July 24, 2019

what is up everybody just got back home about to head to a concert it is called the Freedom Fest and it's hosted by Hill Air Force Base the force Support Squadron whatever they put money into this to hire basically two country bands not a big fan of country if you follow my Instagram and if you follow me long enough you know that I do not like country music at all maybe a couple but besides that yeah it's a concert concert it is a country concert and I am going with a friend and just checking it out to see if I can make us to get it video about it and let's see what I come up with so let's go to the concert I got you I just tell the whole truth you what's going on guys it's your boy Alex teasing here I'm about to leave work just got off of work and tomorrow is July 4th though that means we have the rest of the week off which is what was today Thursday and Friday we have off about to get a haircut because your boy is not looking that fresh but I'm gonna fix that real quick in addition to that one thing I'm having trouble with I have this smoked salmon that I brought for lunch today yeah I'm leaving this in the car so I could get my hair cut and usually her that takes more than 30 minutes so I'm really hoping it does not make my freaking car fishy but let's let's get to the haircut all right I am at the barber shop this is Charlie's barber shop it's this basically home mom-and-pop kind of barber shop is only one dude his name is Luis found him about a couple of months ago so I get my hair cut and it's pretty simple it's a little bit more extra like seven dollars extra including tips if I went to compare to if I went to the barber shop on base but I I haven't had a lot of good experiences with the barber shops on base so I went loco instead and a friend recommended okay now I have an appointment all right three we or three two one and Here I am look at it oh man hopefully I wanted this a little bit longer but whatever man I don't care all right time to go work out now haven't had a lot of caffeine today but whoa me wake up okay I am back at home showered up and cleaned up my head because I'm about to head to the gym to meet up with ROTC students that watched my video before he joined ROTC and the past three months or so we as in Hill Air Force Base have been hosting like ROTC tours like this is this program is called ops Air Force and the purpose of this was to essentially show what active duty jobs are like once you graduate and become an officer so one the jobs that they had on the agenda was six for nine months which includes me I am part of six for nine months as a munitions officer and I basically explain and give him a tour around of the munitions storage area and explained what the job is like and also have some Airmen that talk about their job experiences and what their opinions are like him whatever you know learn a little bit of everything shadowing a little bit of everything for my experience I also have been to this ops Air Force Base program but I went to Kuwait instead of a stage side base base but either way about to head over there to meet them and grab a workout in got deadlifts today let's get to it Oh God that be on my ass but a Palestine like copperfield wanna see Holly's Hills that bitch guys for real like a window sill I've been thinking about the same still what's up everybody it's your boy I haven't recorded and uploaded a video in like 2 or 3 weeks hope you didn't miss me you probably didn't but who the hell cares anyways what I want to expand on is the ops Air Force thing program that I explained a little bit earlier in the video I think that is one the best programs that your force offers for cadets cuz not only do you learn about the different type of jobs there are an Air Force on top of that you actually get like in-person experience on asking what that officer thinks about his his or her job on what the enlisted think about their job and etc right you get some first-hand information first-hand perspective on what it is and not all jobs are freakin fine and dandy and glorious and super super exciting one thing that you do have to take into consideration is the great insult like every person's perspective on his or her job is different you the person that you may be shadowing an officer or whoever may say like yeah the job is kind of boring like you go to meetings and stuff and you go do this and you basically fly a desk most of the time yeah that's probably really really true but in addition to that you can also take into perspective when you do it that you find it a little bit enjoyable so it really depends on your own personality what you know about yourself and then getting to know the other person that you're talk – so that you could compare it's like maybe it's not that bad and you hope that is not that bad as he or she explains it but with that being said you just have to take everything with a grain of salt cause everybody has their own opinion everybody has their own perspective and as long as people do not sugarcoat stuff that's that you hope they don't sugarcoat stuff because then they would give you an unrealistic expectation then you are good to go the most important part is just knowing yourself knowing what you like doing a little bit of research asking about the day to day life ask about the good the bad the ugly and determine your preferences from there and ops Air Force Base operation Air Force Base program is definitely the best program out there to learn about it and if you have any like super like curious questions go and do that when you're in ROTC or at the academy at the academy it's like mandatory anyways but if you have raah if you're in ROTC definitely take advantage of that opportunity if it comes up do not pass that up because you will learn a little bit more about the job that you are going to be doing for the next four to five years and for all those OTS people sorry you can't really like do that unless you somehow connect with other officers some way some form or you visit like basin you you have some friends that are officers ask them about it do your research hope you guys enjoyed this video comment like subscribe holla back at you boy sub at least I told you that this my knees what you hold look my best stories yo dirt you get curved like this for me but that easily rips on your knees that's that word when you hurt my head foolish thing I got lost in dreams


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    Why the hell was the first minute seemed like it was filmed with a potato? DISLIKE & UNSUB!

  • Reply Bill July 24, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    " your boy " oh yeh hey he's not my boy… he's Your Boy!

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    Sick video dude

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    I did Ops AF this summer at Ellsworth AFB! Definitely learned so much and had a LOT of questions answered about the real life Air Force

  • Reply Eric Reprid July 24, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    the camera lived

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    Thanks for your videos and insight I am a CSO select and leave for OTS the 29th. Wish me luck!

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    Dang…those shades look good

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    Is that gym only for the Air Force or is it just a commercial gym?

  • Reply Mike Fa July 24, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    So officers get bah and the enlisted live on base? Do officers get the choice to eat the food on base?

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