Top 10 Best Guns, Weapons and Gear for Mordecai The Hunter in Borderlands 1 #PumaCounts

June 13, 2019

what's going on guys this is vinylic Booma back from other Borderlands countdown video and today I'd like to go over ten of what I think are among some of the best guns weapons and gear for Mordecai the hunter in Borderlands 1 now before we start I'm mostly going to be focusing on specific weapon and class mod recommendations and sport islands one tends to be a little more subjective when it comes to choosing grenades and shields with that in mind Mordecai tends to specialize in snipers revolvers and pistols so you'll be seeing a lot of great gear recommendations centering around those weapon types also it was pretty hard to just pick 10 items for this list I'm sure there are going to be plenty of items I could have included but didn't so if you have a favorite gun class mod or item you like to use on Mordecai that doesn't appear on this list that doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad it just means I didn't have enough room to include it as always feel free to leave some of your favorites in the comments section below otherwise and without further ado let's go ahead and start with number 10 and that is going to be the trucks akin wrestler class mod while Mordecai is typically used at longer ranges melee Mordecai actually works fairly well after all given Mordecai's aptitude for revolvers and pistols it is worth mentioning that revolvers and repeater pistols can come equipped with either the razor or Lasser raider blade accessories which tend to provide the highest amount of melee damage bonus beyond that though Mordecai actually has a pretty nice ability in the form of lethal strike which allows him to deal impressive amounts of damage with melee strikes while it is based on a base 35% chance you can potentially score upwards of 500 % lethal strike damage without class mods which yields some pretty impressive damage output the truck skin wrestler class mod basically just makes this play style a little more viable after all the truck skin wrestler can improve your percent based melee damage and bullet damage resistance bonuses while also being able to boost the lethal strike by up to +4 for a total of 9 out of 5 in the skill at that point your base male boost provided by lethal strike should be about 90% while your lethal strike bonus hits at upwards of nine hundred percent otherwise the trucks akin wrestler provides a viable and fun alternative way to play Mordecai so if you're getting tired of sniping or using pistols be sure to keep an eye out for one of these class mods as they can drop from the truck skin wrestlers that are found in the lockdown palace in the general Knoxx dlc number nine the torque violator repeater pistol so it was a tough decision between this and the Thanatos havre I think I ultimately decided to go with the violator due to its similarities to the double anarchy SMG which is an SMG that fires four projectiles per shot that I quite like unlike the double anarchy though which is restricted to being non elemental the violator has the benefits of being able to take advantage of accessories meaning you can get a violator in any element as well as one with a double accessory which brings the projectile count to four instead of three this is pretty cool in my opinion and makes the violator a bit more desirable even if the violators barrel penalties are noticeably higher than average with a significant decrease to base damage and a significant increase to recoil in exchange for a projectile multiplier and greater fire rates my only complaint with this thing though is that it's burst fire meaning you have to repeatedly pull the trigger to bullet spam enemies at closer ranges this is admittedly unfortunate however I don't think it undermines just how useful or good the violator can be and shouldn't dissuade one away from what is a fantastic repeater pistol ultimately I really do like the violator on Mordecai and be sure to keep an eye out for one as they can drop from any suitable loot source number eight the gunslinger class mod it was a really tough decision between the gunslinger and the gunfighter comm because on the one hand the gunfighter is actually a really good class mod that provides some pretty nice bonuses to Jacobs revolvers by potentially increasing their damage and either their reload speed or accuracy it also boosts the gun crazy skill which is great for basically any pistol as it allows you to potentially gain an improved chance to fire two shots per trigger pool without consuming any additional ammo however I think I'm ultimately going to go with the gunslinger simply because it doesn't only benefit Jacobs gear plus if you're looking for a great class mod for all of your pistols the gunslinger tends to be a better choice even with a bizarre boost to the loaded skill which only benefits sniper rifles aside from that though the gunslinger boosts fire rates and provided you get one of these with material three it can provide pistol ammo regen which is incredibly useful for machine pistols and other repeaters that have a tendency to consume a lot of ammo in fact and depending on the quality of the class bond you receive your ammo regen can easily exceed the amount of bullets you can fire thus allowing you to potentially have infinite ammo in a sense the skill boosts for the gunslinger Comm are pretty decent too deadly improves your damage on critical hits well relentless is a skill that can improve your fire rate as well as provide you a 25% chance to deal a certain amount of killer shot damage which at nine out of five in the skill you can achieve upwards of one hundred eighty percent killer shot damage overall though I'd say this is a pretty great class mod and if you're looking for one be sure to keep an eye out for these as they can drop from any suitable loot source number seven the malwan pestilent Defiler revolver well it's really supposed to just be called the Defiler the pestilent prefix is the only prefix that can spawn on the Defiler hence the longer and cooler name as for the revolver itself it's a great weapon for Mordecai to take on the various Crimson Lance and other corrosive vulnerable