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July 29, 2019

whoa you just your booty touch my violated you it's all one love one team one fight that's it one branch we all twins all team that's what we're all about being humble staying hungry be missing a death like a baby shit burn welcome back to a brand new brand new UK GTV we're here in the Nikki can I do this I do enhancing different Archie what up guy well guys maybe back to a bar what guys welcome to a brand new video now look like a brandy Nikki mdtv video you're walking with my own yesterday you're so many intro going on throw it in the intro inception what up guys you're tuning to Nikki mgtv for another military video for all your military video needs I'm here with JD suits for our second town round two you guys like social media and you want to follow me and follow daily life social media down below Instagram snapchat and for two week to do that just comment down below and follow this line anyways we're on the road to 10k dude you're going to hit 10k quick I'm a private man you've been grinding hard on County boy just keep grinding and you're finding success already yeah it's the killer effing in dude love you guys make some support if you guys want to see the five worst jobs part two we made another one it's on my channel this one we're going to hop right into the top five best jobs part two a lot of you guys we're complaining about the first top five jobs because there were more than five jobs a total uses there are that are good no just no jobs in general general numbers like a hundred Navy job there's something it's there's a lot is a lot not is there a hundred there's over 50 as you guys said Coast Guard have like 20 something there's definitely over 50 yes over v we couldn't fit all of them on five list we made two videos first job that we're going to cover is going to be special operator because you guys were talking about how could we not include seals on these videos correct well obviously one of the best tours it's going to be like I mean it's we shouldn't have to say it's going to be the but it's not like the epitome of the Navy right like these are the guys that killed Osama bin Laden Beddoes these are the guys that are there to be badass but I put slicks up there with them also as the ones little combo spec up stock up yeah yeah the realm of what they do with their job is pretty much like you get the phone call and you're there like that that's the that's what we all I don't want to get caught in a bad ass of it but like the type of training you get they call them the million dollar man and that's because the training it cost to train one guy is like a million dollars so it's pretty intense as far as what are you looking for on my aircraft carrier we had a OD yeah so similar you know they get a lot of similar things being a OD on the carrier they had to do a lot of different types of training yeah so we would see these guys fast-roping out of the helos they'd be driving their little bomb cards around the SI zone man these Digitas be some pretty awesome amazing things man and if you can cut it to be a special operator I mean physically mentally it's the top of the top of the best of the best of that and I think the reason we didn't include it in the first video is because the chances are so low it is statistically shown that if you are joining out of high school and going to buds to be a CEO you have a 1% chance of making it 1% meaning most people that go to buds and make it are people that have already been in the Navy already trained they're more developed they're not straight a high school used to think about like mature UI is immense really like they tell you guys it's all mental like this entire process and going to buds and tasking like it there is physical aspect to it but it's like are you going to stay in and mentally be there for everything after it's you if there's guys that warning is due to shape as others yeah they had the better the stronger metal fortitude I mean of course you gotta put respect man we got to put it on air is number one appreciate you guys out there man put your life online love you we love you hard good luck good luck Oh number oh not a oh not is right now we're here do you need some this I always push it about it I though because I frickin hate not on payday OS at all I worked with them 24/7 yeah quadrant being big watching I just it's a part of it yeah the shit on a oh just because they're a is so our second job of this video is going to be IT and I say this because information is like iGEM was on his channel yeah and she mention the one thing a lot of places on the ship are going to be really hot there's only two places I know that we're going to be really or actually three places are gonna be really cold the freezers for C esters of course you're going to have the IE area and medicals they all have regulated temperatures that they have to be expensive yeah the IT is because they have their the computer they're doing all the computer that because of whatnot the reason why I put them on here is couple reasons because I think they have a really good chance of getting good jobs outside of the service like oh yeah I'm branching off certifications the advancement advancement is really good like if you would have been as long as me already e6 is for a while are we looking to go for cheap like it's just crazy because