U.S. Coast Guard brings 13 tons of seized cocaine to San Diego

July 27, 2019

13 tons of cocaine stopped from ever hitting our streets is offloaded here in San Diego we're also getting a look at what went down at see the accused smugglers can be seen on video throwing bales of cocaine overboard as the Coast Guard closed in News eights Brandon Lewis is live at the Embarcadero with details Brandon that cocaine is worth more than 350 million dollars on the street it was offloaded for the Coast Guard Cutter that is still calling port here in San Diego after offloading more than 26,000 pounds of cocaine earlier this morning these alleged drug smugglers hurled off an estimated 1 million dollars with every large bundle tossed overboard they were being tracked by the Coast Guard Cutter steadfast trying to bring thousands of pounds of cocaine to the United States each kilogram of cocaine that we take off of these drug boats we're taking money out of the pockets of these cartels so even though it might not seem like a lot in the big picture the bundles represent a changing tide in the flow of drugs as cartel shifts smuggling routes from the Caribbean to Pacific Ocean and we're seeing about 80% of the drug flow coming up from Central and South America is going through that region some of the smaller bundles were only worth about $80,000 they managed to dump out drugs worth more than an estimated 10 million dollars before Guardsmen caught up with them it's a race to uncover the drugs not only as evidence but because the Coast Guard says those on board marked the locations with GPS so other members of the cartel can pick it up they are very sophisticated the stedfast pulled into San Diego carrying about 353 million dollars in drugs all recovered between mid-june and mid July setting a new Coast Guard record I started in the same class for a patrol 51 years old and just last week a Coast Guard also found a submarine and the eastern Pacific they say reflecting that changing tide as the cartels attempt to bring more cocaine through the eastern Pacific Ocean coming up for you new at 6:30 we'll show you a little bit more of that video as they continue to offload those big bales of cocaine into the Pacific Ocean for now with some things back to you all right Brennan thanks


  • Reply Keke Banks July 27, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    Yeah just leave the borders open forget us winning the election is more important ya dumb democrats

  • Reply Bien Raneses July 27, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    US Coast Guard must have shown a lot of restraint by not blowing up that speed boat evading apprehension while ditching tons of illegal drugs overboard!

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