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Top 15 Scary Police Bodycam Videos

September 12, 2019

15. Hero Officer
This hero cop was credited for talking a man off a ledge. This man can be heard saying, “I can’t
do this anymore,” while hanging off a fence over a bridge when Officer John Brooks came
to his aid. “What can I help you with?” he asked. The man was preparing to jump off the bridge
and onto the interstate, when he crossed paths with Officer Brooks, who wasn’t going to
let him. After a while of talking back and forth, he
gained the man’s trust, who then allowed Officer Brooks and another officer on site
to help him back over the fence. Yet another officer who helped in a massive
way. 14. Side of the Road
26-year-old Deyon Rivas-Maestas and two women were found in a disabled SUV on the side of
the road by Deputy Bradley Proulx on May 12, 2017 near Littleton, Colorado. When the officer approached, he was told that
they didn’t need assistance, as someone had been called to pick them up. And someone did. But for some reason, they left Rivas-Maestas
behind. As the deputy approached the vehicle again,
in order to suggest that he push the vehicle further off the road, this man got out of
the SUV armed and came at him. The man fled to the front of the vehicle,
where he can be heard rambling and wailing, while the officer waits for backup. Thankfully, deputy Proulx was not harmed in
the incident, and the man was sentenced to 16 years behind bars for his actions. 13. Police Officer Arrested
A police officer from East Cleveland was taken into custody for operating a vehicle while
under the influence on December 22, 2017. The police are seen knocking on Marche’s
vehicle’s window and telling him to open it. He disregards this order. Instead, Marche revs his engine while in park,
prompting the officer to break the vehicle’s back window. They then break into his passenger side door
and order him to put his hands up. Finally, he listens. When Marche gets out of the car, it’s clear
that he’s been drinking. After taking him away, they then search the
vehicle. The vehicle, itself, belonged to the City
of East Cleveland police department. Marche pled guilty to his actions on March
6th, 2018. It’s clear to see why: with this body cam
footage as evidence, he wouldn’t have stood a chance. 12. Train Tracks
An officer saved a man from getting run over by a train, and the entire event was caught
on his body cam. This officer is seen in his body cam footage
running toward the train tracks, shouting at a man who is lying face down on the track. As the train approaches at a fast rate, he
is heard yelling at the man to move, while signaling the train to stop. The man heeded the officer’s warning and
jumped away from the tracks and out of harm’s way just as the train pulled to a stop in
front of him. The officer is heard asking the man if he’s
okay, while the man thanks him. Apparently, this wasn’t an attempt to take
his own life, he had just fallen asleep on the tracks. 11. French Protests
The protests in Paris over economic injustice remained strong for the fifth weekend in a
row, which is when this body cam footage was taken. Protesters called the “yellow vests” demonstrated
in large numbers, requiring an 8,000-officer strong police presence. The police were ready for the protesters,
however. Armored vehicles, plainclothes police, mounted
police, and riot police were all there to break up the party. The protests were over frustration with the
economic condition in France. The French President was forced to make tax
concessions and promise to raise the minimum wage. As the chaos of this body cam video shows,
that was probably the right choice. 10. Plot Blocked
A massive plot was foiled in June of 2018, when 28-year-old Khalid Ali was caught red
handed. Ali was found to be plotting to take the lives
military personnel and police officers in London. Ali was watched closely for the next six months
while the investigation was underway. The day before he was taken into custody in
April of 2017, he’d been observed shopping and then discarding packaging in a dumpster. The packaging was found to be containers for
knives. CCTV footage showed Ali’s movements in the
preceding months, for which he’d spent hours observing sites like Downing Street, the Houses
of Parliament, New Scotland Yard, and the MI6 offices. The body cam footage shows Ali’s dramatic
arrest on the streets of London. Ali is wearing a backpack. They search his jacket and his bag, where
they find knives on his person. These heroes just prevented what could have
been yet another horrific event in the UK. A job well done. 9. Camp Fire
The Camp Fire, which originated on Camp Creek Road in Northern California, destroyed 150,000+
acres and took the lives of 86 people. The video shows footage from Deputy Aaron
Parmley’s body cam. As USA Today posts, this is footage from his
search for four nurses in the Paradise, California wildfire. Parmley’s car broke down, so he set out
on foot through this fiery nightmare. Further in the video, a woman is heard saying,
“Are they coming for us?” And then the light from a rescue vehicle is
seen ahead, as someone does come for them. The officer and others luckily escape these
massive flames. Whatever the cause, the real heroes are first
responders and officers like Aaron Parmley. 8. Chris Watts Investigation
On August 12th, 2018, Chris Watts took the lives his two children, 3-year-old Celeste
and 4-year-old Bella, and his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts. This body cam footages shows investigators
approach Chris and ask if they can talk. After entering the home, they ask why one
of the doors in the girls’ bedroom is locked, and Chris opens it to reveal a bathroom. He says they normally keep it locked, because
the girls play in there when they wake in the morning. The investigators ask about the family routine. Later, you see Chris pacing and holding himself
as he rocks back and forth, while the policeman wearing the body cam is having a phone conversation. When he gets off the phone, he asks Chris
if he told Shannan’s mother that she went to a friend’s house that day. Chris confirms this, but when asked which
friend, he says he doesn’t know. A female friend of Shanann’s in the video
footage later asks the investigator what they should be doing. She asks if they should call hospitals and
hotels, and the investigator encourages it. Chris Watts is seen standing silently by,
his head bowed. Knowing what was later discovered makes this
body cam footage all the more compelling to watch. Although it’s easy to see body language
and behaviors that suggest guilt after the fact, it would be interesting to know if the
investigators in contact with Watts during this period could detect guilt in Watts’
responses and behaviors. The policeman in the purple shirt sure seems
to. 7. Heroic Rescue
