Two St. Pete PD Officers disciplined for unnecessary use of force

July 25, 2019

breaking news here st. Petersburg police just revealed two separate instances of unnecessary use of force the department disciplined the officers in both of these cases want to show you a video right now one of those incidents officers say Matthew coach grabber punched a man three times in the face while arresting him this happened back in April the department though just released this video was captured by a home security camera that man's family took this video to police a review board then determined the officer did not follow procedures and must receive further training here's new aerial video of the second incident from May Police say officer Andrew vmon tased a man after chasing his truck even though the man had gotten out and had his hands up that officer was suspended for two weeks and must go through additional training


  • Reply BlondzRule All July 25, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    Suspended with or without pay? Makes a difference, with pay is just giving them a vacation. They should be responsible for any healthcare expenses, and any money paid to the victims, out of their own paychecks as well, not passing onto tax payers. This is what will get some attention! I am tired of hearing they will go through further training, as this is a blanket statement that has not been shown to work. Mainly if they have been caught once they have been doing this, they may not be fit to be a police officer. I also think there should be policy that gives them one write up for excessive force, and if it happens again, then fired.

  • Reply Boston Austin July 25, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    Cops are bully’s with a badge

  • Reply Michael Todd July 25, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    What were the bad guys in trouble for? I've seen a few that deserved a few extra punches. The cops know the judges and jails won't work. They literally put their lives in danger every day then see the same criminals out a week later. Cops should be allowed to rough you up a little bit. If you went on a high speed chase that could've killed the officer or a child playing in the street, then yes you should get beat up by the police. Criminals have to learn lessons and the Democrats make it almost impossible to keep them in jail. At least put on your news story what the bad guys were being chased for. Did they just Rob or kill someone? Maybe they were just walking home from church.

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