Training to Join the Military – Featuring Ret. Marine Raider MSgt Cody Alford

July 29, 2019

so I'm gonna switch gears on you oh and before I really get into like the meat of this I'm gonna switch gears so I want to talk about there's a lot of people that watch this and listen to this that are like high school guys that are you know that's the reason why and I don't think I've ever told you but I started getting hit up by so many young young men wanting to join and women that want to join the military they're like you know I you know there's you're gonna get a kick out of this you probably actually I set it to you probably set it in your in your youth that I gave oh you want to get better at push-ups just do a bunch of push-ups right yeah like you want to get better at pull-ups just do pull-ups bro and so I got hit up by hundreds a day of these young men and women that are wanting to join the military that want to get in shape so that's why Josh and I wrote those you know training prep books but I want to hear your thoughts on you know put Cody back at 17 years old oh yeah and then now like you're joined like so what what off what advice would you offer guys that are you know looking to join the military go Recon or gonna be MARSOC or whatever just advance in the military in general like you got some advice for these youngsters yeah I think we can call them youngsters now because we're not those it's called respect time you know I I only joined the Marine Corps to be a scout sniper so I had to go to the embassy route I didn't I didn't know really have recon and I think I did a recon didn't have like a scout sniper you know at the time you know I wanted to get back then it was like an outlander it was like yeah there's there's a I think I'm still like OJT when I first came in or not would you tea no no they had their mos okay yeah I think 2000 2001 okay and so and I remember like so I want to be a scout sniper so I go to boot camp I and I wasn't like a great runner wasn't great like do push-ups yeah weird concept even though I graduated boot camp at 145 pounds do you believe that you were heavier than me I was 142 I graduated my wife pulled out a shirt is they could she's making a quilt of like all my shirts instead of like having a minima or somewhere and it was my peanut the journal instructor shirts they were this little like mesh shirt yeah yeah the Battalion show oh my god it was a small and I fit in that thing and I like I was but uh but I would say the best advice is time so anyway and don't lose sight of what your goal is right so do everything in strides and what I mean by that is when I got to the school of infantry they were doing a recon screen like hey who wants to sign up for recon because there was a little recon contract guys I signed up and I'm like I'll try and they're like get away boot you can't swim I'm like but I wanted to be recon well morale this story's that once I decided that I wanted to go to the for Chicanos organization or the unit I worked on my swimming you know I you actually applied yeah I applied myself I seeked help when I was getting ready for all my swatches that I have that I've been to what I do I seeked helped I ask guidance I didn't try to reinvent the wall myself that's the problem people get lost right well I've gotten this comment a couple times like so we you fly seen the books but there's a lot of swimming in them and some of these guys go I don't have they want to take selection for MARSOC they want to do a recon contract like well I don't have access to a pool what should I do maybe you should find access to a pool why I won't have actual like I don't know tell you bro like if you're not going to swim at all and you think you're gonna jump in you know good tread water for 45 minutes and you know swim 500 meters and under you know under 1430 like and that's this thing is like I think social media has screwed people's heads so much do they see it right there they see the soft guy they see the SWAT guy they see the Green Berets the navy soon right or they see it all and they're like oh as as easy as I can to like double-click it and like it put a little red harder in there I can do it I can do it yeah I remember coming back from my second deployment the infantry I was a I was a scout sniper and I'm like dude I have to get out of this toxic environment and like it's time for the next Josh talks about a lot about the negativity that everybody just kind of it just it lost it man I had that old breed of Marines that like were my mentors and leaders and they were getting out because they were like all prior oh f one you know before that vets and it wasn't very it was very normal for those guys to get out of you know four to eight years whatever and their stellar Marines and so I go home and leave and I knew this just I came back like I had another week and then I had to take my I was doing my force reconnaissance of screening and uh like dude ice kind of suck at swimming so what I do I brought my camis home I'm back in my high school town right where people are still doing the same thing I went to the YMCA I got in the pool lady told me you can't put your head under water I'm like okay whatever dude and I realized what did I want more in life don't want excuses or you don't want actions right and I swim and it still sucked but it was enough to know like okay I know at this point in time I'm starting to break and this is how I can kind of cope with that someone I actually get to the X get to that objective area being the screening or selection that I might not be a hundred percent at I at least know that I can make it to this point yeah and I also know how to regain my calmness and or do the basics right because people will go attack things like I have to be the best runner the best swimmer like no you don't and then the day to a certain degree you just need to meet the standard and people put their best freaking best I never when we would run strike back from day one we've run screenings and stuff is like I was looking for yeah you have to meet the standard right and I always give an example like you need to be around at 280 like this idea that you need to be six foot five you know jacked and tan and like run yeah the suite basically the suite like that that perception is not real for instance like Eddie Bravo that's one of the toughest dudes that I know he's very normal looking he's like one of the tiniest raiders I know but to do could hump carry more than me and hump up a mountain faster than I can and but I was always we were always looking for an Okie we were looking for like the heart we were looking for guys that maybe they weren't getting maybe they were only getting 80% on everything but the dudes that just had that kind of no quit mentality you know that came prepared that you could tell they came prepared and that's the thing man like dude I wasn't my very first I mean when I went to rip the indoctrination program I think I ran maybe like 30 screenings I think