U.S. Air Force details historic F-22 Raptor Qatar deployment

July 26, 2019

US Air Force details historic f-22 Raptor cutter deployment the US Air Force had revealed details of historic f-22 Raptor fighter jets deployment to Qatar in a historic deployment Airmen and f-22 Raptors had been sent to Al Udeid Air Base Qatar for the first time in ordered to defend American forces and interests in the US Central Command area of responsibility this deployment is a total Force effort consisting of airmen from the first Fighter Wing in 190 second wing with the support of the 600 33rd air base wing who train and deploy alongside one another providing a ready Force for the United States Air Force I am incredibly proud of the first Fighter Wing over the last four weeks our nation called in we responded to a short notice deployment sending an f-22 to Qatar for the first time in history sub Col David Lopes 1st Fighter Wing Commander it was a Herculean effort by our Airmen and families working tirelessly behind the scenes there was heavy lifting across the board from our low-observable team in maintainer x' loading tanks from Air Field Operations coordinating airspace to our pilots planning flight routes through locations we hadn't been before it was truly a team efforts across the installation with significant support from the 600 33rd Air Base Wing as we all worked around the clock to get on aircraft and airmen out the door on a condensed timeline the 1fw trains for this type of short notice deployment through multiple exercises whether it's an adaptive basing exercise where fighter squadrons practice deploying small teams and aircraft to an unfamiliar location or the Phase I exercise in March the 1fw consistently demonstrates its readiness and ability to deploy according to call david l sites first maintenance group commander Airmen's lessons learned during the exercise has proved valuable in making this deployment a success there's no doubt two-phase I exercise in February sharpened our readiness and responsiveness said sites the exercise showed we had lots of work to do in the c3 execution command control communication but the team proved it's not the case now sites explained that a short notice deployment such as this one brought to light some interesting challenges that the one FW was able to overcome the biggest challenge in these situations is always communication especially when multiple squadrons from multiple wings must stop what they're doing in two line competing priorities and agendas said sites this tasking literally through dozens of seemingly unsolvable problems of them in the first day alone but they all came together and crushed it the 1fw is a stellar example of how proper preparation and thorough training enables members of our Air Force to handle challenges at a moment's notice and always be ready to accomplish a mission [Applause]

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    Now it's time to turn Iran into waste land and they won't be able to freten, anyone ever again

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