USMC Boot Camp: Female Edition

July 29, 2019

hey guys today I'm going to finally knock out that YouTube video I've been promising about bootcamp and I might even make one about MCT that's what I plan on doing next I'm so happy to finally be at my a school I've been in the Marine Corps for almost six months now just crazy to me time flies man it really does and I'm also gonna talk about like my experience is with with in boot camp and all that jazz and unfortunately so what happened to muse I was stuck in boot camp or four months instead of three I got sick at the end of my first month and a first phase with pneumonia and then two days later guy who would be GE and I missed too many training days and so I got dropped my senior at the time was kind of an asshole so I could have got dropped back two weeks but I got dropped back for so I ended up doing first days twice what's up you have any questions about birthdays feel free to ask me because I didn't place but anyway so after that I went to MCT training day 10 of MCT I've all look in the world with a fractured ribs it was horrible gotcha putting the Lima company and heal so I was on Geiger for a total of like three months picked up again with Golf Company was Golf Company there was only two of us females out of foreign and males and it was we had the new training so there's like a new fuel I know the PIO is basically like the training that you do at MC t so now like that completely has changed so it'll be interesting I'll try and put that up for you guys because MC T is not the same I mean there's slight changes like there's some things have been the same but there's a lot things that are different so hopefully my info will help you guys so I heard anyhow I have a video out right now that tells you like what to expect as you go to boot camp um definitely that is exactly what happens trust me went through it so I'm gonna start off and kind of run in with that video so that Monday you are you get to Parris Island and you are in receiving you get you know you're in the airport your flights have landed you get on that bus you take the bus to Parris Island and from there you will get off the bus they will have you know you've probably seen the videos or it's like get off my bus that's what happens you get off the bus you get on the yellow footprints and like for me it was like half like pulling shit I'm doing this and then half was like oh my god I'm so excited you know like this is what I'm going or so long you know if you followed my journey and whatnot like you know like this is this is my dream cause being a reporter being in the Marine Corps so yeah then so those first two days actually no that's a lie you're receiving four ball items sleep for four days and you wear the same clothes you wear to the airport those four days you would not write like wearing any kind of camis it you're gonna be in those in those uniform I'm sorry in that proper civilian attire make sure you're wearing proper civilian attire when you get there because they will make fun of you especially her female make sure your hair is up in a nice bun honestly take the time and learn how to do it if you can that will really help you out and then during receiving all I'm gonna sell it the say is they definitely wear something to the airport that you can be comfortable and but also the professional in because you're gonna be wearing furs you'll get like two hours of sleep at a desk I think I'm like Thursday yeah yeah no no maybe it's like Wednesday night I think it's like Wednesday night because Thursday you get to your squad Bay where you'll be staying and like so you'll the drove structures you meet initially are not going to be your real drum structures you'll meet your real drill instructors on that Saturday they used to call Black Friday but not now you meet your dome structures on Saturday I believe that's all I still do it doesn't been all along since I've been there and then that Friday you will run your ist which is that mile and a half run those pull ups and those crunches don't fail that because if you do you will end up put an FRP for however long if you need to be there in order to have a good enough P of T sore and then you'll start picking up some of those classes so you meet your drill shooters on Saturday they do this big introduction and you're like holy shit I'm gonna die look yeah for sure and then from there you'll start having classes on Sunday and I'm telling you right now first babies don't play your own circus don't play you will scream and run and oh my god like I have never you know I didn't really I felt stress that I didn't I didn't have a period for five months that's the three months I was in boot camp than two months after so I thought people were joking with me like you're not gonna have your period and they're not lying you won't get your period I mean some girls do it's like one of the two either you'll get like a fuck ton of pure eNOS or you won't get it at all and it was actually really nice not having a period your body has just under so much stress that it kind of is like nope not nope not leaning you need all the energy like you can so that was really nice to not just deal with cramps or anything like that during bootcamp so what a big thing is you think that recruit training is going to keep you in shape and it does it keeps you in a kind of shape it keeps your endurance up but the fact is is you still need to take your own fitness and do your hands and take the time at your free time every night just spray yourself away every time you use the head do some pull-ups you know do anything you can to up your physical game unfortunately for me I'm not feeling my best right now physically wise I feels lucky because I was in MCT for a month and all you need is M Ernie's you know PT too much and you know I was trying not to use much as I but yeah it gots me I I feel so thank God and finally it's cooler because now I actually can go to the gym and spend that time and actually have a bit of my life back bootcamp in MC t you don't really have a choice like you just gotta accept that you don't have a choice it'll make it so much easier one thing for me that I've struggled with is that I had too much in this initiative which isn't a bad thing but they don't want you to be that person that you were like they don't want you to have as individualized thoughts as you may have used to which is it was something that the idea I always I always would see something I think oh this can be done better this can be done to make this faster or if we did this then you know it would make everything so much better so my girl instructors would like make fun of me they're like oh kind of you think you're in trouble instructor oh like oh yeah no man I don't this recur does not think that she had a drill instructor man and then their addiction you don't think you know you know you know I don't care what you wish dreamer think just you know like they would just get mad at me because I would I would do or