When an apartment complex caught on fire, Officers Matthew Suddeth and Cory Glasscock
were there to save the day. Their body cam footage shows their heroic
efforts to save two people inside the building as the fire blazes. Just watch these two officers at work. Matthew and Cory were both honored for saving
the couple’s lives and for their bravery in the face of danger. 6. Animal Shelter Rescue
In yet another wildfire in California, man’s best friend was sadly trapped. This body cam footage from California police
shows officers racing in to rescue animals from a S.P.C.A. The grassfire had started in Vacaville, California
and was approaching the S.P.C.A., where dozens of animals, including cats, dogs, rodents,
and snakes, were kept. The first officers on the scene were officers
Kirsten Jennings and Carly Stone. They quickly entered the facility and started
crating cats and leashing dogs, while the fire continued to approach at only a few hundred
feet. Other officers, volunteers, and shelter employees
aided in the rescue, loading the 60 animals into vehicles which carried them to safety. The footage shows the heroic efforts of the
officers and civilians working as a team to save these animals. 5. Walmart Encounter
You have probably heard of 38-year-old Nasim Aghdam’s horrific actions at YouTube headquarters
in San Bruno, California. But before that happened, on March 31st, Aghdam’s
family had reported her missing, and her father had said that they feared she might be heading
to the company’s offices, because of her disliking of YouTube. Police officers actually came into contact
with her the morning prior to the incident. This video shows that encounter. The officers came across Aghdam asleep in
her car in a Mountain View Walmart parking lot, just 25 miles south of the company’s
headquarters. After running her plates, they found that
she’d been reported missing. The police officers in the footage are very
kind and professional in their approach. They tell her that she was reported missing
by her family. She claims that she left, because she didn’t
get along with her family. After their interview with Aghdam, she is
let go, as she’s not identified as a threat. Unfortunately, she was. As YouTuber Abelard Lindsey noted in the comments:
“These cops handled this very professionally…in a very friendly, non-confrontational manner…We
can’t always know what is in the souls of those around us.”
True of this encounter and many on this list. 4. Baby Lily
18-month-old baby Lily was found hanging upside down in a vehicle after her mother, 25-year-old
Lynn Groesbeck, flipped her car into Spanish Fork River in Utah. It was winter, and the incident had occurred
14 hours before anyone discovered it. And yet, Lily survived. The body cam footage shows a firefighter lifting
the baby from the car and handing her to a police officer who, holding Lily close to
his chest to warm her, races up the bank to get her to an ambulance. They get her into the ER, and that’s when
Lily first opens her eyes, as CPR is being performed. Apart from the police and rescuers, the thing
that saved her was her carseat. It held her above the frigid water, where
she remained for fourteen hours in the cold. It’s scary to think what might have happened
if a fisherman had not gone fishing near the spot of the incident that morning. The temperatures were so frigid – and especially
the water – that seven of the rescuers where later treated from the cold exposure. 3. Swat Streamer
If you spend a good amount of time gaming or streaming, you probably know what swatting
is. Streamers, in particular, are targeted, because
the horrible prank can then be watched live by followers as a source of entertainment. This is one of those cases. When a call to 9 1 1 claimed to involve a
hostage situation, nine Seattle police officers swarmed the high rise building in question. The male caller said he wanted $5,000 in return
for five people he was holding at the location. The body cam footage of this incident shows
officers outside the apartment, discussing the call. One of the officers says the call had come
from an online phone app, and another officer says it sounds like a hoax to him. Regardless, they must take the situation seriously. Getting into position, the head officer pounds
on the door, announces himself, and asks if anyone’s home. A young woman responds inside, which disarms
police. When she answers the door and is asked if
anyone’s inside, she responds, “Just my cat.” The officer was right; this was a fake call. Luckily for this woman, the incident did not
end quite as dramatically as other cases. 2. Man’s Best Friend
When a police dog from the Pasco County Sheriff Office’s K-9 unit was put on the scent of
someone suspected of taking a child, he was hot on the trail. This body cam footage shows Titan, the K-9,
tracking the suspect from a home near Tampa. 24-year-old Kevin Wilson had attempted to
take a child, after climbing into a home through a second-floor window. He then had it out with a woman inside the
home, took the child, and attempted to flee…but not before the child’s uncle, who was armed,
faced off with Wilson in the front yard of the home. Wilson then abandoned the child and fled by
car. He totaled his vehicle and entered the woods. That’s when police began their search via
K-9 units and helicopter. Titan, the dog, was the first one to reach
him. The footage shows a deputy ordering the man
to his stomach, while Titan grabs ahold of his arm. One more victory for man’s best friend. A no-contact order had been put in place,
which Wilson had breached. He was charged with violating this order. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell
beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new video
we upload every Tuesday. 1.Pulse
June 12th, 2016 saw a horrific event in the United States, when 29-year-old security guard,
Omar Mateen, entered the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida. In the end, he took the lives of 49 people. At the time, the incident involved a three-hour
standoff with police, some of which was captured on police body cam. On the night in question, 320 people were
inside the club around 2 AM, which is when Mateen approached Pulse while armed. The security guard at the door attempted to
engage him, but Mateen managed to bypass him, entered the building, and immediately began
his attack. According to the Orlando Sentinal, 34 bodycam
videos were released on June 9th, 2017, to give a clearer picture of the night’s events
unfolding. As you can see in this video, a number of
officers at the scene are directing those fleeing the nightclub across to safety. As you might imagine, all this body cam footage
is harrowing and scary to watch. Those who lived through this event will be
affected by it for the rest of their lives.


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