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UofL’s commitment to veterans, active duty military

November 9, 2019

Jayelyn Lewis spent two years on active
duty in the army, now she’s on the University of Louisville campus. A cadet
in the Army ROTC planning to become a commissioned officer while pursuing a
graduate degree in human resources. Applying to schools it was really easy
to choose because they offer a great discount for military personnel as well
as allowing us to intermingle with the other students on campus and you don’t
feel like an outcast as a veteran you feel like you fit right in with the
students. Lewis is one of about 1,500 UofL students who are veterans or have
direct ties to the military. We have more students using military tuition
assistance who are active duty than the students at all the other 14 ACC
universities combined and that is something we’re very proud of. UofL has
been named a military friendly school for ten years in a row and UofL is one
of few research universities to give veterans a big financial incentive: $250
per credit hour. So essentially they can almost get a degree for free. From an R1
research institution because of our discount. Getting an inside look at U of
L’s football team practicing as well as the facilities is another perk for u of
L’s veteran students. Jimmy Spraggins enjoyed it. He spent 14
years at Fort Knox before leaving the army and decided to pursue a psychology
degree at U of L. Getting out of the army you’re kind of walking around like you’re
lost everywhere you know for a couple months, but they make sure we’re straight
you know, they know we’re older guys that you know we need a little bit of help
here and there, so I actually appreciate the support that UofL has given veterans.
There are a slew of military friendly programs and collaborations at U of L
every year the army sent some of its best officers to the McConnell Center
for training and education called Strategic Broadening. The Army and Air
Force ROTC programs have produced 600 officers in recent years and soldiers at
Fort Knox are taking UofL classes in state-of-the-art classrooms while
hundreds of other active-duty soldiers are seeking U of L degrees online. Some
of them are pursuing an education because it helps them in their military service with promotion and advancement. Some of them are pursuing education because they’re are
cognizant that a degree will help them once they get out of the military. I
guarantee you right now at this very minute there’s a military student doing
U of L coursework probably on almost every continent.
For U of L, it’s a way to serve those who serve our country. It’s showing that you
know that they’re not forgotten, that the veteran community is not forgotten, that
they are big you know huge important piece of the community, and they’re
welcomed into the community and I think U of L does an outstanding job of doing
that and they do they do more than enough, it provides more than enough
services for the veterans.

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