enemies in the game and this is due to a number of abilities that come from the defilers unique accessory unlike many other elemental accessories the Defiler actually ends up boosting damage rather than reducing it and as for its special effect the Defiler seems to have a pretty large proc radius meaning that you can potentially apply a corrosive status effect to multiple enemies with just one shot if all the enemies happened be close together the Defiler also works fairly well with a few different class mods for Mordecai as well you can pair it with a gunslinger calm as that allows you to boost the potential of your pistols revolvers or you can pair it with an assassin comm which boosts corrosive damage alternatively you might even be able to find other comms that achieve great results – depending on what you need for a given situation in the end the petulant Defiler is an awesome corrosive only revolver and if you want one be sure to keep an eye out for it as it can drop from any suitable loot source number six the sniper class mod so this is one that should really be a no-brainer that you pick up for Mordecai after all it can improve the critical hit damage of your sniper rifles and depending on what material you get you can either have it improve your sniper rifles accuracy or it can allow you to potentially regenerate sniper rifle ammo which is incredibly useful as far as what skills are boosted you're getting a boost to calibre which will increase the amount of damage you deal with snipers focus which will improve your accuracy with all weapon types while also reducing your sway while aiming with snipers and finally the sniper comm boosts carrion call which will reduce the amount of cooldown for your action skill provided you're scoring critical hits of the three skills I would say that the better ones tend to be carrion call or caliber and try to find a sniper calm with either one of those boosted in general though I'd save for planning on doing a bunch of sniping on Mordecai this class mod is really a must-have do two out improves critical hit damage it improves sniper ammo regen as well as just for what skills at boosts this thing should really come in handy no matter what sniper rifle you use on Mordecai and if you really want one be sure to keep an eye out for them as they can drop from any suitable loot source number five the Jakob speci sniper so I suppose technically the Bessy is a pretty great sniper on all characters however given Mordecai's aptitude for sniper rifles I think it makes sense to recommend what is essentially the best Jakob sniper rifle as one of his best weapon what makes the Bessie special is that it has zero projectile spread while scoped which actually makes it more similar to how sniper rifles function in Borderlands 2 and that the projectile you fire will always go where the reticle in your scope is positioned this makes the Bessie very reliable for long range shots when compared to things like the Cyclops which can still potentially miss despite the fact that the Cyclops is capable of superior zoom the Bessie special effects come from the unique Bessie scope which in addition to essentially eliminating spread also provides a slight boost to the weapon zoom when compared to these standard heists zoom sniper scope it also provides percentage-based bonuses to other things like projectile speed damage and critical hit damage which makes the Bessie a great choice for sniping and just really landing those critical hits I'd say the only real downsides here are the lack of an element and the Bessie being a pump-action having access to a semi-auto superior fire rate and being able to come in all elemental varieties would have made the Bessie a little more powerful than it currently is however for what it is Bessie is a phenomenal sniper for Mordecai and if you want one Bessie can drop from badass desperado enemies and it can also drop from chrome or axe so be sure to keep an eye out for this amazing sniper as you play through Borderlands 1 number 4 the doll penetrator sniper rifle unlike Borderlands 2 where fully automatic snipers are pretty common Borderlands 1 really only has one which is the doll penetrator which is actually supposed to be a legendary weapon however due to a bug the penetrators rarity doesn't display properly which is unfortunate however the penetrator more than makes up for that given its full auto status and just like Borderlands 2 is various vladov snipers the penetrator can be pretty ope given its high potential DPS otherwise the doll penetrators unique barrel greatly reduces recoil boosts fire rate and slightly improves magazine size plus you may also be interested to know that the doll penetrated l can also appear on the unique doll Reavers edge quest reward sniper rifle effectively making the Reavers edge a hybrid what's cool about this too is that it allows the penetrator to benefit from the Reavers edges unique scope which increases zoom reduces spread while scoped and improves magazine size ultimately I'd say if you're running a sniper build on Mordecai and you're looking for a true automatic sniper in Borderlands 1 the penetrator or the Reavers edged penetrator hybrid are excellent choices and are highly recommended by me the standard penetrator can be obtained from any suitable loot source while the river's edge variant is obtained from an NPC named River who is encountered during or after the two wrongs make a right side quest in kromm's Canyon just keep in mind if you're gonna go for that latter variant it is extremely rare number three the Hyperion nemesis repeater pistol when it comes to repeater pistols the Nemesis is definitely one of the better ones available it's actually one of the first dual or multi element weapons in the borderland series and unlike something like the camera which is somewhat unpredictable the Nemesis is far more consistent with its shock only status as well as its special effect that adds additional corrosive projectiles for additional damage and damage over time effects and obviously I'm recommending this repeater for Mordecai due to his affinity for pistols as skills like hair trigger and gun crazy can really allow you to get the most out of the Nemesis it also helps