US Army organization terms

July 28, 2019

you want to know what the heck is Apple tune a company a division I'm gonna explain that for you right here what's up friends I am US Army veteran Christopher Kaos and I have gotten many requests to explain what is a company what is a brigade and all those different terminologies is used in US Army organization for unit sizes so that's what we're going to talk about just be aware that there is gonna be some discrepancies here and there with different units especially like smaller specialty units may have some differences in some of the terminology I'm going to talk about and some of the size structure but for the most part it's generally a video that's intended for someone on the outside looking in to get just a general idea of what the heck are they talking about when I'm watching these cool army videos or I'm watching these army movies or whatever it is that you may have find yourself trying to figure out what the heck are they talking about when they're talking about a company or a brigade or a division or whatever the case may be in those circumstances so let's get started with one of the lower levels of kind of the categorization of sizes and everything and that is a team now not everybody's gonna have a team for example when I was in transportation we don't have teams but mainly this is kind of a common terminologies used was like infantry for one example and you may hear a different terminology like a fireteam or just simply a team and that's usually how it may be used now in Maya tune the last one that I was in we kind of had teams we usually had two teams that I was the section sergeant but let me break down what hecka team is first now a team commonly may be something like four soldiers usually it'll be led by a sergeant maybe even a corporal and probably maybe in some circumstances maybe even by a specialist if maybe that specialist knows what the heck they're doing now moving up from there usually have a squad which usually consists of two teams so then usually have a squad leader who can be like a sergeant maybe a staff sergeant depends on the unit sometimes and then under that person has two teams with two team leaders that are like I said before either maybe like a Sergeant or corporal maybe a high-speed specialist and those teams work for that specific squad leader to make up a whole squad main you know those two teams combined it together to make a squad and typically the squad sizes can be about nine soldiers that's the two four-man teams plus the addition of that squad leader now from there you can have what's called a section but some platoons which I'll talk about a little bit don't necessarily have sections they just have squads and a section have maybe 1224 soldiers inside of a section sometimes it can be made up of say like two squads and make a full section and if a platoon does have like a specific section then it may be led by a sergeant or maybe a staff sergeant and I said not all platoons are gonna have this I've had platoons that do have sections and I've had platoons that don't have sections for example we had two squads in one platoon that I was in where we were the ambos section and so you had one squad of about nine soldiers in a second squad of nine soldiers but both squads were part of that camo section moving up from the section size you then go to a platoon now platoon can be anywhere from forty two soldiers and up sometimes even less it just depends on the unit really because Manning of personnel could be less from one bull tune going over to another unit to another platoon so those sizes can really vary but typically a platoon is made up of something like maybe two three sections four squads something like that it kind of come very most typical platoons that I've been in usually are made up of four or five squads that a platoon will be led by what is called a platoon sergeant a platoon sergeant can vary based on the units sometimes you may see an e6 back you know some students argent a little more commonly units prefer to have an e7 act as the platoon sergeant like I said it's gonna vary based on the different units but then along with a platoon sergeant you're also going to have an officer that leads a platoon along with it and that would be usually like a second lieutenant or a first lieutenant that is your platoon leader the methyl tune sergeant and that platoon leader work together doing different tasks and different jobs to leave that Ville tune moving up from there you go to a company now that terminology can change based on the type of units for example an artillery unit will have a battery a cap unit may have a troop those two different terminologies are all the same as a company so you may have company troop or battery I don't think there's anything else I think those are the three ones but if I'm forgetting something off the top of my head sleep comments down below now company can vary in sizes maybe in yours from like 60 to 100 soldiers is really gonna depend on the unit really but inside that company is where you have multiple platoons so as an example I've had companies where maybe we have five six platoons that are inside of that company and each company has a different role like for example a lot of units that I was in you had maybe transportation platoon you had a maintenance platoon you had the defect platoon and all those different platoons that as a whole made up that company or that troop or that battery in charge of those companies or troops of batteries you would have a first sergeant and then the first sergeant has a captain that is the company commander now don't get it all mixed around if you're saying oh no it's the company commander it has the first sergeant I'm just trying to give the bit channel understanding you're gonna have a first sergeant you're gonna have a captain and those two have different roles in that company and being in charge of it you may see some cases where maybe a company does not have an acting First Sergeant and they may have like in e7 a sergeant first class that is filling in as the first sergeant and soldiers in that company will still often refer to that individual as first sergeant even though they are a sergeant first class or whatever the case might be but because of the role in the position they are in is common that soldiers will call it person first sergeant because they're in a first sergeant position moving up from there you then have a battalion or with a cab unit you're gonna have a squadron you may also have heard the the word squadron being used with Air Force but I'm you know those terminologies gonna differ from the army but in the Army squadron is used when we're talking about CAF unit now battalion might have three hundred to a thousand soldiers going to depend based on the unit but from multiple companies now combine to make that battalion so you may have Alpha Company or Bravo Company Charlie Company Delta Company all these companies and combined they make up that battalion as a whole now that battalion or squadron is typically going to be led by a lieutenant-colonel which will be their battalion or squadron commander just like with the other roles that lieutenant-colonel is the officer piece of that battalion or squadron you would also have a sergeant major that is the NCO piece of that battalion or squadron now going up from there is a regiment but it's not really widely used so now you're really used for certain circumstances such as KAV unit now one of units I was in xxx CR is a cab unit and it did have regiments but it's not a widely used thing and it would typically be also led by a lieutenant-colonel so I'm gonna move on from there and go up to a brigade a brigade is typically made up from three battalions that Brigade is commonly led by a brigadier general on the officer side and then a sergeant major on the NCO side now moving up from a brigade you then go to a division now a division would commonly be made up of something maybe like three brigades and that division commander is typically going to be a major-general and then on the NCO side you still have a sergeant major now before I know someone's going to correct me on it and say that it's a command sergeant major I'm just kind of generally referring to it as a sergeant major I know that probably had a division level or even at a brigade level or wherever it's going to be a command sergeant major not just a regular sergeant major I'm just you know used to : at sergeant major because that's how you typically address them whether they are sergeant major or command sergeant major you typically addressing them as sergeant major so there are two more levels kind of above it I'm not going to get in depth with those because now we're really getting up there in the organization and the next one up is core and then field army those are going to be the much larger unit levels that really gets up there I'm sure most people that are kind of curious about some of the terminology are really concerned up to maybe a division maybe even a little bit lower than that but I hope that kind of helps out with some of the terminology you may see in movies or hear other people kind of mentioning and kind of clear some things up for you hopefully you found the video helpful in some ways if so make sure to hit that thumbs up button if you want to add some more in-depth explanation for anybody watching this video to read in the comments please feel free to leave some comments if you want to check out some more videos from me maybe check out these guys over here that are recommended and if you are new maybe hit that subscribe button down there I'm Chris you for chaos and I'll see you next time see ya