Corman is also hard advanced but IG is pretty wide open yeah and a nice easy especially you know I get a lot of people to want to be I tease in my video computer type field job you're doing a lot of troubleshooting a lot of repairs networking networking a lot of stuff that yeah we'll be able to translate if you want to get into stuff like that yeah and the civilian world and you're going to get qualifications and schooling that is going to help as well so he said rank is easy good conditions conditions are great also because think about it cold I just mention this to is you're going to internet access like Noel you're going to be good to go yeah you have internet access and you know when the peak times are you know when it's down you know like you're going to know yeah there is a big doing that's a huge thing but our communication on this just being able to communicate with your family your career I want I teens are able to be out like you said they know the systems are able to email yeah be on Facebook they know the T times yes all right so long as you got a phone you'd be alright phone oh yeah you cannot it you guys are taste on still on the ships we had a payphone if you really need to make a call you can go to like the yeoman Oh like you can go to like the the squadron's office on the ship yeah give you like this an outfit 3 number 3 on the list Gunners race is Gunners neat and I put this on the list also because of advancement to advance it to e5 right now and the past I think two cycles has been 100% that means like you could join the Navy at the e3 and be an e5 with in gear come out here yeah and that's crazy that's pretty good that's faster than any other job I've seen besides you a live automatic when you're 20 years old and you're an e5 like this this guy was a junior east side I like I was the e5 at 21 so I mean it's a lot of responsibility I was it you 5 at 23 and I saw those but yeah it's crazy but but yeah so GM's you're gonna rank up really fast also I think to call it like all the genes I know they love qualifying people at the range like yeah now it's like that's their enjoyment they all love doing that people get confused DMS and FCS yeah they're just at it good FCS there's a button that they main answer the button for big missiles yeah the GM's are the people that are going to be maintenance enlike the 50 Cal guns there's different subspecialties within GM rain right right that's just a maintenance they're there to maintain they deal with armory and things like that they also when we were going through the Straits of Hormuz and on our combat deployment yeah they were Manning the 50 cows all around the ship and they almost had to use them yeah because we had we had a little irani boat they both come up to us when it stops and ever since the USS Cole we know like we're gonna you're done you get any closer than what's allotted yeah and that's because what happened we were that's cool you join the Navy you're going to learn all about USS Cole and what happened there's people that attack cameras I had suicide bomber speedboat we don't play around no mom when that happened our helicopter gunner yeah was shooting around to stop the boat yeah so imagine if you kept him closer he's going to get 50 Cal from the GM the Gunners media and our helicopter sniffing out on GM though awesome job I think Jim's a good job just because done gun and you don't have to rub it like to be honest I've talked to the guys and said you have to be good at like shooting or anything like that and he said no actually like it's not a big deal at all like this job includes female males like anybody you don't just have to be a gun enthusiast to like the job just could have done in the name right they needed a living yeah it's not and you're not like gun slinging are like I don't know like you'll think it's like some water rod West the man in the 50 cals I think that I think that being the most fun yeah and ever I know it's Charlotte a chick I was like yeah you oh yeah you know you don't forget it you don't forget that experience and then you get the kickback look and even that sees that's cool we get to do the sea waves yeah they warned us alright we're about to shoot to sea with you that scene yeah how'd you hear it throughout the entire ship it like vibrates great body when it's this one I've never seen one fire off I mean I've been around them and I've never see one fired off it experience that's nuts to think that those things are shoots up down like yeah it's pretty pinpoint that's Nikki proof Nikki fruit good luck little number for OSS Operations Specialist and we said because ranking up it's pretty fast for this and also the fact that their work life is pretty good when they're in port I've heard that I don't know them not much about os's but yeah what Rome by that OS is like when you're obviously there's no operations happen happening alright waiting for word oh yeah their Killa there's sweeping there doing nothing they're chilling out sweep your sweepers man your brooms give the shit the Queen scoot off or not she's down our ladder sweep down all something ladder wells and passageways not sweepers yep stop stop stop I missed some and you heard that there every day for like yes how many years were yeah and you fake clean for how many hours you fake clean during cleaning stations every day they operation specialist is a job that is very busy