say things that our Kurt really shouldn't do so try honestly you'll hear from a lot of people hey stay in the background you know don't put a spotlight on yourself but I was did the opposite of that and I put that huge spotlight on myself the second I got there because I've just stuff that I was involved with beforehand and then I'm in social media and why not coming into boot camp people knew who I was so that wasn't really that's a great thing um I ended up graduating boot camp as honor God and ironhuman honor God basically you know academically and overall you're just the best recruit out of your platoon and I was honored to get that you know I was in a platoon of women and honestly you know living with that many girls for me was really hard because I like mine was spaced I like to have my own quiet time and you know the crew training is just not possible you live in a swapping the fuck ton of women so you better get used to that really quick but yeah just it there is drama for sure there's definitely drama I for one you just sometimes you have to be an asshole sometimes it's just fact life girls aren't gonna like each other no one's gonna you know you might be sisters but you're still gonna fight it's just it's gonna happen just expect that don't expect everybody to be all lovey-dovey people won't like your leadership style they won't like certain things you do like there are some things that I would do that you know I people get mad at me for and just you just gotta kind of rub it off just say God whatever you know huh but yeah so big no-no is just don't fuckin steal don't be an integrity violator don't let their how contraband get sent to you in the mail because you'll get been fun ever possibly nineteen I know kandi none of that shit make sure I have a video up of what to get sent to you who can't definitely that's something that you should think about doing because I did it and it helped me out like I was able to help my sisters out when for three weeks we didn't have a px call so nobody has like good gel or like cute just like certain things like a shampoo munition that you might like where the soap that they have in recruit training really irritated my skin for some reason so like I had to use my own shit you know and so that was really nice getting that sooner than everybody else because I had already planned out in before like before you so definitely be prepared you know trying to get that stuff you know thank to you why not have your parents just set that box of bags like hey you know sevens as soon as you get my address and then they will and definitely they have these this thing called sandbox which is a letter writing system and you can send them back and forth with your family they can send it off their phones that's something they can download before of your training so then you have grass week and firing sorry I had mentioned swimming so what you last one weeks only because Emily swim make it's a swim day don't worry about swimming even if you can swim they will get you there and if they can't you'll get drops unfortunately so do your best before you go into recruit training to learn how to produce one that's all I'm gonna say don't look weak in front of the males because they already hate us for the most part so do your best to freaking prove yourself prove that you are better you know you know as good as if not better than males because they're always going to talk shit better well not all men with some grass week you will basically be sitting and all these different kinds of positions sitting kneeling standing and they will you will learn how to shoe you learn how to fire that weapon before you even touch the firing line before you even shoot anything before you shoot one bullet you will be learning how to do everything safety wise all your safety rules and conditions make sure you know them breathe them either sink them they're firing League is when you've actually all on the range in you tables 1 & 2 table 1 you're kind of sitting you're ready for wearing a regular cover and you know you do different yard lines and you shoot I know that a lot of you might not you know be really nervous about that but once you get into it it feels natural and don't just don't worry about it it will come to you and then table to table 2 you will be in more like a tactical tactical environment you will be wearing your black and can Kevlar and that shit gets heavy after a while but you weren't wearing static links I don't remember I don't think wearing Sally please so wasn't that bad say you should cable to that those combined scores will be your rifle score your overall score teen week team wait you freaking you do working parties you clean when I say working party that means like you're gonna go clean some random place some random freaking like but building on Parris Island and you drill all damn day long all day long and then after that you have a week where you go to final travel they'll finalize your plane tickets and all that crap for leaving boot camp and whatnot and you have a crack up test for one big thing that I want to bring up is the fact of getting UTIs and yeast infections in boot camp no matter how like scared you are two less permission to pee because you do anything you do you have to request permission there's no longer I'm near my it's this recruit that would prove these recruits that's it the end of that individuality gets erased you learn to be a team player or at least they try to make you a team player something that I really struggled with is making you know just being out there and like trying to you know be above and beyond everybody else but the reality is and something that recruit training Tommy is that if you if your entire platoon is not squared away finish that one straggler that's not doing is great as everybody else the entire platoon to drag down so your need to do your best to make sure that person no matter how much you want to strangle them it's squared away so that the entire platoon doesn't suffer that's a big thing so like it's not just an individual like anytime you get ID'd and whatnot you might get individually type I teach sometimes but for the most part it's like grab a buddy – left or right of you you know who wants to get in pain with you who wants to be in pain with you and one big thing that I also want to mention is that Chow limbing ciao – ciao we'll get you through recruit training I shit you not you'll hear from other people but that will legit get your groove training think about have it's something that you will eat every day like say a salad that you love or something like that like something that you love for me and a lot of other girls it was frickin pvj first babies beep eat eat a lot more and you do the other phases so I had PB&J for lunch and dinner that was like my little side dish that had stuff in my face really quickly you eat fucking fast just be prepared be prepared to not finish meals and if you do


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