This PS3 was part of a Supercomputer in the US Air Force!

July 24, 2019

okay everyone so today we're gonna be a boxing a PlayStation 3 from eBay but not just any ps3 this PlayStation 3 it was actually part of a supercomputer from the US Air Force and that's not even a lie but before we crack in this thing let me give a quick shout out to mr. Mario 2011 on YouTube if it weren't for his video on this I would have never found out about it and then got the link to the eBay auction and bought one myself so go check out his channel he's got a lot of cool stuff on there he does much different stuff than I do and he gets a lot more in depth with this kind of thing but of course this is PlayStation so as much as I hate kind of doing the same thing like you have to buy something like this right this is a part of PlayStation 3 history so back in 2011 the US Air Force bought 1760 PlayStation 3s and clustered them together for a super computer because when you put a bunch of ps3 together they were actually quite capably capably used to for computational power and at that time when the US Air Force did that it was I believe the 33rd largest supercomputer in the world at that time 500 trillion floating point operations that they got out of a thousand 700 PlayStation 3s which is crazy and so this auction this is a little messy this is gonna get all over my room alright this auction was only the PlayStation 3 there was of course a fat model and again back in 2010 it's running on a pretty old firmware update it does not come with the hard drive controller or anything like that but it does have a lot of stickers and whatnot on it kind of telling us a little history about it about where it was located in the cluster for maintenance and whatnot and this really is kind of a big deal because that was like a huge story in the back of the days that you know these things were actually super capable that's why programs like folding at home were available on the PlayStation spread because it was really good at doing things like that and the eBay auction was even more fascinating because the the guy in the auction even says this was from a government surplus he bought 80 of them and and he just put them on eBay for like $50 and so like all in you're getting a PlayStation 3 with an extremely old firmware to be honest I was more interested in that than anything else but oh my god here we go this is awesome I'm I'm in love with this thing already Wow he's got a lot of cheese transit was not nice to this thing let me tell you all right I'm gonna have to vacuum later and no doubt about that Oh Melissa's here she doesn't want to come out it's funny because whenever I'm setting up for a video she is all over the place but then when I start filming now she doesn't want to come out anymore I know you guys love Melissa but I don't know she's been really shy lately she doesn't come out Melissa being my cat so if you're not familiar okay I gotta clean this thing off holy Sh hold on give me a second here okay my floor looks like absolute hell now but we got it the PlayStation 3 that was used in the US Air Force so cool man and so this thing was probably on all the time it was an absolute workhorse running Linux more or less and once it was not deemed the whole cluster I guess at one point was deemed to just not nearly as efficient or they were cheaper alternatives at that point so the Condor cluster was taken down and yeah all the hard drives were removed and I guess that's how they got offloaded on my government surplus sale and so some of the stickers that we have on here pretty interesting stuff so CPU PlayStation 3 Linux workstation on this little sticker right down here this one up front one 21s this I believe signified we're in the cluster it was located just for easy maintenance so there was like a an entire rack system right and so one 21 this might have been the shelf and this was the actual unit number I would have to imagine that's how they labeled them and then the front we have a certificate of system harddrive disposition that means they wrote the hard drive the system has been expected and any hard drives have been removed or sanitized and then there's this serial number the comp I don't mind not blocking any of this out serial number the console model number is just PlayStation 3 IP MS number we've got a signature here certification date 317 2016 interesting a little attached to system cut here probably just another sheet of stickers cut here paste it on it's good to go so now the fun part right so we can actually because there is no harddrive supplies they'll check that real quick obviously we don't get one nothing in there so what we can do is actually we can still stick a harddrive in here any standard two-and-a-half inch laptop hard drive but we need to specifically load up firmware 2.5 – if we load up anything further than that then the PlayStation 4 is officially beyond that firmware and we kind of just soured it there so we're gonna get 2.5 to load this up and check out that firmware now one thing you may have noticed about this Playstation 3 is that when they got rid of the hard drive they also got rid of the disc tray that houses the hard drive because the actual connectors are kind of centered in the middle of the back of the unit but the thing is you don't really need that so you can see I'm still