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TVJ Midday News: Security Force Defends SOE Effectiveness – November 8 2019

November 9, 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Friday November 8th a special welcome if you are
watching on one spot Mediacom the security forces are again defending the
effectiveness of states of public emergency even with a marginal increase
in murders officials give an update at a press conference yesterday and we have
more in this report prior to prior to a state of emergency or the use of state
emergency we were at sixteen hundred and thirty five murders for the year last
year we got a 22% reduction with the use of state of emergency but other measures on December 18 the Supreme Court will
hear arguments relating to criminal charges against the former education
minister and president of the cabin maritime university CMU hew aldman the
attorney representing well-read and professor fritz Pinnock confirmed the
information with our new center the application for leave afford judicial
review was made in the Supreme Court last month shortly after the men were
charged mr. Reed and pinnock are challenging the decision by the
financial investigations division to lay charges against them they contend that
the entity is an investigative body and does not have the legal authority to
bring charges on October 9 mr. Reed his wife Sharon and daughter Cheryl
professor Fritz panic as well as counselor for the brownstone division
Kim Brown Lawrence were charged following a corruption probe at the CMU
and education ministry the five who are out on bail are scheduled to return to
court on January 23 the high profile fraud case involving the Manchester
municipal corporation resumed this morning at the
pooris courthouse retired mayor of Mandeville Brenda Ramsey and her former
deputy counselor Ervin facie we’ll take the witness stand in the multi-million
dollar saga mayor of Mandeville Donovan Mitchell says the matter is too
important to files pertaining to that particular matter was destroyed or
damaged in the fire and so I think the matter will be continued because I know
during the last circuit matter the matter was being aired in 13 poorest so
totally the fears based on what I’ve been informed that those matters are
those files would have been still in good custody as for other cases such as
bail hearings mr. mitchell says those in lockup will have to wait my major concern though is that really
of the litigants because you know if the courts offices are closed no and there
are matters that may have been going to the parish duties for billed for matters
for bill those persons will not have to spend a longer time in the lockups
so we’re hoping that as soon as possible and we’re gonna be returning to an
earlier story we told you that the security forces are again defending the
effectiveness of states of public emergency across Jamaica even with a
marginal increase in murders let’s hear the details in this report and we’re
still having some technical difficulties with that we’ll try to get it to you by
the end of the newscast moving on to human trafficking are there
enough measures in place to prevent human trafficking in Jamaica that’s a
question this afternoon as the number of cases continue to increase tbj Springs
more picks up that story and we’ll be hearing from Prince a little moment a
little while longer from now but for now we’re going to be taking a break and
return to those and other stories here on the midday news welcome back and we’re continuing the
news are there enough measures in place to
prevent human trafficking in Jamaica that’s a question this afternoon as the
number of cases continued to increase and now we’ll hear from TV J Springs
more a nine billion dollar illegal trade but where Jamaica stands in that is
still unknown but while human trafficking is growing on a worldwide
scale Jamaica’s governor-general Sir Patrick
Allen is calling for more to be done to decrease the number of cases island-wide
speaking at a trafficking-in-persons symposium in st. James recently he
pointed out that to date over 80 persons have been rescued by the national task
force against trafficking in persons Sir Patrick highlighted the need for serious
efforts to tackle human trafficking as it can be detrimental to the country’s
economic growth this on the background of a report tabled last July by the
National Rapporteur on trafficking in persons
Diane Gordon Harrison that 138 page report is an eye-opening document which
highlights the enormity of the situation that faces us in Jamaica he says despite
the laws which have been instituted since 2007 greater work is needed
according to the global slavery index Jamaica is ranked 117 out of 167
countries and has a tier 2 rating so therefore we are of the understanding
that human trafficking is prevalent it is the third largest criminal activity
in the world and it is a nine billion dollar industry the International Labour
Organization ILO estimates that traffickers exploit 77 percent of all
victims in the countries they reside the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
report in 2008 pointed out that while transnational trafficking networks are
still prevalent and must be responded to through international cooperation
national justice measures strategies and priorities should acknowledge the
increasing the national nature of the trafficking problem even countries that
are signatories to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights such
countries have no difficulty in practicing human trafficking
unfortunately young people between the ages of 18 and 35 are most vulnerable it
is estimated that twenty seven point nine million adults and thirteen million
children right around the world are victims of human trafficking and not
just for labor but also for organ harvesting in the meantime Sir Patrick
is cautioning citizens to be vigilant in the way they post on social media as
that is the main way of traffickers gathering information on their prey
Prince more TVJ news a woman was yesterday afternoon shot while driving
through three chains Manchester it’s understood that she drove a short
