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UFOs Witnessed by Navy Aircraft | Unidentified (Season 1) | History

November 9, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] And all these other
intercepts are happening. And before I knew it,
I had these objects raining out of the sky–
choo, choo, choo, choo, choo. It was raining UFOs. NARRATOR: For eight
years, Lue Elizondo ran the Advanced Aerospace
Threat identification Program, or AATIP,
a secret Pentagon unit that investigated UFOs. Now, he’s working with a team
of former government insiders assembled by Tom DeLonge. Their mission? Reveal what they say is
the truth about UFOs. They’re starting with
the Nimitz incident, the full story of which has
never been told until now. I’m telling you,
it was the most humbling experience of my life. NARRATOR: In his first
on-camera interview, this former Navy
radar specialist claims he watched an entire
fleet of tic-tac shaped UFOs evade Navy F-18s. Not only do you have the
pilots seeing this tic-tac, but you have another
eyewitness that’s 20 miles away on another ship. You’ve got to ask yourself,
are the radars being spoofed, and are the cameras faulty? Every time these things
would get in the visual arena, they would fall out of the sky. Wait until the
interceptor had left, and they’d pop right
back up to 28,000 feet, right back where they were,
and continue going 100 knots. It was as if they
wanted to be left alone. NARRATOR: Later,
on shore, Kevin Day says he spoke with
Commander David Fravor, a pilot who went head-to-head
with the tic-tacs. KEVIN DAY: And I was asking
him, well, what the hell, man? What happened? He said, Nico, I’ve
got to tell you. That thing kicked my ass. And that kind of spurred me. I said, OK, that’s enough. I’m going to write an
after action report. I got to document this. NARRATOR: But when Day says
he tried to document what happened, he searched the ship’s
computers for the radar data and communication recordings. Well, strangely enough,
all the comms were gone. All of our external
communications for that whole intercept
were gone, which is supposed to be impossible. So either someone took the
old disk and replaced it, or somehow it was
actually erased. But the time code is there. KEVIN DAY: Yeah. But the recordings were not. KEVIN DAY: Right. So I’m trying to
understand how– Burned out. Yeah, that’s really– wow. I don’t have a good answer. I don’t know. NARRATOR: Day claims
the files were gone. But he was able to write down a
critical piece of information. KEVIN DAY: These things
were going somewhere. They fell off my radar
envelope down off the coast of Baja California. OK. There’s a little group of
islands down off the coast. And right there,
they disappeared, several hundred miles– MAN: Did they all go into that
same lat and long down at Baja? KEVIN DAY: They all
went to the same spot. I could tell you– I could tell you
the lat and long. NARRATOR: The
geographic coordinates where Day says the tic-tacs
disappeared off his radar lead here, 180 miles
south of San Diego, off the Mexican coast. LUIS ELIZONDO: Kevin Day
adds a layer of expertise that we didn’t have before. With those electronic eyes,
Kevin Day can see things that the naked eye cannot. And he adds an
entirely new dimension to this investigation. Did the captain seem
concerned or agitated? Or– what was his reaction? He– I can only guess
what he was thinking. But he was– didn’t
seem concerned at all. I think he was trying to resist
the idea that they were UFOs. LUIS ELIZONDO: Mm-hmm. Why– let me ask you. Why would he want to– why
does anybody in the Navy want to resist the idea of UFOs? Because they don’t
want to get scoffed at. They don’t want to get made
fun of, especially for a guy trying to make admiral. You know? Sure. There’s a lot of emotion,
and there’s a lot of feelings behind this issue. There’s a lot of stigma. But it was this
guy, Kevin Day, who had the courage to come
forward and say, boss, I don’t know what these are. Let’s figured this out. You know, I was
looking around. I was like, you know, all the
years, all the money, and all the expertise, and all
the talent everyone around me in this
whole strike group, and there’s nothing we can do. If these things are
hostile, then we’re screwed. LUIS ELIZONDO: Thank
you, my friend. Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Outstanding. And I mean– I
mean it sincerely. It’s been an honor and pleasure.


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