VA and DoD Healthcare Sharing

July 29, 2019

– The VA Medical Center
in Richmond, Virginia, is one of 13 sites involved
in a pilot program designed to provide veterans
and those who care for them with faster, more secure
health information exchanges. – As a nurse, it has been
very helpful to be able to log in and look at real-time
information as the patient is preparing to come
so that our staff is prepared. – For example,
when Army Sergeant Marc Owens arrived here
from a military medical center, his care team
was already fully informed about his medical history. – With this particular case,
it was an example of the DoD sharing information coming in
at exactly the right time. – The nurses greeted me
with open arms, and they took me in
like a part of their family. I really felt comfortable
coming down here. – You got to tell them what your timeline
and your expectations are. – Sergeant Owens' attending
physician at Richmond is Ajit Pai. – More and more, the VA and DoD
are looking to bring patients and families into their care
on a very active basis. In order to do that,
having the information that we get from Walter Reed
or from any other military treatment facility
will help us do that. – I think the doctors
were on point with my medical background. I think each and every one
of them read my record to see where I came from
and to where I needed to be. – VA's systemwide director
for the sharing initiative is Cliff Freeman. – What we want to do is
make sure that all health data that VA and DoD have
is electronic and that we can share it
with each other so that the clinician
in our facility has access to it when a veteran shows up
for health care. – The goal is to provide secure, real-time
patient information exchanges to every military
and VA treatment facility, as well as private-sector
health care providers that treat veterans
and military members. – The sharing agreement helps
tremendously with the continuity of care for our patients coming
from the military to the VA.

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