Troll Or Off Meta? Weapon Power Samuel! Vainglory 5v5

July 25, 2019

focusing on this mijo she can't handle the weapon power damage oh come on we should probably be able to get this I think the Moline is underfed and doesn't even feel comfortable fighting it doesn't feel comfortable fighting me oh man yo how's it going guys welcome back to another episode of vainglory 55 rank with me reckless on today's episode we are going to go a weapon power Samuel I don't know I know that the title will be true or off method what you guys think is it just true or is it something that actually works and it's just off meta anyway I decided to play on this account because I am actually really tired I was planning not to record by me whatever let's just have some fun with my lick my record count seems like some POA the we are going up against a mijo which is very unfortunate if you guys are wondering does mijo even get through draft a sure does quite a few times I see mijo there was a match where I could have gone mijo but I didn't have it unlocked for a certain account I mean no one picked it up all ten people did not so okay so this is interesting we do have crucial player I played with him a quite a few times before to your tents over the Sooey spring leave I know he's high VG tier 10 bronze same with Eddy wavy waters was tier 10 silver at one point I don't know if he's already tier 10 silver and maybe that's why we have a tier 10 silver I don't know but this is gonna be a pretty interesting match the reason why I'm wondering is said is weapon power samuel troll or just off meta is because i actually think it works especially when you proc his passive ability it's pretty annoying weapon power damage it's pretty annoying it chunks ask a great amount of range and you do get healed and energy and whatnot so let's hope for a good match guys yeah thank you for spending a bit of your time first and foremost and if you're new please subscribe and if you're if you've been coming here quite often just leave a like it helps me get this thing to be shared a lot more well more like it gets into the algorithm better it has been proving them like the videos get better algorithms okay so let's have fun okay so it looks like this thing they're worried so I'm giving them some encouragement just don't beat I'm pretty sure I'ma be no the thing is that yes crystal power Samuel garner they didn't do anything to weapon power Samuel so I'm still good it makes no difference basically this time you still plays the same as last patch when you go weapon power I'm already expecting that I'm already gonna get a lot in this chat maybe I don't know as long as I don't feed since I did say don't feed but if I feed I'm gonna get a lot of toxic chat towards me especially for making this seem like I'm just trolling if you're wondering why I'm just basic attacking it's because the ability doesn't really do that much damage at level one and no crystal power so I feel like I'm just better off oh nice I'm better off just basic attacking that's cool alpha actually beat the miho and I was here thinking I was gonna come in help so we're just gonna use the ability and the ability just for the long poke okay not such a bad start I mean alpha gotta kill already so that's cool we are gonna go poison ship first then probably a bone saya then go for a breaking point and then we'll see after that if if we get any further then we're probably gonna get like maybe two monocles just to build up the crit since we do have armor piercing ooh rip I know I said I was heading towards man but I mean that was a little too early from the from the Arden maybe I shouldn't ping that was heading there hey hey hey I bought a blazing salvo I was important I'm not planning to be so aggressive I just want to get my first item as quickly as possible then I might be a little bit aggressive yeah anyways if you haven't smash that like button go down there right now just do it I'm here staying up late a night yes it's a bright it's around midnight it's gonna take me another probably two hours by the time this actually goes up so I am planning to put this up around 2 a.m. PST time just like the last two videos I've done then I go to work in four hours sweet so leave a like please I will really appreciate it and I will love you forever and thank you alpha Thanks Kumiko did pork back so we could probably do some damage to this turret we're gonna be focusing on this turret it's the safest thing to do and Miko already backed off so yeah it was a it's a it's a right choice because if we start taking Nijo them the turf would attack us and we're not gonna be able to get the turret he's gonna take this I'm pretty sure alpha could handle the Miho as we have seen before Miho doesn't do really good in 1v1 situations especially in the early game where she doesn't have her ability over driven for that reboot oon ice damage and besides that she doesn't do well against tanky heroes oh man I don't think I could 1v1 just at the moment nah rip that's unfortunate we are beating that's not what we want to see okay good I forgot the way okay so we're just gonna go back doing a jungle jewel seems to be having a good time at BOTS so I'm not even gonna bother rotating towards bot I'm not needed anyways as you can see she just got a kill so there's no need for me to rotate I rather rotate towards the top anyway just because they do have a Miko and we don't want her to get into late-game that's the whole goal of this match get that Miho very understand I mean especially when I point this trollee off melody okay alpha is super overextended though hopefully she's fine up there rip they rotate in we do have enough for our poison ship now I'm gonna be heading towards that bonesaw we could probably get it we if we make your look okay we missed that button don't worry I'm only gonna take the ones that are last hit and I'm just mainly focusing on this mijo she can't handle the weapon power damage oh come on was that not really enough oh riperoni rip aronia deed indeed let's just try to take this oh come on there was my storm crowd not enough rip whatever so that's unfortunate very unfortunate actually very disappointingly unfortunate ah actually retains me I'm trying here to starve this mijo and I gave her that region man okay whatever will get this region hopefully alpha doesn't mind and when they head towards me over driver ability you should do some type of damage not the greatest damage but oh very nice by the Alpha maybe I should have proc that on the Finn my passive Thank You Arden okay let's just go to my jungle once again Jewell does