Top 10 Fortnite Weapon Skins RANKED WORST TO BEST! (NEW FREE SKIN??)

July 26, 2019

free hot pink weapon bling in fortnight well does it work for llamas no Fred good get out get out you get going get what was the brother for tonight are giving out a free hot pink vehicle and weapon wrap and apparently all you have to do to get it is use code t5g speaking of reps today we're doing the top ten for tonight weapon skins and wraps rank from worst to best to help you decide which ones you might want a sport in game but now it's time for the question of the day brought to you by moot huge takes the mood for sponsoring our official ranking series their app lets you meet and squat up with people on all types of games or just find lounges where people can hang out and talk about games they all love having trouble meeting friends to squat up with Moo wanna keep up-to-date about for night updates moot what ad fred is a friend and play with him alright fred that's enough click the top link in the description and sign up thanks to mood for making this series possible but anyways let's jump into number 10 candy cane Rhett what a better way to celebrate the holidays than the candy cane rack this wrap was first introduced to the item shop on December 20th 2018 for 300v bucks to celebrate the holidays in-game the wrap sports a red and white striped basis and it's also got some glossy silver undertones to resemble the holiday candy cane equipping this on your favorite weapons and landing in the snowy quadrant of the map adds a little more festivity to your everyday fortnight experience number 9 festive paper when wraps were introduced as part of season 7 content they didn't want to leave the battle pass out are you a fan of green well you better be as the rare festive wrap is all about during the festive wrap is a rare wrap and is featured in tier 11 of this season 7 battle pass the festive wrap is perfect for any players who want to show their festivity without being too festive it's also essentially free as it is part of the battle pass which means a majority of players will have earned it by now go check out the wrap section and your inventory to equip the best of wrath number 8 is the der burger wrap are you a fan of fortnight lore well you probably know the in-game food chain der burger der burger is one of the many fast-food restaurants that were featured in the season 5 story as well as greasy grow before it got froze over it's also one of the most effective ways to gain 200 pounds in fortnight fans missed it so much that epic brought it back as a weapon wrap and the dirt burger wrap is a rare wrap that is featured as tier 43 in the season 7 battle past as a cream white background with a splash of mini cartoon icons resembling things from der burger you got a fried dipped in ketchup a large order of fries and the der burger himself mixed in there too season 7 is ending soon so if you are a fan of the der burger make sure to get that battle pass up to tier 43 number 7 is the blue metallic wrap imagine a superhero that would ride around the map in their vehicle and save people from crime if had to wrap their car with one wrap it probably be the blue metallic wrap the blue metallic wrap allows you to detail your vehicles and weapons in fortnight looks really snazzy the blue metallic graph is a rare wrap that has a black carbon hexagonal pattern with a blue lining fun fact it can actually no longer be obtained and it was obtainable through the Ice King event by completing 612 of the challenge 12 plus other challenges but the event is now in fact over that was the event that turned the whole map snowy and covered the whole map and zombies that nobody liked I wouldn't be surprised if not that many people knew about this wrap either way still a beautiful wrap and people that have it should feel pretty lucky number 6 is the ultra red wrap you own the season 7 battle basses and maybe you're looking for a simple free and slick for nigh wrap well you're in luck the ultra red wrap is perfect for any fortnight player that wants to stay stylish but not stick out like a sore thumb it's a rare wrap and it's featured as the tier 23 reward in the season 7 battle pass I like this wrap because it's a beautiful wrap that looks really nice but doesn't necessarily pop out revealing your location since it is another battle pass wrap a majority of fortnight players have access to it and if you haven't already taken advantage of this wrap then you should as this will be your only time to get in at number five we've got the disco run it's time to get funky with the disco wrap we're getting real funky over here top 5 gaming Fred is busting a move the disco wrap a part of the fort Night Fever set is a rare floor night wrap that could be earned by completing day 13 of the 14 days of fortnight challenges and the classic mere squares like a disco ball with a purple trim like a you guessed it the disco 14 days a fortnight was a holiday theme that epic rant engage with community and figure out what LT m's and rewards the players like earning players had a rather positive reaction to the addition of the disco rap as it matches the already popular disco outfits in fortnight now anyone who owns these outfits can