantry to do much with so we'll send these boys down to the left together with a stoop basically just gonna put the stug like we're right about there we'll also go ahead and get an out clearing recount go into the woods together with a pensive Grenadier and maybe even an 80 gun 2,000 meters range not too bad not too not too good either but it'll be something for the town over there definitely some right Yeager's yeah we'll get the one with the Pens of Faust and we could go ahead and get let's get to let's get to write to you shall we let's just get to my tears these both only have okay yeah that'll do and we'll send all of these there we could go ahead and get a stug rush it up there it should hopefully be able to do something as for the hill I think I'm actually going to be calling in a tiger move it straight up there should be in cover from most 80 guns we'll keep it in the back a little bit we'll go ahead and get a right Jager and basically just grenadiers so right here with the MP 44 can go straight there we'll get the Pens gonna do one of them to go left or we could even just play defensive we could also just play defensive let's get an artillery I was gonna say an observer on the far right side but we don't have any so I guess the best we can do is get a maybe a recon to sneak behind their lines and I would have to do yeah that's that's quite a lot of infantry me we shouldn't push up let's not push up let's just chill and lay this safe so we're gonna go ahead and get a right Jaeger to hold at the top actually no that's gonna have to be right here good with the mp40 force on top of that we'll get a righty a ger and a pen surfers version of that unit also here at the crossroads or at the top of the hill and we could go ahead and get some infantry on the far left because we kind of haven't done anything here just to hold this front back and an 80 gun perhaps 80 gunnin uh or recon we can't you do it leaves us with 20 points we're really low in a phase he is playing Vanguard so we're gonna yeah we're gonna play defensive all up in there he's definitely gonna get all of the infantry ever you can think of we only have some infantry going there that's not too great not too bad either so let's see how this goes yeah the plan is to hold him until phase B at phase B we can slowly start trying to take some ground back and then phase C we can basically just stomp him with all of the tanks that we have I've put a Tigers in phase C so yeah we'll see how this goes see what I did there oh yeah so plate defensive see if we can snipe his units and yeah just just take it easy I would say if we can hold the points that we have like now for as long as possible then we're good even if we lose a point or two it should be fine like we should be able to hold these nicely these are going to be questionable yeah that's definitely gonna be questionable but we'll see we got quite a lot of armor going out we have two studs and a tiger possibly could actually move the tiger to the left but we'll just deal with this soon this goes yeah and we're we're just going to be flooding the place with Doug's in the beginning and get more Armour out since he's playing infantry we got to make use of our armored superiority a little bit more than he does now we'll go from there really do we have any okay we do have decent Plains really good AAA I would say support is pretty damn good with the stug 42s yeah not too bad so 120 points can give us access to one stug and that leaves us with 50 points and with the 50 points we can get some infantry is it gonna keep pushing back wouldn't be surprised they've got some activity let's go ahead and get him Nutter stuck out country these points there you move there up there you pulled fire and move all the way up stop the screwball up here alright tank and maybe do some work take down those alright we have a kind of a foothold here so let's start moving in keep the stock closed yeah he's gonna really be doing these Humber more marchis good to know for us I guess that I should say I'm stuck on algebra hi tightener non-continuous I gots provided we're gonna hold position here let's move up the infantry that's gonna be heavy on the micro here and I get some morning of entry on the left side Doug is doing some good work nice definitely a little bit weak over here I don't have to get some here we go good hits call back with him pull him up move him back get this to deal with the mg up here yeah we definitely need infantry need him now it's got the infantry up on the left shooter knocked out that's not cool just got a stuff 42 yeah he's gonna be pushing hard as we kind of expect it anyways we're just gonna we're just gonna chill load their stuff up their recon is dead on the right side that's fine kind of expected anyways napalm bombs coming in well back maybe you can't steal father we're stations keep it up boys keep it up he's dead he's going to get a plane out 80 gone is coming in that is cool six pounder then we can take care it out yeah we just got ahold that's all we got to do now you know what though come on stuck do it baby girl stun him close enough let's fall back maybe we can get out of his range before it gets smooshed all right as soon as we killed this infantry that is in the open here then we're gonna we're gonna really push it gonna get another fighter out let's go Spiti be back that's just a command Stewart that's fine we're gonna get our stud pool moving back all right I'm doing that goes a Spitfire that's some expensive few kills right there get the stuff back oh well alright time for Tiger