This Guard Breaks All The Rules To Make Child’s Day While On Duty At Royal Palace.

June 12, 2019

extreme trends presents this guard breaks all the rules to make a child's day while on duty at the Royal Palace before we begin do us a favor and click that like button also subscribe to our Channel and click the notification bell to be inspired by these heartwarming stories every day there's something magical about a child's smile it can brighten the darkest days and as positively infectious it's next to impossible to be sad or angry when a little one is smiling at you and no matter how mature you are no matter how serious your job requires you to be there's always time to make a small child smile although they're supposed to remain standing at attention while on duty impassive and immovable we've all seen videos of the members of England's Royal Guard breaking the rules for small children sometimes the palace guards smile back at a grinning child or maybe they will pose for a goofy photo did you know that other countries have royal guards that are just as Stern and unapproachable as the Queen's guard for instance the Swedish royal guards these elite members of the Swedish Armed Forces are the king of Sweden's guard of honor and are responsible for the protection of the Swedish royal family they serve as the main guard of the Stockholm Palace and a smaller detachment is assigned to drottingholm palace their history dates back even farther than the famous Royal Guard of England which was established upon the restoration of the monarchy in 1660 the Swedish royal guard has continuously guarded its royal palace in Stockholm since 1523 until the mid 19th century the royal guards comprised of between a hundred and two hundred men from guard units who also maintained law and order in the city as well as providing firefighting services today around fifty to sixty soldiers serve in the royal guards with approximately thirty-five based at Stockholm royal palace and 25 at rotting home and make no mistake any member of these highly trained guards would willingly lay down their lives to protect the monarchy in the royal palace and like the Queen's guard at Windsor Castle the Swedish royal guards who can by the way be either male or female are not allowed to speak to passerby or break their ranks in any way but every so often they've been captured in photos or on video breaking the rules in the sweetest way possible you see the royal guards perform state ceremonial duties on behalf of the Swedish Armed Forces they also take part in Royal ceremonial occasions official state visits the OPA of parliament Swedish national day formal audiences the official opening of the Swedish Academy navel visits and more the ceremonial changing of the guard is an event that takes place every day of the year typically it's held at 12:15 p.m. the one Sundays and holidays it begins an hour later however the ceremonial marched through central Stockholm accompanied by a full military band is usually only possible from May to August this fantastic performance lasts about 40 minutes the military band is typically from the Swedish Armed Forces Music Centre but if no musical accompaniment is available the Royal Guards instead march from the obelisk to slot back in to the south side of the Royal Palace their musical performances are excellent in fact there is a lovely video of the mounted military band performing the classic rock song hooked on a feeling during one of their public appearances and in another video that's currently making the rounds on the Internet a Swedish royal Guard soldier named Joseph in course back was captured interacting with a young child who clearly appears to idolize the guards and though they never speak directly to one another Joseph in was absolutely awesome with the little boy whose name is Oscar young Oscar does quite a decent impression of the guards as he first parades along the courtyard then stands Stockstill in front of Josephine and presenting arms as he nears the guard Josephine also moves from at ease to a position of attention then as Oscar moves his legs from attention to at ease Josephine does likewise the little boy then does a sharp about-face and begins to stride across the cobblestone streets towards the palace incredibly the guard follows suit the pair then stride across the courtyard in unison which were sure must have delighted little Oscar to no end and while not a single word was spoken by either Josephine or Oscar during the entire time they interacted we are fairly certain that this is one memory that the little boy will never forget after all it isn't every day that a member of the Royal Guard marches in time with you thank you for watching this fantastic story please tap one of the two videos on your screen for another amazing extreme trends story


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    who else is just scrolling down the comments to see what happened

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    Very nice of the guard to make the kid happy 💕

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    He gave the gift of kindness

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    My uncle made kids happy apparently it was illegal

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    Oh how sweet the kid the guard was nice2 the kid was problem happy

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    God bless that guard

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    The video with the Swedish guard and the kid was film 8 years ago

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    Amazing loves to him

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    …he got fired

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    Forget the Queen
    Remember the kid

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    The guarde in front of the marble wall are greek I mean the ones with the Red and Black shoes

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