match with their disco I mean I really hope epic will continue releasing raps that match the skin said so we can match them with our rarest outfits but in at number four we got hot and cold fortnight a third of the map is freezing cold a third the map is burning hot but what better way to add to it then the hot and cold rap the hot and cold rap is the first uncommon rap in battle royale that has a blue and red gradient representing hot and cold goodbye in the item shop for 300v buck was released on january 31st 20:18 this rap is one of the most beautiful raps on this list and I wish I had copped it when it was available this rap also might be inspired a bit by csgo csgo is a round based FPS that is a similar fade camo that's very popular and instead of a blue and red fade it's an orange and purple thing it's really cool to see epic embracing the cold weather and allowing us to cop this cool rap and in number three we've got golden clouds imagine this you're walking through salty Springs minding your own business you look up and you see a golden quad crasher flying through the sky you ask yourself where can I get a gold quad treasure well look no further than the golden clouds rap the golden clouds rap is a rare rap that was obtainable in the item shop for a steep price of 603 bucks was first introduced the item shop on February 5th and for one specific reason Chinese New Year that's right epic celebrated the year of the pig this year by adding a new outfit set a brand new rap well it is a nice wrap it is 600 V bucks the least epic could do is up the rarity of it and I mean come on come on now lads this thing deserves it number two is the Indigo ice wrap sometimes you got to stay cool physically and metaphorically so for those players I present to you the Indigo ice wrap the Indigo ice wrap is a rare Battle Royale wrap and is featured in tier 60 of the season 7 battle pass the camel colors themselves are stunning as they look like a rare earth gem with the blue rocky texture with the silver lining speaking of gems rainbow succeeds another FPS that epic had taken inspiration from has a camo gem camo in their game called amethyst now this could always be a coincidence but is cool to see epic already making rap parodies from other games and as for the honorable mentions honorable mention number 1 is the new cuddle hearts wrap it's that time of year again Valentine's Day where we show love to our closest friends and family but epic has forgotten about the occasion and for those who won't be going out on Valentine's Day you can get the cuddle hearts wrap now we're gonna assume that this is a rare wrap like all the others but you can obtain this like other reps Epic Games is running the share the love promotional event where from February 8th to February 22nd 2019 you can use the code t5g for any purchase and fortnight in the item shop you'll get the cuddle hearts wrap and I think it's really nice that epic is showing love to not only players but the creators as well make sure to screenshot your purchase using the teef gcode and send it to use on our official discord server to earn the t5g member tank link in the description below I don't magic number two is the supposed galaxy rep I know what you're thinking a galaxy rap as in the galaxy skin but made into a wrap well you're in luck so it's sort of not really what kind of yeah and individually from the for tonight files courtesy of four night battle royale leaks shows that the galaxy wrap could be coming to fortnight very soon but probably for samsung galaxy owners only if I know it's it's sad team iPhone just take a moment probably the only El that we will be taking moving forward knowing that Android users do not have blue bubbles and their emojis look like little sludges if you remember a few months ago a big dinner promotion and introduced the galaxy skin if you bought a samsung galaxy s 9 then you're eligible to get a free galaxy skin to show epic and Samsung's love to the buyers now it's unclear if the entire promotion will be returning where you can get the skin in or the wrap or just the wrap promotion will happen but it seems like galaxy team items will eventually be returning hopefully it's our first epic or even legendary wrap and in at number one we've got the carbon and gold are you looking to be a baller and for tonight are you trying to be the best of the best the coolest of the cool look no further than carbon and gold the best weapon and vehicle wrap in fortnight the carbon and gold ore app is a rare wrap in battle royale is featured as tier 74 in the season 7 battle pass this skin has a beautiful black carbon that covers the base of the gun while the gold trim covers the sights and attachments on top of the weapon it looks like something you'd see out of a movie museum it's sleek doesn't pop out to reveal your position and is a satisfying wrap over all easily earning the number one spot on today's video but that has been our list of the top 10 for Knight weapon skins and wraps rank from worst to best click that like button if you enjoyed subscribe to the channel if you're new push notifications on and keep it here top-5 game music ball damage ye you


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