  • Reply OperationEndGame July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    How many corps are there to comprised of Army Group?

  • Reply Johnny mahsrow July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    In a field artillery battery, the platoon Sergeant is called chief of firing battery its either a staff sergeant or a Sergeant first class.

  • Reply Edward M. Plitt July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    When I was in the 101st. We had Platoons, companies, and Battle groups composed of Battalions. That was until1965 when everything changed.

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    Traveloka shit ads has sucks my data a little but very intens. Get rid of it please.

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    I would like to hear more about a company. Im not a soldier, but i do work with 100 something men.

  • Reply Diontae Daughtry July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Thank you this was very helpful and informative 👍👍

  • Reply Aiden F July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    A fire team is lead by Corporal/Specialist and consists of 2-4. . A team is lead by Sergeant. A Squad/Section is lead by Corporal/Sergeant/Staff Sergeant and consists of 5–14. A Platoon/Troop is lead by First LT/ Second LT. and consists of 15–45. A Company/Battery/Squadron is lead by First LT./ Captain/Major. and consists of 80–150. A Battalion/Cohort is lead by LT. Colonel and consists of 300–800. A Brigade/Regiment/Legion is lead by Colonel/ Brig. General and consists of 1,000–5,500. A Division is lead by Major General and consists of 10,000–25,000 . A Corps is lead by a LT. General and consists of 30,000–50,000. . A Field Army is lead by General and consists of 100,000–300,000. A Army Group/Front is lead by General Of The Army and consists of 2+ Field Armies. A Region/ Theater is lead by a General Of The Army and consists of 4+ Army Groups.

  • Reply Aiden F July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    A corps is lead by LT. Gen. I believe.

  • Reply Dale Martin July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    A-Team Consisting of 4 guys in a black van. From the top down:
    4Sgt/ Driver / Mechanic/ Welder/ and token black guy.

  • Reply JUMARDI MOHAMMAD July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    just asking.. is it possible for pentagon to rise up their army personnel rank from anywhere around platoon rank to brigadier general even when the soldier were illegitimate
    MIA after one of Vietnam war operation for being injured due to saving one of his commanding officer life and an entire platoon due to a Vietcong ambush? the rank were actually counted base on services period in us army even though the soldier were not being know his were about since his MIA when at the hospital for his wound because of that individual act. and the question is do rank count base on services time period still apply even due to a soldier MIA status or the promotion were actually base on the heroic individual act? just asking since the certificate of US veterans army that i know if not mistaken stated a brigadier general. his actually happen to be the first one in his platoon to see the enemy soldier then jump to push his platoon leader and together roll under the log of tree while both is injured. after that he come out from their hiding so he can surrender to the Vietcong in order to spare who ever left in his platoon which laying still in the open from a bayonet stab before been shot in the leg point blank by the Vietcong which missed his femur bone. his being drag by Vietcong to a Vietcong camp later on escape from the Vietcong detention probably on the second night or the same night and run back to US army base before send to hospital and end up MIA… his already part of US army since WW2

  • Reply Andrew Jackson July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Not you explained the size the hell do the contain are they all the MOS contained in a brigade or is it just one MOS but a lot of Soldiers?