is every like twice a week something stupid right but it's the point that was like autopilot but thing is like people in that instant gratification they're like how do I get how do I build muscle and run a 16 minute you know three-mile I'm like you don't you don't unless you're a freak yeah and thing is like people people are like willing to sacrifice their youth and the journey for the now response right right so like well the innate and there's this because of social media because of how much you know Google like when weekend I came in there was no internet yeah you know there what the hell was the internet you know we had pagers so this this generation they you know and I don't mean I don't want to knock them but like they they're so there's so much information out there they feel that they're entitled to the information yeah you're in tight I'm entitled to know everything beforehand when no you here's the here's a standard you need to go prepare and then you need to go experience it for yourself yeah it just it just takes it takes time it's an investment right like no one gets a million dollars in the bank account by putting one dollar in there right it takes time and it takes that like constant like investing into yourself to like the reason successful and uh I mean I don't people aren't willing to sacrifice I'm not sayin sacrifice your life but people aren't willing to not all the time but most the time people aren't going to invest and do a sacrifice like for instance when I finally became a forester constants marine all I wanted to do is be a big jack dude right like kicking doors newsflash cuz I was a sniper for so long before that I was put on a recce team and I'm still eating MREs I'm still living the bush yeah I'm still running like six plus miles a day cuz that's what my team did we were the reconnaissance team so we had to have like that was your requirements what you needed and I'm like bro when do I get to the gym because I wanted to be that stigma I wanted to eat a big Jack Force guy that I looked up to when I was in the sniper Brian and my team leader told me he's like you can bro you can go to the gym after we run you know I never went the gym because I was so smoked right now this is a small little beanpole armor we went to staff remember that we together oh yeah yeah and I remember I was like I was like I think that's when we met right I think so yeah and we met and I was like how long you been in how long four or five years four and a half years I was like what the are you doing here I don't know I'm here yeah or PTAs but we had a good we had a good crew like if you're gonna go through I mean not to jump subjects from high school but if you're gonna go through like PME do it with a bunch of ten we had like eight dudes man ran that place it's like it was a total clown show but uh I actually didn't mind it because all you guys were there anyways back to high school guys you're you're not you're not entitled to the information and you've got to put in the work in a time like it's not gonna happen you're not gonna be a super stud when you graduate you go to PRC and you graduate like we all know those guys like you get out I mean I was one of those guys to like cocky as oh when you get out of the course yeah when you when you graduate BRC but yeah the best advice just just do it the worst thing you can ever do is not yeah when when times get tough and you might and understand that you're you might fail and that's okay it's right it's okay it's it's it's okay to fail I mean actually I remember I didn't even pass my first screening I didn't pass a swim and I tried I've sinned past it I end up getting and like invited back cuz I have I guess the heart they were looking for and then I had to like prove myself for the next one but at least got me in the doorway and it devastated me dude but the problem is is like I didn't quit I did not pass me that's learn you learn I learned and I'm just like oh my god and it helped me respect the environment I was trying to go to even more how serious how serious I really had to take it because it's not like a meowt organization you know one of the big analogy study not analogies but like it's like I have a bunch of people that hit me like hey how do I become a Navy SEAL might well I don't know talk to SIL I'm not a SIL but I can only imagine what those young those young sailors are going through when they're going through buds I mean being a B or C you know we're right there where blood is that and or at least at the time but it's like it's all about mindset right like those guys haven't been put through certain triggers inside the navy boot camp and so when they get to that first like hardship like I'm hungry I'm tired I'm wet well they get stuck in that they get stuck in that they make a permanent decision and it's like a temporary problem you get stuck in that and you you and I both know it like you get on that E&E and as long patrol phases and you're like and you know you're doing these long ruck runs and the sand and just it's supposed to suck it does but it all ends yeah whatever pay that's what was my mentality and I was a little older when I went through it but that was my mentality was like sure you can put me through whatever you want but this comes to an end eventually absolutely you got to go home so when you when you got when you go home I'm done really know what it's just like a dating someone right no one wants the girlfriend like hey you want to go on a date sure and there's just people want the challenge they want this the struggle right they not the struggle really that sucks Polly they want like the engagement aspect so like no one's like hey I want to be a raider okay here's your device here's you know or you got it means nothing that means nothing so those times where it sucks and scary and you feel like if you're not feeling unless you're just a freak of like a freak of nature where nothing fazed you but if you're not wanting to quit inside yeah like you're you're probably just a freak or like this is not that important to you I mean I couldn't tell you I went to when I went to rip I wanted to quit everyday and I was a I was a sergeant going through and there's also a guy it was horrible it was horrible like I would literally like lay on the bed with my other buddies like shaking like are we going to the pool today because they're like hey we're going to pool let me just tell you real fast they never had a key to the pool so I always had to jump the wall that should tell you what type of training we were doing it's called scary training I'm like I don't want to go to the pool oh my god they're gonna like make someone quit today or someone's gonna quit it back then I mean yeah back then people died on the Reg didn't rip 100% yeah I'm a grown man well it's grown ish man and I'm like shaking in front like these like 8090 real kids because they don't get it I'm like dude I've seen some stuff but like I'm really freaking out right now these dudes