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U.S. Air Force: Capt Tara Neeley, Psychiatrist

September 13, 2019

My name is Captain Tara Neely. I’m a
clinical psychiatrist. I work here at Wilford Hall at Lackland Air Force Base.
My dad was in the Air Force, he was very proud to be in the Air Force. He passed
away when I was young. I remember him when I was growing up and he put his
uniform on and my mom used to tell me stories of the difference he made.
Growing up in Germany, when I came back over, I just realized this is the country
that I love and I absolutely will do anything for this country and that
was part of that equation, was joining the Air Force. I had heard about the
Health Professions scholarship program. You can go to a civilian medical school and
the Air Force will pay for your medical school and you will get a monthly
stipend. Then the program that I went through which is the University of the
Uniformed Services, which is the only Military Medical School in the world, if
you do a four-year program there in medical school, so the first two years are
lectures, then the last two years you go out to the different bases around the
country and you’re able to do your clinical rotations and you rotate
through every specialty possible: the surgery medicine, psychiatry, neurology,
and then after that you can make your decision which specialty you want to go
into and at that point it was definitely psychiatry. The Air Force has their
psychiatry program here at Wilford Hall. What’s really special about this program
is you rotate through civilian hospitals as well, not just military focus but the
primary goal is to graduate then after four years as a top-notch Air Force
psychiatrist. You come out of medical school without any type of loans, you got
paid as you were going to medical school, you are taken care of healthcare-wise,
the insurance is there, anything you need is covered, all medications for myself
are completely 100% covered, any medical care I ever needed, as well as for my
family, is 100% covered. They have paid for my books, they have paid
for obviously my education, they have paid for me to go to conferences and get
the continuing education that you need to be the best psychiatrist you can be
in the Air Force.

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