Viewer Request: Air Lift Filter Build

July 27, 2019

hey everybody fish man here and welcome to another viewer request video this one actually doesn't come from the smugly person a number of people who saw last Friday's video the one where I did the install for the airlift filter appliance tank well they wanted to see how that was put together now those of you who have seen this build before the style of build before because I've got a few of them I'm also going to cover some of the thought processes I go through as I design filters so there'll be something for you as well now and one person actually a couple people pointed out the style this style filter is just at its above tank filter and pretty much what it is is a box filter and it's just one that's less obtrusive it's not sitting in the tank it's not taking up space and that is actually pretty much how how I think about these things when I'm building them when you're designing a filter for a tank I mean that a lot of commercial filters will go through things like how much water flow there is how much material is going to be for biological and mechanical filtration all those sorts of things well the funny thing is when I actually design a filter I don't really think a lot about things in those sorts of terms because I mean three what a filter needs to be depends on what I'm gonna be putting in the tank I have some tanks I've set up which have very very minimal filtration like and we're talking not a small tank we're talking big tanks and the reason for that is there'd be a lot more plants in it there would be a lot more well fish that don't require a lot of flow I mean there's a lot of things you have to think of it when you build and obviously way too much to go into for a video this size but I gave you a few of the things I think about at least this particular one is gonna go on a hundred 20 gallon tank which means it is from a commercial point of view if you're willing to sell a filter for a generic tank this is really under sized because that's a large tank it could have a large number of fish in it but this particular case is I'm gonna have a lot of live plants and it's also gonna have a lot of relatively small fish they wanted more fish and nothing really large they wanted some no there's no Oscars or Red Devils it's going to be things like Guppies platies some schooling fish various tetras and that sort of stuff and therefore doesn't really need to be that large the filtration anyway because it's going to get good gravel bed and there's going to be a lot of circulation from air and there's any a lot of plants in there to help the filtration as well and because there's a lot of light in the general area I'm gonna probably also put some form of plant or filter on top of this as well later on so this is going to be probably a kind of a minimalist filter for this size normally if I were just building this for like a generic tank one where I didn't know what was gonna go into it the maximum size I'd probably put this on would be able to 40 or 50 gallons just to be on the safe side but like I said because I know what's going hold on it's going into I can push the limits a little bit so what I've done so far in this build is I'm just putting together the box it has the holes are gonna need exactly the same positioning as the other build this one you'll notice is considerably deeper the reason for the depth is twofold first off I really wanted to push the limits for how much I can lift water out of a tank I know I can do about three maybe four inches this is four inches so this is gonna be kind of a cap and I want to be able to tinker with this I want to be able to find different ways of getting reliable and usable flow up four inches out of an aquarium it may just work right off the bat but I suspect it's gonna take a little bit tinkering with it one of the pipes the ones these where there's two holes are going to be are at the same height as the other build now that means I know that height will work and the water will circulate and the tank be fine but what the big chamber is gonna have another two inches of height to it and I want to see if I can get that to work reliably so this is gonna be a bit of an experiment as well which is the kind of thing I'd like to do but because I know I got I'm gonna complete that one maintaining the aquarium I know what's gonna go in it I know the rate at which things are gonna be in it how it's gonna be fed and everything I can take a little bit of chance for this I'm not too concerned about words so what i'm doing here is because the last build the tray where the Matan was gonna go was right on the bottom I'll raised up a little bits of lava flow underneath it but because there's gonna be a bottle median here I need to raise that up higher so I'm gonna put two brackets one on either side and that's gonna hold it up considerably higher now this is a lot higher than I would really want to make it but I want to give it a little extra like okay so trying to push the limit here a little bit so I'm trying to get this as high as possible I may end up having to add another bracket lower and move that down a bit but I'm sorry I'm gonna try and do this at the worst-case scenario let's just put it that way and then what I do is because this build style is very modular I mean I can take everything apart pretty much except the box itself and I can adjust things and what I want to do is I'm going to adjust it at the max and then I will gradually as penny how it works we'll see how it goes I may have to move things down I may have to you go with less media and I have to put a secondary filter on this I don't know now these are the like the kinds of things that I like to experiment