are so young whippersnappers and they're just they're in the pipeline right so it has to pass this and they're all fighting for one season they don't care they're just like hard tanks I'm like oh my god I hope I can make it today but I wanted to quit almost every day especially every day we hit in the water but it was good because I just enjoyed and appreciated being a reconnaissance brain that much more because I earned it I worked my butt off for it and it all paid off at the end but it nothing shows nothing comes easy or nothing nothing worth anything comes easy there you go that's the other way put absolutely but it's okay it's okay to fill up hit walls and challenges it's okay to hit struggles it's okay to reset and like cannery regroup and then re-engage do you think so kind of switching subject oh I'm 17 yeah I want to join the Marine Corps – do you think that I should be like doing shooting and tactics and everything absolutely not I got the same way you the own I remember when I want to join the boot camp I wanna join the Marine Corps I was I signed up at a 17 dude I would pick up like logs and like my buddy and I would like like thrash each other lay hold like just stupid stuff right like stupid like we will make fun of people doing now like hold above your head hold on front of you do squats just cuz like we wanted we didn't know what to expect right it was a very scary step but dude I didn't shoot a gun I was a scout sniper as soon as I joined and I went through school I didn't shoot one gun before I came in not one I did that I think that's a good thing I did know room-clearing I did play paintball because paintball was fun that's what it was a healthy you know activity healthy activity with with good friends would not but thing is like once again people were like oh that dude's got crab precision JP so you know every I need this now I need to buy this for go to boot camp like no you don't I'm like how would you go learn well achieve what you're trying to do learn what as a recon team leader and you get some boot that came in that had been doing airsoft and CQB tactics this whole yeah I've had those I would be livid I've had those guys and I'm like what are you doing because there's a there's a huge misconception of like the airsoft Bramley oh that dude is like super tighter that guy's super great on Call of Duty he's like a great tactician that's not real human on that is real right I'm playing a game or playing airsoft is not combat because what they don't understand is that people go into like an airsoft paintball mindset or like I don't want to get shot but if I do it's not a big deal I'm not dead I just raised my hand and I'm out of this game when you go to combat and you're shooting at someone that's shooting at you with live bullets the concept is completely different the way your brains processing the chemicals that are being released away you're you're utilizing your tactical mindset the whole the whole chessboard changes that's what that's the reason why I've told guys like wall shot what courses could I take what should I you should get in shape that's it and like like study and get in shape and and and don't worry about the marine believe it or not Marine Corps is that what they're good at is teaching and training like that we're professionals at it and they're gonna teach you what you need to know and you're gonna have experience guys to teach you what you need to know yeah don't build bad habits absolutely I mean I was I was a cqb instructor as a sniper instructor special instructor at the Raider training center and you know a lot of guys like hey I went to this core so I was in X Y Z platoon shooting a pistol thing before I got here those are like my worst students because they had an ego that they weren't willing to break because they chest pounded getting into the organization they made it because they obviously showed like the proper you know you know attributes that we were looking for but when it came to certain aspects of like especially in that that shooting environment they have super bad habits they just weren't willing to break and then people that hit me up like hey what I need to do to go to Mars slack like nothing like carry yourself yeah contact the recruiter more importantly if you I tell people once you contact the recruiter and they give you the app hit me back up yeah once you get a selection date hit me back up yeah because it's I don't I don't care about it's not wasting my time because one thing I do like about social media is that it's a way to connect to people to kind of like educate but I'm also a realist like yell bro don't waste my time if this is not for you like I don't care about your excuses like I can only tell you this is a real quick that you cannot join the Marine Corps and go straight to MARSOC I know we kind of jumped that but like yeah you can't you can't it's a good thing establish a baseline yeah figure out what it is you want in life because you might like the picture you might like the recruiting video but you might get in the military realized that this structure is just not for you or you might see some guys in marsone be like you know what man that guy was a Butthead to me or that guy was super cool and I want to join or maybe I'm not I have a family now that I didn't have before I join us definitely a consideration yeah and it's okay just because social media has the pictures blaster just because Timmy next door is X doesn't mean you have to be the other day of was done being happiness like being happy and I think we missed the thing like I hit a lot of people to say I was just this or I was just that it makes me want to slap him like dude listen to you for you a point four percent of our population of 333 million serves the country if you served yeah you're my friend dude I don't care if you you were the an admin guy of moto T guy and armor I don't give a what you were if you had the balls to go to Train basic travel and put a uniform on and live that military life for a time you and I are friends the only dudes I don't like is like I was going to but yeah I wanted to but yeah like you know all the times like hey man I was just a straight-leg you know X battalion guy you know thanks for your surfing like no thank you dude yeah like you were just like like I don't know who you think I don't don't sell yourself short sell yourself short some of the best students that go through the MRSA like pipeline are not oh three background because they're eager they're open-minded they have some to prove they have something to prove yes and there's some cockiness some not cockiness but they're just they're excited because they want to accomplish something that has never done it have never done it yeah and they're just they're clean state trooper I was that way I was a poke coming in no comment you gotta say something better than that yeah yeah you can't leave me hanging with no comment after I say I was a fog I will say this to some of my best friends