so his main pushes mitt mainly in the middle here his infantry is really weak in terms of quality he just has a lot of them that's his main strength here there cuz that command Stewart I'm gonna fall back with this guy oh he's doing a big push here loads and loads of cheap shit that's one down Tigers just gonna have to deal with this Oh you'll get more snugs we should probably get more infantry actually take some of these that points by all right stuck show me what you can do we got to kind of move in our infantry as a shield and to take out the these guys at the Palestine don't want to go overboard okay that's not going to bad wouldn't be the end if we lost that stuff 42 but it's a good counter keep that Tiger there you can get some kills here with a pencil man Stewart there will be a good kill there you go big girl that's what I was looking for we're out of infantry in Phase II we got another minute 20 left yeah which one do you fire right at that point do we dare just move yeah let's fuck it let's go let's go in some tanks over there yes I am getting into pretty close kinetic range there but that's all we that's all we have really go ahead and just lace this place with 80 guns we have a lot of them and they're cheap go snuggle Isha's do what you do best let's go get that Stuart he is bound to lose steam like he he can't hold this up five seconds we are getting dangerously close to the forest and that's not good for us all right now we make more points than he does so we're gonna be fricking flooding this place you know you just keep moving down there that's my plan that's cool sounds good is no saint he's gonna be he's rushing too much he's he's not gonna be able to for sure he lost his Vanguard push quitter die let's take care of these small pesky tanks gonna keep our tank right there to give us some firing fire support but it was to it you get pioneers yes plus ky2 Wolverines hitting our tiger that could be a nasty one yeah I'm gonna have to bail out there a nice addition yeah let's chill let's chill with the infantry he's getting all of his Wolverines out so I think the left yeah there you go just family you gotta just move it boys efficient just keep the tank close I'm gonna get our planes out take to have mosquito out it's a pretty beefy plane I'm not sure if we're gonna be able to shoot it and he has good ain't no so we're gonna count to this with actually no we're not gonna get a good aar so a little bit too much good kill on that take that forest back we're gonna go ahead and we might actually get an a a gun Tiger is doing some work on that flank though that's good yeah probably gonna lose those boots those boys pains me to say it seven minutes till face see I got all the time in the world I believe that all right here we go time for the kills right scratch that I guess that uh stuck out I mean we got to bailouts that's good let's get that rifle Wolverines are taking some good hits I'm so Dargo rifles destroyed it's got the right taggers in there let's just do as much damage as we can to these lighter units take all of them out there you go good stuff tiger fear looking quite necessary now to fire set off Lane's coming in mosquito that's a hefty bomber raucous okay I can probably take it up I kind of want to just take now there you go home maybe the a a can help us know he's got that if he moves into this plane are a a will be able to shoot falling back there comes the a a coverage destroy let's go for the Sherman's I don't care about anything else gonna be back nice and took out that's beautiful blind that shit come on you've already done more than enough get another stug get some right Yeager's out feeling gap tank good shit go for the Sherman and we're gonna fall back with this infantry try to get into those lines it's moving the infantry into the woods some pioneers I thought upon that side as well I think in the middle here nice got some crossfire going on here we've just got to take two points now that is an easy one and that left side is an easy one he's been canned heavy on this those two points there's the Wolverine again come on succeed for Sherman let's just defeat him on the left and double push to the right and I'm also actually going to get some get some infantry for the right side right Yeager's on the Pioneers should just a flag for the left let's scramble our planes all right let's go more tanks he'll bailed out gonna want to stop them from fixing each other up though kill it tiger come on you can do it it's just a pesky Sherman there you go baby I'm pushing into the town really effectively he's getting his artillery out so you're gonna be paying the I was gonna sleep ad artillery to have a visit but I'm not gonna let's get some bombs out right here he fixed his tanks up nope he just got some more some newer ones that's easy let's get air supremacy all right we got a foothold into town gonna keep moving our tiger in as soon as we have them fixed up here don't want to move them around with a slow engine mosquito coming in hope Rea is ready yeah is ready but not ready enough to kiss a little too far should we get more AAA I think their supremacy would help us out or we can get artillery to counter his that's behind tracks broken on that though don't fall back into the enemy line aside police don't be retarded come on be smart be smart about this all right we got our artillery out we're gonna just immediate loan money and start pounding the town way more points than he does so let's make something happen he's going into full panic artillery this is what you always see when