U.S. Coast Guard Helicopters

July 29, 2019

the Coast Guard aviation rescue efforts are currently performed from two different types of helicopters the American built sikorsky hh-60 known as the Jayhawk and the french-made da theme or dolphin the HH 65 the beefy hh-60 jpod is a medium-range helicopter which can fly for up to six hours making it ideal for rescues occurring many miles offshore the twin-engine turbos carried the aircraft at an average cruising speed of 140 knots the smaller and sleeker twin-engine HH 65 is considered the Coast Guard's short-range platform it's cruising speed is slower 125 knots it's endurance is only three and a half hours in addition to being part of the fleet at one of the 26 Coast Guard air stations spread from Puerto Rico to Alaska both aircraft are capable of operating from flight deck equipped Coast Guard cutters while both plates perform the same missions each has its strengths and weaknesses as related to rescue cases because of its size the hh-60 can carry more personnel and more survivors which can be especially important in multi survivor rescues its rotor wash however can be an issue for both land-based and water-based rescues the hh-60 puts out a large diameter rotor wash that at its strongest point equates to hurricane force winds nearly 100 miles per hour the HH 65 on the other hand creates a much smaller pattern and winds of only 60 miles per hour this difference could be important during a cliffside rescue for example when rotor wash could actually blow a victim off the side of the cliff


  • Reply Nicolas Rodrigue July 29, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    Thanks for the info. I was misinformed 🙂

  • Reply Apache249 July 29, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    Really late, but Sikorsky is an American company.

  • Reply kryptoweb July 29, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    sikorsky helicopter is russian made not usa made??

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