that are in organizations within the marshall opportunity and other organizations where did come from like non-infantry backgrounds so I I actually I've had a lot of conversations is about this actually and my first force recon platoon there was only I want to say it three former Oh 311 s or 369 everybody was from a different which is pretty like that many that's a lot back right and back in 2003 2004 but this is what was interesting everybody was from so vast different mos –is that platoon could do anything yeah like we had a boat mechanic we had a motor team mechanic we had a water purification source multiplier man yeah so it's like cuz here's the thing guys you have to think about is we are all trained to do like once you get to the unit if you want you to go recon er once you go become a marine rater we're all trained to basically do the same thing so we all have a base like base level skills but it's what else you bring to the table that really makes you an asset like oh well I actually know how to work on a 55 horsepower Johnson motor cuz I don't cuz yeah you know most guys don't you know but when you're fourteen miles you know off the coast of you know whatever country and your little Zodiac boat goes dead yeah all of a sudden that boat mechanic you were making fun of is now your best friend or you know the guy that can work a Hotwire vehicle or the guy who knows how to turn your water your water bladder into a freaking hot tub when you're in Afghanistan which should happen that's did you have one of those hot water pool yeah yeah yeah yeah we did yeah and it's crazy man like water purification guys they're like oh I know how to do this but boom boom boom that can you know you have a hot tub yeah you know so it's like you said people just gotta get past like I gotta be I got to be this path become this in-state the great thing about Maher slack is you could have any MOS you can literally be anything you could join and be aircraft mechanic and that's cool take and take over it's just like you said Nick like some of the best guys in my team came from the nan-oh 3 background because they were diverse they had a different way of thinking I don't want all the guys that have the same thought process Mongo smash I want mongos passion all the dudes like Mongo don't smash right now and and nothing else is and it's all about being like what's the word I'm looking for like self-reliant right yeah you're you can that's what Special Operations this it's rude be able to rely independently within your team right in in any type of environment that exists in accomplish the mission well everyone is a type of like you know job skill set and a problem arises it's kind of hard to be flexible right but when you have those different thought processes that go into that team aspect I'm gonna do everything is accomplishable everything is possible and you and you guys like the team and there are you know whatever the platoon team whatever you want whatever you're at like you can accomplish so much more yeah and like for people that are listening this right now if I was a 17 year old kid and I wanted to join the Marine Corps and my in-state leases right now a 17 I wanted to be a marine raider what I would do this is a word concept people take advantage of bonuses the Marine Corps is offering you I think you can go into like Cybercom you can go into like a OD like whatever you can go in as entry-level thing going there I'm bad engineer combat engineer go in there get that money and put it away in the bank don't spin an 18 year old at Jacksonville North Carolina but I put that money in the bank learn its skill set see what you think about that a transitional skill set on top of that and then once you meet the requirements to go to you know selection but not only that like if you're if you're in a job like that say you're a combat engineer one your holy that's an asset to a team Harbison but now you have the time to actually train for three years to prepare yourself for selection yeah because if you think you need to be an MP tree men to go to MARSOC let me tell you about all the instrument that hit me up an Instagram like hey I want to go to Mars site but my command sucks I'm gonna go to Mars like I did a stupid stupid Mew again I got to do the stupid training they're always gone because they're training for the worst-case scenario right and it's like okay you're gonna go into the dime-a-dozen plot of land and just suffer or your commands and rock can be super supportive but when you go to the external command like a non infantry background you're like uh yeah well absolutely you know sign your paperwork so you go to selection or we'll definitely get that time off to go do this stuff but Cody I want to just I want to kick in doors and shoot people in the face yes so does everyone else and let me tell you how much of that's happening within the organization it's called sign up and see what happens put your time in so a but basically what we're saying guys is and I think Cody's saying the same thing is focused on focus on you focus on your physical fitness focus on your brain he'll learn a language you don't mean like that's a that's a benefit yeah like that that's really super great advice like kids are so not kids young people young adults are so smart nowadays right like the answers to the world is in your fingertips right like this device right here can tell you everything you need to know about anything in life right right and thing is like they want to watch Chad kle videos at the age of 17 where they never even shot a gun right I don't know how like a proper stance but that's more important than like rosetta stone or a free language you're a tactical I don't get paid extra money for how I shoot and perform in like a shoot house or no I bet I get paid extra for a language that's a weird constant people you can get paid up to like three languages in the military at least in the Marine Corps that's that's a bunch of money trip up money I just would be an operator okay come to our organization with the language already and you can shave off potentially nine months of language course if you have a certain skillset language that is going to an operational Italian and you meet all the requirements you can shave off that entire like language course or a good portion of it so if you want to be that quicker to like kick it indoors do the cool guys being a badass learn your language so there you go PT find a good program doesn't have to be mine it can be anybody's but find a solid find a solid program to follow increase your physical fitness and then learn to speak some languages learn your history to look at dad I am a dad but I feel you are I go to school stay in school don't do drugs eat your – eat your Wheaties no vegetables eat your vegetables or drink them do some strong yeah but yeah it's like don't worry about the tactical stuff the TAT school stuff will come later but I train your brain train your body and then go from there