when they cannot want anything on the ground you see artillery coming up that's fine it's fine by me why are you showing your front I had a supply truck for the left that is about two pounds that town we could start countering his stuff pods that 6-pounder out of the way all right face see here we go we're gonna flood his ass with snugs plenty a time girl just get our tiger back out now look at that yeah we're gonna go fully on counterbattery from now on I've got 13 minutes to make a change let's do this alright thanks for getting fixed just try to bait in someplace maybe don't work maybe I don't know common we haven't really made any pushes here so we're gonna do something about this let's get a mortar out I thought be light understand Thanks that's a lot a lot of shitty tanks that's a problem that could be a problem and we got to take him out with this next shot otherwise we're in some deep shit a leader let's try to deal with that rifle come on the tank come on tiger they'll let me down here driver killed good panicle now get another Tiger out all right we're gonna be pushing in how we push in all right we killed it good good shit keep charging you get pioneers Artie that position we lost our Tiger into artillery just keep going in I'm gonna put some pressure on here got 10 minutes I like to play that late game losing snow she does air tanks can't see anything good stealthy 80 guns there that's for sure let's get there's a rock so we got to keep moving our slow he's gonna keep raining down got a stun this infantry before he makes us all surrender worth it most likely gonna be sad but it's cool there you go we didn't lose it don't Nicole could use his recon my bombs dropped do it stuff keep moving your ass up he's gonna just bomb our face pioneers up in there could just Tigard a little bit we're gonna secure that Froylan Frank blink party to show him that I'll pay him a visit give him a cookie of his own go artillery is annoying what is up way final from we're not gonna do anything else then counter arty be better it's me top it for you okay fine we'll just get everything regular your choice here we go one two three four let's go fire all day all night I'll do some more Sherman's coming in artillery is just gonna be firing 24/7 at this stage we're gonna move in our infantry and our a on the left let's get that a a gun I'll shake it out of the way you know we can do this I'm gonna whip out our our Tiger a little bit let's do a push there and let's start moving these boys in some what happens keep that already going babies come on tiger good shit I was thinking something else like this for ya know what it is yet left points are doing pretty dang good we're gonna line up our infantry get some more right takers out just a leader unit is artilleries moving you can tell it's not firing as much still dedicating to trying to counter my infantry years so testing okay pretty weak on the right side I gotta say let's get a tiger out get some CQC tiger action going on here take that infantry out actually it'll stick the stack now we saw the lowest shot let's not let him breathe please not bring it but breathe also it's boasting it's good and we took out another a gun and there goes that a a gun maybe we can stun it here that's enough we're getting some infantry out we got to hold this line here and block off all their reinforcements we're gonna get another bomber I found the crap out of this yet they'll serve it on out basically smoke off this so that we can move in there with some writers say a sucks ass now so that's good Oh artillery yeah he didn't have enough we can't just arty smack in the middle there it's got some reinforcements for the town essentially just moved these guys in gonna move back our Tiger just the bits bomb sitting pretty well move in boys get the snugs in there four minutes to make a difference come on desperate mosquito coming in don't let him drop good shit that was an expensive loss for him and we just took the point in a second to reinforce this how was the right doing we got our tiger up there so let's push up put that pressure back on them cannot let him chill cannot let him treat John what that is what we can are do that's a supply truck still up yes moving in that the Infantry's fuck go go go we hold 12 to 12 sometimes taking a point is so demoralizing to the enemy today surrender so let's see if that happens keep that smoke going unless your router's hand these stubs working I was all right we have made it across good shit we have lost our Tiger but that's fine just get that six pounder and we're gonna whip out some more Tigers on here there goes the poll since there's a few tanks they're actually the slots are not too bad but not good either bailed out on that beautiful how's it going he's making a film that push he's got more Tigers out on the left there it is is that my artillery actual nope fire everything on that he's got these Tigers and studs working that is some hefty tanks that are coming in it's quite whirling actually oh that's already done Brown yep there goes our Tiger it's good that we're whipping out some more units right is not doing not doing bad we're actually doing really good here let's keep our ting that's gonna get another tank and a liter tank moving the stug RT is coming in hopefully in a second Firefly we lost that one well we did piss him off quite a bit maybe this stuff can take them out let's go spawn them back that's good taking some hefty losses there all right we're gonna be pounding into her counting our way into this county headache let's make our