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U.S. Air Force: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

September 11, 2019

there is no place that you can go in the
world that does not need heating or does not need cooling. I’m airman first class
Stephen Williams I’m from Los Angeles California and I’m
learning HVAC which is heating ventilation air conditioning and
refrigeration. you’re gonna pick up electrical being
able to read schematics being able to run wires run motors. we can fix anything
that deals with air conditioning heating no ventilation electricity. you’re gonna
learn how to fabricate to ductwork you’re gonna be able to install systems
as well as troubleshooting. when we deploy we do we work on ECU’s or FD
ECU’s which are cool and heat temper tents. this is what we sleep and work in
daily overseas. Hands on training is vital because we have so many different
types of learners some are auditory and some are ones that actually like to put
their hands on things in order to get it. so we try to incorporate both aspects
within a training curriculum. within each of the classes that we have on average
we have about 12 ,10 to 12 students. And what we try to do is for every student to be
able to experience what they’re gonna get a chance to experience in the field.
for example we’ll say you have computer lab, computers they generate a lot of
heat so they don’t want them to overheat especially and basically has to do with
intelligence they have a lot of information and communication so we comein and we take that heat out you know. we put in comfort cooling and we absorb the
heat out of the air and rejected of outside through the condenser. with the
heating ventilation air conditioning experience I think our students can go
anywhere in the world to get a job. when you really look at the big picture and
you get look at operational and the things you’re affecting that things are
doing it deployed in environments and here at stateside – you realize you’re a
big part of the Air Force mission and that’s so very satisfying you know

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