when they're under way but they're not busy when you're in port the other benefit is that they're going to know when you pull in a port or when you don't and so that's why I say operation specialists like oh yeah if you know when you pull into port you're going to have a good idea when they get a hotel but not to get out that made me remember yeah there are always be little rumors right before we pull in yeah like oh my god we're pulling in this thing oh my going to this port yeah the oh lessons are always starting that shit you're I knew it that's a little rumor little with red hairs from the bird my ear that we're going to yeah we're pan neg wherever that shit would spread like wildfire yeah I'm the shit that's going for that job at number four for now or OS is man we need you guys up on the bridge you can be attached to like different like smaller books yes next is RP plays a halo music all the RP you know the song I learned I what Halen I know I don't I just don't want a low but that that song this is it yeah there's still halo but just that intro song just brings so much my salt on the sauces I remember playing it so RP RP Regis program specialist no I shouldn't be good job because a lot of times they're just setting up services for religious stuff think you work in a library we're helping out and the chaplain so you're pretty much like an administrative assistant to the chapel in which exactly is not bad you don't have to be religious either on the carrier they were always just chillin and in the chaplains office it's a very chill job it's children I have a friend that as you go to my university qrp they said some of the bad things low work it can get pretty emotional yeah you're gonna have people that are going to go to you especially you have to imagine people hearing they have some pretty serious depression yeah they gotta fall into it on the ship yeah and where do you go most people are going to go to your captain's or art piece yes you're all I've been talking to them without having to go to medical or at work it's total confidence your financial confidence yeah I highly recommend it man put an RTS or the chaplain you know these are going to get crazy on the women sometimes it's good to have sometimes just a year man it's a yeah and it's tough because you're gonna get stuck in the routine of deployment a lot of time so what's going to happen is you're going to need some kind of outlet beyond what you have around you right not going to say your business either especially if you don't have that outlet like at the time with family your friends available on deployment you're going to feel super isolated mega use those resources because the other reason why I want to say this raise up their is because I can go green side with the marine oh they could be the badass are Peas yes so chaplains cannot carry weapons so you are going to do one protecting the chaplain it's something where the head that asked you to chat with bodyguards yeah you are vitally and that's why I was like this job is that is up there can you let him being out there will be praying and union doc you're like I got you Sergi dad and he's like doing his prayers you know as I go girl that'd be crazy just to be like The Bodyguard of a chap not bad at and there are some instances where RPGs have had to actually do stuff so it's not a job where like you're sitting on the sidelines but I thought that was probably part of the job and it's a good way to wrap up this Yemen with with a cool job like that me as always thought social media down below with Instagram snapchat I can answer your questions there or just really comment down below always good having JT on the channel 4's collab and Archie behind my man bruh as always broad by Billy on the channel make sure you guys are subscribing them avoid Nikki mgtv one of the road of 10k on the roads we're on Rose grind as always guys love you guys follow JT's well for the other top 5 worst job or two for part two of you guys see


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    It's can go ANYPLACE; Surface, SUBsurface, Aviation-Aircrew "TACAMO" forever. IT's also receive ET/AT training (especially in Subs & Aircraft) in addition to Information Technologist. In the old days you were called RADIOMAN and worked your ass off PORT & STAEBORD (chow to chow – breakfast, supper, midnight rations) around the clock in port and underway. I know because I (on a wwII era destroyer) never saw 1 movie or had 1 ice cream on a six month deployment. You simply became a zombie. Even on shore duty it was; two days, two eves, two graves then 72 or 80 off. Your biological clock was wrecked. I've also worked 24 on 24 off and a regular day shift then start over again. If you can think of a schedule messing with your biological clock then I've worked it. BUT, my best duty was TACAMO Aircrew flying (roughly) 10 hour missions (add 3-4 hr. post and pre flight) followed by 20 to 80 hours off all over the world (military airbases and civilian airports). Every landing was in a different country and when not flying I worked in the squadron AT shop. Please keep in mind you collected 2+ thousand hours flight time every 3 years. Yes we flew our asses off but had a fantastic time partying with flight attendants all over the world 😜. PS::I was also on Subs also for a time and yes I was a lifer.

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