  • Reply Shane Christensen July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Sadly, I'm a "I was going to but" guy. Diagnosed with an incredibly rare kidney disease before I went to MEPS. But I'm still trying!

  • Reply Mark Anthony July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Lol… I was 11B in the Army. No deployments, and no missing limbs and only people who didn't serve tell me you didn't even do anything.

  • Reply EjomaTic July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    This opened my eyes thank you

  • Reply EvilPooh July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Hey Cody Long time no see my friend, looking good

  • Reply vadim327 July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Always kills me when people do these videos, ask questions and when the guest starts to answer, they interrupt them 3 seconds into their first answer with their own bs..

  • Reply matthew gallaway July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    I will say that while it's not for everyone I've never regretted joining the military and the route I've taken. It's been alot of fun and I've met so many truly awesome dudes.

  • Reply Lazy Veteran July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    5:14 Im against that perspective. Meeting the standard is just another form of complacency. And shit I could quote the Senior Drill Instructor from my platoon "Complacency Kills"

    The vast misconception most recruits have is how extremely competive the Marine Corps system is. Its aggressively competitive and the reality is, unless your top of the class, time in the Marine Corps [Especially training] is going to suck unless your in a shit bag unit. Its not about maxing out, its about get real good so the difficult parts for most are easy for you and you dont have to be so stressed out all the time.

