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U.S. Air Force: ELEAGUE at the Base

September 13, 2019

Welcome Cloud9 to Dobbins Air Reserve
Base My name is MSgt Swan and I’m with the
explosive ordnance disposal flight. Explosive ordnance disposal, EOD for short, is the military’s bomb squad. Today we’re going to show you what
that’s all about and the tools that are needed to do the job. The biggest tool we have with us today
is obviously the truck behind me. This is our transportation we’ve got to be able
to respond on a moment’s notice it holds all of our gear from our robots
to our x-ray equipment to any tools that we need to render safe a device. Hey gents I’m TSgt Matthew Halstead As mentioned before, our primary
mission is to take care of things that explode, things that will hurt people. We
deal with things as small as bullets all the way up to bombs that are 21,000
pounds. The thing we worry about the most right now is the improvised explosive
device. Our job is to overcome whatever tactic they’re using and neutralize it to
keep people safe. Hey I’m SSgt Austin I’m actually here to talk to you
about the bomb suit that we have today. This is probably what most of you think
about when you hear bomb squad. We would use this anytime that we had to
approach an item manually. So if we can’t do it with the robot then this is what we
would put on. It weighs about 80 to 90 pounds, and you can see we’ve got thick plate here in the front, the Kevlar, and the thick shield on the helmet. And one of
the best parts of this is we’re actually gonna give one of you the chance to try
it on so who wants to try? This guy. Sounds good.
Here are the pants. It’s going to be a little tight on your ears. Fox in the hole. The helmet comes down. Can you do some push-ups? One, one, one, haha. I feel like I could use a bit more training, but uh, it’s fun, I like it! Hi I’m SSgt Baerwald. I’m an EOD team leader here at Dobbins, and today I have two robots with me. I have the Air Force
medium sized robot and the micro tactical ground robot. These robots are
incredibly fun to use but they also take a lot of skill and training. We use them
to dispose of improvised explosive devices, complete the mission, and keep
everybody safe. Alright, you guys have seen the gear and now it’s time to put
you in the driver’s seat. You guys ready to drive some robots? Yeah, let’s do it! You know running a little competition today with the robot. In order to
simulate our sensitive explosives, you will be transporting an egg inside of a jar
with the robot. The individual that makes it to the end of the course in the fastest
amount of time will win today’s competition. Alright it’s gonna break here Oh it broke! Don’t tell him, don’t tell him. Great job Soham. You’re doing good. It is super difficult. You can’t
control the terrain obviously. Time! You were on the wall like wall riding. Dude, that was nuts. Good, good. Rough bro. Is it broken?
No. Just tell me man. I’d say it’s definitely more difficult that I thought it would be, definitely takes a lot of practice, a lot of patience. Time. Tim, you sure you don’t want to go next? You go. I want to see if you break it. Let me know if it breaks. No! Be a teammate. Looking good so far. Did it break? Tell me right now. I’ll kick it into turbo mode, I swear. Time. I really tried to not break the egg.
That’s impossible. Don’t look over here. It’s like a blender in there. Tim’s going wild, dude. Time. Not a scratch on that egg. It broke early? Yeah. Oh man. Good try. I was
trying, man. You were trying I can tell. Well, all four of you broke the egg so
technically you all lost. But the winner today with the fastest time is Valens.
Since you won we’re gonna let you take a stab at trying to disarm an actual IED. Alright, so we got an IED call down range by a gas pump and we need you to
go down and disarm this. It’s somewhere on this gas pump.
Move the wrist forward, drop the front articulator, close your gripper just a hair. So you got a good grip on it? Yeah. Let’s try it. Pull your arm back. Pull it all the way back. There you go. Go ahead and drive backwards
until you see that wire disconnect. Yeah, good job bro. Appreciate the help. Appreciate the help, Tim. So going to the bigger robot, you have to be super precise. I think it
makes sense why we leave these kinds of things to the EOD team.


  • Reply Layton Artigo August 17, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    What’s the point of wearing the bomb suit will it prevent you from dying if you get blown up

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  • Reply Nahom Werku August 19, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    I like this new approach to marketing. It really help break the prevalent stereotype that shadows the United States military, "that the military is only for infiltre". As this series grow I'm certain that more and more people would see the military as what it trully is. Not as a death wish but as genuine career path.

  • Reply Zachary Fletcher August 28, 2018 at 7:52 pm

    This is why we are called the chair force lmaoooo

  • Reply Alvin Ng September 14, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    I love the fact that there is only three members

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