US Secretary of Defense talks about immigration, space force, the Koreas

July 25, 2019

HHS is looking at four US military bases in terms of housing I will see what they come in with we we support DHS and right now this is their their lead and will respond if requested are you old have another I get that so question right but would you allow the US military to house families weren't children and US military bases we have housed refugees we have housed people thrown out of their homes by earthquakes and hurricanes we do whatever is in the best interest of the country you're gonna have to ask about the border and the situation with the people responsible for I'm not gonna chime in from the outside there's people responsible for it secretary Nielsen obviously maintains close collaboration with us he saw that when we deployed certain National Guard units there so she's in charge and we support when does the space force get his fresh waters we just as you know is going to require legislation and a lot of detailed planning and we have not yet begun I mean we've clearly got to start the process that's one of the issues will bring up actually on Friday morning as well was second with National Security Adviser what she's referring what Barbara's referring to is we talked about from the first Korean War the return of remains of killed in action from Korea those discussions are also ongoing right now but we I don't have any update for you I know that I know that we're engaged on it today it's a pleasure to host you on your first visit but in your second term out and clear on the international stage in both locations with me what had meant to them that after World War Two it were the United States and our values were willing and committed to do so we've come

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