not need my help she is actually destroying the Moline I'll tell you you have a join your side if they're a decent draw I mean for us if the tier 10 silver so how can she not be a decent jewel if you have a decent jewel it's pretty much free elo for that lane well free e low for the match because you don't have to worry about that Lane unless some big anchor but which they're not doing okay we're gonna help out the Alpha you should be able to win these fights nice damage gather half health predicted her deed diving in oh very nice there we go to easy kills for the us mean D alpha I'll be taking this maybe I should the guy in some of the ambient I don't know whether we're just actually yeah are there any more minions left we'll get the ambient of these might as well we should the guy in the ambient from the first wave it was a lot of minions but it seems like I don't know I think they're talking about wavy wattage probably wondering how they how he got tier 10 silver one they're struggling maybe just help out this match has been going pretty smoothly even though I don't have a crazy amount of kills or anything like that it's 203k da and we are taking objectives basically see if we could take this it looks like I don't think they're gonna contest anyways magnets and basically they're fighting over their mitts I should be able to take this without any problem let's go help out oh I did that way too over there but very nice I actually ended up with the kill okay we're almost at that bone saw see what we could do here maybe get a little bit of gold some NBA go to it goodbye oh my goodness I didn't mean to I was moving the map or whatever she's over here nice shopping and the not in the bush we should probably be able to get this I think the Molina is underfed and doesn't even feel comfortable fighting it doesn't feel comfortable fighting me oh man I was expecting that but pretty hard to avoid when you're trying to chase uh wavey was tier tents over at one point I don't know wave ease to your tent silver now we got our bone saw pretty sweet up to your Savin I guarantee you they're gonna say something bad I guarantee you let's wait for it I can't tell nice nice I expected that I mean I mean what can I say I am playing the weapon power Samuel which isn't typically normal it is pretty cold and I should have defended that whatever just go over there can i buy something really quick we're gonna be getting the breaking point we're gonna be that nice Samuel that stays in the back fight the line and get stacks oh oh very nice I actually she could have made that out if she actually ran towards the turret of it I'm not lying this match is turning out a lot better than I expected if you are still here please smash that like button I will love it I will love it a lot and I'll do a lot more of these troll weird off meta type of things if I don't see a lot of likes I will end it yeah we'll take the gold mine will give the weapon buff to the Alpha and will we rotate towards me man why is she taking my gold the scarf seems to be a little worried oh man Oh run away run away Oh Magnus is really going in there we're gonna go get the regen and Joe could do that look at that she clears up so quickly yeah Jules definitely gonna need to be in there way too easy for her together drag in the wooden it's just I don't know lots of damage she's actually really great for clearing objectives that's that's what she used to be known for his flip pusher objective taker basically not really a team fighter but the the amount of damage that she does these days she's a good team fighter just because she could chunk down people this should be pretty easy there we go we got a kill there where are you going Moline where are you going okay let's infuse since most likely we're gonna fight let's take this really quickly since we are infused shouldn't take so long and I'm not even either to be honest with that draw around there whatever stupid turret oh the Arden actually got the kill mm-hm oh we could probably get this I'm not marked so I shouldn't be fine against this oh I got Mike there but what oh okay I did get the killer I thought I thought Jules told to kill for me I was like what how did she take the Q the Q kill with mine it was mine did it Joe are we are we actually gonna end this right now technically the enemy was more stacked than us from what I see crucial is our only a high a low player besides myself obviously but the game doesn't know that I am tier seven on this account so the the game shouldn't be really placing me with people that are higher but yet I know for a fact that three of them are are high bronze tier ten bronze and one of them I know for a fact has been in tier 10 silver for multiple seasons which is wavy waters but I know you took a break I think cuz I didn't see I'm in my friends list for a while for like a good a while I think this is my big game I'm just here focusing on turrets let's get it I just want one word cute dang it I didn't get any kill if I wasn't I have it every time I have a prog I should be saving that proc no I could probably snatch it kill KS dang let's top up everybody from my side they did all they all would do well and I guess might as well come up the enemy side so anyways most of the belts if you guys made this fight you guys are freaking awesome if you haven't hit that like button you should do it right now or else you're not gonna see any more troll videos or these off Miller I guarantee you that I'll get lazy and now stop anyways uh I mean it was a good match I only died the ones a lot better than I thought I got eight assists that's basically a twelve Katie a twelve Katie a UH weapon power tell me what do you think troll off meta I think it's off meta not really troll but it's still technically troll because it it puts off your allies thinking that you don't know what you're doing that passive proc is really good on the on the Samuel attention bow will be also good but I just want to attack speed text me this fun on Samuel especially it just attacks me is fun in general so we did we did go against imijo which is surprising that how bad the miho actually did and that's to say that he is a tier 10 bronze person I I guess it's just the lack of practice basically I did play her a lot in casual so I feel like perfect with her one of my favorite heroes if anything anyway Bobby it for this episode I am extremely tired gotta get back to editing post this up hopefully by 2:00 a.m. and get some shut-eye anyway thanks for watching hit that like button if you're new subscribe and I hope to see on the next one lay there


