US Dept. of Defense: FUNVAX – Vaccine Against Being Religious

July 28, 2019

excuse me on the left over here we have individuals who are religious fundamentalist religious fanatics and this is the expression rt-pcr real-time PCR expression of the beam at two gene over here we have individuals so so let me complete so over here we have individuals who are not particularly fundamentalists not particularly religious and you can see there's a much reduced expression of this particular gene that the beam at two gene another evidence that that supports our hypothesis for the development of this approach what so our hypothesis is that these are fanatical people that they have over expression of the beam a to gene and that by vaccinating them against this will eliminate this behavior so we have some very very remarkable data in this next slide here we have two brain scans these are F MRIs these are two different individuals with different levels of expression of the Mattu on top is an individual who's a religious fanatic and individual and we've repeated this numerous times that that has high levels of the amantu now this individual down here who had low levels of the beam at to gene this individual would self-described as as as not particularly religious in in each case these individuals were were read a religious text this individual light lit up the right middle frontal gyrus shown here and that's a part of the brain that's associated with theory of mind it's a part of the brain that has to do with intense and in beliefs and desires in contrast in mark contrast an individual who would not particularly self-described as as religious and when they're read at religious tax what you see is that this part of the brain called the anterior insula lights up this is a part of the brain that's associated with with disgust or displeasure on hearing something so so the the data that I'm presenting here supports the concept that we're proposing and I think that we would not propose to do CT scans or fMRI Zahn on individuals out in the hinterlands of Afghanistan the virus would immunize again against this v mat to gene and that would would have the effect that you see here which is it's essentially to turn a fanatic into a normal person and we think that will have major effects in the Middle East well so so the the present plan and the test that we've done so far have used respiratory viruses such as flu or rhinoviruses and we believe that that's a satisfactory way to get the exposure of the largest part of the population most of us of course if have been exposed to both of those viruses and and we're we're quite confident that this will be a a very successful approach yes so so the name of this project is fun backs which is the vaccine for religious fundamentalism the proposal has just been submitted and I think that the data that I have shown you today would would support the the development of this project and we think it has great promise

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    2 Things: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this is probably confidential as hell.
    And that this concept is totally awesome.

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