way downtown nice you can stop who's gonna be stunned in a second did we have a tent come okay we do have one tiger still see what they got into town shall we come on snug-a-licious you can do this Oh mo explosion on that beautiful stuff now we just got to take a point we're getting a little bit cocky here though I gotta say so we're gonna bomb the crap out of all of this it's morning Frenchie Oh got a no one to hold him and know when to fold them now it's folding time on this side his air is really weak that makes this really interesting piece you just evac we've lost the point there that's not cool we're gonna be pushing it now let's go got to go in we gotta charge them up like either us let's just keep living in no stopping this train no stop this train he's going to be pushing right side I think that's what I would do if I saw that kind of weakness taken out here I mean all infantry is getting it the stug is going to be able to get that kangaroo taken out we're gonna move in this tiger and let's get this more to working on the other country all right stabilize the right that's good right the acres get ready all the infantry ever move up let's get some more red Yeager's to hold this ground let's get the Sherman dunno what is hitting me but I'm impressed eighty gun right there Jesus Christ it's right in your face what is this fury in there taxi whirs – all right good bombs away better man we lost some lost immunity at dumbassery gonna hold the Tigers here let's go out and get some more right now look at all we got some more tanks what is that about what are things in there yeah his fireflies are super expensive and he's uh he's not doing what he should be doing if you cannot win with tanks don't buy tanks does that make sense it makes sense to a lot of real world military people it's a nice good fire support alright let's keep pushing any that's 14 points now tigers are coming in nicely let's just hold them here and get another one five line that's a little bit of a no-no ball back with the tiger a little bit we don't need to push up too much let's just hold here and see if it can they cut out to get out kind of just secure our position here backseat on no Pegasus go away I thought I turned off all of my stealing notifications what is on Steam what is going on why you keep changing my shit okay you know what that is fine let's just kill on top of the hill got to send me four tens table I just go all right now this would be really risky if we just moved through this forest you would hardly be shaken well at least I would have 80 guns ready there I'll make em spender oh my god that is the entire flank on their flank that is don't you love that one steam just automatically changes her settings it's great it'll work on the back let's go for both that he's done if it manages to destroy it real quick we can move up to the next one didn't measure the store yet gonna get our fighter up here as well got a stuck out it's actually a last stuck that's pretty pretty amazing about if you gonna feed on all right that's just a bow for us that's fine let's bomb the bow for like you know like as you do can we kill the Sherman please there we go there we go now we all right moving boys take this Firefly out here we go tige understand tt make sure it's stuck you don't need to be turd you don't need a turret if you already end up there you got a load of wounded good stuff that says coup de Gras right here we're gonna get some morning Frenchy I got plenty where I came from Wolverine all right it's kind of me let's relax when you're right about there that's cool can party to bow force get some more reinforcements here let's push up the tanks let's also get some reinforcements here before you push yourself in do that way we're sure of our cars come on quite a lot of stuff coming up here interesting I need a supply truck that's for sure do some gun runs yep peace he's doing exactly what I thought he would be doing just charge in the infantry it's got a bombing run goin we're gonna try to get his attention with the righty acres and just moving the tanks nice there you go that's how you win with a deck that is actually built for phase a but you take it a little bit differently and push and face see so that was a good game Hart knack versus the third good kills with all of our armor that we actually called out more armor than an actual armor tech I mean that Tiger just went all out that was beautiful yeah not too bad 81 Levin did good this Tiger did really nice cool not too many like extreme losses like that yeah that six pounder did hurt to Sherman's it pretty good against our infantry and actually took out 280 guns not too bad oh yeah that was it hope you enjoyed I'll see you guys back in the next one bye you


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    Epic game and awesome commentary. It was worth the wait!

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    good interesting match of vanguard vs juggernaut

  • Reply Timothy Anderson July 29, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    The worst thing about panic arty is that it works.

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    Thanks for the 1v1 Ranked

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    The fury joke killed me! XD

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    Another really classy effort!

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    The Sauce Boss

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    Another one Saucy x)

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