that the Nemesis has the potential to come in a hybrid Vance which allows the Hyperion invader pistol scope to spawn with the Nemesis accessory what this does is allows you to get both the special effects and stat boosts of both weapons meaning you can get the crazy DPS bonuses the invader scope provides well scoped in addition to the dual elemental special effects provided by the Nemesis accessory pair this with Mordecai's gunslinger calm and you should find that the results are quite satisfying overall the Nemesis is a phenomenal weapon and while I suppose it's great on multiple characters given Mordecai's affinity for pistols I think you'll find it be one of the best choices for him if you want it's be sure to check the drops of baddest defenders baddest infantry chrome racks and also check Crimson Lance weapon chests as well in the general Knoxx DLC number two the Orion sniper rifle much like the pearlescent Vesey the Orion is a phenomenal sniper rifle for multiple different characters and builds after all the Orion is in a way reminiscent of Borderlands twos pimping all and that it's used in a somewhat unconventional way to deal damage rather than shoot directly at a targets head or crit spot the player can simply aim at the ground just in front of their intended target and simply let the Orion's ricochet projectiles hit enemies dealing a considerable amount of damage you'll also be happy to know that aside from the cool ricochet effect that's provided by the Orion's unique accessory it doesn't provide a base damage penalty like your standard elemental accessory does and actually ends up improving the clip size of the Orion by four thus allowing the Orion to have a decently higher magazine size than your average sniper rifle what I would say makes using the Orion on Mordecai better than other characters though are the complement of skills and class mods that can help improve the Orion's capabilities for example skills like loaded can further improve the Orion's mag size thus requiring less reloading from the player if they decide to make great use of the Orion's ricochet potential also you can get your hands on a sniper calm which allows Mordecai to regenerate sniper ammo on top of boosting sniper rifle damage from skills like calibre in the end the Orion is a great sniper rifle for Mordecai thanks to his aptitude for snipers so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an Orion as they can drop from any suitable loot source and finally number one the Jacobs Unforgiven revolver though it's pearlescent Borderlands 2 variant leaves something to be desired the Unforgiven from Borderlands 1 is actually pretty great and given Mordecai's propensity for revolvers it would seem right to not include the Unforgiven on this list what makes the Unforgiven special when compared to other Jacobs revolvers is the increased damage it receives from its unique barrel while you do get increased recoil and lower fire rate with the unforgiven barrel you're getting a noticeable damage increase over a similar non-unique barrel as well as improved critical hit damage making the unforgiven perfect for scoring headshots on foes also and unlike a few other legendary / unique revolvers by having these special effects being provided by the barrel you can also get a number of very useful accessories to spawn on and Unforgiven such as the bladed or razor accessories which go well with Mordecai's lethal strike and of course the sought-after masher accessory which can yield crazy damage output and turns the unforgiven into a revolver / shotgun much like Borderlands twos Maggie so I do think you'll find that having the unforgiven effects confined to the barrel does yield advantages in what kind of accessory can spawn on the gun in my humble opinion this is one of my favorite weapons for Mordecai and if you're looking for a fantastic revolver with great damage potential go at the end forgiving as it's pretty LP alright guys I think that's gonna wrap up this particular video did your favorite piece of gear for Mordecai make it onto this list feel free to let me and everyone else know in the comment section below and as always like this video if you liked it click the bell so you can be notified when I upload more videos and as always and again thank you all so much for supporting this channel take care and I'll see you all in the next one you


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    If you wanna try something different with Mordy, use the Ranger class mod built from material2 (crit bonus buff) combined with "Death" shotguns (which have an unlisted crit bonus) and "Intense" combat rifles (which have a listed crit bonus). The best shotgun for Mordy is the Spiked Death, especially the ones made by S&S (if you prefer power) and Hyperion (if you prefer accuracy).
    3:01 The Double Anarchy has an accessory. So do Double SMGs. Those effects both come from accessories which is why they're never elemental. That's also why Maliwan doesn't make Double Anarchies or Double SMGs (since their SMGs already have elemental accessories by default).
    3:35 It's based on Robocop's Auto-9 machine pistol (based on the Beretta 93R) from the original Robocop which was a select-fire machine pistol with a tri-burst mode. 1987 was a good year for movies. A lot of the movies referenced in the Borderlands games came out in 1987 (Robocop, Predator, Evil Dead 2, etc.). Wait, the Boom Stick is a reference to Army of Darkness, not Evil Dead 2. Oh, and the AJM-9 from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was also based on the Auto-9.
    4:24 If you ask me, that's only good with machine pistols. Otherwise, it feels too much like a negligent discharge.
    10:25 The Penetrator is better off with sight2 or sight3. It doesn't really need sight5 since it's a mid-range sniper/designated marksman rifle.
    11:10 Would you call that "Reaver's Penetrator" or "Penetrating Edge?"
    13:38 Due to the way it works, the Orion would have been better off with no scope like Whitting's Elephant Gun.
    14:22 A "clip" is a device, other than a speedloader, used for loading a magazine or cylinder.
    16:21 Basically a suped-up Taurus Judge.

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