with and in this particular case I don't think it's going to be an issue so I need to get this this is the divider this is where the water is gonna go it's gonna go down through the mat and as go through the bio media and I wanted to come through about a quarter inch gap at the bottom and this is just setting that off a little bit finicky doing this way normally I would do if I was like comfortably if I decide that this is the design that I like the most then I'll build templates for this so that I can do this much more quickly but this particular case is it's a one-off so I'm not too concerned about it I just want to make sure it's relatively straight and everything goes together properly then I was gonna flip it over and do the same thing for the other side and this is obviously a little higher that I want it to be as far as the filter goes but I gotta also put cap on top of this and that will take care of any splashing one person mentioned that the evaporation might be an issue with this sort of style I haven't really noticed it much but in this particular case because it's going to be considerably higher that actually may be an issue because I'm extra splashing but a cap is easy to put on this sort of thing anymore and then just a simple matter of putting these brackets on the same as the other side and these I've made a bunch of these little parallels quite a while ago just because they come in very handy for setting stuff like this up just to make sure it's nice and flat and straight when you have it over the across the other thing is made different on this one versus the last one I'm not gonna use just a acrylic plastic on the sides as my guide for holding in the tank now this one's actually going to be a much larger tank so it's going to have a little bracket that it's going to sit into that leader so I wanted to do this I wanted to use the cone shape power lift I made bus I don't have the time for that right now there's this build has to get together and go on the tank and have to get it up and running so I am just gonna use the first two steps of that but because I said it's modular I can add additional steps later on and tinker with it and do all sorts of stuff I just need this thing up and running and a couple of days actually so I need to get this build going this is the part that I actually like the most of this style I have made a number of ways of making elbows so that you can add water into a filter and or out of a filter or a guide water and the direction you wanted to go this one here I like because I can take it apart and I can clean it they can put it back together and it actually works really well I mean if I needed to be watertight all I have to do is just glue the pieces together but because of this style and actually if you guys want to build a filter yourself this is the perfect one to do because it's above the aquarium if you mess up on the gluing it's only going to drip back into the aquarium so it's not a problem and that's actually the coolest thing about this sort of thing if it cracks or whatever it'll just keep on working and it's a definite positive so one other change I've made when I first started making these is I used to put the backing as a quarter-inch and I decided that that's just the bigger than I need I mean there's no pressure anything in this so that 1/8 inch I'm using here has some off cuts I have and I find it much simpler to machine down to round obviously don't need to do that part but it makes it look a lot nicer so I'm because this video's cake really long already I cut out the machining of the pipe because all I'm doing is this I want this to be removable and adjustable in everything so I just took a little trim off of the ends of the pipe just so they fit together more snugly or sorry less snugly I don't want it to be a friction bit and same for this here this so they all popping together and I could take them apart and adjust things and do all that sort of stuff I want it like said I want this to be modular I want it to be something I can take apart and filled with and that's something I have to take the whole filter out and take apart to work I mean sometimes friction of physical you're really annoying so all I need to do now is take that end piece they all blow where that could they join I'm going to round that out and then these things will this is I don't have to go back and forth all I do is just move the blade closer and it just pairs that right down it's really very straightforward then I got to put it on the milling machine and Center the hole for where the airlines going to go in and that's pretty much the end of the build now I probably left out lots of details there's just no way anyone video can cover everything if you have questions or anything along those lines you want me to cover just definitely leave a comment below keeping up with the comments and I'll try and do that as long as I can so definitely do that and if you like the style of video please like and or subscribe and always always let me know what's going on cuz that's that's the important thing here and there you go this is the part I like the most this is the I like this style I I'm gonna keep this style I want to work with it for sure because it looks nice it's easy to clean and it works which is the post of work they got I suppose there you go there's the filter all put together I didn't show you the other bar build I did because there's more stuff I want to do with that but after I get those running I'm definitely gonna be fiddling with it and then the other aspects of this video so anyway thank you for watching again and I'll see you the next video and bye for now


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