    Even the recruiters are a bad example, because most of the time they themselves are complacent too. And the sad part is marines tend to have a herd mentality because part of the doctrine is "no individualism". But the truth is being the most competitive you can be is the best way to keep your ass covered and stride through the hardest obstacles in training. Especially the rank that comes with it which makes things easier.

    What I strongly recommend is to hit Boot Camp in such good shape you make the recruiters brush and the DIs have a good reason to give you platoon leadership. Make sure you hit Boot Camp 300 ready. Can't swim good? Hit the pool and make it count. Get an instructor who can get you as ready as swim competitor. Also most of all, test your self in competitions. The most important part of that Is the confidence and experience boost you get. Do at least a few triathlons, marathons and even swimming competitions. Make sure you get good at it. Sounds obssesive, because it is. Dont wait to catch up to just make the cut, get in ready and take advantage of your contact so they wont take so much advantage of you. Because remember, your giving to the Corps more than the Corps will ever give you. I could write a book too about topics like these because the rabbit hole goes deep.

  • Reply Ricardo Ortiz July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    I told my Recruiter that im going for sniper and that im gonna work my way up to Recon .

  • Reply Derek Lawson July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    God I look up to you guys

  • Reply j fin July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Im ex British Army 15 years service, with 5 years SAS. My advice for joining the military is to do alot of cardio. Do alot of running and running with weight on your back up to 30kg. I see alot of modern American soldiers, who just do weights and want to bulk etc. That won't help you in real combat. Look at oldschool Green Berets, LRRP'S, SAS they aren't huge guys. There average build but in tip top shape.

  • Reply xXSgtWolfXx July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    why do all the stupid douchebag veterans grow their hair and beard long when they get out? you look like a greasy homeless shitbag.

  • Reply Adam Davila July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    I was 5'7" 167 lbs when I went to BRC at Coronado… Hardest part was being a Roper, Pre Scuba, Pre Sniper, by the time I got to BRC there was zero doubt in my mind that I would make it. We had three cadre' Ranger Instructors, they couldn't touch us.

  • Reply bcove90 July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    pass the PFT, n you're good, 300 the pft, and you're better.

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    Time and Discipline………..USMC 1345 86to90.

  • Reply usmcdemoss July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Good information. Wish I would have known some of it while I was in. My sister in law leaves for basic at the end of the month and she’s asked me 100 questions on what to expect. I just tell her, idk how the army does things, but the best advice I can give is exercise as much as you can now, so you will be ready. Other than that it’s all mental.

  • Reply Back Country Air Force July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Man, this brings back memories of the PJ pipeline. My mindset was “this class will graduate on (date), I will either be standing tall with my team or somewhere wishing I was. These courses have a different objective but the same purpose. Keep you in a place where you aren’t sure if you can make it for as long as your body can handle it.

  • Reply Bubba O July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Ah the airsoft guys haha. There's always a few in every unit lol

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    I LOLed when they mentioned “The Sweed”.

  • Reply Tigglywiggly Bodiggedly July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    That was the one piece of advice I wish I had taken from former marines I knew before I enlisted. If the Marines will pay you extra to know it, it saves them money in the long run and more doors will open up to you. Really wish I had learned Arabic or Pashtun before I went in. Oh well

  • Reply Jemal Guillory July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    So true. Met a Brazilian comm guy who spoke 4 in demand languages and monitor sent him to Marsoc straight out of MOS school. He was banking an extra $1000 a month.

  • Reply Chris engle July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Can a corpsman go green side and go through RIP?

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    Dark Horse.

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    Thank u for saved

  • Reply timothy naquin July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    "It's OK to fail" is lost on kids today because of the participation trophy mindset that kids are raised in today… Getting a trophy cause you suck doesn't help society

  • Reply Jason Hoover July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    I thank you for your service but one thing God has a plan for all of us. I was pre enlisted i had went to meps did physical the lil small swearing in but i ended up crushing L2,3,4 doing bench squats in the gym prepping for my ship date. So there are some buts i believe that are believable. My love was all in for the Corp. I was so devastated, it literally sent me into a tail spin with so much opiate intake that ended up almost costing me my life. But it never changed my patriotic love for this COUNTRY. I'd still go right now if i didn't have to train. Unfortunately i can't sit or stand for more than a hr at a time. But another thing the grace of God got me threw my addiction to opiates and over the depression. I'm praying for you, your message, and your channel. God bless

  • Reply gavin andres July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Dude looks young as hell for a MSgt

  • Reply Alec Davila July 29, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Use common sense, be physically fit, ready to work, and be ready to learn.

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