distance to grey ground where she was assisted to hospital up to news time her
condition was unknown information surrounding the incident is still
unclear the 93 year old woman who was raped near
Keith district Brownstown st. Anne remains in hospital TVJ st. Anne
correspondent Lloyd Hines spoke to the grand daughter of the elderly woman and
the granddaughter who is still distraught
said she and her mother went to the house minutes after 4:00 Thursday
morning when they discovered the gruesome incident I will find him in our
blood and so over I villanova I like Emily Connor
oh yeah I compound over over over eyes I mean doing that they wind up my shop and
Trevor and then admit my mind I come home you know and say I having a
terrible ugly dinner and they’re mopping up on our marriage Carla detectives from
the center for the investigation all the sexual offenses and a child
abuse as well as the brownstone police are investigating residents in a ginger
house Portland now have easier access to their homes following the installation
of a new swing bridge in their community the new bridge replaces the original
structure that was destroyed during heavy rains a few years ago TV Jay is a
shamela Pollan reports the cries of more than 1,500 residents from ginger house
comfort castle Milbank and Cornwall borough in Portland have been answered
for years they have complained about the difficulty they faced to get home when
it’s rains but with a newly installed bridge the residents will no longer be
inconvenienced I mean golly to come up on an Austrian decline it chiyan
sometimes a revival and sometimes it’s off the record oh we can go to and from
sure we don’t have any bridge children after polish to go school because of the
bridge was such an inconvenience and if you are a country girl you know that we
look for the shortest way to walk to our homes so this was really our
inconvenience for many years and I am glad to be here to see that we can
officially open it the newly installed bridge comes at a cost of 7 point 1
million dollars local government minister Desmond McKenzie who was on
hand to see the opening on Wednesday appeal to the residents to protect the
infrastructure it is sorted purpose of walking not swinging I’ll do edges are
swinging bridge it is not the purpose for your to go swing off of it and I
want you please protective chabela Poulin TPG news farmers in eastern st.
Thomas are complaining that since the closure of the duckenfield sugar factory
they are seeing an increase in Prairie larceny
Roy small who has a farm in Golden Grove is
one of the victims we catch our money teeth my peer them putting clothes like
that’s all I’m a caring the floors and appeared in our water war lingual
station and they take when every tech and the man climb up some if you come
back for the period I’m I’m will MacGuffin appeared appear on the Drupal
and when we go for them the policeman out smurfing can take so madam say yes
and so let it be not more the farmers are calling on the authorities to
intervene and even threaten to take matters in their own hands if nothing is
done and we return to an earlier story we told you that the security forces are
again defending the effectiveness of states of public emergency even with a
marginal increase in murders officials give an update yesterday at a press
conference police commissioner Major General Anthony Anderson appointing two
statistics insisted murders are significantly down since the
implementation of enhanced security measures prior to prior to a state of
emergency or the use of state of emergency we were at sixteen hundred and
thirty five murders for the year last year we got a twenty two percent
reduction with the use of state of emergency for other measures general
Anderson noted that there was an overall reduction of twenty two percent in
murders last year and significant reductions in areas under a state of
emergency as our small figures in terms of reductions in murders when comparing
what was happening since compared to what was happening before it cannot be
there is no version of how you can twist or turn those figures that suggests that
people’s lives are not being saved by it will it save everybody’s life no it
won’t there are a number of things we’ll have to take place to do that what
it does is largely remove the opportunity to do it me of meep and
Winston mirage says since imposition of these ESO in Condon there has been
significant reduction in the party’s crime rate
we are also know looking at what happens after the state of emergency so there is
a meeting that we have with all the agencies in the parish and the business
people and so on and we had one today another one today
and we are looking at life after the state of emergency so we want to ensure
that our young men doesn’t get engulfed again and these things may pen had been
suffering with increased acts of commonality such as a daylight
military-style robbery in the town center earlier this year or Shane
masters TV genius and in sports the rec aggress have been drawn in Group B
alongside Canada Mexico and st. kitts and nevis in the final round of the
CONCACAF women’s Olympic Games qualifiers the draw which took place in
Miami Florida on Thursday will see the Jamaicans opening their campaign on
January 29 against Mexico before facing Canada on February 1 and st. Kitts and
Nevis on February 4 all of Jamaica’s group stage games will be played at the
h-e-b Park in Edinburg Texas the rekha grails will have pleasant memories of
this venue as this is where they defeated Costa Rica and Cuba on their
way to World Cup qualification last year Group A comprises the United States
Costa Rica Haiti and Panama only the top two teams from each group will advance
to the semi-finals the two semi-final winners will qualify for the 2020
Olympic Games in Tokyo Japan the semifinals and final will be played
in Los Angeles California this is the first time the Reger girls are in the
final round of the Olympic game qualifiers since 2008 and that’s the
midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package
on behalf of the news sports and production
good afternoon and have a great day


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