  • Reply Nicholas Scott July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    USAF translation:
    Team/Fireteam = Team/Fireteam
    Platoon = Flight
    Company or Battalion (size dependant) = Squadron
    Battalion or Brigade (size dependant) = Group (HQ)
    Division = Wing (Base)
    Corps = Command (Multiple bases with same or similar mission)
    Field Army = Command Group/Numbered Air Force (Multiple Commands in the same theater or region)

  • Reply ManicKing July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Watching BOB, again…..this vid helped out alot!!!!

  • Reply Tokulover89 July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Hi SGT Chris,

    NCO, SNCO, Officer

    Section Section SGT 2 LT or Lieutenant

    Platoon SGT SSG SSgt Platoon SGM CAPT

    Troop/Company/Battery SFC Troop SGM, Battery SGM,Company SGM MAJ

    Squadron/Battalion MSGT SCM/Squadron SGM/Battalion SGM L/Col

    Regiment S/MSGT Regimental SGM COL

    Brigade C/MSGT Garrison SGM Sr. Col or Brig

    Division CCM Brig GEN

    Corps 1st SGT Maj GEN or LTG

    Field Army General / Field Marshal

  • Reply True South July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Australian Army (structured off the British Army)
    Infantry Section: 9 soldiers lead by a Corporal, 2IC Lance Corporal.
    Infantry Platoon/Armoured Troop/Artillery Section: 30 soldiers lead by a Lieutenant, 2IC Sergeant.
    Infantry Company/Armoured Squadron/Artillery Battery: 120-200+ soldiers lead by a Major, 2IC Captain, Sergeant Major Warrant Officer Class 2.
    Infantry Battalion/Armoured Regiment/Artillery Regiment: 600-800+ soldiers lead by a Lieutenant Colonel, 2IC Major, Sergeant Major Warrant Officer Class 1.

    Expanded/War time structure in theory. At this unit size, Brigades, Divisions and so on tend to be composite units or battle groups:
    Infantry Regiment. 6 Battalions. Commanded by a Colonel.
    Infantry Brigade: 3 Regiments. Commanded by a Brigadier General.
    Infantry Division: 3 Brigades. Commanded by a Major General.
    Infantry Corps: 3 Divisions. Commanded by a Lieutenant General.
    Army Group. 3 Corps. Commanded by a General.
    Multiple Army Groups. Commanded by a Field Marshal.

  • Reply Jake 1114 July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    I understand Air Force but my some of my friends are in the army and this helped

  • Reply Steven Russum July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    At Ft. Riley in the ‘80’s, it was the 1st Inf Div (BRO) and I was in the 1st Brigade. BUT, I was in the 1st Battalion of the 63rd Regiment. ARMOR. A regular armor unit, 1/63. 2/63 was predeployed in USAEUR, 3/63 was in some shithole in Louisiana, and 4/63 was I think in Texas. I never understood it then, and still don’t. Up the road from us was a CAV unit, “Scout’s Out”, 11th ACR if I’m thinking right.
    1/63 was composed of one brigade of heavy armor. HDQ/HHC, A,B,C, companies. Each company had four platoons, H, 1,2,3. Each platoon had five tracks/tanks. So, we had 17 tanks per company, or 51 plus two for the Lt.Col. and Sgt Maj.or 53 tanks in the 1/63.
    Which is weird to me. The BRO was considered ARMOR HEAVY if I remember right. And now you say the Div HDQ is in Ft. Piss, I mean Ft. Bliss? So what’s at Ft.Riley then? 😊🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

  • Reply Jess Webb July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    When I was in the service in VietNam we had a saying that an army squad had 16 men but a marine squad had 17 men. The marines carried a press agent.

  • Reply gstube1 July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Where does an infantry fit in. My great grandfather was in World War 1: 77th division 305 infantry, how would they relate to one another?

  • Reply You're Right July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    What about a chalk? Is that just Rangers? Just remember in Black Hawk Down the chalk was about 10-12 guys lead by a Sgt.

  • Reply Christopher Rohn July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    You are full of shit

  • Reply Bodie Buckby July 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Entire army, Sergeant major

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