putting the hard drive just make sure the connectors are lined up and the hard drive will kind of well it'll still connect but it won't be flush it'll actually be bent down a little bit but you're not gonna shake this thing around or go crazy with it so you can still put it in there just fine or you can buy a disc tray from eBay and hey look at that now a wild melissa has shown up finally she's been like not really not wanting to come out for the videos lately but now when I'm doing some like some of this b-roll stuff is when she decides oh you know what I gotta investigate what's going on and as you can see she's having a good time blocking my shot and just generally being a nuisance but god I love her anyway let's fire this thing up I want you to pay close attention to the left there you go there is still some styrofoam into the fan of the PlayStation 3 the vents really and the fan kicked in and blew it out so that was a I found that to be pretty humorous I'm like yeah you know what I'm gonna leave that in here and so there's a lot of good resources online to find firmware 2.52 there's still a lot of good communities and whatnot going around the PlayStation 3 there's a good hacking community mod community and stuff so you know when you boot up the system it's gonna say that the system software cannot be run correctly it's gonna ask for you know the latest firmware that it's up to or what it recognizes right and so it's telling us that you know when I was last being used I was on firmware 2.5 – I need to see that so you plug in the USB Drive checking and this is a typical annoying process that you have to do but the system partition the hard disk drive will be formatted that's fine I don't need honestly I don't even remember what hard drive what hard drive I put into it now I think it was 500 gigabytes at this point I've just got like 5 or 6 HDD is floating around and I just kind of swap them interchangeably when I have to for some of these videos where I have to reboot PlayStation systems but as you can see it we're installing the firmware doesn't take all that long at all actually it took maybe about 20 minutes or so in total but here we go we're starting into the boot up process and we're still on a standard def so here's where we change over to the max resolution of 1080p and looks all well and good right you start that up we get our nice little move there we go yeah that music plan that's always some good stuff there but oh my god that old black XMB with the information board in the top right corner so you have no idea how like nostalgic this is for me and it's something as simple as just seeing that black XM beep here you can see the install other OS so we can definitely do that at some point and we totally will just not for this video but the thing is at one point or another when Sony updated the firmware of ps3 they got rid of the black XMB so they only made it a flat color of like blue red green yellow something super bright and I don't know why they did that I really missed that a lot as you can see now I'm starting up resistance 3 or excuse me I'm resistant 3 resistance fall of man and it's honestly dude this is such a throwback and it really is something as simple as the black XMP and then you got the old meta font that's actually the name of that official font is a meta mata if you ever want to look up that font but everyone calls it the Spider Man fine understandably because it was used in the spider-man movies and that's why and that thing is everyone was like super negative about that they didn't like that font back then but I thought it actually looked kind of a futuristic looking now when I see that font though I think more about sheets if you remember well it's not like they're gone now but sheets the gas stations they use that font as well I'm pretty sure or something that's extremely close but look at this man we're starting up resistance fall of man really I mean what else can I say it really is the nostalgic thing where I remember back in 2006 I didn't have any money to buy any game so I just downloaded a bunch of demos but my uncle Chris he also got a ps3 on launch day miraculously and he got resistant so I was able to play his copy and so that was like the one full game I had for the longest time actually so for a few weeks I just had resistance fall of man and then a bunch of a bunch of demos which I sat and waited patiently for this PlayStation 3 also has n game XMB so 2.52 was up to a point where we still had the trophy support we haven't Meishan bored we could still use the XMB and so speaking of which what we're gonna do in another video coming up is actually do a deep dive in a comparison of this firmware and then the latest firmware on PlayStation 3 and really discuss the history of firmware as on ps3 because it actually is pretty interesting when you dive into what Sony prioritized in terms of bringing what features a ps3 first so stay tuned for that otherwise that's pretty much it for this video thank you so much for watching I thoroughly hope you enjoyed it it was really fun doing this and as always please subscribe for the best PlayStation news reviews and updates here on youtube follow me on twitter at mystic ryan for my gaming shenanigans and I will see you all in my next video you take it easy


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