VOA News for Sunday, July 28th, 2019

July 28, 2019

this is VOA news I'm David Berg police fired volleys of teargas and protesters hurled bricks during clashes in Hong Kong Saturday as several thousand activists gathered to protest an attack by suspected triad gang members at a train station last weekend we get more from Reuters correspondent Anna Bevan police had refused to allow the march on safety grounds but protesters pushed ahead having criticized the police for failing to protect the public from the attack by suspected members of the city's shadowy criminal network known as the Triads what began as a peaceful protest soon grew increasingly tense rocks and bottles were thrown at police by protesters and riot police stormed a pedestrian bridge last Sunday around 100 club wielding men burst into the nong station the suspected gang members attacked protesters causes by journalists and draw makers leaving 45 people injured one critically and the Bevin of Reuters Russian police rounded up more than 1,000 people in Moscow on Saturday including some prominent opposition activists around a political protest a peace Ben Thomas has detailed thousands of demonstrators gathered in the heart of the Russian capital to protest the exclusion of opposition candidates from the ballot from Moscow city council vote scheduled to be held in September demonstrators chanted slogans including Russia will be free and who are you feeding as lines of helmeted police pushed into the crowds beating people with batons and arresting hundreds they also stormed the video studio of Russia's most prominent opposition figure Alexei Navalny arresting the presenter during a live YouTube broadcast of the protest that's Ben Thomas of AP for more be sure to visit our website this is VOA news US President Donald Trump struck out Saturday at a prominent african-american congressman who's been a strong critic of Trump's handling of the migration crisis on the us-mexico border in a series of morning tweets the president described Elijah Cummings a Maryland Democrat and the chairman of the House Oversight Committee as quote a brutal buddy bully rather he said Cummings his district of Baltimore was quote a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess unquote in his own tweet cummings said he goes home to his district every night he added that while it is his constitutional duty to oversee the executive branch it is his moral obligation to represent the interests of his constituents Baltimore's mayor Bernard young called Trump's rhetoric hurtful and dangerous he said it was a completely unacceptable thing for the president to denigrate a vibrant American city like Baltimore and to viciously attack Cummings whom he called a patriot and a hero eight senior military officers are expected to be charged in Sudan with crimes against humanity for their alleged part in the killing of protesters on June 3rd Sudanese prosecutors said Saturday the country's ruling generals did not order the deadly breakup of a protest camp last month instead prosecutors blamed paramilitary Rapid support forces for exceeding orders and dispersing the protest camp on their own initiative the report found security forces were told only to clear a lawless area close to the camp not the sit-in itself prosecutors put the death toll at 87 protesters say that 127 people were killed protesters set tires on fire and put roadblocks in place in response to the reports findings they also took to the streets across the Nile River in Khartoum twin city of underman Bahrain executed three men on Saturday in two separate cases one involving the killing of a police officer and the other the killing of a mosque Imam the public prosecutor said in a statement that two of the men were convicted for crimes including using an assault rifle to kill a police officer in 2017 in attacks orchestrated by what it called Iran based ringleaders the third executed man was convicted of killing an imam in 2018 at least 10 Pakistani soldiers were killed Saturday and two separate militant attacks six of them died when militants from across the Afghan border fired on a patrol in North Waziristan four paramilitary troops were killed in the second attack during a search operation in southwestern baluchistan province for more visit our website I'm David bird VOA news

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