  • Reply Satya Nanda July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    It actually work I meet one today when play casual, it actually kill more player than me 😂😂

  • Reply El Chorizo Vengador July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    CP Churnwalker please, use spellfire and make bleed everyone 😂

  • Reply Ghandi MrGandalla July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    Rickless is the best! Rickless is the best! Rickless is the best! Rickless is the best! Even if he not 😝Love your “troll” videos I think is off meta build and troll to enemy loosing against wp mage

  • Reply MrGandalla July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    4:00 am here when video comes up 😮

  • Reply MrGandalla July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    Rick, thank you or spending a lot of your time to entertain us. Man I really appreciate it! Maybe you can use next time an off meta wp skaarf. I find very useful the spellsword for energy regen and a bunch of attack speed. Then you can spam (A/B) like no tomorrow and the B slow buff becomes very useful. Just as cp make sure to hit your target with (A) to ensure the damage. Btw wp skaarf ult looks pretty but do negative damage lol. Hope you can get some good sleep bro

  • Reply Sajjad Anwer July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    Play Skye

  • Reply Menghong Tea July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    2 sorowblade 2 Tornado Trigger & 2 Armor Ardan*

  • Reply Wanto July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    Tension Bow would be nice cuz sync with his perk..

  • Reply JD VG July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    WP Petal next

  • Reply Jan Bertumen July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    i would like a WP mage
    what i mean is that hero relies on its abilities and WP basic attack ratio low asf

  • Reply Nardiraj Hasmadi July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    epic meta troll build btw, nice hat

  • Reply Marijuana God July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    First samuel out in vg everyone play it WP on 3v3.

  • Reply JezzeBoy July 25, 2019 at 11:40 am

    Troll lol

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