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Top of Their Game – Performance – Air Force Security

September 13, 2019

– I just loved being in the water when I was a kid and then as I got older, I loved racing the best in the world. But once you do reach the top
the hard work doesn’t stop. You’re always in search
of continuous improvement, so it’s important to look outside of what you do every day
and learn from others. Hi Rikki-Lee, I’m Giaan! – As Air Force security, we work with the dogs as well as our team to protect the base and our assets that we have here. The dogs, they’re extremely
strong, extremely fit so we have to match that. You’ve got a 40 kilogram dog
running at you at full speed. You know they hit like a freight train and you have to be physically
fit enough to take that. 99% of our job is training. There’s that 1% that could happen and we need to train all that. That way you’re constantly ready for anything that might be thrown at you. – It’s actually very similar in swimming we spend 99% of our time training, for that race day once or twice a year or in the case of the Commonwealth Games, once every four years to be
able to show what we’ve done. As a swimmer, we are
honing our skills every day usually training twice a day, nothing can replicate or substitute that time spent in the pool. – [Rikki-Lee] Similar with us, we put a lot of work into our dogs, building up that skill level as well as that bond with the dogs as well as our teammates to ensure that we’re ready for anything,
if anything might happen. – [Giann] I guess we
all start off the same. Ultimately, it’s the team behind us and our commitment to training that enable us to get
to the top of our game.

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